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Cooler Master Notepal U3

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  • Excellent
    6 years ago
    Updated: 6 years ago
    Kyler really great because you can place the fans directly below the out / in-bubble. Perfect with sliders to control the speed and just run them at max when needed.

    Works just like clockwork to my 17 "Dell Latitude 6520th

    A miss has been done in the design is that it is not even attached rubber feet or joists to the computer from sliding around. Dom upper "rubber pads" are not sufficient. The fix, however lightly with a trip to eg Clas Ohlsson.
  • Very good
    7 years ago
    Updated: 7 years ago
    Packed up and test it now ....

    cool very good
    is not heard much at all (no if you listen to music at the same time)
    be able to customize each one wants the fans
    adjustable speed (cools my laptop on lowest speed good, hp probook)
    you can not miss out on a usb socket

    laptop slides
    "Board" failing light
    too great inclination, I think (have raised up front)
    you can not put the fans at the bottom of the board for which it stands on louvers instead

    would have bought the U2 instead of this is too big for my small at 13.3 "approx 5cm on each side and four on the front and back, but wanted to have 3 fans ....
  • Perfect
    7 years ago
    Updated: 7 years ago
    I have a longer planned to buy into this model of "notebook cooler '. I got it a few weeks ago.

    The reasons why I chose this cooler is the following.
    > The ability to adjust the fan site for best cooling performance against the computer's hot spots and air intake.
    > Adjustable control of the fan rotation speed.
    > Plenty of room for large laptops.
    > Ability to fasten your notebook on the bottom of the cooler for transport. And a good handle to carry.
    > Anti-vibration feet and is extremely sturdy. Does not slide over the surface of the ground is under load.

    Another reason why I chose this cooler is for me to modify the fans. I'll instead of using the USB input on a computer solder wire to a 12V power adapter. This is to increase the rotational speed and air pressure.

    I highly recommend this cooler!
  • Excellent
    7 years ago
    Updated: 7 years ago
    This heatsink does exactly what it is for, and with very good results provided we have reasonable expectations. There are of course limits to how much any fan can cool down a laptop from the outside ...

    The really big advantage of this heatsink in comparison with other cooling plates is that you determine the position of each of these three fans. This can vary greatly from one laptop to another, in terms of where the various components. Likewise, is it also was louvers sitting. This allows the cooling plate fits all laptops up to 17 ", regardless of brand or model. Personally, I have an HP Pavilion DV7-3130, where the louvers are correctly stumped considering how most of the cooling plates are built. So close to hit you now can expect in the issue, in other words!

    The plate is sturdy and solid, and standing still where you place it. No slippage on the table or the like, that is ...! We might have objections when it comes to how comfortable or practical it is to use if one wants to use his knädator in the knee, but personally, I use the computer upright on a desk to 90 percent and therefore this is nothing that bothers me.

    The cooling plate has said that three separate fans. Fans are moving parts, so of course it is inevitable that the cold plate emits certain sound. On the other hand runs the fan power to regulate simple, and at the lower speeds, it is barely audible at all even if you are in a room that is otherwise quiet. At maximum speed occurs to low fan buzz, only slightly higher than the computer's fan emits. Can hardly claim me to be some fan expert, but I have trouble seeing how a heat sink with fan or fans will be able to allow much smaller than this ...

    So how much does this cooling plate to lower the temperature then? Well, in my case about 10 degrees. This is surely on a number of influencing factors, such as what temperature the computer is without fan assistance.

    The only real downside to this heatsink, as I see it, is that it automatically brings a certain closure of the computer. A closure which is not adjustable. Additionally, the computer higher up. The angle of the screen compensates the course of the cooling plate tilt, but I find it is now more exhausting to write longer texts (such as this). The slope does not feel very ergo based on my conditions, but this can of course be thought to be less of a problem for others.
  • Very good
    8 years ago
    Updated: 8 years ago
    Works great, cools my laptop considerably even on the lowest fan speed. The fans are virtually silent on that level. Have no experience of other laptop coolers, but this works well for me anyway. Would recommend it.
  • Poor
    8 years ago
    Updated: 8 years ago
    The idea of ??being able to place three speed adjustable fans just below the computer's intake openings without even using a screwdriver may sound tempting. Likewise, the plate is all aluminum and it's Cooler Master who made it.

    It sounded so good that I thought it should be the optimal laptopcooler. But alas ... the landscape engineer has clear flaws that I hope in the future to be resolved in order to progress forward, it's not like I like to criticize or obstruct the sale of a product for a company.

    Now to the essential.
    Be sure to have the plate on your lap as it has no bottom and thus exposes the underside where all the air will flow. Fläktinsugen clogging of your clothes, blanket, or whatever than the computer resting on your lap (unless it's a cutting board with the same size: D).

    But if you just must have it on a desk then?
    Unfortunately it fail there, because if you want a fan a little further down, perhaps where the air intake to the hard drive usually sit ... the mounting of the fan to make the plate rests on a fan-grille instead of the frame as it should do. Another minus is that the cord hangs loose a little dicey, but it's nothing that a little tape fixes. Since it also has one for me kolosal USB connection that makes it possible to use USB intake to another ... as a USB intake in a USB connection. Heavily glitches in it, I can say, and then I do not even think about what happens if you insert a USB module in it?!

    The cooling is good though and the fans are solidly bygda.
    Not the quietest, but also not the one that sounds the most. I think it's to much noise anyway. But if you drive headphones avoids it. I have a 17.3 "laptop that is not at all stable in spite of the cold plate is at a desk and there are rubber strips on the cooling plate.

    The price may seem cheap but what does it do when you are not satisfied with the product?

    A bit ironic is the illusion of being able to place the fans exactly where you want, which you can not without the whole radiator + laptop resting on the fan grill / a.