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Xiaomi Mi Band 5

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  • Very good
    6 days ago
    Incredibly good value for money. Works flawlessly, apart from a slightly deficient character set, hence 4 stars.
    Nothing to think about, just buy, everyone should have one.
  • Very good
    6 days ago
    Affordable and seems to count steps reasonably correctly. It is sad that there is no complete character set for the Swedish alphabet.
  • Good
    1 month ago
    Updated: 17 days ago
    Edit: now it has been a while since the review below and I feel that the step count has improved a lot as updates have been rolled out. PAI also seems to keep up. Raises my rating from three to seven, but is willing to adjust up again if the band remains stable, or down the opposite. One thing I discovered is that the band has a hard time counting steps if you keep a slow walking pace. At one point, about 1,500 steps were missing in a 7000 step round. I have chosen to speed up the pace and have thus come around this defect.

    Review: For those who want to use this band as a pedometer, I want to raise a warning finger. I have owned Mi Band 3 and 4 before and now moved on to version 5. I immediately noticed that the latest release was very frugal with the steps. After the update that came on 10/8, the band has gone from bad to clean rubbish if you ask me. The daily round I have been taking for about 1.5 years is about 6,700 steps, verified as an average from several different pedometers, iPhones, my wife Garmin etc (she gets about 7,100 on the same round). Mi Band 5: 5,400 steps!

    Very bad. Such a gross margin of error is unacceptable.

    Yesterday I had collected 4,000 steps earlier in the day and then took an evening walk with the activity "walk" started. After 1h 45min I had collected 10,000 steps during my activity, according to the app and bracelet. What do you think watch and app reported when I finished the activity? Yes, 12,900 steps! How can 4,000 + 10,000 become 12,900 steps?

    PAI is a great feature that shows how active you are. In theory at least, because it does not work. During the mentioned activity above, I got 3 (three!) Index points, which took me from 170 to 173. According to previous experience, 10,000 steps should give at least 20-30 index points.

    That said, stay away until Xiaomi resolves this. I have uploaded logs from both the app and bracelet to them but have not received any feedback.

    Bands 3 and 4 worked fine, so something is completely wrong with version 5.
  • Excellent
    1 month ago
    Updated: 1 month ago
    Unlike the review below, has a very accurate count of the steps (with the same firmware) so it feels like its person's band is a Monday sex.

    By the way, I use the tape to count steps and to measure rounds and for that it works great and the measurement is very accurate. Good battery life and reasonably large and clear screen. Do not have much to complain about given the low price. One thing is that the date format is incorrect (mm / dd instead of dd / mm as it should be) no matter what setting you have in the phone.
  • Very good
    1 month ago
    Do what I expect from the double price. After my Ticwatch E was damaged by moisture, I looked for the cheapest smartwatch that can give me time, notices and good battery life.

    I want the messenger notifications to be visible, and they do. I have this as an SMS app, which meant that "Messenger" is not in the regular app list but can be accessed in the settings as "Incoming SMS".

    I am very happy overall, however, it is the notices that reduce it to a 4/5. I'm glad it works with notices for SEK 449 at all, but both emojis and å, ä and ö turn into question marks on the bracelet. This + few words per line means that it can sometimes be difficult to read a message before the screen goes out. An always-on function is very lacking.

    What made me choose Mi band 5 for 449: -, instead of Mi band 4 for 249: - was mainly that the screen has grown 0.15 inches (which I thought would be a big difference, but now in retrospect probably had not played any major role), and the belief that updates to this band will be released later in the year than to the 4th. I rarely use the band for training, but here there are eleven training sessions to choose from, instead of seven as on the 4th.

    The last thing I want to point out is that I, quite easily, got a couple of scratches on the screen. I have not noticed that I got a bang on the bracelet, but still I have found 2-3 scratches on the display after a week of use. This is usually not a nuisance, you only see them from certain angles. But there still seems to be a big difference in scratch sensitivity compared to my Ticwatch E which has had a scratch for about 2 years.

    Even if it was not a full pot, it is really worth the price. If you are discouraged because the price screams low quality, think again. Xiaomi could have sold this band for double and it would not have been a bad deal for you as a customer.