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Asus ROG Strix X470-F Gaming

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  • Perfect
    5 months ago
    Had it for 4 months, bought it on black Friday for 1649: -. Run it with a ryzen 5 2600 @ 4.2ghz with 1.375v.

    + Good VRM
    + Good sound (ALC1220)
    + Easy to understand and good BIOS
    + Many headers for fans (3 for chassis fans, 2 for CPU fans, 2 for AIO / water pump), 3 rgb headers
    + Really neat, io-protection has nice rgb
    + Good IO: gigabit ethernet, many 3.5mm jacks, 5pcs usb 3.1 gene 1 (of which 1 is type-c, 2st usb 3.1 gene 2
    + 2 m.2 places, one of which has heatsink to provide cooling
    + Support for fast memory speeds, up to 3600mhz
    + Pre-assembled IO-shield

    -asus AI-suite program sometimes crashed my computer, sometimes when changing fan curves it could crash, but not always ... Very strange. Otherwise, it is easy to be able to change such things without having to restart the computer and enter the bios, but when it crashes the computer, it is the opposite of useful. Tried to reinstall the program, the same thing again. Uninstalled it and has not had such worries since then.

    Very satisfied overall, but it is really overkill if you do not have a ryzen 7, got mine for 1649: - and it is not much more than the 1490: - that the corresponding b450-f model is usually on, so for that price it is A really good buy, if you have a Russian 5 or 3, it is unnecessary to add 2000+ to a motherboard.
  • Perfect
    5 months ago
    Works completely without problems. Had it more 4 months
  • Perfect
    11 months ago
    + Stark vrm (6 + 2 IR3555)
    + Bio
    + Sound
    + M.2 cooling
    + Rgb header
    + IO shield
    + Many fan connections
    + Fan Control
    + OC functions
    + Q-Headed
    - Do not know
  • Poor
    12 months ago
    Updated: 12 months ago
    ASUS shows once again that they can not.
    The X470 versus the Intel Z370 has only 8 PCI Express 2.0 lanes against 24 PCI Express 3.0 lanes, which gives less power to drive multiple M.2 devices, expansion, StoreMi is not as good as Intel's RST and Optane, and so on. But it's general.
    To the positive of this card is that the VRM solution belongs to the better in the market, probably doubles 4 + 2 to 8 + 2 * 60 amps, the cooling flanges are muddy as usual and the large plastic IO shield (?) Covers them in part but they are there iaf. There should be no external BCLK on the motherboard which makes it difficult to overclock with such and PBO but otherwise people usually give ASUS good grades. The sound resolution is good if not the same as on the Intel card with their ALC1220S or what they call it and two OP amplifiers. So far, all right? With the newest Ryzen DRAM calculator, it even went well. to drive my 3466 MHz Corsair Vengeance RGB CL 16 kit in CL 14, hard to know when I got a black screen but it is claimed to be associated with their BIOS and various programs to list sensors or how it is. Drive 3400 MHz and CL 16 now and it will work well.

    However, it's all that's not working:
    Performance Enhancer appears set to auto by default, which means that the Precision Boost Overdrive is active and the processor seems to cut 1.43 volts instead of 1.0-1.1 volts and, of course, it's hotter due to the.
    The card is being marketed with support for Sonic Studio III and Sonic Radar, but with the latest drivers you will not get it, nor have I been notified that it detected a heavier load on the headphone output, and therefore chose a stronger boost either. I can drive my 32 ohm Alessandro MS-1 with 100 volume without having to take my naps, around 80 might be more convenient yet.
    The BIOS is still the same version that the people thought gave black screen when running the programs as listed data from the sensors. If there's really something wrong there I do not know.

    Hardware, it's an ok product, but with Asus to say factory overclocking and higher voltages than it is supposed to use if so, and with drivers who no longer provide the functionality promised in marketing, it may not be a full pot. Or? Had the card had all the function it should have had at least very good, with external BCLK excellent with, more PCI Express 3.0 lanes had not done anything but that's AMD's fault.
    Factory overlocking I do not like even more when it's unclear what it's about. What is Performance Enhancer Auto, one might ask? And what is the default? Level 1 and 2? That Level 3 and 4 are OC is apparent from, among others, in the BIOS. That it's Precision Boost Overdrive it's all about does not appear as I remember. Fairly bad or barely approved is what I have to choose. But barely approved is still approved and is it approved with high voltages by default?

    Good hardware destroyed by bad standard selections and drivers. Now, I will. It is argued that it is often mentioned that, for example, ASRock has BIOS with settings that are not even implemented in reality so failing there is not very uncommon, and many may want the extra performance. However, I suggest that it is not done by default and that you should be clearer about what happens when things change so that the user knows about it.

    All the time I've spent trying to figure out if the high tensions are normal and problematic or not and how to get rid of them I could use for something better.