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Xiaomi Mi 1C Robot Vacuum Mop

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  • Barely acceptable
    1 month ago
    Updated: 12 days ago
    Strong suction and quiet. Overall very satisfied but falling down stairs so has created a virtual wall in the app so mu it works well. Had the same problem with s6 before so it is something common with all xiaomis that they have difficulty with my stairs but since I am so happy with it otherwise jfm cleanmate s100 which was literally useless so I chose to keep it anyway and with virtual wall in the app it has never fallen

    Unfortunately, it can not vary the effect automatically when it switches between carpet and hard floor

    Better stair sensors and automatic power adjustment, the rating would have been 5.

    Update: lowers the rating to 2 stars as since the last week falls down the stairs every time. This despite the virtual wall in the app. So neither the virtual wall nor the stair sensors work. Will complain min
  • Very good
    24 days ago
    For now, it works well 😊 looks at the app where it is and it returns to base when it is either finished or needs more power. Have not tried the mop feature yet
  • Very good
    1 month ago
    Have had this in 3v and am largely satisfied with it. It sucks well and the house has never been so clean.
    However, there are some features in the app, for example, you cannot define rooms on the map, but you have to clean a temporary zone if you just want to clean a room.
    The moping function is good, has tried with floor cleaners in and it does well.
    The integration with the Google Assistant is also ok, leaving the house full of hands and asking Google to clean the house is a handy feature.
    The best effect it has is on the children, they are terrified that "Roberta" will eat up their toys so the rooms will be perfectly unpacked before the vacuum cleaner comes in there.
  • Very good
    2 months ago
    + Getting around well and passing small obstacles and all our angular thresholds.
    + Does not sound like much but the sound it produces is not very pleasant.
    + It eats up EVERYTHING in its path and continues to work, one of our indoor plants, a beanstalk had slipped off its holder, the drum sucker ripped off 40cm beanstalk and chewed it in. (Very easy to remove)
    + The fruit thought it looked nice and liked that it was able to name it Tusse ...
    + Easy to add to Google Home
    + When we bought this we moped the floor once just before. Now we have not moped in 2 weeks and it is fresher than ever at home. In normal cases we vacuum and drive with swiffer every day because we have children and several animals.
    + It takes incredible amounts of pollen every day from the floor, which has allowed me to reduce the amount of Nassonex I use.

    - The sensor to detect and prevent collisions does not work on narrow legs or heavily illuminated surfaces. That is, really strong sun against a piece of surface or a narrow chromed chair leg.
    - It feels like once it has learned what the house looks like, it does not plan for its cleaning to be faster.
    - When it does a clear downstairs it is very detailed and nice at first, but then suddenly everything flows together so it becomes like a single large room to navigate. So you cannot edit sections and make them into individual rooms if one has a large open ground floor that we have. However, this mode is under "beta testing".
    - At one point it couldn't find a home, but wandered around until it shut off, it asked us to "take it back to the doll".

    Tips, follow along with the first few times it runs and check where it gets stuck and what kind of cushion it does. Do you have curtains that hang down a little on the floor so do not be surprised when it wears down the entire bar, it is very strong!