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  • Very Poor
    29 days ago
    AWFUL. Worst customer service experience I've ever had.
    Were told our stock was only a few weeks away, ended up taking over 4 months to receive everything. Then when we finally received it some of the stock was damaged and some parts were completely wrong measurements.
    Their customer service is horrendous, they're slow to reply if they do at all and completely unapologetic for their bad service and faulty stock.
    Do not shop here, even if the stock is slightly cheaper to other places you'll pay the price by suffering their awful customer service and crappy stock.
  • Very Poor
    1 month ago
    Straight out rip off merchants. I brought two heat pumps of them last year in a "buy one, get one half price" "deal." I been looking for a while, so was aware the prices had gone up considerably compared to the last time I looked ($500 and $300 on each unit respectively). Silly me assumed that this was a genuine increase, and needed two units so figured it was still not a bad buy.

    As soon as the "deal" ended the prices were lowered back to the original(and only) prices. Completely in breach of the Fair Trading Act. Even the new prices, advertising a $500 and $300 "discount" despite the advertised "special" price being the only price they had ever charged, was in Breach. I actually paid MORE than the usual price . The "full" price having NEVER been charged by Trade Depot - easy to check on price check sites BTW Trade Depot...

    I contacted them and explained they were in breach on both issues and gave them the opportunity to explain and rectify. A few days later their site was updated in an attempt to remove the breach by saying "WAS" instead of "SALE/SPECIAL" though the change itself was AGAIN in breach because the units have NEVER been sold for the "full" price. They have never attempted to contact me.

    I am currently in discussions with the Commerce Commission in an attempt to bring charges against Trade Depot. If this has affected you please contact them via the complaint form on their site so the case gets a higher priority.

    Trade Depot - You are again welcome to explain why you feel that you can raise you prices beyond your normal retail price to offer this "deal."

    Anyone else - Do you really want to trust a company that purposefully attempts to deceive? Good luck.