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This shop is located in New Zealand. Prices are shown in NZD. You can communicate with this shop in English.

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  • 2020-07-29 - One year ago. User reviews before this time are not included in the rating.

  • Very good
    1 year ago
    I always convince myself im "just having a look", but more often than not i end up buying something before walking out haha. Cant help myself.

    Great staff too, they know their stuff

  • Poor
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    It has now happened a number of times now that I see an item on the Rockshop's website listed as in stock for the Hornby branch but when I go there or call them it turns out it's a DEMO model. So not the item new, in an unopened box, no they always open the boxes and have the items on display where everyone can touch it. Now if a demo model would sell at a discounted price to compensate for the fact it's now a used item, I could live with that. That's however not the case. The Rockshop expects you to pay the full amount for what is in fact a used product. They seem to have NO stock whatsoever. When I say I want a brand NEW item they look in their computer and see it's still in stock (new) at one of their other branches and they can get the item in for me from that other branch but it's ME who would have to pay for the shipping. So because the ROCKSHOP refuses to have new items in stock and insists on opening every box, it's the CUSTOMER who has to fork out extra money. This is unacceptable. If a product is listed as in stock for price X at branch Y then a customer should EXPECT it to be in stock at price X at branch Y. The Rockshop continues to fail here. I've spent thousands of dollars at the Rockshop but will not be spending any more money there.
  • Decent
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    Awesome selection of gear and really knowledgeable staff. The only thing I would say is that the staff should get some more sleep and be a little more enthused to be at work (New Plymouth).
  • Perfect
    5 years ago
    Updated: 5 years ago
    Great service, always bought stuff from these guys since they were noticeably better than MusicWorks and the Music Warehouse (very rude)! These guys also have much better quality/well-known brand items than anywhere else.
  • Perfect
    5 years ago
    Updated: 5 years ago
    No reviews for the Rockshop yet?! Its an institution, I've been a returning customer for almost 20 years now. Competitive prices, great service, and a dependable put-it-right attitude when stuff goes wrong. 10/10 here