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  • Very Poor
    5 days ago
    Updated: 4 days ago
    Just plain disgusted. I cannot say avoid any clearer. 2 weeks and counting with no resolve.
    Item arrived smashed (in only 2 days) no real contact only generic emails. These company's spoil it for the many legitimate on line businesses. SCAMMERS
  • Very Poor
    18 days ago
    Appalling wait times for support, unable to contact a person to follow up missing items...which seems to be par for the course. Avoid at all costs. Do not use this company. I have yet to hear of anyone who had a straightforward interaction. Items missing from orders that show as shipped, then no way to easily contact them to resolve it.
  • Very Poor
    20 days ago
    I ordered some microcurrent gel. Waited for a long time. A week back the tracking is showing delivered. But I never received my ordered item till date. There to no ph number to contact them. And any online complaint is lost. I have neither got the item noe any response for my complaint. Worst site ever. A big scam. Stay away from this site.
  • Very Poor
    20 days ago
    Terrible. Slow AND disrespectful and quite possibly downright dishonest
  • Barely acceptable
    1 month ago
    Updated: 1 month ago
    Cancelled membership after I found out it was a paid service. My fault for not reading the terms and conditions but I wonder how many others have made the same mistake.
    Membership benefits just aren't worth paying for.
  • Very Poor
    1 month ago
    Their customer service would have to be the worst, most inept and downright disgraceful service I have every had from an online supplier. Just an awful experience and not one I will repeat, from the unbelievably poor Service Delivery Chat team, who never got back to me despite my contacting them twice, to the wrongly labelled parcel ,their team did nothing to assist , just dreadful , ignorant people to deal with.
  • Very Poor
    1 month ago
    Shocking. I have been waiting for 7 weeks for my order to arrive. I have contacted customer support to get an email back a few days later saying my query is being ‘escalated’. This has happened twice. No actual explanation of where my product is, no product and now I just want a refund. I am not holding my breath. I will never use The Market again
  • Very Poor
    1 month ago
    The market is basically the warehouse group of company's combined with some low quality foreign drop shippers. They have terrible customer service and terrible prices.
  • Perfect
    2 months ago
    Updated: 2 months ago
    great market place which periodically throws in discount codes. they also have a trial to get free shipping. if you don't mind waiting for next round of coupons you get a better deal :) never had to return anything but my only encounter with support was answered within 24 hours and resolved.

    keep in mind that this is a market place, not a shop. some sellers ship things fast, some are slower, some may cancel as it was out of stock (happened to me once with my 37 orders with them).

    don't listen to those toxic folks who threatens with CCNZ on pricespy feedback lol. instead, enjoy discounts while you can, because it won't last ;)
  • Very Poor
    2 months ago
    Themarket are totally dishonest. I have been chasing support for weeks and will send the emails to the Commerce Commission next. I purchased two identical items (iPhone 5 case, battery charger, breathalyser). Both were totally useless right out of the box. I emailed nicely asking for a refund and a bag to return the items (I don't want to chuck Lithium into the landfill). Thandie (if that's a real person) is simply refusing to respond to daily requests for help and support. DO NOT purchase from this crowd unless you're prepared to buy at your own risk. They DO NOT have post purchase support, so I will never purchase from them again.
  • Barely acceptable
    4 months ago
    Never shipped my order, I waited over two weeks and customer service couldn't even tell me what was wrong, just told me to keep waiting. Ended up giving up and cancelling the order.