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Garmin Venu

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  • Decent
    20 days ago
    Bought Venu as my first heart rate watch. It works well as an everyday clock ie meeting steps, sleep, heart rate. But if you exercise other than running, it lacks many features. It is incompatible with Garmin's heart rate band which can save your workout which means you have to have the clock on when you are exercising which is not always optimal and gives incorrect results. Since you cannot measure the workout you do not get data for calories, Body Battery etc. For me it lacks many functions.
  • Acceptable
    2 months ago
    Well, it wasn't quite what I expected. Has a 920XT but it starts to get a bit over the years and among other things the barometer is broken, it loses both GPS and contact with heart rate bands sometimes. After checking out DC Rainmaker's review, I bought one to test.

    So, why did I return it?

    Well, it lacked such important functions for me, that I had to use my 920XT anyway during training, and I did not buy Venu for just having a watch, but for being able to have it at training as well. What I use include three different profiles for running (distance, pace, intervals), two different workouts in the gym, two interval workouts for cross trainers. None of it was available at Venu.
    I simply have to wait until there is a 945 with OLED display, and if you have the same need for functions on your training watch as I do, you will do the same.
    But, if you have everyday needs in the style of activity bracelets like Fitbit or Garmin's vivos series and also want music on the clock, this is the best thing you can get hold of right now.

    + screen. Absolutely unbeatable.
    + optical heart rate measurement. I know this is Garmin's Achilles heel but it worked great on me. Don't know if it is because my blood vessels are extremely superficial on my forearms but hardly noticed any diff at all against the heart rate band and scales.
    + the weight. Weighs less than half of what my 920 weighs
    + the sound. So it is really good sound chip in the clock. I play music via a pair of Skullcandy method wireless, and the sound is much better via the clock than from the phone. Whether I run Spotify or my own music.

    - it is not possible to use pre-made workouts in the app. You can overcharge, but you won't be able to access them in the clock.
    - the battery life. Full charge in the evening at bedtime, 80% left in the morning 8 hours later. In practice, this means charging every other day. Without training. My 920XT is loaded once / week and then I practice at least 6 hours / week, half the time with GPS enabled.
    - the touch screen. Completely impossible to start a timer smoothly. When you have run a maxset at the gym and are supposed to rest two minutes before the next, or you have run the back sprint and should have 60 seconds rest before the next sprint, you will miss pressing right if you shudder the least bit. Which is quite natural to do after max discharge.
    - lacks many data fields from ConnectIQ. Even though they say they are compatible, they cannot be found and added to the clock. Can anyone, by the way, explain why Garmin has NOT achieved maximum heart rate as a factory data field?
  • Very good
    4 months ago
    Coming from an ionic, and don't even know if the purchase was worth it. I hope that with an update that other watches last at least as long as the watch face built into the watch.

    Then it seems that the pulse is different to and from, does not really think it matches the pulse you actually have.
  • Perfect
    5 months ago
    Updated: 5 months ago
    Brilliant display and good battery life. Had been nice with training status / training effect available, but otherwise the clock is absolutely superb! Very satisfied with both fitness and health functions, and the watch looks good. Highly recommend it.
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    Updated: 7 months ago
    The almost perfect heart rate watch. Has come from Fitbit Charge 2 and tested the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro but did not like the screen on the other. Tested this and wow, what a watch! Plenty of features, good heart rate measurement, perfect screen, good battery life, garmin pay (works with most Swedish bank cards), Spotify offline, GPS, Body Battery, you can install apps and nice "watchfaces" from Garmin store, pulse OX, VO2 Max, mm. Still the downside is the charging, would have been good with a regular usb c or wireless charging ..