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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless

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  • Very good
    3 months ago
    Updated: 3 months ago

    Now I have had these kids for over a year and use them a few hours a week.


    + Flexible
    + Good sound (for the product category)

    - A little discharge with discharge

    A longer explanation of my thoughts and experiences about the product, for those who can read:

    True Wireless as a concept is very nice. In a few years we will probably not really understand how we could use headphones with cord.

    My experience of reach:
    Since I know that the connection does not work at any distance, I usually carry my iPhone with me when I move in the apartment. When using with the iPad, I usually stay stationary. So, I do not feel any worries beyond the reach and if I should do it because I ex. leave my ipad in the living room to go out in the kitchen and refill the coffee and it starts to crack and i'll stand it until i get back to the living room. Connected to Apple TV, I find that the connection is a little stronger and thus the range longer. So I feel that I can move farther away before it starts to crack. I have never experienced that the clutch was completely disconnected without the sound always coming back and stabilizing when I get within reach again. In summary, I can say that I can not move freely throughout the apartment (95 sqm with brick walls) without it cracking and chopping why I have to carry my iPhone if I listen to music, for example.

    To pair and connect the headphones:
    I use almost exclusively iPhone, iPad or AppleTV. The initial pairing itself works as expected. You hold a finger on each handset as they sit in your ear for five seconds and they appear as available to pair.

    Connecting them also works as expected. You open the case, remove the handsets and insert them into the ear and then the handsets are automatically connected to the last connected device. This works well but sometimes it gets a bit cumbersome. Ex. when I use the headphones for the iPad at home and then sit on the train and listen to music through my iPhone, the handsets automatically connect to the iPad. Then I have to root the iPad from the bag and unplug the handsets and then pair them with the iPhone. It is therefore not possible to connect the handsets to the iPhone without first disconnecting them from the iPad. It is in these situations that you get a little hungry for Apple's corresponding handsets or other handsets that can be paired with dual devices. But knowing this little limitation, I accept this.

    Synchronization / rounding:
    I think the sync works because I mostly use the headphones for music and some youtube clips. It would probably be possible to watch a movie but I do not. So I experience the drag as quite a bit and accept it (I'm normally very sensitive about lip sync).

    They fit my ears well but I have to admit that I often peel on / adjust them to make them sit well and sound good in both ears. Since I do not compare with others, I accept this. I understand that you can test other "pillows" which could possibly make them sit better. The headphones rarely pinch and I usually can have them in the ears for 4 hours without reaching the scraper or pressure.

    Charging, discharging, battery life and case:
    Charging is fast. I have the habit of charging the case with my little 5000 mah powerbank, probably because it is smooth with the small power bank and the short supplied USB-C cord. Since it does not require so much cream, a full charge is barely noticeable on my power bank's capacity. I've never had a problem with slow charging. It is quick to get some battery in the hands if it should crisis.

    However, we have the problem of discharge that many people write about. If you do not use the handsets for a few days, you can expect the battery to drain. Really annoying, but to give some light to this problem it is enough with a small short charge, you have 100% in the handsets again. Don't know what this discharge is due to, but as I said, the handsets usually get charged to 100% in just minutes. I do not suffer much from this as I make sure to have them charged and in the situations I will be leaving (some travel) so I often have my powerbank that jump-starts them in just a few minutes. It has happened a few times I have been over listening to music.

    The actual charge in the case works as it should.

    At some point, the handsets did not unplug my device when I put them in the case. Then it gets a little cranky but that's rarely happened.

    The size of the case is ok. Of course, you want it to be as small as possible, but there are physical limitations. The case is neat and feels premium.

    Battery life was of little importance to me in practice. 4 hours on paper. I rarely run them in the bottom. I have the habit of taking them out for a while now and then. For example, they can rest in the case while I pick up coffee on the train. Then there is no problem during a 6 hour journey.

    Usage and touch buttons:
    These I think works well. You have to get used to dabbing right when you are dipping on them. I use them most often to pause, raise and lower the volume. I rarely use the voice assistant or ambient noise.

    The sound:
    I am an audiophile and have other major headphone sets (eg Mojo, Poly, Oppo) but if you want something that is small and smooth that is not in the way when you travel a lot then these are ok. I chose between several different handsets such as Audio-Technica, AirPods and some other brands. The choice fell on these because they received good judgment regarding the sound. Sounds are so subjective and individual. For example, I don't like Bose or Apple's sound. Bose normally has too much base and Apple is too sticky (unstuck). But you get used to it. Had I had a pair of Apple Airpods, I probably would have gotten used to them and accepted that sound. But if I can find better sound in the product category True Wireless, I would like to evaluate it before buying. If my handsets break down, for example, I would consider a pair of Apple Airpod Pro - for the sake of flexibility and also the ANC but also to avoid the discharge problems that Sennheiser Momentum TW suffers from and that switching between Apple's products works better.

    The app I use only to check how much battery is left in the handsets and to update the handsets to the latest FW. I have taken the equalizer a bit, but now I think it is back to neutral. Sometime I've opened the app to check the ambient sound settings.

    Updating FW has been a messy experience for me every time. Have had to start over several times for the contact for some reason is broken but it has always worked successfully. A little patience is required.

    Overall, I am satisfied with the product. It is True Wireless itself as a concept and ok sound that I value most. Now they have a better price than when I bought them for SEK 3,000.
  • Barely acceptable
    4 months ago
    Have used these since October 2019 and the product is defective. Wrote this whole review 2 times to try to keep me short, but it can't!

    CANNOT recommend this product even though I really like the sound. The sound is a sunny 4a and guaranteed better sound than many have ever experienced. Have several Sennheiser products and these have their own sound that you really fall in love with. They are so light, distinct and detailed and the warmth of the tone is really nice. There are some nice strengths but unfortunately huge shortcomings that I write about below.

    As others have pointed out, the sound is great. The sound picture is nicely separated and really detailed for the warmer direction, which provides a perfect base and really nice midrange. The treble is smooth and distinct, but it ends up in the background. Otherwise the treble has several problems ... partly some frequencies there are artifacts in the sound (which Sennheiser himself confirmed depends on the Bluetooth technology), and partly there is a dipping between treble and middle register which causes some vocals to sound compressed.
    To "fix this", other users recommend switching the EQ from Default to "pyyyyttelite up to the right" to get a brighter audio image. The problem is that the good warm sound disappears and the bad treble is highlighted then, so I do not recommend it.
    However, the sound is really damn nice to listen to and you get a wow feeling that lasts until the battery runs out, as long as you do not listen to music that highlights the shortcomings.

    If you use these every other day, you will have no problems with the battery, more than that the chargers' own battery will run out after a few hours. On the other hand, you want to unwillingly remove the headphones because it is a good feeling to walk around with them and listen to music.

    Now to the absolute worst.
    The quality and fit are totally unacceptable! The left handset has broken for me 2 times in 3 months. It starts to falter after you insert it in and out of the ear and eventually it dies completely.

    The other problem with the fit is the joint where the worm is assembled is not 100% - there is a slight unevenness between the two plastic pieces you get a sharp edge that cuts exactly where the headset supports inside the ear. On my first pair, this cormorant was a disaster and the second pair was totally okay ... no sharp edges please.

    The actual rubber pads that come with it, I wonder if anyone has even tested before. Of 4 different sizes, Medium was the only one that worked for me. It was very difficult to get it into your ear in a good way. Smallest mistake when you bring it in, sound leaks in from outside or when you chew / open your mouth. YES I read the manual how to insert and turn the worm. NO it didn't work better.
    I also tested Large, but then the sound was completely different because the base disappeared .. although it was able to get it denser from sound from outside.

    Sometimes when you try to turn on / off the ambient sound function, you happen to sometimes because the worm does not register the second time you touch the touch. Then the handsets stop responding to any kind of input for 10 seconds. Really bad because you use the feature when another person tries to talk to you and you easily take the naps instead.

    BOTH my couples broke down in exactly the same way. The left earpiece begins to snap and clatter with a metallic sound as you push the rubber earpiece into your ear to eventually die. Now I have used the product very diligently since purchasing and exactly the same error has occurred on both pairs, so I imagine that this will happen in the near future for anyone who buys this product.

    Become a complaint and cancel the purchase.
  • Very Poor
    5 months ago
    Basically they are absolutely fantastic, but the whole product is lowered due to the problem of battery drain. In the short time I owned MTW there were many situations where I wanted to use these but could not because of empty battery, it was believed that I had just charged them.

    A product can be just as damn good, but when there are such serious problems, they simply become useless.

    Without this problem, I would easily have rated them 8 or 9/10.

    It is rumored that a new version of these will be released Jan 2020, if you fix all the problems and refine other functions, they will be absolutely perfect.
  • Perfect
    5 months ago
    Extremely good sound
  • Very Poor
    5 months ago
    Has both these and Jabra Elite 65t Active. Yes, the sound is cruel and the design is good looking, but the fact that many point out that they do not shut down the case and pull the battery in idle type 80% of the time make them almost useless. The Jabra Elite 65t Active is not perfect but cruelly much better from a user perspective and what to do with good sound if you can't hear it. In addition, the very stylish case is quite large and bulky to have in the jeans pocket compared to Jabras.
  • Very good
    5 months ago
    Updated: 5 months ago
    Want to start by pointing out that sound is important to me. Have had a lot of products from Sennheiser over the years because I think it is a company that puts the sound at the top of the prio list.

    And it is noticeable, very clear and separated sound. Fantastic bass and incredibly agile and additionally stylish. Listens most to hip hop, rap, rock, techno, drum n bass, electro, progressive trance. The touch feature is good. Usually wear them at work, in the car on the way to work and in the gym, you can feel some pressure in the ears after a couple of hours listening but do not affect the comfort to the extent that I feel like picking them out. The Smart Control app is quite slim, you can update firmware, see battery status, change some settings and equalizer.

    The reason it doesn't become a full-time scorer is that they occasionally discharge in the case. Sickly annoying but I can live with it.
    Furthermore, it is usually the case that the case has discharged but the handsets are charged. And then it is enough to start them manually and the problem is solved.
  • Terrible
    1 year ago
    Updated: 10 months ago
    I haven't tried them for so long but my first impression was that finally real sound out of one of these little completely wireless headphones. Slightly better sound with my OnePlus than iPhone. Here aptX turns AAC on your fingers.

    Are those who complain about EQ but think it is better with a switch between bass and treble than lots of controls I do not understand.

    Have now tested to charge the hands in the case without charging and then removing them after 2 days. It is true that both cases and headphones are fully discharged. I also have the problem that the headphones are not charged while charging the case. So when you go out, the headphones are on battery level 0% Come on a new FW updating 1.26 and see if it gets better. But until then from a 5th to a 1st when you have to bring extra spare headphones because you do not know if these work.

    1.26 was no better. If I put it in the case if it is on charge, still leave the left earphone out. Absolutely incredible product. Should be out now but have to wait an hour if I want to bring my kids on a round.
  • Perfect
    10 months ago
    Very good sounding headphones! Compared to Sennheiser IE8, there is a huge difference in everything. The depth base is markedly better (hardly existing on IE8), the details and the "crunchiness" are also much better and lift all music to a new level. Soundstage: this is also much better and gives a great space to the sound. I also have no fit to complain about. I usually have problems with the inearms trying to fall out but not these. Sitting very well. The touch controls are difficult to master with precision but nothing I pull down the rating for. Raising and lowering is excellent. Also play / pause. I have not measured the battery life but praise it as completely enough. Do not go on a beach for a whole day but no battery-powered True Wireless as it goes along. Compare with Bose Sound sport Pulse which I also have .... Can't compare. You don't want to listen to Bose after these. Recommended!
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 10 months ago
    Great sounding, comfortable, only downside is a bit confusing controls but you get used to it. You need to buy foam foam plugins, so much better than the silicone tips included.

    These have a problem that you can't turn them off and this is by design. When they are in the case they go to a standby mode, this means that if you leave the headphones unused for 7 days they the battery is flat ...
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    I start by stating what most people want to know, what is good?

    Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless has the best sound among all current wirefree plugs. I compare with those I've used for a long time and it's Bose SoundSport Free, Apple Airpods and Jabra Elite Active 65t.

    The fit is exemplary and they sit like a slap in the ear. I have used them both during running and walking and have even tried to deliberately shake them out of their ears, but they are sitting.

    Modern and stylish look, does not stand out very much from the ears. The charging case is also neat and stylish.

    Incredibly fast pairing to the mobile (iPhone Xs Max). Before I have put in the first plug in the ear, they have connected to the phone and are ready to be used.

    Possible to run "transparent hearing" so that ambient sounds are let through. Can be nice if you are out and about and want to pay attention to their surroundings. For example, I was close to crashing with a cyclist that I didn't hear ...

    No support for being paired with several devices at the same time, this is a hard time for me as I often use both mobile and iPad in the job. Had been nice to avoid pairing them.

    Takes a while before the touch functions feel natural. I had wanted to be able to configure which gesture does what, in the app.

    Unfortunately, the app itself does not have much to come by, a rather difficult to operate EQ.

    Many experience problems with the battery in the plugs and they are discharged if they are in the charging case for too long. This is something I have never experienced because I always use them frequently during one day and never let them stay in the case for several days. Had this been a problem for me, it would probably have been a dealbreaker.

    Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless is for those who do not want to compromise when it comes to sound quality, fit and style. You really get the best sound for the money and without having to look like Shrek at the bargain (Bose SoundSport Free, I'm watching you). Then I think that 3000 kronor is in essence for what is reasonable to take for a couple of wireless headphones, but then that is the Sennheiser we are talking about as well.

    Get a star less for the problems that actually exist. Hopefully this is something that Sennheiser fixes in the future.
  • Acceptable
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    + Absolutely fantastic sound in the class, nice design and good fit.

    However, there are deficiencies that cause me to probably return them if certain things are not solved with firmware update. The sound quality still holds me.

    - Unstable Bluetooth connection, often has to be paired even though it has been used on the same device.

    - No support for multiple Bluetooth connections (multi point).

    - Buggy app with box EQ.

    - Nice and somewhat complex touch commands, especially for sound level.

    - Does not always shut down when placed in the enclosed case, the batteries are discharged.

    - Slightly low noise level at max.

    Tested with P20 Pro, Iphones and various other for 3 weeks.

    *** Inside my other couple now, update will come. ***
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    +++ Very good sound! Clearly better than other completely wireless I have had from Jabra and Samsung.

    + Stable connection to the phone

    - A little big but it works ok. Sits nice and good but stands out a little.

    - Tail to handle (at least if you have dry hands)

    - large case

    - does not handle multiple devices smoothly

    - only the right headphones work

    - Expensive

    + - half-bad on phone calls (though perhaps not worse than others). One hears the other party well but they are bad at filtering out sound around so the counterpart can get it hard.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Very good sound
  • Barely acceptable
    1 year ago
    Yes, the sound is no doubt about it. The app works well .. but I have so many minus for the price that I requested repurchase ..

    - My kids do not shut down when I put them in the case, which means that I always have to have the case connected for charging in order to use them next time

    The above is the worst and then I "clean" the case with tops just as they say you should do ..

    Two other issues:
    - Multipoint Bluetooth does not work as 99% of all other handsets. I have to manually disconnect from a device and then turn on the next to make it work.
    - Only the right hand works alone which is one of my biggest uses when I work .. (an ear listens to music while you can listen to the surroundings on the other ear) ..

    The listening system that is built into the "system" does not work in any sensible way .. goes faster to plug out the ear than to turn on and off that function ..
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Does the Jabra Elite 65 Active have been used before, but read a lot on the web if these are fooling, so it became a purchase.
    The elite Elite sounded sounded good and the feeling of total freedom of no cables along with sound quality and fit made it the only fool I used until I bought these Sennheiser fools

    Can not compare Jabra's fools with Senheisers.
    The difference in sound quality is great. All records sound better and you really enjoy listening to music with the Sennheiser kids

    Fit well and touch the function to control calls and music works clockwise
    The premium feeling is really there in both storage / charging scales and lugs

    Everything just feels and sounds perfect

    Have common blues over the ear lurking from Sennheiser also like PCX550 and Momentum 2 and if you compare my regular Momentum 2 over ear naps with these completely wireless in ear moments, Momentum 2 over the ear napkins will stay on the shelf from now on.

    So good, these Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless!