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  • Decent
    4 months ago
    First off, if your only use for this monitor is gaming you don't have to read any longer. It's perfectly fine for what it tries to achieve. However, if you aim to use it for more than this, read on.

    The CQ32 suffers from BLB that may or may not be an issue depending on what kind of content you consume. It is very noticeable on content that is mostly black.

    Furthermore, since this screen is not UW, you'll need proper distance to avoid unclarity. Even at around a meter distance, text at the top and bottom vary greatly in sharpness. If you plan on using this for writing documents, browsing text rich web sites or doing image work, you will quickly notice the difference. Even a white page will exhibit color differences at the top and bottom. This is somewhat mitigated by further increasing distance to the screen. At around 2 meters it's not that noticeable, but noone has a desk that deep and tries to do any serious work. In that sense, it works better as a TV replacement.

    Text is usually the most clear at the top 33% of the screen, and looks somewhat blurry or unclear near the bottom. This is absolutely unacceptable for any work regarding text or images.

    So, bottom line: For gaming, you won't notice much (if at all) of the BLB and you're not suffering as much from unclarity. Do anything other than that, and I'd strongly advise looking elsewhere.
  • Very good
    5 months ago
    I've had it for just over 4 months now. Very happy with it!

    +32 inches
    + Va panel
    + 144hz
    + G-sync works fine!
    + Very nice with thin edges
    + Bright screen with vibrant colors
    + Vesa bracket

    - + Curved screen

    -No height adjustable
    -Ghosting is noticeable
  • Perfect
    6 months ago
    Updated: 6 months ago
    Absolutely wonderful screen has absolutely nothing to complain about after a week's frequent use. Can add that my previous screen was flat with TN panel and was only 75 Hz so that was a major upgrade for my part.
  • Decent
    8 months ago
    Updated: 8 months ago
    Very impressed with this screen.

    Have always run on Dell's IPS screens but after I bought a VA panel TV I thought it might be time to try a similar one to the computer. Must also praise the AOC for packing the screen. The fact that the foot and holder are located separately on top of the packaging and which you then mount while the screen remains in the box is a very smart design.

    + The blackness is much better on this than on an IPS panel and also the colors are closer to an IPS than a TN panel. However, I find that it has more clouding but then mainly when starting the computer and not when you have lots of colors / or actively doing things on it.
    + In terms of size, it was a step from 27 "to 32" but feel that the text works better in 2560x1440 on a 32 "when I personally thought it was a little small on my old 27" dell.

    - Can only tilt the stand, not raise and lower. However, it does not matter when the screen should be below eye level.

    Run with display port instead of HDMI if you are going up in 144hz, drove HDMI first but could only choose 75hz as max while the other cable showed all the way up to 144hz. The screen also comes with some presets for eg. games but feel that the colors became extremely saturated so drive yourself without.

    It is after all a lot of clouding and BLB on this, and there are also some horizontal very invisible lines on some pieces of the screen so may see if I keep or not.

    Update two:
    This goes back when I chose to buy an Asus pg279q instead.
  • Perfect
    9 months ago
    Has had the screen 1-2 months and is really satisfied. Had been nice with 4k / larger resolution as it is a 32 "but it works clockwise, waiting for my others as soon as it comes back in stock so i should have 2 identical ones.

    Incredibly affordable! Never had such a good screen for that price.
  • Excellent
    11 months ago
    Updated: 11 months ago
    9/10, the most affordable game screen in this size?

    + 1440p
    + VA panel
    + Freesync (works great with G-Sync but you should stay above 60 Fps / Hz in all modes when playing, also remember to set FPS limit of 141!)
    + 32 "
    + 144 Hz
    + Curved / Curved / Curved

    - The stand, not height-adjustable

    + - The menu, has seen better but has also seen worse.