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James Bond 007: NightFire (PC)

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External reviews of James Bond 007: NightFire (PC)
  • Conclusion
    While this latest iteration of Bond may be a solid, merit worthy outing on any console, it's held to higher standards here, where first-person shooters are a dime a dozen. It's a classic case where many problems outweigh few pluses and a stylized, cool by definition premise gets utterly destroyed by an incredibly short, substance-free kind of gameplay that ranges from frustrating to idiotic.It's uncanny how Gearbox managed to drop the ball on this one. Frankly, I attribute many of the game's problems to a short development cycle, as what we've seen of that company in the past and for the future proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they're a group of kids more than capable of not only porting a fine shooting product, but also creating one of their own. In the end, Bond leaves us with a bittersweet taste. It's enjoyable enough to easily become the best Bond title on our platform (not a hard feat), but lacking enough in so many different ways, which happen to be the fundamentals that make up the shooter, that it can't hope to hold a seat in the upper echelons of the genre. Still, as you'll notice from this text, much of which was contributed by our own loving Matt Casamassina, Nightfire is a title that retains enough of the positives inherent in the console versions to at least warrant the download of a demo. If, from that play, you can deal with the glaring faults and can accept that it is clearly inferior to its console counterparts in terms of inclusions, then by all means, wait for it to go bargain and pick it up.

    18 years ago
  • Crap. Total crap