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Pokémon Sword (Switch)

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  • Good
    2 months ago
    As addictive as usual, but there are some major flaws that pull down the grade several steps.

    - More than half of all Pokémon are missing because the developer didn't have time to customize their animations from 2D to 3D.
    - No support for Pokémon Bank or other link features that allow you to transfer Pokémon from previous games in the series to this.
    - Variable world. (Many houses, NPCs, etc. are, for example, directly copypaste: ade)
    - Bad frame rate. (At most you get up to 30 fps, and if you are connected to the internet it is reduced considerably)
    - Dynamax / Gigantamax transformations (Pokémon in Godzilla format. Sounds interesting on paper, but in fact it's just the same as usual in larger formats and with long animations you can't skip.)
    - Raids (Fighting Dynamax / Gigantamax Pokémon together with three team members, in theory. In practice, it is often difficult to get a full squad, which means that the game instead adds a bunch of NPC coaches who have Pokémon that get oneshots. four Pokémon have fainted, you automatically lose the battle and also the ability to catch the Dynamax / Gigantamax Pokémon. After all, if you manage to defeat it, you only get one chance to catch it, and you lose it permanently if it throws from the first ball you throw.)
  • Very good
    3 months ago
    Now it's time to write a review. I have divided this into different titles but for those who want to quickly see "Buy or not buy" go to the bottom. I will also compare with previous titles when I have played all pokemon games. I will be critical but that does not mean that I do not like the game but rather weak as good points. It will contain some spoilers.

    Start pokemon
    A fairly important part of the game is which pokemon you choose. For me it is important that no matter which one you choose, you should be able to manage the game just as well. In previous games this has been better than in this game. The reason is that the last 3 or 4 matches you meet only steel. This makes Scorbunny an obvious choice. Choosing Scorebunny will make the game incredibly easy to manage. I've played both sword and shield. Scorbunny is arguably the best and you will fly through the game with that starter and fight with the others.
    The story is the same formula as before. There is a new effect to be investigated, dynomaxing, there is some team you meet again and again. And you will make it to the league. It's nothing new. However, the story is very short as several friends managed the game the same night it was released. The focus is just running directly to the gym, nothing else. There are very few assignments besides or "fun things" that pull out the story a bit.
    This may be part of the story but gets its own point. The gym is back in its old self. You walk into a grass gym and meet grass pokemons. Simple. Same as before.
    The difference here is that you can dynomax one of their pokemons. The tediousness of this gym executives always dynomaxes their last pokemons which makes the gym incredibly predictable and hence very easy to beat.
    Then the gym has assignments you have to do before you get to meet the gym leader. These are boring. Unfortunately.
    I like the earlier mega evolves and the Z moves better. But Dynomaxing still makes the game interesting and some pokemons get really cool here. So it is a "neutral" solid "ok" new experience.
    Many people have complained about the graphics and ... It is noticed that gamefreak has done a varied job.
    Some parts are absolutely wonderfully created and polished, while others are flat and boring. Gamefreak has a sick much stronger system and chooses to reuse a lot from 3ds, though polished a bit only. Overall, it is an upgrade but not as big as it could have been.
    New pokemons
    This is actually a point that is incredibly positive. The new pokemons that come are absolutely absurdly strong. Well designed. Interesting movesets. There are many different tactics and interesting ways to play with these pokemons. This is a point that is so positive that it almost beats the rest of the criticism. Here they have succeeded.
    The story was short. Post-game was also short. In previous games, it has been possible to spend hours capturing various legendary pokemons and events. What remains is Breeding, battletower, challenging other players and raids. But right now, not much is left. But there is potential for more to come
    So in this new pokemon you can raid. Up to 4 players can try to take out, and catch, a dynomaxed pokemon. This is both good and bad.
    The bad thing is that it is difficult to connect with friends and complicated. It is also very easy, right now. There are no raids that you "lose" on directly. One's pokemon is never basically knocked.
    The positive thing is that there is great potential to become really good event raids in the future. A way to get legendary pokemons. It's also fun to work with your friends on this when you make it work. So I have high hopes for the future.
    Another positive thing about raids is the reward you get whether you catch the Pokémon or not.
    Is it worth buying the game?

    No: If you only want to play the story then it is a short game unfortunately. It's not worth it in my opinion. The balance of the story is also completely skewed as I wrote in starter pokemons that choosing fire will make the game very easy.

    Yes: Want to experience and catch all the new pokemons. Absolutely, then this game is interesting and fun. If you have friends to raid with then this can be sick fun too. If Post game with raids interests you, and you want to challenge others and test your skills in BattleTower then absolutely this is the game for you.

    If you have never played pokemon before and are interested in testing and starting then this may be a game for you. There are fun pokemons to collect and if you get into it there is some to do as new.
    That it is played on the switch is just a bonus.
    Overall I find the game "ok" so it gets 7 points from me.
    There is a lot the game could have improved on but like I said during new pokemons the new ones are really well made and worth exploring what they have potential. I play the game with friends and find it fun post-game as well. As I said, I hope for more events.