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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus SM-R175

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  • Perfect
    11 days ago
    Great kids for a decent price! Would have liked the sound to be a little better, but with some settings I managed to get to it, the conversations work well too! Even good conversation when using just one handset, no one has complained I was out or riding a bus.
  • Perfect
    12 days ago
    Updated: 11 days ago
    Then it was time to replace my old Jabra Elite 65t that hung with me daily for two years. Had decision anxiety about whether to buy Jabra Elite 75t or Samsung Galaxy Buds +, but since I also have a Samsung phone, the choice ended up being Buds +. Both headphones are really good.

    Here are the reasons for my final choice:
    + Wireless charging. Feels good to be able to charge the headphones from my Galaxy S10 if you are traveling.
    + Can use both right or left headphones individually. For Jabra, you can only have the right one separately.
    + Easy pairing for Apple.
    + Youtube tests show that Buds + filters out noise better in noisy environments than the Jabra 75t. Something that the people I talked to thought were really bad with my Jabra 65t. They barely heard what I said sometimes.
    + Samsung scalable codec. Always nice to be able to run their own codec when you have that opportunity. Should be better than AAC and apt-x.

    Many who have tested Buds + think the sound is mediocre (especially when compared to the Jabra 75t) but compared to my old Jabra 65t, the sound feels clearer and has a punchier bass. That was my biggest concern so it feels great that it was not a buy-back. However, the different equalizer settings are not great. "Normal" and "Dynamic" are the ones I think sound best depending on music. If I choose "Bass Enhancement" the treble is muted and you get a trapped sound with a lot of bass but no dynamics. However, I am very pleased with the sound.

    In the Labs menu you can choose an extra high hearing and then you really get super hearing. The hearing in the Jabra 65t always had a background noise and it is not in Buds +. In the same menu there is also the possibility to hit the outer ear a little easily in order to increase & decrease the volume. Works really well.

    Disadvantages then ... Better ip rating would be good compared to Jabra. Real buttons would also have been nice than touch buttons.

    Overall, I am very satisfied with my Buds + with better sound than I expected. Compared to my old Jabra 65t, Buds + is so small that I can lie on the side without the headphones scraping and pressing badly.

    Edit: Note! A tip!
    I just listened to a piece of music with a lot of bass and dynamics and just wondered "What the hell is that bad". When the abyss depth bass came, it sounded as if the middle register and treble did not cope. It got mushy and sounded really bad. Could not remember that it usually is so. Took on my Bose over ear nuggets but then it sounded good. After looking through menus I turned off "Adapt sound" under Settings> sound and vibration> sound quality and effects. It did the trick! When I listen to wired headphones, Adapt makes sound and amplifies frequencies that produce a fuller sound. But with Buds + it became a disaster!
  • Perfect
    15 days ago
    This is a real thunder update. An update 2.0 over the original version of Buds. Not comparable to ex Gear IconX.

    Available with three different sizes of "plugs" and three different jumper sizes makes it easy to get a perfect fit. (On the other hand, be sure to test yourself, as the difference in sound is huge when the handsets end completely tight, as opposed to not doing so.)

    Battery life .. I've only scratched the surface so far.

    Call quality is the top for some shorter calls among people. The real tests on that front are gaining momentum when the work week starts tomorrow.

    A clear purchase in my eyes as both sound during music and conversation is superb.

    (Activate the volume control feature via Labs!)
  • Perfect
    25 days ago
    Very good fit and really good sound for these little headphones
    Really satisfied 🙂