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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G SM-G988B 128GB

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  • Perfect
    10 days ago
    Very good mobile s20 ultra, good servic, good customer care, Got mobile at good Price, satisfied. Thanks
  • Terrible
    28 days ago
    Gets a worse chip in Sweden than abroad.
  • Decent
    1 month ago
    2019: S10 + can be bought in 512gb, 1tb version
    2020: S20Ultra's max size in Scandinavia is 128gb ?!
    Why do we go backwards on something that CONSTANTLY evolves?
  • Very Poor
    3 months ago
    Updated: 1 month ago
    Satisfied with the phone over the law. What pulls the phone down from 5 stars to 1 star is the glass on the camera module. I have been incredibly scared about my phone, but still discovered that I had a crack all over this glass, which is in the way of one of the cameras. Very many people on the Internet who experience the same thing; that it will be a crack for no reason. Samsung doesn't seem to take any responsibility for that either ..
    Update: I've been in contact with Samsung's support about 15 times. They have a terribly poor track of their affairs and have given incorrect answers, as well as saying that they should return without doing it several times. I have also been treated very badly. I have never ever experienced such poor customer service. Unfortunately, I can't pull the grade down anymore, since I've already given a star.
  • Perfect
    3 months ago
    Really happy with mine, not very big difference to s10 + but it is canon
  • Very Poor
    3 months ago
    Played a bit with the polar ultra to compare with my s20 5g: as much redness as mine after a bit of youtubande, possibly even worse portrait pictures, 9 out of 10 become blurry, and the battery is drained almost on a mini basis. Amazingly poor product. The S20 series must be the worst Samsung ever performed. The S10 was not perfect but still much better than this one. Can only comment on the EU version with Exynos, according to international reviews, the snapdragon version seems to work well but unclear how it is with 4 and 5g coverage in Sweden. Strongly discourages from purchases.
  • Very Poor
    3 months ago
    Bottleneck! - Exynos!

    Used me by Galaxy series since S4. Miscellaneous 4,5,6,7,8,9. and no later than 10.

    Felt, and squeezed on Galaxy S20, + & Ultra. All three models feel solid, quality and have superior quality.

    But! With Exynos chip in, you lose too much performance against Snapdragon in 2020, the difference is too big simply to be satisfied.

    With the Exynos chip sold here in Europe for the S20 series, you take inferior pictures despite the brutal hardware. The battery drains much faster & the phones overheat ..

    So even if the quality & hardware is brutal! So the product is not stronger than the weakest link.

    Do & Do Samsung Right!
  • Terrible
    3 months ago
    Exynos 990 in Sweden, budget chip against snapdragon. OnePlus 8 Pro has the latest Snapdragon and costs 9990 ... Samsung with exonos even takes worse pictures than the US S20 (with exactly the same cameras), all due to the extremely poor CPU we get here in Europe!
  • Decent
    3 months ago
    Updated: 3 months ago
    EDIT: Really bad that we get Exynos in Sweden.

    And it lasts just under a day despite the gigantic battery, how can that be?

    The camera is good but not significantly better than the latest iPhone.
  • Very Poor
    4 months ago
    Have had Samsung since S2 and always been happy.
    Made a pre-order on the S20 Ultra and got it home for release day.

    Everything worked perfectly and I thought Samsung had succeeded this time as well.

    But, after a week, coverage on the phone disappears, has dual SIM cards and nothing works. Restarts the phone and receives the wrong message that PIN cannot be verified.

    Maybe SIM card that is cashed? Puts them into my old phone and everything works perfectly.

    Do a hard reset of the phone and start over, but now the SIM card works.

    Re-uploads all apps, uploads images, etc. which is relatively smooth.

    Going one day

    Same fault again, going down to the Samsung store. The cellphone is entered.
    Fast after about 1 month I still do not have a new phone.

    The cell phone has been credited, but is out of stock so you have to wait for it to come in again. But is totally dissatisfied with the service from Samsung.

    And then you read about the problems with the processors and about the camera, which means that you have lost the whole pleasure with a new phone.

    Samsung you have really managed to lose a customer!
  • Very good
    4 months ago
    Really good and fast phone. The camera is fantastic, especially now after the auto focus update. The only negative I can think of is that even though the phone has a 5000 battery, the battery life could have been better. But I guess the big screen draws some battery
  • Perfect
    4 months ago
    Works well for me then. Something for the most part. Gone from a Samsung S8.
  • Acceptable
    5 months ago
    Has the Flight Mode phone, 60hz and lowest resolution ..

    Even with Samsung's "super fixed ultra whatever maximum charging" chip and super charging enabled, the phone goes down in power when I charge it ... What the heck is this all day?
  • Perfect
    5 months ago
    Updated: 5 months ago
    Clearly the best phone on the market right now ..
    6.9 inches but still feels smooth because you use so much surface area of the screen instead of ugly flaps and such that some other manufacturers insist on ..