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Crusader Kings II (PC)

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  • Decent
    7 years ago
    Updated: 7 years ago
    Edition 12/6:
    Suggests that beginners check through "guide for newbies" here:
    Helped me understand the game in a way that Paradox did not succeed.

    Have just started playing CK2 and it is usual, when it comes Paradox is not a game for the "casual gamer". It takes time to get acquainted with all the concepts and what everything does. As usual, there is little documentation to use, it's mostly "trial & error".

    The lower the score is just that, the severity and the almost non-existent documentation. A half decent tutorial available, but it explains mostly what goes without saying: 'Use declare war to ... declare war "Seriously?

    If you have the time and interest to sit in in the game, it's fun. Although it sounds like Sims ... Tex. I finally got a son, only to have him murdered by my brother so the brother's right to the throne would not be threatened. The brother threw me in prison where he died after some time.

    A bit like "Tudors".

    A bit OT, but one can discuss Paradox policy on releasing incomplete games, and then sell the DLCs that make the games full. Tex. You can buy extra music to the game, or why not face the Mongols. Huh? Next Hearts of Iron will certainly come with the DLC for each service branch if it continues like this. And do not discuss this on their forum, then you will be banned.