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Samsung Galaxy S10 SM-G973F 128GB

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  • Perfect
    1 month ago
    Fast delivery exactly what I ordered.
  • Perfect
    1 month ago
    Impeccable screen. very good phone.
  • Terrible
    8 months ago
    Updated: 2 months ago
    adds o poor performance thanks to exynosis o a screen with curved screen edges that distorts the image
  • Very good
    2 months ago
    Really good. Just one thing as always with Samsung's mobile phones, Samsung wants to control and has tons of strange useless in-house applications in the mobile.
    Otherwise, it is fantastic with a tremendously good sound, fast sound and rap.
  • Excellent
    2 months ago
    Updated: 2 months ago
    Beginning to be boring writing these reviews. All technology just gets better over time. Nuf said What is the S10an in one sense? Probably the best android watch 2019. There I said it.

    Background: Have had it for a month and still I am impad over how technically cracked it is. Finding every other features and tricks I didn't know existed (Dolby Atmos. HDR10 wut?). One thing needs to be clarified right away - those who think the Huawei P30 Pro has a better camera. Sorry to disappoint. Both the iPhone (XR XS) and the S10 take better daytime pictures (which is the absolute majority of all pictures). And the display .. Let's not forget the matchless display which, in addition to being fantastically accurate with the colors, really comes to life when watching HDR10 material (movies that the camera can also record in). Battery life is perfectly OK, neither better nor worse than anything else right now.

    In short. Most well-rounded android carried none. Something I miss? Not really, but the crypto wallet promised by Samsung would have been interesting to test (currently only for selected markets). More importantly though, it has 3.5mm headphone jack and may be the last flagship before it is even removed. That's all. 9/10 Clear purchase recommendation
  • Perfect
    2 months ago
    Bought this to replace my slightly older S8 Plus. In my opinion they have taken everything with the S8 and made it better, if not perfect.

    The screen is 0.1 "smaller, which is about the same size, with the difference that it is a smaller form factor. It is simply both nice and sexy to have so much screen space over the phone.

    It is lighter, about: 25 grams, which is not a snap when it comes to phones.

    The rest is really just reading / seeing reviews on. There is nothing wrong with it simply. Möööö obviously the fingerprint reader may be a little faster, but that's not something I even reflected on until I saw the other reviews here (calling fingerprint reader "embarrassed", haha!).
  • Decent
    2 months ago
    Updated: 2 months ago
    Coming from iPhone 6s. S

    Plus: The S10 has its advantages with more open system, nice screen, ok battery life.

    Minus: fragile screen that just burst from having it in the back pocket and possibly sitting on it. Drops the internet sometimes.
  • Very Poor
    2 months ago
    miss satisfied.
    all features in mobile are just like Samsung s8.
    is losing the internet all the time, you have to restart your phone to get the internet up and running again.
    very slow on Samsung s8.
    I do not recommend buying the mobile.
  • Very Poor
    3 months ago
    Updated: 3 months ago
    After owning an iPhone X that I happened to have broken, I decided to test a Samsung Galaxy S10 and I regret grossly.

    This phone is by far the worst phone I have used in modern times and then I do not exaggerate. Bluetooth can't be used because it loses the connection ALL the time (every minute) so you have to pair it again, this applies to all my bluetooth headphones.

    The screen is all the way out to the edges, which is an idiotic design because you very often accidentally click on the screen when writing a text message. Incredibly annoying.

    The performance is dull compared to a modern iPhone. The camera looks sandpapered etc.

    The fingerprint reader feels very 2016 and it only works 1/5 times which creates frustration. Face recognition is too uncertain to use on this phone so I haven't even tested that feature.

  • Very Poor
    4 months ago
    Updated: 4 months ago
    Terrible product. Everything smells of cheap plastic. By design it's still S8. Camera not even close to competition. No LED light so no notifications on msgs, missed calls etc. No Iris scanner. If hands are full or dirty no way logging on - unless typing in pass. Only SIM is possible if place for 2nd SIM is taken by SD card. OneUI is full of bugs, almost 6 months after release. Samsung support is total crap. Idiots are responding with generic replies. The only positive thing about this model is already attached screen protector. Nothing else. Not even Samsung's Clear cover works as it should. Samsung made it now too far from Android and too close to iPhone. All in all, too expensive crappy GameBoy. Stay away from this disaster and go for Huawei, or any other serious Android phone. Samsung needs to touch the bottom.
  • Very Poor
    5 months ago
    believe that samsung has a lack of performance on their hands and this really has ...

    the performance is better but the question is after all fucking satan's updates. surely this ax is destroyed ..

    The battery I thought it would be yes but certainly not so much worse than a S8 plus. but alas the phone only lasts MAX 4 days on its battery even with their saving features ... my s8 plus kept 4-6 days so they have lost weight properly. Please note this is in medium pairs. I do not need the maximum performance thereof so I rather buy a good phone where I can pull down the performance. .

    We go back to all the fucking satan's updates at least one a week that destroys more one makes the utility phone gets worse and just gets worse. Just because we need to change phones more often. I am a computer technician and suppose why updating when the phone works more well ... samsung cannot let me as a customer shut down this, totally useless THEY ARE MY TELEPHONE NOT SAMSUNG why should they decide when to update it. as a customer we must say o o stop respecting their policemen. I lit what I buy a huwawei p30 but gave them (ONE last chance) but they swamped it so now it will never be more samsung for me
  • Very good
    5 months ago
    Is happy with it I am
  • Perfect
    5 months ago
    Super good. Can be recomended!
  • Perfect
    5 months ago
    Updated: 5 months ago
    I note that a lot has happened with the technology development on mobile phones since I last bought one, which was a galaxy s7 -2016.

    Wow the feeling is back again I didn't actually think so, but this is a really awesome mobile in addition, stylish. I thought my old s7 was nice too but alongside each other it seems to come from the Stone Age.

    + for the amazing screen.
    + very good sound from speakers.
    + wireless charging which I do not want to be without when I get used to it.
    + biometrics built into the screen that works well most of the time.
    + build quality on this, quite honestly is there any better? I'm actually hesitant.
    + The weight is very low only 157g my old s7 weighed 150g. I can imagine that some think it is ridiculous but I think that mobiles with a weight of 175g and up will be cumbersome.
    + The camera obviously holds top class as usual from Samsung.
    + for the selfie camera. I think it is better with a small hold a one notch as on the iphone. However, it had worked with a drop too, nice effect around the face at unlocking at least.
    + price. Got a really good deal with comviq now that it was the month's mobile there.
    + Samsung's own apps can now be uninstalled if you want to

    Okay now I have east superlatives over the s10an. If I think it is so good then why didn't it get a full pot? Yes...

    - The battery could be bigger it lasts one day but no more. If one is to travel more than one day, a charger or power bank must not be forgotten.
    - The quick charge should have been quicker as many other manufacturers managed to get it.

    Sumumumum a really good mobile that i hope hangs with as long as s7 done. Nicely worked Samsung!
  • Perfect
    6 months ago
    Updated: 6 months ago
    Those who whine have obviously written their reviews before the first updates came.

    Dwtta is a fantastic phone. The fingerprint reader works flawlessly and is fast.
    The display is cruel.
    It's just like it, even without game mode, which releases the entire processor.
    Lots of apps can stay in memory for a long time.
    The camera is well what I tested the least. But it is so far and cruel.
    The battery is good. And will get better after a number of charges.
    The only thing to complain about is that the charge is still relatively slow. But there is nothing that affects me who works in offices.
    Designally, it is a hit. Samsung is now completely in class with iPhone regarding design and quality feeling.
  • Excellent
    6 months ago
    Updated: 6 months ago
    After a few weeks of use.

    Had concerns in terms of worse battery life, camera and processing power after all the writing about Exynos in Europe vs Snapdragon 855 processor in the usa.
    Nothing I at all notice. The battery life is cruel and it does not pull at all in standby mode as some claim. About 4% -5% on one night. I think most of the early issues have been addressed with the latest update. The camera I have not played so much with but the pictures I have taken look incredibly professional.

    Incredibly nice screen. If you play a 4k HDR movie from youtube, you can really see the screen's potential. The curved edges are now quite discreet so as not to be disturbing. Nice to avoid a notch and instead have a small hole in the display for selfie cam (which is also very good). Not at all disturbing, rather almost charming. S10 feels just big screen without the phone itself taking up too much space for my part.

    Very good sound from the steroids, is good enough.

    The Samsung one UI I really like. Easy to use and neat. Is done to be able to use a hand which is very much appreciated on today's big phones. I made some changes to settings which was an air recommended (mentioned in many s10 youtube clips)

    The fingerprint reader in the screen does not flash fast but fast enough and works great. Not perfect but much better than other options according to me. See various movies online for reference.

    Processor, frame and memory that is good enough. Fast to rap.

    Nice build quality but almost a little light in the hand. With one shell, it feels more robust.

    I am incredibly satisfied and highly recommend it. Is it worth 10k? No tips to wait for a little price drop as the competition from Chinese brands (which I myself would never buy) is tough nowadays. Now you can get it for 7700 and when it ends around 6500 SEK (the price drops fast ...) I would say that this is an incredibly affordable phone.
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    + Very good camera
    + High performance
    + 3.5 mm port
    + Battery
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    Updated: 7 months ago
    A premium phone with superb camera and a real warming screen.
    The processor has power so it gets over ..
    128Gb storage and the whole 8Gb frame is really good ..
    Samsung has really succeeded in utilizing the whole screen and has no distracting flares that some other manufacturers insist on.
    In summary, it is a really good phone
    Those who want a sd 855 processor can buy one from america instead of giving this verision an undeserved bad review ..
  • Excellent
    7 months ago
    Have had my S10 since day one. Considering that this phone was the first one I ever booked in advance, I am very pleased. However, I feel that at the next new phone purchase, I would rather wait for the prices to drop some ink.

    Anyway, I still love the phone. What makes it justified on an emotional level is its quality. It has the same type of oomph as the iPhone has; one of quality and weight, it somehow feels exclusive when I compare with my previous nap, Oneplus 6, which I also loved but who lacked just the qualitative premium feeling.

    Every time I pick it out of my pocket, it feels so much better than my last nap did. It does not do much new in the world of phones, but it makes the phones do better. The screen is absolutely phenomenal and the haptic (vibration) engine is almost as good as iPhones.

    In the beginning, I was a bit disappointed with the battery life that lasted one day just until I discovered that google maps were in the background and plugged battery out of my use. This became much better after changing the "allow background activity" setting from active to restricted.

    I am simply satisfied but have an understanding of those who do not consider the price tag of the lures worth it. Recommend to test it in any mobile business in advance to see if the shape factor and the feeling attracts one. It was so that I bought it spontaneously.
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    Superb better than iphone xsmax
  • Very good
    8 months ago
    Updated: 8 months ago
    Have had the phone for 1 week now and can definitely recommend it. Incredibly pleased with how it performs. Lightning fast loading everything. Previously had nexus 6P, Samsung S8 and several iPhone. The S10an feels like a giant leap forward.

    -The screen, WQHD + with incredible resolution and new "Natural-mode" makes it very comfortable to watch for the eyes.

    -The cameras are really fun to plate with and can switch between the different lenses super fast, taking really good pictures!

    - The sound, clockwise. Stereo speakers that really deliver awesome and loud sound. Dolby Atmos function. The 3.5mm jacket is also left, cannon.

    -8GB frame that handles everything lightning fast. Not encountered any lag or the like, everything floats on. Recommend that you set animations of 0.5x instead of 1x via the hidden menu "Developer Options", as it is set by default, this makes a big difference. To activate this menu: Press "Compile no." Repeatedly under Software Information. Then there are Developer Options at the bottom of the settings!

    - Fingerprint in the screen works well.

    - Water resistant, wireless charging

    - The size versus the screen surface. 6.1 ”feels very smooth with minimal frames around. Slightly wider than S8 and S9, which means that it is not felt at all as long / narrow. Better design!

    - Should this be the glass back, but this one can easily solve with a shell. Then I would like the screen to be completely flat as at S10e, think it is much more practical since it is easier to install a screen protector on and have a little more to "hold" in eg. However, the screen is much less "arched" on the sides if you compare with S8 and S9.
  • Acceptable
    8 months ago
    Updated: 8 months ago
    Got my 10th yesterday and packed it down today unfortunately.
    I had note 9 before and thought this would have less "samsunglag" but not! I did 3 restores without success.
    It became warm like satan without me pushing it any bigger.
    Now that we get the exynos version, the nitlotte really pulled this time.
    And the fingerprint reader is terribly bad despite the fact that several prints are added with the same finger, so the pressure hardens etc.

    Now I buy something else that works.

    I'm neither apple nor android fanboy .... just want a mobile that works GOOD when the price is 10,000 and up.
  • Excellent
    8 months ago
    + High performance
    Excellent display and good sound.
    Large range of functions.
    Sturdy camera upgrade from S9

    - Gets hot by graphics-heavy games
    "Only" normal good battery life
    Some unnecessary software.
  • Perfect
    8 months ago
    Have just had the cellphone for a few days yet, but so far is really happy with the mobile.
    Was worried for a while that it would feel when it did not really measure up with the SD855 variant, but did not experience anything as tough. Everything floats on canon!

    Good camera with wind angle, normal and zoom position
    Fingerprint sensors under the display
    Good sound
    Wireless powershare (can load the clock from mobile =)

    The only minus I come across is that I thought the battery life would be a bit better (though absolutely no problem). But at the same time, the mobile batteries do not reach full capacity until after 10-30 charges, so is not there yet.
  • Decent
    8 months ago
    Updated: 8 months ago
    Just had it for a few days so maybe a little early to give a correct rating. See if it changes.
    Is there anything I miss on it? No, not really. Is it a good phone? Super. Is it worth $ 10,000? No, I do not think so, the grade is reduced by it. Had it cost 6,000: - then it had received top marks but it does not offer enough beyond what others in that price range do to get full pot with that price.

    People celebrate batteries. I'm not convinced. My definitely can handle no two days. Hardly even one. But I use my phone during the day ;-). On the other hand, no other phone does it either. In comparison with other phones, battery life is good .. but not good enough for such an expensive phone.

    So sumering: Really good phone but not affordable.
    Had I bought it again? Belike. But the next phone I suspect will become a Chinese brand.
  • Perfect
    8 months ago
    Updated: 8 months ago
    Some childhood diseases but overall a really good mobile with high quality and all the functions you can wish for.

    + Best screen on the market
    + Building quality
    + Samsung Pay, which is supported by more banks than for example Apple Pay
    + Wireless battery pack
    + Good battery life about 2 days
    + Bluetooth with double lighting, perfect for travel or running training
    + Fast face recognition
    + 3.5mm output

    - Slow fingerprint reading
    - The curved display may interfere with one-handed operation when the palm is perceived by the display as finger pressure
  • Perfect
    8 months ago
    Spot on! Best cell phone I have had!
  • Good
    8 months ago
    Updated: 8 months ago
    This is the first Samsung not to get a full pot, ever. The screen is absolutely stunning, it is fast, incredibly stylish and well-built. Thus, the phone is wonderful in every possible way besides the awful, terrible fingerprint reader. I have never had sooo much trouble with unlocking a phone that I have with this. I am a Samsung fanatic and have had all the S1-10 series and have always been more than satisfied before.