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Samsung Galaxy A50 SM-A505FN/DS 128GB

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  • Barely acceptable
    10 days ago
    Bought this in faith and conviction that Samsung now finally has a good nap in the budget class but oh what a disappointment! It felt like I was thrown back a decade as slow as it is! It would be a criminal offense today to make a phone that is super weak! And the camera is crappy, the battery hurts!
    The only good thing is the screen but it does not justify the purchase of the phone.
  • Terrible
    1 month ago
    Updated: 1 month ago
    Well, you have to be used to really bad phones if you like this handset. The paper looks OK, but it does not work in practice.

    The fingerprint sensor under the screen is disaster-prone. Works once out of ten. Face recognition is reasonably ok, but does not work as soon as it is dark.

    The handset is quite chewy and legal and offers no wow except the screen. The camera is a real disappointment.

    Not buying a Xiaomi 9T instead is pure idiot. Costs equally.

    I jumped to a Xiaomi Note 7 instead. Better camera and "regular" fingerprint sensor for 1800SEK from Amazon DE.
  • Terrible
    4 months ago
    Updated: 1 month ago
    update: the screen now has a crack straight across, thanks to a small scratch that became. never mind worse glass ... full in small scratches after 4 months. Avoid!

    Avoid anything that has to do with Samsug, it feels like holding on to a phone from 2012.
    If you are used to sludge suction, it probably works crazy, poor you.
    I come from a Xiaomi and am disappointed! So many features and details missing in Samsug!
    Will list here below what I come up with, that is why I give this a50 and suction in general a bad rating.

    1. The price, compared to a Chinese Xiaomi with the same performance, is twice as expensive. The games, the apps go just as fast with the old xiaomin which is half as expensive and a year older.

    2. Loudspeakers / sounds, beeps in the loudspeaker during calls at full volume.

    3. Poor coverage, have 1-2 out of 4 strokes on reception compared to almost always full reception on my old xiaomi.

    4. The fingerprint reader, it is SEG and does not read the finger correctly! Does not work at all ... Compared to xiaomin who reads the finger faster than the flash, always 100%

    5. Shortcuts, wanted a shortcut (icon) on the home screen that locks the phone / screen to avoid touching the side of the mobile, there is no one so had to take home the app. It has Xiaomi by default as a choice.
    Nor can put shortcut (icon) on the home screen to be able to quickly start the "flashlight", the light. In fact, I find no way to put

    6. No notification lamp to see if you received text message, missed call.
  • Perfect
    2 months ago
    Purchased via the Webhall campaign where also a 512 GB memory card was included for 3.5k. The phone feels very fast in the various apps (unlike my old Galaxy) and the camera can take incredibly wide pictures if you choose the wide-angle mode! Not had any problems with the last purchase any week ago.

    The only negative is that the glass is not safe (gorilla glass 3, not higher). Had been a full pot if it had been given that the phone feels slippery, which increases the risk of losing it, but for this price it is a cruel phone regardless!
  • Perfect
    3 months ago
    Updated: 3 months ago
    Get extremely much for the money. One ui feels very well thought out and i like bixby routines where i can set how the phone should behave according to what the clock is, where it is etc and so on. Cruel performance with Exynos 9610 that keeps pace with Snapdragon 845. Fingerprint reader in the screen feels a bit, has registered my thumb 3 times to make it faster, which helps a lot. Uses face recognition instead, which goes very fast. Hope that samsung can solve an update that speeds up the finger reader. The phone feels consistently very affordable.

    + Screen
    + Battery life
    + One UI
    + Camera
    + Feel premium

    - Not water resistant
    - Slightly dull fingerprint reader
    - Poor speakers
  • Poor
    4 months ago
    The phone itself is ok but is returned

    Good: screen, speed.

    Camera is grainy, struggles to focus and takes a long time to take the picture.
    The mobile restarts itself without updates.
    The fingerprint reader in the screen takes a very long time or does not work
    Too much "bloat" from samsung!
  • Perfect
    4 months ago
    It is an extremely stylish and good phone and you are so much for 4000 SEK. It has 128GB of internal, 6.4 inches so it can't get any better for 4000 SEK. Buying it you will certainly not be disappointed.
  • Excellent
    5 months ago
    An early retirement, my partner bought one today, 3990, - (full price) on the electric giant. Feel like a big lift in the middle segment (comes from A8 2018), good screen of the same size as S10 + ie big but does not feel too big, with small camera note. A lot of internal storage to be Samsung in the price range of 128GB. Fingerprint reader under the screen and large battery. More you do not have to pay for a phone. Will return with update when used for a while.