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Sonos Amp

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  • Perfect
    7 days ago
    Maybe a little too expensive relative to what it delivers, but it was the only solution for me when it comes to what functionality I needed. Want to be able to play with my other Sonos speakers, wanted ARC to avoid as much cables as possible.
  • Very good
    1 month ago
    A strong 4th!

    Sounds good! And has enough power even for a little more difficult-to-drive speakers. Degraded a bit from a high quality 2-channel amplifier to this one I thought but I was pleasantly surprised by the sound! Would say that it plays quite neutral, but a good richness of detail and good power in the lower regions. The big plus is that it is easily connected to a TV with HDMI ARC. Flexible with just one cable.

    The price is a bit on the high side, which lowers the rating slightly, I would like an aluminum casing for SEK 7,000.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 2 months ago
    It can drive my B&W CM9 but also has a bass box to get an extra push in the base. The sound is not as warm as from my old HK but the sound image is a matter of taste. Flexibility is the biggest benefit of this amplifier as it is hidden in a cabinet and delivers all TV sound, with just one remote control! Also has a soundbar from Samsung for other TVs that does not always work as intended, the amp has worked perfectly for two years.
  • Decent
    11 months ago
    Left it back.

    Stylish, easy to install, hdmi arc works perfectly. Sonos app is very easy to use.

    The sound is good, but nothing wow, perfectly OK sound.

    Negative: Bought it to connect to the TV and then I already have 2 1.or, and it is possible to connect them as surround speakers but the sound is very difficult to adjust.

    Subwoofer can be connected but you have to raise the level to max to get any subwoofer sound. Use clip 160 speakers for these and they sound better when disconnecting the subwoofer and wireless sonos.

    Switched to Bluesound powernode and wow, the sound is twice as good, completely different dynamics, the room is filled with good sound and it feels like real hi-fi sound. The downside is that their app is crap and crap, and you lose wifi.

    For 6000 SEK you do not get any good sound but it is simple, smooth, stylish. The subwoofer practically does not work. So I can't recommend this.
  • Very good
    11 months ago
    Updated: 11 months ago
    Can't agree that the sound feels thin and boring. Have tested a series of amplifiers for the ceiling speakers in the kitchen and bathroom.

    Since previous tests with different amplifiers, I know that I need to pull up the base for it to sound good so a "straight" amplifier was not for me to think about. The sound is adjustable so it sounds really good, beyond expectation. Not at all thin or too open as I read in some tests. If it sounds warm and comfortable, however, the intermediate register is slightly raised when activating the sub output you will notice a clear difference when you flip back and forth. Had preferred the sound which is when it is on but if you have no sub you get rid of a little bass so there is no alternative. Maybe change in a firmware update.

    The negative is the price, it becomes a waste if you need more than one. And they draw about 6watt in "hibernation" or there is probably no hibernation, which I think is strange no huge deal but think they should go down to some kind of hibernation and come to life when you choose to play to them. Have also on a few occasions noticed interference via airplay 2 which I never had with other sonos speakers or airport express. Run them rack-mounted connected to switch with ethernet cable wifi disabled.
  • Barely acceptable
    1 year ago
    With products like Sonos One and Beam (which is really good for what they cost!) I thought more about this, for the price I think it is a really lousy stereo amplifier actually. Sonos is smooth and neat in every way but for 7000: - it can not be so clumsy and thin sound. Buy a better amplifier and a Connect instead is my advice.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    I connected it with a pair of Dali 1 speakers and a B&W sub and connected to an older (2010) TV with HDMI ARC. Easy installation, no lag against two and better pressure than the old stereo. Super happy that I don't need a soundbar. Highly recommended.