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Ultimate Ears UE Wonderboom 2

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  • Very good
    11 months ago
    Purchased yesterday in the store. Compared to JBL, Marshall and Sony. Of course, the sound sounded more concentrated from these, but when I turned on the Wonderboomen and listened to the test, I knew exactly that it was the one I wanted. Unlike all the others, the sound radiates from just about every direction and it sounded great and saturated, the bass is also impressive. When I read that this little pineapple is also completely waterproof and can withstand fall from 1.50, it was clear.
    I work at night in a room where I move,
    need something that can fill the room and not so much think about how to place it. In the deal, both Sonyn and JBL sounded better IF you sit right in front of it and positioned it perfectly, and only there, the smallest lateral or vertical movement and it immediately sounds much worse (Burkigare) than the wonderboom. This manic must be the dream to take with you on a journey, in hotel rooms eg. Have not yet tested the outdoor position (A button where the base drops in level and the middle register and the disc is highlighted for better spreading) Previous reviewer had the opinion that it sounded shady if you placed the wonderboom incorrectly. In my experience, this is not true, so there is minimal difference in stereo perspective no matter how you place it around your shoulder.
    It does not get 5 stars because:
    * It has no wired auxiliary input
    * Treble is sometimes intrusive with some recordings, a slight eq may sometimes be needed

    4 Stars for:

    * The sound distribution that really works. Can be placed just anywhere.
    * Built to beat. Just drop it in a bag and bring it. It doesn't matter if it rains or snows. It can stand out anyway if you want.
    * Extremely easy to handle, there are a total of 4 buttons.
    * Cool design.
    * Plays HIGH
    * The indirect sound means that I do not feel listening fatigue in the same way as the audio hyped extremely focused speakers from other brands.
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    I sat on the midsummer evening and ended up at There I saw that I could become a test pilot for a mobile speaker! Wonderfully I thought, the wife has blocked my accounts because I have the same impulse control as an 8-year-old with ADHD when it comes to shopping technology that plays music. But now I could do it as a kind of service for my co-dependency. And all I have to do is review it. Fantastic.

    Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2! Not to be confused with wonderbaum, all colors smell child labor factory in china on wonderboom.

    I really wanted to like it. It is stylish, feels fuzzy and funkis. Nothing unnecessary. A fabric orange that plays music.

    However, there will be an anti-climax after the first application. It's thin. I know it's small, but it's still too thin. It is not that I am a basic enthusiast who wants the neighbor's pictures to fall down, but I still want to have some moderation and weight behind the air and the details.

    It is very much requested from a small jar, but JBL and Bose do it. Instead, the problem is reversed, an exaggerated impersonator base that flutteres and submerges musicality. The advantage is that you can lower it to a more comfortable level.

    I like the wreckage in the wonder trees. It is detailed and clear. To about 50% volume on my pajphone 7. After that, it slowly begins to melt together into a cutting pipe in the usual indoor environment. Cymbals sound like a stone through a window. I can buy the situation that a mobile speaker should mainly be used and sound good outdoors, where I can handle up to maybe 75% before it becomes strenuous to listen to. The outdoor mode really only enhances the upper middle register and treble, it certainly plays higher, but it is a tiring sound.

    The 360-degree sound seems to come from two treble elements, one on each side. It is also an incomprehensible stereo effect on it, so if you do not listen to where the elements sit and place the speaker just right it will sound really scary. Imagine placing two traditional stereo speakers back to back and starting to walk around. Meh. I do not understand why the UE chooses to do so.

    Battery life is excellent, especially considering that it is almost impossible to listen to the highest volume. I like that it is microusb, so it is possible to fix charge everywhere.

    I like the buttons. Great, clear and wonderful clicks. It is very comfortable in the hand, but the form factor makes it more difficult to take with you than the more elongated variants that exist. Think about the path versus grapefruit, one slips in everywhere in a painless way. The other one gets a little lumpy. Now it is certainly a grapefruit with a built-in elastic loop, but who actually has carabiner hooks or the like at hand.

    It is reassuring with ip67. Good if you like I like to listen to some music in the shower. And when you stand there don't have to be afraid to lose wonderboom either, it feels like it can take many bangs.

    I both like and dislike that there is no phone in it. Absolutely no deal breaker for me, but sometimes it's nice to be able to answer without looking for the handset.

    I usually never leave reviews on products I buy. Partly because I tend to go astray in all infinity and partly because I do not palletize. However, I read a lot before I buy anything. Therefore, I felt compelled to peek a little at what the internet likes wonderbaum 2.

    I start to think about whether my copy is incorrect in any way as it almost exclusively gets fantastic reviews. Unfortunately, I cannot do more than review the copy that Smartson sent to me. The best advice I can give when it comes to sound is to try listening yourself before you turn on. No matter what.

    I had not given 1000 bucks for wonderboom 2. It will certainly not cost more than 600 in a few months, but I would not have given that either. There is a very large and saturated market on bluetooth speakers, for 1000 bucks there is a lot to choose from. Even if you need something in fruit size.