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  • Good
    7 months ago
    Updated: 12 days ago
    Very good image quality when the screen is calibrated. Good deal when the price of sale was SEK 3,790.

    Before buying this model, consider the following negative aspects:

    - Bad at reading what is active image-wise (on HDMI or DP) when in sleep mode, which means you have to go from off to on to guarantee image. Fully understandable if this discourages potential buyers. Note, however, that you will not lose an image when it is displayed; it is only about the initial reading of active connections.

    - VA panels have the most backlog of all available panels (IPS, VA and TN). Delay is how blurred the image becomes during fast movements. If you go from TN to VA - which I did - this will be very disruptive. For less backlog, you should at least check on an IPS panel instead. TN has the best performance for moving the pixels (counteracting the lag), but not many new models are produced with TN panels that have a high refresh rate - at least not models sold in stores with good judgment. (Then I don't just mean lots of stars and nice reviews - you have to look closer than that.)

    - Don't know if this is specifically my copy, but Anti Motion Blur that becomes available if you turn off FreeSync and set Response Time to Fastest only resulted in a hacking image, so I stick to FreeSync on and G-Sync on when I run GeForce Graphics Cards (For those who also have trouble turning on G-Sync on this display model, see solution at See also for optimal G-Sync settings.

    - Since this is a mid-range model and it is curved, the uniformity strikes. Also very sensitive vertically. However, this is not something you think about in normal use - at least not when you have calibrated it.

    - There is no control for gamma. This would not have been a major problem if it went after 2.2 or BT.1886, but it goes after 1.8, so you are totally dependent on a color profile, which means you have to calibrate the screen with measuring equipment and software to fix it (for example Datacolor Spyder and DisplayCAL).

    Without adjusting the old on this screen model, many color tones get a very unnatural saturation which mainly affects skin tones and even unrealistic content in play.

    Tip: Set the color temperature on Customize to get as close to the D65 as possible on this model.
  • Acceptable
    6 months ago
    Bought me a philips 276E8VJSB and an MSI Optix MAG321CQR for each of my computers while both have the gtx 970. Philips by far has much finer image and is much more pleasing to the eyes.

    The Philipsen is also about SEK 1300 cheaper and I personally think flat screen is more comfortable than curved. 4k is so much more beautiful than 1440p.

    The only thing that was better with MSI was 144hz as well as damn big and in its own way good size for eg gamers. But that was all.

  • Barely acceptable
    6 months ago
    Cheap and for a reason. Works, but the software in the screen is pathetic. Bad with real settings, I think, can not get really good picture.
    Good price, but was it worth it? It probably won't stay on the desktop for very long before it is replaced.
  • Decent
    6 months ago
    Bought the screen for SEK 3790 at Elgiganten. It can be worth the money. But I had not bought it for 5000.
    + Good picture after adjustment
    + Lg
    + Cheap
    + Good with joystick to adjust in the menus.
    + Both HDMI and display port cable are included.

    - A lot of bleeding from the edges had my copy.
    - Stays warm even though it has an external power adapter
    -Do not officially support g-sync but you have to download program and make adjustment software and increase Hz on it (workaround). Does not feel good. Still got G-Sync running this way and it was najs.
    However, do not understand why this screen like 99% of all other freesync screens not only works directly. However, never think this will be a screen that gets official support or any patch. How could MSI have lost track of this and not implemented a proper freesync !?

    -Extremely bad at knowing which input is used which makes it difficult to wake up when the computer wakes from hibernation. This results in turning the screen on and off.

    On the whole, there are some small misses on the screen that are disturbing. Could have been a perfect screen otherwise. Clearly by MSI. Guess that's why it cost 3790. Nothing is too good to be true ...
    Don't think this screen will be long-lasting on the market despite it being released this year.

    I left the screen after 3 weeks when I just felt it was a limit to whether it was worth the money. I am waiting for new generation IPS panels to come in the future instead. Want both good image and response in the screen. Will not be able to skimp on quality next time. It should rather cost. Everything should just work.
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    Purchased for 3790 SEK at Elgiganten, incredibly affordable.
  • Terrible
    7 months ago
    In my eyes, this screen is not worth even 1000 bucks. Since it does not start itself by sleep mode, it is not even useful as I see it.

    - Does not restart after it enters sleep mode. The screen must be restarted every time
    - VA panel = lag in the image when it goes from black to white, for example
    - Cash resolution for size (is no surprise, yet worth mentioning)
    - The height of the screen cannot be adjusted far enough down. It cannot be twisted either.
    - The menu system cannot be accessed unless the screen receives an image signal, untouched ..

    + Nice exterior?

    My recommendation, DO NOT BUY. Buy a real screen instead.