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Apple iPhone 11 64GB

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  • Terrible
    5 days ago
    Got one as a loan on the company ,,, Apple has to be the most overrated brand in history ,,, Has lapsed back .. The locked down stupid iOS leaves a unique taste even after the return ...
  • Barely acceptable
    21 days ago
    Overpriced phone that can't be done without. Lower the apple price!
  • Good
    21 days ago
    Nice mobile but too expensive compared to the competitors. If you like / come from iOS you will like this. Nothing new or exciting really, coming from X or XS. If you do not care about Face ID, wireless charging or sweepstakes, it may be wise to look into the iPhone SE (2020 version) instead as it offers about the same packages for cheaper, with newer and faster processor in addition.
  • Perfect
    1 month ago
    Great. Enjoyed iPhone xs this one likes yes more. Better camera. The screen is actually good and everything is good think yes. Slightly heavy possibly but totally okay. Good battery.
  • Decent
    1 month ago
    Updated: 1 month ago
    Bought an iphone 11 and sure it is good and better than the XR it replaces but return it after 4 days in the store and kept my iphone XS which is better at most except the CPU which is a little faster in the 11an thanks to the A13 chip but you nevertheless notice no difference between the two in reality as XS is already as fast as lightning. You who have Xs and Xs Max can keep and wait for the Iphone 12 Pro to get a worthy replacement for the XS as 11 pro is also no hang in the Christmas tree. Hardly anything that happened in 1 year.
  • Barely acceptable
    2 months ago
    Updated: 2 months ago
    Njaaa. Would not buy but received as a job phone. The operating system is as it is but personally I find it difficult to get around and find. The grade was set considering the price.

    - Does not support any of the better bluetooth codecs. Useless on so expensive phone to skimp on license costs. If you have expensive handsets, you can not get good sound anyway p.g.a. this.

    - No lock pattern or fingerprint to unlock.

    - No headphone jack without shared with charging port. Extra bad considering poor Bluetooth support.

    - Not usb-c port. Must have everything special which is beechy and expensive.

    - No dedicated buttons in gui for back or latest apps. The solution of pulling up or staying in the middle is bad as it is easy to miss the sweet spot.

    - No support for widgets. How the hell did they think?

    - The headphones with are hard and o don't sit so well. Why not have rubber pumps like all other phone manufacturers have?

    - Feels a little clumsy. Pretty much frame around the screen.

    The camera

    Don't know how the performance is but assume it is good.
    So I can't say much about the screen either.

    Because it is a job mobile and all the hassle of sound and navigation so I can not use the phone as much but rather use my cheaper private which has better sound and is more quickly navigated.
  • Perfect
    2 months ago
    Here you get a lot of mobile for the money. Very good monitor, battery life and camera.
  • Decent
    2 months ago
    Bought this week and have problems with interrupting the bluetooth link to my headphones. Apparently a perceived problem among the buyers. Have had Samsung mobiles for a long time and never such errors. Very bad childhood mistake.
  • Very good
    3 months ago
    Can't decide me iPhone 11 or Samsung galaxy s10 plus
    Costs about as much.Have had both systems..If the iPhone 11 feels like something heavy, Samsung is lighter
  • Perfect
    3 months ago
    Went from an 8 to an 11a and it is damn good. The photographs will be incredibly good. Battery life is cruel. It is fast as lightning. A little big maybe but you get used to it. Awesome phone! Best of all is iOS!
  • Perfect
    3 months ago
    Been running android for a while but now you ended up in the apple swamp again.
    Want to clarify that I see both systems as good. is no fanboy in any way.

    Bought an iPhone 8+ when it was launched but the daughter had to take it over when I got to test android again, so had a Galaxy & a Xiaomi handset lately, and now it became an iPhone 11.

    I would probably say that I am very happy with the iPhone 11.
    The phone feels very premium when it is in your hand.
    Ios feels as usual really well optimized and everything just works on works & floats on fantastically well.

    obviously lacks the "openness" of android, it should be acknowledged.

    The camera is absolutely amazing, at least when compared to the latest used Xiaomi handset.
    positively surprised by the battery life I have to say, now it should perhaps be added that I neither play nor stream the huge amount over the phone so probably save some there.

    have nothing to complain about actually and consider that the current price is reasonable given what you get.
  • Perfect
    4 months ago
    Really Naj's phone and the price has dropped a bit since it was introduced.
  • Good
    4 months ago
    Updated: 4 months ago
    Like the XR with some better camera. The quality of the screen is perfectly ok. The price still shakes.
  • Very good
    5 months ago
    Upgraded from a 7; a
    Oh what a lift! Was a little scared that I would think it would feel big, clumsy and that I would miss the home button, but not! Iphone 7 feels rather small now. I don't miss the home button either, faceid is wonderful!
    Battery life is pretty good in comparison, with normal use you can charge every other day without major problems
    The camera is also great! The night mode impresses. The wide-angle lens is a really nice addition that is very useful in many situations! Unfortunately, the image quality is not quite in line with the normal lens.
    Many people on the screen complain that it is not bad and certainly it would be nice but nothing I think about.
    You can certainly get an even better tech-spec android mobile for the same money but then you should remember that you do not get iOS which is very valuable in my eyes.

    Hopes on iphone 12:
    Remove the "flare" on the screen
    128gb by default
  • Decent
    6 months ago
    Updated: 5 months ago
    + The camera is really good!
    + processor

    -LCD, who wants it 2019, it's 2020 soon!
    -Low-resolved screen, however, is suitable for most.
    -Old design
    - Thick edges
    - Heavy for its size, heavier than S10 plus tex and other giant android mobiles.
  • Barely acceptable
    5 months ago
    Have used Iphone 11 since launch in Sweden. (Telephone Company)
    iOS13 is a disaster and simple stuff like cut and paste no longer works.

    The following things are good:
    Camera and video recording.
    The sound from the speakers.
    IP rating.
    Snapchat has developed a better app for iOS.

    Negative stuff:
    Text formatting, cut and paste.
    Apps crash.
    Battery life nothing compared to any sensible android.
    Can't adjust anything.
    Sound stops working intermittently, reboot is required.
    Multitasking loses the session.
    Low resolution screen.
    Bluetooth and wifi are activated automatically.
    Default browser and as soon as you open in any other app it always selects Apple apps first.
    The Olympics feel slow as all animations have tough transitions.

    My Motorola G6 plus I was much happier with whatever I gave.
  • Decent
    6 months ago
    Updated: 6 months ago
    In many ways a very good phone but the screen pulls down the rating. A phone for over SEK 9000 should have a good screen. Many reviews of the phone you defend the low resolution with things like that people do not see difference etc. Comparing with the competitors for the same money there is a big difference in sharpness and brightness. For me personally, I get tired of the eyes of this screen. I had an IPhone 6s Plus before and with that resolution I didn't get tired of my eyes.

    If you look at the rest of the phone there is nothing to complain about. The camera is really good. The sound in the speakers is loud and clear. The performance is really good. The battery is very good which tests show. Face ID works very well.
  • Very Poor
    7 months ago
    Very nice phone that works really bad over bluetooth. three who are suppliers recommended that I leave it to workshop Ingram Micro / Samhall who in turn says it is flawless with the comment:

    We suspect that there are apps / programs in your product that have caused the problems you are experiencing. We recommend not to install your saved backup at startup, as it may contain errors that affect the product.

    They mean that I cannot reproduce a copy from icloud but should manually add all apps and address book, do not submit!
  • Very good
    7 months ago
    Initially, I can inform that I went from iPhone 7 to this one.
    I like the size of the screen, a space between the smallest and largest. The phone is fine in the hand with rounded corners, face ID works fine except in the dark then of course.
    The battery life is clearly much better than on my iPhone 7, the phone feels fast and the camera takes nice pictures. As many others have complained about, the screen resolution may be a little low in today's dimensions, but for everyday use it is nothing to think about, hopefully the oled screen that now sits on the XS / 11 pro will be standard at next year's release.
    In summary, good phone at somewhat high price tag thereof 4 out of 5.
  • Very good
    7 months ago
    Stable phone at a reasonable price. Has the white which means that the edges do not look quite as thick as those with a black frame.

    + Processor & iOS, everything flows on like butter.
    + Camera, incredible photos and awesome night mode & wide angle.
    + Battery life, lasts all day.
    + FaceID is very fast.
    + No headaches if you are sensitive to PWM used by Apple's OLED screens.
    + True Tone.
    + Good speakers.

    - Pretty clumsy if you like to use the phone with one hand.
    - The screen could have been at least 1080p, it's still good. Yet.
  • Decent
    7 months ago
    + good looking, fast, ios
    - ios, the screen is pretty bad
  • Excellent
    7 months ago
    This phone is the ultimate "workhorse". It has fantastic performance and excellent battery life. Face ID works perfectly. Then there is no "sexy" phone, ie it has no direct groundbreaking design. But perfect for my needs. Somewhat big and heavy maybe.
  • Very Poor
    7 months ago
    The screen is not in my class. It has poor camera compared to my other phone. The battery does not perform as well as expected
  • Perfect
    8 months ago
    I am very pleased with this mobile. FaceId works clockwise. The size of the mobile is perfect, the only downside is that I do not reach across the screen with one hand. The battery lasts for two days at moderate use. Is not disturbed by a slightly wider frame around the screen than on the Pro model but thinks it looks good. To be a screen that is not distorted, it is clear and good with good color rendering. The camera is better than the best Android handsets. Same with the a13 chip. It is also an affordable mobile considering what you get for the money.