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Painkiller: Overdose (PC)

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External reviews of Painkiller: Overdose (PC)
  • Conclusion
    Painkiller: Overdose may be a case of déjà vu to series veterans and those who regularly gravitate to this genre. Furthermore, there are a few flies in the ointment. However, it brings just enough new material to the table and it certainly doesn't lack for places to see and things to mutilate. Ultimately, hardcore shooting fans with a taste for that semi-stupor brought on by incessant gunplay and bloodletting will devour what Painkiller has to offer and come back for seconds.

    Score details
    Presentation (6/10)
    The interfaces and menus are appealing and the manual is thorough, but level re-loads of nearly a minute are unforgivable.
    Graphics (7/10)
    The game throws a lot of colorful, twisted graphics at you, but none can be considered even remotely groundbreaking.
    Sound (6/10)
    Motion effects are decent, weapon effects are erratic, and Belial's wisecrack musings are funny yet repetitive.
    Gameplay (8/10)
    Fans of the genre and anyone who appreciates fast-paced, rules-be-damned destruction will eat it up, particularly if they haven't partaken of prior Painkillers.
    Lasting Appeal (7/10)
    There's plenty to see and do, and straight-up shooters are always good for a kick. However, it's a quasi-old school experience that may or may not stand the test of time.

    13 years ago
  • Paved with good inventions.