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Sony WH-1000XM3

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  • Very good
    1 month ago
    +Great for travel, blocks out so much noise when on planes and buses etc.
    +Audio Quality is really good, prefer these to my HD518s any day
    +Battery life and charge times are amazing

    -Cant use as a mic/headset combo and still get stereo sound with PC (Bluetooth limitation) so i end up using these with a separate usb microphone when gaming.

    Overall terrific headphones if you like your peace and quiet and hate hearing everyone else.
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  • Perfect
    9 days ago
    First Bluetooth headset I have had, previously run with threaded Sony mdr-1a. Can immediately find out that the sound is just as good if not better even though it is a Bluetooth headset iaf if you run with LDAC enabled which I have always been skeptical of before when it comes to Bluetooth.

    Costs more than a regular threaded on ear headset but nice and o no cord. However, got mine with xperia 5 via a deal that Elgiganten ran with for a week.

    The Noice Canceling feature struck me with amazement! Thought it would be good but not as good as it turned out to be, shut out sounds around you without problems and have different settings for different type / levels of sound in different environments.

    I usually use them with the Poweramp app and mp4eq files on my Android mobile for the best possible sound, the equalizer in that app makes these kids perform best. Is the equalizer in the app with but is not as good I think.

    Good battery life and touch controls work perfectly okay, the only thing that doesn't work for me is raise and lower the gestures for the sound but I might as well do on the mobile :)

    + Good sound especially with LDAC enabled
    + Smooth app
    + Good battery life and says battery level when switched off
    + USB c for charging is a big plus, nice to have to release Micro usb
    + extremely good Noice Canceling, must be heard to understand!
    + Adapting noise around you in the environment you are staying in
    + NFC to easily connect the devices without the hassle of manually searching for them via Bluetooth
    + Calling through these headphones makes a perfectly okay sound to the receiver and does not sound distorted or hacked

    - The touch controls work this way, but are the only negatives I found on these cheats so

    Can warmly recommend these handsets, however, as always, you should compare with the competitors before of course, to find the right Bluetooth on ear headset just for you :)
  • Barely acceptable
    10 days ago
    Bought these yesterday on the net and went home happy as a gambler, but my features changed more and more as I listened to my favorites in Spotify premium.
    Comes from some nice guys on the wired side (Sennheiser hd58x, hifiman 4xx and beyerdynamics 1990 pro, with a 789 amp powering these)
    Today has a pair of Nokia wireless purity pro that only runs aptx but has a really nice sound that is punchy, soft and wonderful base to it.
    Now to these Sony kids ...

    I didn't like the sound in them at all!
    Thought they were underperforming in all departments and I tested all the settings in the mobile app (Sony xz3) without finding that amazing sound everyone talks about.
    When I returned these as open purchases, my smile was back again 🙂
  • Terrible
    15 days ago
    PoS. After a walk around zero, I can't stop writing a review. The handsets have ok sound with warm bass and good ANC. There it ends with positive reviews which is totally unacceptable. All the way to work, the touch controls have been shaky due to the temperature with skipping, pausing, Siri without me touching them. A known problem for XM3. Don't you test the products? Then add a bad microphone, ANC flaps when changing sound pressure on train / subway and that the microphone for ANC is easily cheated by wind or just the ventilation on the aircraft.
    Would have been forgiving if they had cost the booklet so much, but here it is just lousy Sony.
  • Perfect
    18 days ago
    * Very good sound quality
    * Good app with control of audio profile and nc
    * Good comfort can be worn even with glasses
  • Very good
    22 days ago
    So yes. What a decision anxiety I've had between these three heavyweights.
    I ended up buying Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 and Bose QC35 II and these Sony WH-1000XM3.

    It was returned on both Bose after 4 days of testing. Sony became the winner.

    Bose NC 700 - Because they sat so badly, not on the ears but the arch upside down is rolled so it felt uncomfortable, Bose who has been kings of comfort in the past has done away with this model.

    The Bose QC35 II was a return for Sony running over them on both sound and noise canceling. Also feel a little wrong to buy them as they have Micro usb and not USB - C. And they have Blue tooth version 4.1. / Sony has 4.2 and Bose NC 700 has 5.0.

    Sony WH-1000XM3 Makes a mess of both Bose when it comes to music. They don't even lie in the same municipality :) It's such an amazing fantastic go punch and push in the sound so it's absolutely wonderful.

    Noise reduction is better on sony than on bose qc 35, equivalent to bose 700. I could not hear any difference against bose 700. qc 35 II I could hear difference.

    It should be clear that all these three handsets are not optimal to use when it is blowing, then you have to turn off the noise reduction, because they catch the wind in the microphones. Noise reduction is fantastic and addictive. It performs best on the flight, the bus, the office, where there is background noise, fans and ventilation, etc., it becomes silent when you put them on. Wonderfully, I have placed a watch on the in-ear model from sony, so happy I am with their WH-1000XM3, thought it is smoother with in-ear when to sleep on the flight.

    In short, they get 8 out of 10 stars out of me.
    The shortcomings are few but they are two - They are slightly warm, not piggy as some write, But wearing them 4-5 hours on the flight went cannon well, it gets hot but it is worth it because they are so incredibly wonderful.
    Some write that the microphone is useless if you are having a phone call. It's true with modification, rumor has it that the first batch of these handsets will be inferior to those sold today, but it's not something Sony has confirmed, but anyway, I'm sitting at home in front of the computer or anywhere in the home and take a call it works well, nothing that has complained about my voice or that it sounds bad. If you are outdoors and make a call then no, then the microphone is not good, the other party hears you badly. So if you work in an office and take many calls a day, then you should buy Bose. Otherwise not. Plus at the edge for sony vs bose is also that Sony has twice as long battery life than bose, Sony 40 hours, Bose 20 hours. Applies to both bose´s models. And Sony has NFC, so you can just put the phone against the handset, they sync together, Some laugh now and think what, it's just to go into the blue and search for them and add them, you do it just one walk. Yes, of course it is, But I sat in the departure hall at Arlanda and would do it, how many available units did it come up do you think? At least 50 pieces. Then it was just to activate NFC on the phone and put them against the handsets, walla clear.
  • Perfect
    24 days ago
    I'm pretty picky when it comes to sound, but these headphones are a real experience. You enjoy the sound and the noise reduction.
    I haven't tried any of the other high-end handsets but these are good enough.
    As some others have written, the touch controls are not quite a hundred but on the other hand the sound is 100.
    Highly recommended!
  • Acceptable
    26 days ago
    Updated: 26 days ago
    Semi-solid sounds suffering from booming bass comparatively in the BT-NC over-ear-lur competition and worse than the Dali IO6.

    I have compared B&W PX7, Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9i, Bose 700, Dali IO6, Master & Dynamic MW65 and Sennheiser Momentum 3 where Dali IO6 wins easily in sound quality.

    Nice to wear. Very good industry leader NC.
  • Perfect
    1 month ago
    Exceptionally good.
  • Perfect
    2 months ago
    Incredibly good kids! Large earbuds (larger than Bose) which gives cruel comfort for hours, usb-c so they load up quickly, good touch controls but the volume adjustment is not sensitive enough so often it gets too high or low (I usually use the volume buttons on the phone therefore, the function that hearing the surroundings with just putting the palm to the cover is very useful, nice with a clean design.The price around 3000 SEK is now reasonable.
  • Perfect
    2 months ago
    Updated: 2 months ago
    Very good kids. Large earbuds, usb-c, touch controls, many settings, good looking. The minus is the price. Edit: Have now tested more: Perfect in open office landscape, with low music in the hands and NC on.
  • Very good
    2 months ago
    Superb sound
    Superb comfort, driving 8h / d at work
    The function of holding the right hand at the right ear to get outside hearing is cruel
    The ANC is cruel
    The battery lasts longer than I dare to be awake
    USB C!
    The touch gear on the right is pretty bad
    Microphone for speech is quite poor
    No replaceable battery
  • Perfect
    9 months ago
    Updated: 2 months ago
    Very good headphones, with very few drawbacks, but there are.
  • Decent
    3 months ago
    Updated: 3 months ago
    I have the predecessor WH-1000XM2 and also bose qc35 and qc35 II.

    So I own all models and have the privilege of being able to compare. Those who rate highly on this particular model are first time buyers and have never owned a noise reduction handset before. So take 5 star rating with a big pinch of salt.

    Begins with disadvantages:
    * You warm your ears, you sweat.
    * After an hour of listening and you take over your headphones, your ears feel weird. It's like when you get dazzled, it takes a while before you look normal again. Very uncomfortable.
    * The headphones sense when you walk or sit still and automatically change settings, very annoying. (Switchable off)
    * Multipoint support completely useless. If you need to switch from your mobile to another audio source eg your TV, you cannot do it in a smooth way.
    * Don't like the touch controls
    * If you need to talk on your mobile and have these as headsets then think about, completely useless. Bose, on the other hand, works just fine.

    Good range. Good sound. Good noise reduction but uncomfortable. No difference to the predecessor. If you want Sony, buy the previous model on the block.

    Both Bose and Sony make good headphones but Bose is my clear favorite despite the poor range. They are nice to wear and you are not sweating like a pig. Buy a couple of used Bose qc35 for 1500 SEK on the block and you have made the best choice. Distinguishes almost nothing between the different Bose generations.
  • Excellent
    3 months ago
    My first ANC kids and I'm happy. These are not for fine listening but are for traveling and other messy environments. For me, taking a bus to and from work is a gift. Good battery life and convenient controls. Wish the pairing with different units been somewhat smoother though.
  • Perfect
    3 months ago
    Exceptional noise reduction in a convenient format.

    + Sits very comfortably on me
    + Superb noise reduction for trains, buses, flights
    + Good sound
    + Foldable, sturdy case included
    + Quick charge via USB C, long battery life
    + Durable but lightweight construction
    + Easy to switch between ANC / ambient / normal

    - The ears get warm if it is hot and / or you move
    - The touch control works like this
    - "Boring" design (highly subjective of course)
    - ANC works worse if the headphones do not close completely - so you should not wear glasses or cap / cap on you

    These headphones really impressed me when I first acquired them. It was 30 degrees outside and the bus I was going to have had the air conditioning at max speed, so that it formally roared in the bus compartment. The headphones not only succeeded in lowering the volume of the noise, but it basically disappeared. There was a slight faint noise in the background.

    Even when I'm at work and there are cool boxes and other noises, the headphones manage to do away with all that constant noise, and it becomes completely silent. Have never enjoyed listening to classical music on the go. And then it is far from the best headphones I have heard in terms of sound quality, but the noise reduction allows you to appreciate music that has never otherwise gone.

    The only negative I can say about the noise reduction sometimes occurs during travel. Changes in air pressure appear to be disliked by the noise reduction circuit - for example, when a train enters a tunnel, or an oncoming train causes the train doors to jump to. Then, like a small pressure wave, even inside the headphones, it becomes like a low frequency vibration. It has also happened when a bus door vibrated in the wind, that there is very annoying noise in the headphones at such a low frequency that the music does not drown it.

    For those who spend a lot of time on the bus / train / flight, these headphones have my warmest recommendations!
  • Decent
    4 months ago
    Updated: 4 months ago
    Thinking about the positive with these headphones:
    + Exceptionally good noise reduction
    + Comfortable to wear over a long period of time
    + Nice sound. Had preferred more neutral sound with the ability to give it character in the equalizer but that's good enough for my needs
    + Collapsible + case = portable
    + Good quality
    + USB type-C
    + The possibility of keeping the cover and hearing the surroundings

    It has very much positive but in this price range little space is left for mistakes and unfortunately I find that these mistakes are big enough that I would have bought a pair of Bose QC35 II instead

    - If I know that I will use them soon again, I will not be able to switch off, disconnect or put them down in the case, which means that they often hang around the neck. When the chin touches the touch control, it starts playing music, changing tracks etc. without wanting to. This is not really a super-big problem in itself, but I very much disturb it. If you are a person who hangs the headphones around the neck, you will be at least as irritated as I am.
    - The touch control is simply not very accurate. It does not register at all pressure and is also perhaps difficult to use. Had preferred physical controls, such as on the surface headphones ...
    - Touch control should apparently work poorly in cold weather.
    - Missing bluetooth multipoint
    Another thing worth commenting on: It doesn't want to load with my mobile's power adapter for any reason. Then the lamp shines red for 4 seconds and then goes out ... Therefore, I have to bring a power adapter to it, which slightly destroys the purpose of USB type-C. However, this is not a major problem because I almost only charge them at home

    In fact, the touch control has a lot of negatives. It can be fixed by giving the user the option of turning it off in the app. Of course, some functionality is lost then, but it can be advantageous in certain situations
  • Barely acceptable
    5 months ago
    Updated: 4 months ago
    Noise reduction is not quite ok all the time. One clearly hears them around one. Seems to work better with humming sounds like when flying.

    The sound of telephone conversations with others is unsettled. The opposite party hardly hears what you say and you yourself hear everything around you.
  • Very good
    4 months ago
    TLDR. crazy good: sound, battery life and comfort. Good nc. Miserable microphone. The touch buttons are a bit tricky to get used to.

    It is very difficult for me to provide a complete certificate for these. There are some reasons why I would like to give them 1/5. But then there is much that is as good as weighing up the weaknesses.

    I have no previous experience with expensive bluetooth headphones. But after buying a really good headset for the computer (hyperx cloud, btw among the best purchases in my life). So I have had a little trouble listening with cheap headphones to the mobile. First tried to buy a little half-animal for a few hundred. But everyone sounded shit. After returning three headphones in six months, I decided to turn on these. Then I can be sure that "better than this will not be)

    The first thing that struck me was the sound. The quality of the sound is so extremely good. I think I will never be able to go back to normal headphones again. Being able to hear how the string on a guitar vibrates. Make it feel like listening to some songs for the first time. It has become that I want to listen to all my favorite songs to experience them again. The base is absolutely stunning. It's such a distinct difference between different bass sounds that I didn't think was possible. As you have now understood, it is extremely good sound. But I still think that if I compare with my hyperx, the middle register feels a bit cloudy. There is no kind of crunchiness (very difficult to explain)

    What I had the greatest expectation of was the Noice canceling feature, which was also the reason why I chose these headphones. I must admit that I was slightly disappointed. Yes it works really well. But if anyone stands and talks next to you then you will be able to hear what they say without much difficulty. But it was probably me who had a little too high expectations. But it is so good that I can use them as hearing protectors at work, it works about as well as normal hearing protectors. Then the nc gives off a very, very weak roaring, which can be a little bit annoying. However, this noise is not heard if you play music. But if you have nc turned off then they are completely silent unless you play something. This may sound like a matter of course. But my three latest cheap headphones gave everyone an audible roar constantly, which I was disturbed by enormously.

    I have had some problems getting them to connecta with the mobile. Sometimes they don't want to connecta at all and sometimes they connect, but there is no sound. But this has so far always been quick to solve, by restarting them. Once connected, they have never been any problem with the sound for me, which I also disturbed on the cheap headphones, that they sometimes hacked, etc.

    There are two common buttons, which of course always work (as buttons do). BUT, they have decided to have touch control to raise / lower, change track and pause. In addition to the fact that it may look a little cool and you can make flashy advertisements, it works really bad. So far it manages to register about 75% of the time for me, sometimes it changes the song when you have to raise, sometimes nothing happens, sometimes it reacts without reason. Hopefully this will start to work better over time, when you understand exactly how to touch it for it to work every time. But would have been much easier to just have physical buttons.

    The battery life of 30h is so incredibly nice to have. Then you can be absolutely guaranteed that they will never discharge if you load them when you sleep.

    It included a really good case and also 3.5 mm cord and connection to aircraft. They are loaded with usb-c. You got with a ridiculously short charging cord which felt a little tricky. But for me it did nothing because it is the same cable as the mobile.

    They are very nice to wear (very subjective of course) not gorgeous, a little boring design and color choice but look quite ok. There are both nicer and uglier headphones. But for me this is secondary

    The microphone is under all criticism. It is completely miserable, these get a cheap cinema phone's Mic to resemble God's gift to humanity. If you are going to talk on the phone, you have to take off the headset if you talk via the mobile phone. So if you want to use the headphones to talk on the phone, do not buy these. But I rarely talk on the phone so it works ok for me.

    After careful thought I give 4/5. But if it were not so rotten touch control as well as the microphone and scrambled with the connection, they would get a sun-clear fifth.

    So are they worth their high price? I am usually a person who steals everything, buys eldorado and deals with China shit on wish and Ebay. But after trying out a whole lot of cheap bluetooth headphones, I still think that these give a lot of value for money
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 4 months ago
    Compare with Bose QC35 in this case, and unfortunately Sony is completely lost due to two things;
    1: Not all comfortable to wear several hours in a row, and it is important to me both on flights, trains, late at night when wife and children sleep and on my work. They simply hurt after a few hours.

    2: Touch controls. I detest touch controls. Please give me a button for each function, but let me avoid touch. Clean debris, do not use gloves (they I use in my work), and rarely get right. There I wish Sony would think about because:

    Stylish headphones, sound okay to be bluetooth, feels like they use good plastic. But as I said, it does not work for me, so try before buying so that these shortcomings do not disturb you as well.
  • Perfect
    5 months ago
    Despite the button-free which doesn't work as it should, I give full pot when the sound is so good.
  • Decent
    5 months ago
    FYI: Support: "This problem can occur at low temperatures (below 5 degrees) or if the headphones are subject to sudden temperature changes. This is because the headphones are not designed for colder temperatures."
  • Excellent
    9 months ago
    Updated: 5 months ago
    I have a pair of AKG NC60 today and compared to these, Sony is superior. . The sound is good, the built-in DAC, one is really good. The base is tight and not bulky, just as it should be. Many are accustomed to bad bass and then a more real base may sound a bit thin but as a little hifi interested I think it sounds over expectation. Better than my Magnat 980. It was surprising.
    Noise reduction is good. I can really listen to music even on the plane. It's a feat.
    Likes to have touch controls for on / off and volume and let front / rear. Connects quickly and well with BT.
    Think they are fine too.

    Edit: They've begun to integrate Google's voice assistant in an annoying way ... Want to shut it down but it was a little tricky. New sw on g, hope it fixes the steak.
  • Excellent
    5 months ago
    Coming from a couple of Plantronics backbeat sense and have never bought kids in this price range before. I am mighty impressed.
    Great comfort, gun sound and terribly effective noise reduction.
    Even tiny in the beaker is that you can only have one device connected at a time.
  • Perfect
    6 months ago
    Updated: 6 months ago
    Cruel lurks.

    Also owns a pair of older Bose QuietComfort 25 with cord. But despite the same price range, they are in no way against Sony's.

    In this price range there are no better lurks in the Bluetooth segment with noise reduction. Also run with cord from my Yamaha reciever and cruel sound with it. Compared to my previous Bose who were weak in the "volume out" these volumes are twice as strong. Without the sound image losing control or sounding wrong. Crystal clear sound with nice base.

    The battery life is also fantastic.

    The app for the kids also very good as I can customize the sound image, noise reduction according to my taste and listening environment.

    Minus is perhaps the appearance of the headphones, as in my taste they are not particularly stylish. These are no cheats for phone calls. Sounds "canned" and no elevators for long conversations. But do not play any role for me personally. Don't use these for calls, just music.

    It should be added that I listened to them with Apple iOS (spotify) and wired with my Yamaha RX-A2060 (vinyl) as I did not get bluetooth on the yamahan to mingle with the handset.

    But with iOS, bluetooth is clockwise.
  • Perfect
    6 months ago
    Very pleased! I have no experience with corresponding headphones before but these are comfortable, incredibly quiet and play music in an excellent way. Those qualities are most important to me. Google, buttons, etc. is uninteresting for me and my use.
  • Very good
    7 months ago
    I compare with eg. Sony MDR-XB950N1 (also this has ANC) and Sony MDR-1A (not ANC and not wireless). I have not upgraded the firmware to 4.1.1, since some seem to have got worse ANC after upgrade.

    + Very good ANC! (compared to XB950N1 that barely helped voices in office landscapes)
    + Google Assistant
    + Get buttons, thus easy to find. (Unfortunately, a button too little, see minus)
    + Touch management works well (I use these most indoors)
    + Good to be able to quickly listen to the surroundings by putting your hand on the right ear
    + Audio quality with LDAC (Android)
    + USB-C
    + Battery life

    o Fit, these handsets are quite light yet not as comfortable as MDR-1A

    - Just one button to either control ANC or Google Assistant. This means that you have to use the app quite often for the other function.
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    Hyper insulating headphones with great sound! Well worth the price!
  • Barely acceptable
    11 months ago
    Updated: 7 months ago
    Have compared these in great detail with the QC35II. These have much better sound with Android. Here you hear the details! You do not do this in Bose who focuses on mainstream music ("popular music"). However, it is only barely accepted when the pickers are totally useless (here Bose is extremely good, so it is technically possible to fix this). I asked a friend to call and he barely heard what I was saying. If you check Youtube, there are people who have recorded sound quality in different environments. The difference between different handsets was extremely clear.
  • Excellent
    11 months ago
    Updated: 7 months ago
    The level of noisecanceling is simply completely crazy in these. So quiet I have never ever traveled by bus. So nice.

    Little updates:
    Problems with the sound "choked" on some songs. Seems somewhat uneven with some kids doing it while others do not.

    Even more update:
    The previous kids were sent back and the store found that other kids they had also behaved the same way. After that, it took quite a long time before I got to try a new couple. The price has also gone down somewhat now, which is welcome.

    The new kids generally behave very well. I'm still impressed by the level of noicecanceling, it's just something else :)
    So far I have also been happy with the sound. I generally experience it as better than the first round I had. Maybe just mentally, who knows.

    Something like the last star:
    - They are still very much in the top for what I really want to spend on a pair of headphones. Although it is worth it, it really sticks.
    - In cold weather, the touch controls can live their own life. Unfortunately, the solution is as boring as not using them in cold weather.
    - Inside the cornice sauce, both noice canceling and the pressure equalization behaved very oddly and had to remove them because it became difficult and almost nausea.
  • Poor
    8 months ago
    The microphone used for calls is horrible, no one hears what you say. :(
    Watch this youtube video:
  • Barely acceptable
    8 months ago
    To begin with there is very positive to mention if these lurks despite my "low" rating.

    + Best NC I tested
    + Best sound (to be a pair of kids with NC)
    + The fit is the best I tested
    + Supplied in stylish practical packaging
    + Shocked stylish with a good quality feeling
    + Good battery life
    + etc ..

    Now to the negative.

    - You would want a bit more dynamic and clear sound picture, considering that it is one of the most expensive NC lurks in the market (3600 SEK)
    - Want a control that makes it possible to remove all noise around, for example. when flying. Now voices are always heard (childhood ..) more or less all the time.
    This makes me return these lurks.
    At "cold" weather, (which has also been rewritten here earlier), the touch control on the handsets behaves very strange. In my case, it activates my tracking control which in practice means that it dampens the music to a minimum so that you should hear the surroundings, in addition it does not respond to any of my commands after that. Terribly frustrating! ..

    Unfortunately Sony, hoping this cost you a penny and that you come back with a slightly nicer, slightly better product with corrected design errors. Then I sit with the buy button again.

  • Barely acceptable
    12 months ago
    Updated: 8 months ago
    Bought for ANC and USB-C, but have difficulty recommending them at the current price. If we start with the sound then I think Bose is better. As a headset, xm3 is mediocre with canned sound, amplified background sound, counterpart who hears himself in echo and often I get to skip to phone. The touch controls give a clean look, but a little tough and easy to get the wrong command. They do not pause automatically if you take them off and often happen to play when you have them around your neck because of the touch.

    EDIT: lowered rating then fw did not improve mic. Hardly use them as I cannot make calls when there is the least background noise. Disgusting for such expensive lurks.
  • Very good
    8 months ago
    I have not found any better way to protect me from social people than these headphones.
    I usually sit at a café and sign. At those times, the headphones are a blessing and close me into a comfortable sound bubble that drowns the sound of frowning young parents with brave dialects. The battery life is really hysterical good. On a charge you can use them for weeks even if you listen several hours a day.

    Noise cancelling function is pretty good (people voices are not something that can be completely erased yet unfortunately) and when you have music in combination with it, then it really becomes like you are disconnected from reality. The function with hands-free buttons on the ear muffs, on the other hand, works so well with Iphone (don't know if android works better) and I often find myself starting music, accidentally switching songs and invoking Siri without me thinking about it. The Bluetooth connection is very good and bugs basically never (it is otherwise standard that all bluetooth accessories have to be deleted from the list of connected devices a bit every now and then). The tactile buttons on the side are strangely placed and this means that I often trigger sound calibration when I meant to switch off the headphones instead.

    When it comes to listening to music, the sound is very good. I am omnipresent in music and find that classical music and jazz are well suited to these lurks, while hip hop and metal fall a little short.
    On the whole, I am very satisfied with the function and not particularly satisfied with the controls
  • Barely acceptable
    8 months ago
    Did they use one day and they lived their own life, with a change of track several times. Since I do not trust that they can fix it in the future, I sent them back directly. Too bad at such cruel lurks, because otherwise they are sovereign.
  • Poor
    8 months ago
    Updated: 8 months ago
    The touch controls changed tracks by themselves almost every day because of a little cold and wet wind. Uselt left it back at once. Otherwise, the headphones are of high quality. Missing bluetooth multi-point but it may not be needed.
  • Decent
    8 months ago
    From a perspective of how the sound image is from the log, they are extremely bumpy, in an unnatural way and in such a way that it plays over all other frequencies in the sound image so that whatever you hear is the heavy base.
    Really not professionally done. However, this can be manipulated and lowered in Sony's own Headphone app for iOS and Android, which helps a little bit. But would definitely say that Sennheiser's PXC 550 beats these at first impression regardless

    Incredibly light headphones, barely weigh anything at all. Which is both good and bad in my opinion. They do not feel at all "premium" if one can say so, rather something plastic from the net for 50kr. The advantage is that you hardly know them on your head when listening for longer periods, which is actually very nice

    Great point for USB-C and battery life. Much lower score for how they handle Swedish weather (which unfortunately becomes very difficult to live with in the long run), in the end you ignore totally in the wireless and have them turned off with cord to the cellphone instead which slightly loses the meaning for wireless headphones ?? ?

    If we go back to the first thing I wrote about the sound picture. If you turn off the bass effect that is in the app at 0 to the lowest, the overall base disappears largely, and afterwards becomes a fairly neutral experience. Which means that the headphones are not so bad anyway, But I don't think it's worth $ 400 for what you get.

    The sound picture I would not say is directly sharp, rather dark sound image where the treble does not take as much space if I should get exaggerated (Whichever it does but not on a level that I would say makes it a good experience for all types of music)

    Otherwise, the sound quality in itself is nothing to complain about. They sound good and have (even if it is a darker earphone) a nice sound to it. There is no earphone for critical listening in my opinion, rather narrowly retracted to have a more comfortable and "cozy" experience instead of analyzing music if you understand what I mean. Where the PXC 550 is more in the other direction, a sharper experience and more detailed experience

    all in all, 6/10. Not directly my taste personally, but many seem to like them which I can still understand. There is only a limited number of high-end bluetooth headphones and these are at the top of that list, for one reason I unfortunately cannot understand why
  • Decent
    9 months ago
    Updated: 8 months ago
    I also lower the grade after the latest FW update greatly reduced the ANC. Don't update!

    My first experience with the ANC. They have a little difficulty closing out the high notes. Musicically nothing to complain about, I use them to some extent without music, rather shut out noise. Do not use them out so the problem of cold and touch controls is a non-problem :-).

    As many mentioned, pricy, but chop a couple of returex or like me; a pair of electric finds for 3300: -. Slightly less anyway.
  • Acceptable
    10 months ago
    Updated: 9 months ago
    Lowers the grade as they do not close out voices sufficiently well in otherwise silent environments.
    I have not upgraded to firmware 4.1.1 since it obviously should degrade NC even more according to td p / 2564068


    Bought for 3339: - at Arlanda (Capi at Terminal 5) before a long flight.
    Good NC but not some fantastic sound experience on par with the price.
    Small NC cabin pressure (read headache) but not at all as bad as with QC35ii (try in store!).
  • Decent
    9 months ago
    Good sound, good noise reduction, the mic is boxed, especially in noisy environments.
    Buy if you want it quiet, avoid talking on the phone with them,
  • Acceptable
    1 year ago
    Updated: 9 months ago
    Unfortunately, the rating has been lowered because the tou does not tolerate temperatures around zero and absolutely no freezing temperatures. It gets rooster jerk. Maybe it will solve with future update ...? Or maybe not ... Who knows?

    + Comfortable sound which means that you can listen long (and loud :-)
    + Voices sound natural
    + Easy to understand and manage A button for NC, Ambient or everything off
    + Touch control on one cover works well when you have learned
    + Comfortable and lightweight
    + Can be folded together and placed in the accompanying bag that takes a fairly small place
    + Nice app that is easily understood
    + Fast loading
    + Reasonably long battery life
    + Great NC

    - The base could have been more detailed
    - A little expensive
    - On my last two Sonyluras, the pillows have broken down, expecting that they will also break ... dissolve! Why not make them easily replaceable and send a couple of extra Sony ???
  • Very good
    9 months ago
    These are my first wireless class of little class. I compared mainly to

    NAD HP70
    SennHeiser PXC550
    B&W PX

    Sennheiser went straight away, far too little pressure in the base. Turned on non-existent, which made me a little surprised after the reviews I read. B&W was generally poorer over the entire registry than NAD and XM3orna. Not so nice either.

    Choice ranged between NAD and XM3:

    Even match, both have good sound and sit comfortably. The XM3 sits more loosely and holds larger ears. One can have them longer without becoming claustrophobic. Sound-wise it depends a little on the style of music which lurks you want to drive on, as well as personal taste of course. NAD is a little less strained at higher volumes, there is more pressure in the base in XM3. For me, the choice ended with XM3 because they were more beautiful and also had USB-C, which means I can charge them with the laptop charger.
  • Very Poor
    9 months ago
    Updated: 9 months ago
    Thought to replace me from Sony h.ear to these but was changed immediately. Can't handle snow and cold, wind up just over 0 degrees. Touchen balls out! Changes songs, volume etc. completely uncontrolled.

    Would definitely not recommend these here before Sony fixes this problem. Very dissapointed. Lurking for the next 4000 SEK.

    Left them almost immediately when they did not work out so I do not feel that I can pronounce on / how they work otherwise.

    EDIT: Sony response. They therefore recommend restarting the headset :(
  • Very good
    10 months ago
    Short review
    + best ANC available
    + improved comfort
    + balanced sound (better bass than Bose QC which in my opinion has incredibly flat sound)

    - a lot of screwing is required to get good sound for music.
    - unnecessarily many ANC modes

    My old backbeat pro still plays the shit out of all its 3000-4000 SEK lurking. Bad for both Bose and Sony.
  • Decent
    10 months ago
    Updated: 10 months ago
    Went to these from the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless M2 (which I have always loved).

    Will not give me in and explain how good sound and noise reduction these have, more than summarizing briefly: CRAZY good.

    To the boring:
    I would love to give these kids 10/10 because I really love what Sony has created here. But then we come to the "little" stove that they do not work in freezing temperatures, or barely around the 0-line. The touch controls get free spins and change tracks, pauses, disables NC and activates Siri (in iPhones). This is done on all copies and is nothing that can be done at present. Sony has made an official statement announcing that it is "just" to restart the headphones, so the problem is being addressed for the moment. A pair of headphones for 4000 SEK, according to Sony, should be restarted to work.

    Unfortunately, it is not enough and until Sony has fixed the problem with a proper software update, it is impossible to give a better score than 6/10.
  • Excellent
    11 months ago
    Updated: 10 months ago
    My second attempt at NC lurks and I just say wow ... these kids have a great NC and damn good sound I have to say! Listens a lot to music and most categories and I like when it is that good base that these kids produce elegant!
    These lurks I will definitely just wear for the NC function. All the honor to Sony! I am very satisfied and recommend these lurks if you intend to put this money on NC lurking.

    + NC (very good, if not best right now)
    + Sound picture, really good sound
    + Sits nice as a toad
    + Good case
    + Good app
    + Cruel battery life

    - Just for short charged cable? (How did you think)
    - Touch function! Works like that.
    - The price! (It sags a little but gets well over it)
  • Good
    10 months ago
    1000XM3 is my 3rd pair of ANC. AKG NC60 and Parrot Zik 2.0 previously.
    Both of these are better sound-wise. Parrot Zik's app for the iphone is really simple and cruel. Missing sound from PZ but only up to 8 hours of battery life, hence the change.

    + Light but good quality
    + Good comfort
    + Ok + sound
    + Good ANC
    + Sick good battery life
    + Small compact case
    + Smart function - keep your hand on the right so the music is lowered.

    - Excessive bass, clearbass at -8 so it will be ok.
    - Just ok + sounds for the class's best according to very many reviews.
    - Bad app
    - Poor touchpad / touchpad. Easy to raise and lower the sound but difficult to pause the music. It does not react and is not cold about hands.
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 10 months ago
    Owned the version before that I was very happy with and sold to buy this on the release day.

    + ANC is amazing: I work in an open landscape where it is sometimes very loud but with these lurks the sound level is better than having to lock in your own meeting room. Even on the flight, it is fantastic.
    Compared to XM2, it is better, but not so much better that it does upgrade.
    Best on the market though.
    + The sound is amazing: The previous Sony model scratched Bose QC II, this is a market upgrade, do the math yourself or read it in every professional review out there.

    + Comfort: weighs less than XM2, feels less. But at the expense of the XM2 felt more quality.
    - Conversation: Many people complain that the voice is not heard or that it sounds choppy. It is totally unbelievable to me how Sony neglected such an important function. The previous version was also bad, but this actually feels worse. I hope for a software upgrade but I suspect that it is hardware-related unfortunately. Minus two stars for this.

    Update 2019-01-14
    They ball out in the cold weather. According to Sony, they made for temperatures from +5 to +40 degrees and therefore quite normal that the touch control performs its own commands by turning off, changing tracks, interrupting calls when walking a beautiful winter day. Sad for a product that costs 4000 SEK. Lowers the rating to 6 stars.