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Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro (6GB RAM) 64GB

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  • Very good
    4 months ago
    For 2500 I am fully satisfied with this phone - however, after debloating lots of unnecessary crap that Xiaomi sends.

    I am especially pleased with the battery life and that everything flows on very well. Android 10 is said to be on its way but has been delayed, which does not give so much confidence. Also a little over that the camera lenses are elevated because I am an expert at dropping my phones. So far, the lenses are rope-free in any case.
  • Perfect
    6 months ago
    Why buy iphone or samsung if there is Xiaomi?
  • Good
    6 months ago
    A pretty stable phone.
    + Battery & battery life
    + RAM
    + Android version
    + Storage
    + Very large screen
    + Several cameras

    -standard camera app & music app is just so badly done, bugs. But the camera app can be switched to GCam (Google's own) however works in video.
    -A space between updates (but much better than Huawei's).
    - some junk apps (which you can remove).
  • Perfect
    8 months ago
    Updated: 8 months ago
    Have now had my Note 8 Pro for a few days and have so far been extremely satisfied with it in relation to the price.
    It feels good in the hand with the sloping edges behind. The large 6.53 inch screen fits me perfectly and the phone does not feel as big as it is.
    The LTPS screen is exceptionally bright that works well outdoors and is more eye-friendly to my eyes than AMOLED.
    It has better reception with 4G and WiFi than anyone I've had before.
    It feels really fast, so processor power is more than good in every position.
    The battery life is fantastic and beats all my expectations.
    The sound of calls and speakers also gets fully approved.
    The camera I have not yet fully evaluated but so far is definitely not dissatisfied iaf. on the contrary. It also has the potential to get better anyway with updates and GCam starting to come out some.
    That was the positive.

    The negative bugs and other things that are probably on this relatively new phone that have not received so many updates yet I have so far not had any inconvenience of. E.g. Gmail has its own bug right now that doesn't have phone electricity. MIUI to do.

    All in all, I see the Note 8 Pro as an incredibly affordable phone in that size with overall performance on everything that suits most people in everyday life.

    The comparison is made from experience with a number of Xiaomi such as later MI 9, MI 9SE, RMN 5,6,7 and now 8 Pro. As well as some Huawei where I have a P 20 Pro left which I still like. Some Samsung Iphone and others there have also been.
    Will return when / if I find negative features / bugs for me personally. For others, it is difficult to pronounce.
  • Perfect
    9 months ago
    Great mobile at this price.
    No law or anything else that interferes.
    Have put my Oneplus 7 Pro aside ...
    Great battery life.
    I think you should buy this mobile if you want a good surf buddy for reasonable money.