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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G SM-N986B/DS 256GB

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  • Very Poor
    22 days ago
    No snapdragon in NZ. Battery will not last a full day. Slower fast charging than the S20. Phone is hot due to the inferior chip. I really wanted to like this phone and it does have some good points like great zoom and a s pen but for the price it's a 1 star.
  • Perfect
    24 days ago
    I wanted the Snapdragon, but NZ only gets Exynos at launch, unless you parallel import. Anyway, I bit the bullet and pre-ordered the Exynos anyway to get the pre-launch redemption offers, and the speed of the Exynos is blindingly fast too .. there may be a possibly better version somewhere with a slightly faster chip, but I doubt I'd notice the difference, this thing really is super smooth.. and unless you're gaming you're very rarely running 100% CPU ... this phone runs rings around my old snapdragon S8+ and has 256GB storage minimum - so far: extremely impressed
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  • Very good
    8 days ago
    Bought through the Wondamobile model with Snapdragon and the color mystic White which is not available for purchase in Sweden. Am very happy with the phone overall, have been running on Galaxy phones since the S7 but this is my first Note. The reason I bought this was to be able to take notes quickly.

    I do not know if I have found anything negative about the phone yet apart from the price, I paid SEK 11,500 and still think it is a lot of money, the price in Sweden is absurd and then you also get a worse phone.

    But after 1 week of use, it will be 4 stars where the price lowers the rating from full pot.
  • Barely acceptable
    10 days ago
    Updated: 10 days ago
    I imported mine instead, bought from Wonda, an SD with 512 GB. Is super happy. It is faster, takes better photos, draws less battery and does not get as hot at all. SEK 13,400 I had to give. Sure, it's a 12 month warranty and 24 months if you buy in Sweden, for me it was worth it ....
  • Very good
    13 days ago
    Did not encounter any problems in my daily use. Coldly expects it to do its job for at least three years.

    What I miss
    Be able to change the battery yourself
    - Lower price.
    - FM receiver
    - Easy to remove pre-installed junk

    Does not play demanding games on a mobile so that evaluation must be done by the mobile game masochists and still does not affect my rating.
  • Decent
    15 days ago

    Then it's time to write a real and real review after actually using the phone and testing it properly, unlike most people here who just seem to scream out their displeasure at exynos without even taking it. I think it's crap to write such so-called reviews although I agree with the issue, but it is still no review and does not help speculators for five cents.

    We start with cons and go straight to the elephant in the room: exynos. Yes, you pay the same price, even a little more, for a phone that has a little worse performance than the Snapdragon variant. However, the difference is not great and you will probably never notice any of it in actual use.

    BUT what you will notice is that the phone gets hot easily. Just jumping around quickly between apps makes it noticeably hot. Watching youtube for a quarter makes it even hotter. Using the camera for a while can make it so hot that it starts to feel like you bought an iron. How much can this heat shorten the life of the cell phone? You do not buy it to change in 12 months. If you play heavy games for a LONG time, it can even start to throttle, but this probably only affects the heaviest of players.

    The worst thing about the chip is still the battery life. This mobile phone can only last a whole day with very normal, easy use. Take a real photo session and it will not make it through the day. Sit on youtube or play for a while and it's the same show again. Use it to a large extent outside when the screen is allowed to spin and ... yes you have understood the pattern by now. This is a mobile that can do everything: worsting camera, pen, dex, streaming games ... Who buys it to mostly have it in their pocket and just check the email sometimes? Another option is to turn down to 60hz or turn on battery saving features, but why would I buy a Ferrari if I have to drive it like a Volvo?

    It IS annoying and the absolute biggest drawback of the phone. The more you have to charge it, the faster the quality of the battery also drops and the heat is unlikely to help with the service life either. It feels like you bought a phone that is battery-powered where you normally stand after 3 1/2 hard use. It simply feels crap and you can try to argue it off in any way you want, but it is still a big disadvantage.

    I also discovered something that few seem to notice: the phone sometimes misses quick swipes. It is only noticeable if you are quick and easy on the hand, but I still manage to trigger the problem every ten minutes during normal use and it became disturbing enough to really irritate me. If you are a fast swiper, you will notice it.

    I would also like the fingerprint reader to be better, you have to be more careful and it clicks more often than most optical ones. Face unlock also clicks more often than several competitors. However, none of these things are big problems.

    The charging speed is not top notch either, and it may be more of an annoyance here because you will have to charge the phone so often. Half an hour gives barely 50% in the tank while my old p30 Pro is almost at 100.

    Over to the benefits which can easily be expressed as: the rest of the mobile - and that's what's so damn frustrating. The screen is wonderful, the pen is great, the design is amazing. There is nothing else to complain about other than small details that I personally shit in. Examples are not 120hz in maximum resolution, but seriously: with such bad battery life, it still has no function.

    The camera is wonderful with relatively few backs. The few that exist are that I would have liked to have seen a little sharper details in the pictures and a little smaller trigger flaps. The front camera could be better too but overall the camera is one of the best available right now.

    We thus come to the conclusion and here another disadvantage must finally be taken into account: the price. Is it okay to put 15 onions on a nap that can only last a full day if you take it easy with it? Is it okay that it gets so damn hot and does not have the best chip right now despite the price because you live in the wrong country?

    It is this situation that comes with this price range: one expects no obvious disadvantages and no nap is without such. Therefore, it becomes difficult to justify purchases as the price is today. Cut off a number of thousand dollars and it is starting to approach a recommendation. Somewhere around 10,000 you could say that it's okay value for money, with a big if:

    IF you endure charging it before the end of the day as soon as you do something other than the most mundane?

    Total summary so maybe it's better to wait for s21 / 30 ultra. It is rumored to have a pen as well, an upgraded chip where they got the heat in order and also a larger battery. This would solve the major disadvantages of this handset. Personally, I stand and hang on to keep or wait. It clearly tends to wait.
  • Decent
    19 days ago
    There is a lot that is very good about this phone! I love the camera, the screen and the new s-pen. Had it been a Snapdragon chip I, it would have been a given purchase and the phone would have received a full pot from me! But with the Exynos 990 chip in, my phone got hot at times. I use the camera a lot and then it gets uncomfortably hot quickly. If you want to play graphics heavy games at high settings, the game performance is very good at first, but when the phone gets hot, it stifles performance. The biggest problem for me is that the battery life is not convincing. That, together with all the other Exynos compromises combined with the high price, made me regret the purchase and return the phone. It took me a while because apart from all the Exynos problems, I love this phone. And it is in my opinion (in the color "Mystic Bronze") the most stylish phone of all time with a really luxurious feel!
  • Very Poor
    1 month ago
    Updated: 22 days ago
    Exynos again? No thanks. My samsung S20 (exynos) gets really hot when I play games, which I iron my clothes with my mobile.
  • Terrible
    24 days ago
    No snapdragon, enough said!
  • Perfect
    26 days ago
    Absolutely wonderful mobile, I have had the latest Samsung mobiles and switched from S20 to Note 20, I am very satisfied.
  • Very Poor
    27 days ago
    Exynos again. Higher price and worse processor. High heat generation compared to Snapdragon. Worse screen on time as a result.
  • Terrible
    28 days ago
    We want Snapdragon
  • Perfect
    29 days ago
    Extreme quality feeling in the handset. So far, exactly as expected. Calls for some sense in the debate over the Exynos processor. In everyday use, even heavy gaming, no performance problem is experienced at all. The difference from Snapdragon is mostly theoretical.
  • Very Poor
    1 month ago
    Do not buy. Worse version in Swedish stores. If you find a store that buys the Snapdragon version, run on it instead.
  • Terrible
    1 month ago
    Updated: 1 month ago
    Exynos rubbish, do not buy.
  • Very Poor
    1 month ago
    This costs me NOK 17,000 from the USA including VAT. Then you get a completely different phone. The one you buy in Norway.
    Then you get the best of the best!