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Corsair Hydro H115i RGB Platinum (2x140mm)

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  • Good
    8 months ago
    Updated: 3 months ago
    ** Edit: Update at the bottom! **

    Google the "H115i USB Disconnect Sounds" and read on Corsair's forum about how many users who have problems with the pump's light flickering and the pump spinning up, every 10th-20s.
    Possibly due to it crashing with Steam's USB implementation, possibly due to bad USB cables etc. etc. No solution seems to have been found for any of the users who describe problems, in principle. - including video on the very common problem.

    Corsair seems extremely slow or unwilling to work on a solution.
    The problems have been going on for almost a year, which is totally sick!

    The pump also has muffled noise, Quiet sounds loudest (imbalance in the impeller or similar?), The Balanced speed sounds perfectly okay and Extreme is hardly any difference.

    Steer away and choose another brand. Unfortunately :/

    I firmly believe that the USB disconnect problem has resolved. If it is Steam or Corsair that are responsible for the solution I sound unsaid.

    Sad that it will take over a year from the product launch regardless.

    I may have gotten used to the sound, sounds perfectly okay. However, not as quiet as the simpler Pro model apparently, since Platinum is supposed to be the best cooling cooler.
  • Perfect
    4 months ago
    I'm really happy the computer is silent when it idles the cpu temp around 30c (quite warm living room)

    All problems with usb disconnect are fixed with the latest software / firmware.
  • Good
    8 months ago
    Satisfied with the performance and it looks very good, but the mounting solution for the pump for am4 where you use clips instead of regular screws in 4 corners, but it worked. For Intel low 115x, it is common screws, so that's good. However, the pump noise ... Rightly dissatisfied with the sound level of the pump. The fans on the other hand are not very loud but not the best or the quietest either.
    The pump is a 3-pin connector, so you can't have curves like with fans, only 3 positions in Corsair iCue, Quiet, Balanced and Extreme. icue reports that in quiet the pump runs at about 2000rpm, balanced about 2500rpm and extreme 3000rpm. In quiet, the pump does not sound so dangerous, but by far the quietest component in my computer, balanced and extreme sounds both uncomfortable a lot, and in extreme, the pump also lets with a very light sharp tone.
    Speaking of "h115i USB disconnect sounds" as the previous reviewer mentions is true, may come and say otherwise. The pump and the fans connected to it are lap up about 2 sec, then the lighting on the pump and the fans goes out for a second or two and then becomes normal again. This may be repeated every 30 seconds or so. there is a simple fix: quit steam when not playing a steam game. Seems to be something with steam that icue collides with. If corsair thinks it should have released a fix for this now but only removes 2 stars from the rating because of this, is satisfied otherwise, except for the mounting for am4 and that the pump is only 3 pin. Should perhaps invest in another brand if you are not already in the corsair's RGB ecosystem as I am, this cooler is also quite expensive compared to cooler masts and other brands, but it looks very good and performs very well.