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Sony WH-1000XM3

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  • Perfect
    6 months ago
    Beats anything pun intended
  • Very good
    10 months ago
    +Great for travel, blocks out so much noise when on planes and buses etc.
    +Audio Quality is really good, prefer these to my HD518s any day
    +Battery life and charge times are amazing

    -Cant use as a mic/headset combo and still get stereo sound with PC (Bluetooth limitation) so i end up using these with a separate usb microphone when gaming.

    Overall terrific headphones if you like your peace and quiet and hate hearing everyone else.
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  • Perfect
    1 day ago
    Updated: 1 day ago
    Very good headphones! Use them for more than a year and no issues whatsoever. My personal gold standard for all around.
  • Acceptable
    18 days ago
    Switched to these tricks because one of the speakers in my QC35 gave after 3 years so this is pretty much a comparison.


    They are generally very comfortable but two annoyances that were not present on my QC35 are that the ears get very hot after about an hour of use and that the inside measure takes in the ears. I think the latter is what makes if you have quiet / very low volume in the headphones, it rustles a little all the time and especially if you move your head the least.


    In every way better than QC35. Not close to a pair of studio headphones but this is definitely the strength of these headphones compared to the competition.


    Bluetooth coverage is a disaster. I can literally not go a room away without the sound starting to hack and sometimes the sound chops even though you are sitting in front of the computer. Then when it comes to pairing, I did not understand how frustrating it would be to go from QC35 which can connect to 2 devices simultaneously to this. It has happened that I have to enter a video conference on the computer and the headphones automatically pair to the phone. Then I must first turn off bluetooth on the phone and then restart the headphones and pair manually to the computer. Sometimes this also messes up so you have to reckon that it can take up to a minute to switch between devices.

    Very easy to access the touch controls by mistake.

    Big plus that the headphones have USB-C So you do not have to drag an extra charger with you. And for that matter, the battery life is very good, but so was the one on the QC35.

    The noise reduction definitely feels more noticeable than the QC35, so I do not have much to complain about.

    For me, it will be enough to return to the QC35 II but maybe keep these headphones connected to a device as it is above all the Bluetooth hassle that makes these headphones so frustrating.
  • Very good
    21 days ago
    Have compared these tricks with
    Sennheiser momentum 3
    Sennheiser momentum 2 G2 (non-wireless version)
    Bose 700
    Bose QC 35

    Sony's headphones generally do very well against these, in some areas they are worse than the competition but in some Sony's headphones are simply the best.

    + The noise reduction
    Is in a class of its own, with what they said, the noise reduction on the headphones from Bose and Sennheiser is far from bad.
    What makes the noise reduction stand out a little extra on Sony's headphones is that they can filter out sudden sounds very well and even low fan sounds, which the competitors in my opinion do not succeed with as well

    + Comfort
    Sony's headphones have outstanding comfort not as good as Sennheiser momentum 2 and 3 but second best I would say

    + - Sound quality
    The sound from these headphones may be perceived as somewhat flat compared to the headphones from Sennheiser but they are the only headphones that beat Sony for the sound quality from the Bose headphones I am disappointed when they are compared to Sony and Sennheiser

    - The touch controls
    It can be good to know that the touch controls work less well in cold climates and in rain.

    - Call quality
    This is probably the biggest Achilles heel for Sony headphones, sounds a bit like talking in a jar, it works but no more than that. At this point, the Bose 700 is class leading!


    If you are looking for headphones with the absolute best noise reduction and decent sound, buy these headphones.

    If the sound quality is something that is important, buy Sennheiser momentum 3.

    If the call quality is something that weighs heavily, buy the Bose 700 headphones.

    Something to take into account is that Sony's headphones are cheaper than Sennheiser momentum 3 and Bose 700, which means that I would recommend these headphones before the mentioned competitors :)
  • Perfect
    21 days ago
    Great headset. Very good sound quality. Cool features. The sound attenuation is from another dimension. The headset is incredibly comfortable to wear and in addition looks very good. The headset weighs almost nothing. If you love music you will love this headset.
  • Perfect
    1 month ago
    I use these when I travel. Works really well and is beautiful. Now I can no longer fly without these.
  • Perfect
    1 month ago
    Have been using my headphones for over 1 year now and am extremely satisfied. Are among the best things I've ever bought. The only negative with the headphones is that it can only be connected to one device.
  • Very good
    1 month ago
    The sound quality leaves a lot to be desired when you, like me, come from Audeze Mobius (which is, however, considerably more expensive), but the noise reduction is absolutely phenomenal and also the reason why I chose just 1000XM3.

    Now during the warmer days of the year my AC is more or less constant to keep the temperature down in my otherwise unbearably warm apartment. Unfortunately, it does sound awful while it is running, but thanks to these guys I now hear only a discreet whisper in the background, even though I am only a few meters away.

    On the whole, I am very satisfied with my purchase!
  • Acceptable
    2 months ago
    No sound to me. In my ears non-dynamic and a bit boring. Flat. Cash mic, no one heard what I said when I went outdoors and talked.
    When it is blowing, it is run to use NC when the blowing sound is amplified.

    Good app with lots of possibilities.
    No bad guys overall but for the price I don't understand the thing.
  • Perfect
    2 months ago
    It is not possible to describe how good these handsets are, the sound, the comfort, the ease of use, the battery life and not to mention the noise reduction! To not buy these kids is to miss out on something, really recommended! Have had mine since they were released over a year ago and they still work just as well as the day I bought them, quality!
  • Very good
    3 months ago
    Updated: 2 months ago
    As everyone else (including test after test) testifies, noise reduction is still the best available on the market. The sound picture is good but for the same price tag without noise reduction you can definitely get better sound. The handsfree (microphone) is under all criticism. Summary: If noise reduction is a priority, then these are the winners. On the other hand, if it is a secondary function, you can get better sound and microphone for a lower price tag.
  • Barely acceptable
    3 months ago
    5+ to the noise reduction.
    The sound I think is quite smooth. Sure it's decent bass and a decent sound. But no catchy sound.
    What makes them quite useless is that if it rings then you have to get rid of them and talk on the phone.
    The hands-free function is so useless.
    The mic takes in all the sounds and the noise reduction is totally devil gone.
    You cannot do anything such as flushing a tap while talking on the phone. Should you still flush water in a tap while you talk, both you and the other person become deaf.
    Absolutely fantastic bad on that bit.
    Then it is difficult to change to another unit.
    These are paired with Apple gadgets. Which may be completely wrong, what do I know.
  • Very Poor
    4 months ago
    Compared to the price, the material quality is surprisingly poor, with several weak points in the hoop (plastic). My hoop had to be taped after a short time, with no particular strain. The touch feature is also very poor - doesn't work when I actually want to use it to navigate between songs, and it calls random people in the contact list when a garment gets too close (or wind or almost anything). The sound is Ok but not impressive. I sent it to the workshop, but received it in return along with a bill + message that they found no problems. I would recommend checking other brands. Sony has received far too good reviews, and I trusted it a bit too blindly before I bought these. Will keep me away from Sony next time
  • Very good
    4 months ago
    Nice and full sound, and plenty of traction. Soft pillows make it comfortable.
  • Perfect
    5 months ago
    Absolutely fantastic headphones. Cruel noise reduction that filters out most of the ambient noise. Good battery life and a good app that allows a lot of settings over the phone. Great sound and perfect fit. Doesn't get too hot either, despite several hours of listening.
  • Decent
    5 months ago
    Picked these up for just under 3000 and before that had a couple of mdr100abn for 1800. Clearly a good upgrade, but the sound does not differ very much. More clear bass and an overall clearer sound picture. But the audio signature feels the same. Much better nc, but picks up other sounds during calls, which makes it quite unpleasant to talk in these handsets, the mic is not great either. Sitting well on the head o feels light. Quite often press wrong on the touchpad and prefer physical buttons, sometimes my presses are not registered either. As a product in itself, I would give a 4a, but give a 3a considering that my sonys from 2017 generally gave me a more comfortable overall experience. There are some parts to grind on here
  • Excellent
    5 months ago
    Purchased for SEK 2777 on the web hall.

    Very good sound and ANC, like BOSE QCII. With a new update, you can also turn off touch features, which has caused headaches when you have had these outdoors under cold temperatures. The cold causes the touch buttons to slip out, which is why this update has been a dealbreaker.
  • Decent
    8 months ago
    Updated: 5 months ago
    bought these only for flight. MVG. you can't work with these, your ears get too sweaty. my ears barely fit (bose the same). they should have been bigger and more comfortable.

    after about 5-6 hours of flight, I started to have pain on my left ear. I also get a headache from these headphones. cabin pressure is called it.

    the ambient sound leaks in at the slightest head movement. if you look up or to the sides eg.

    my review is based only on flight. have never used them outside an aircraft.
  • Very Poor
    5 months ago
    I bought these for myself and AirPods Pro for my girlfriend a few weeks ago. Although these and AirPods are not comparable products, I realized after the first use that I should have bought airpods for me as well.

    -1. They do not have seamless switching. If you are considering using them on several different devices, you will have to go through all the steps to re-connect to bluetooth at each device change. Very frustrating after a while.

    -2. The touch sensor on the right speakers is totally useless and only in the way. Trigger gas of nothing, empty. if you lie down on the sofa and happen to access it with the pillow, the transparency mode is switched on. If you happen to be on the other side, the volume is raised and lowered. Moreover, the touch function cannot be deactivated.

    -3 Begins to cook fairly frequently ie. the sound does not sync with the image.

    –4 Tricky to relax and unwind. Almost always requires 2-3 attempts for me, and each attempt takes time when you have to restart the headphones.

    –5 Incredibly loud speaker voice like Siri should provide feedback at each HCI.

    +1 Incredibly good sound
    +2 Very nice to wear
    +3 Really good noise cancellation

    Sony would have kept it simple. Unfortunately, it became the pancake because of all the unnecessary features that also do not work in the real world.
  • Very good
    5 months ago
    Updated: 5 months ago
    Does Sony's Phone Buy It!

    + price SEK 2400 is OK
    + Ldac very good
    + NC very good
    + charging time very good 30h play / 3h charging
    - Failure to talk in chops disables sounds bad
    * Reach broadly the whole house very good
    + Good arches that fit everyone in size
    + Comfortable
  • Decent
    5 months ago
    No buttons,
    If you live in Sweden with rain and cold, you will be crazy that the weather and not me decide what to listen to.
  • Very good
    5 months ago
    Overall the best bt noise canceling handsets I've tested.

    + fits head / ears well
    + ok Noise reduction, but bose has better
    + good battery life
    + really good sound
    + buttons and controls work

    - Worthless mics to talk on the phone, you hardly hear if there is other background noise.
  • Very Poor
    6 months ago
    Updated: 6 months ago
    The microphone in the headphones is almost unusable.
    Very good review here.
  • Perfect
    6 months ago
    Updated: 6 months ago
    Good sound. Very good sound for movies and games.
    Comfortable as attan.
    Good NC, good buttons, good app, good battery life (measured myself, mixed listening with NC on / off etc. and they managed 30 hours on a charge)
    Have mine connected to my TV for media audio and my phone for calls at the same time. At the same time. So -Yes, it works perfectly.
    I haven't had any problems with them outdoors in minus degrees.
  • Perfect
    6 months ago
    Best headset I've had.
  • Barely acceptable
    6 months ago
    Sound: 4.5 out of 5
    App features: 5 of 5
    App feature 4 out of 5 but under development
    Bluetooth Reliability (IMPORTANT!) 2 of 5
    Bluetooth version vs newer phones: 2 of 5
    Overall usability: 3.5 out of 5
    Ease of use with mobile: 5 out of 5
    Ease of use on PC without cable: 0 out of 5!
    This is NOT a headset for listening to music from PC wirelessly!
    Completely unreliable, even with Google / Amazon / Ebay's best bluetooth dings, with wired PC audio with DAC ..
    Ended up banning Sony BT and their products for all future, as far as I can see ..
    Steer away! (Unless you "listen to music" from your cellphone ..
  • Very good
    7 months ago
    Updated: 6 months ago
    Wonderful kids, do not become completely silent on the pendulum, but are very close. Listen to a lot of others, but these were the best. Mine was stolen in connection with burglary in the car unfortunately. They are missing a lot.

    It did not become 5 stars, as they cannot withstand water / rain. So in case of rain, you have to protect them, otherwise it is run and the warranty does not cover moisture.
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    They sit comfortably and the noise reduction almost feels like magic. Really good! The sound quality is good with support for LDAC. I prefer open headphones but am getting used to them really well. Unfortunately, it is only possible to have them paired with one device at a time, but since it has NFC it does not take many seconds to pair a new phone just by holding it up to the left headset.
  • Decent
    7 months ago
    Updated: 7 months ago
    Very good sound and best ANC on the market. Bought them for 2700: - which feels like max what I would pay.
    Considering that this is the flagship, the build quality feels perfectly ok but no more.
    Touch buttons and apps with many features are highly personal but nothing to me.
    The battery life is nowhere near the thirty hours that are promised and it is also not possible to just start the ANC without bluetooth also starting.
    They don't sit quite a hundred, kids who are round sit better on me anyway. Then they press a little, which feels after an hour.
    Also don't have dual mode on bluetooth which I took for granted that it was standard since that's it on my four year old Denon.
    What makes me keep them is the price, and Denon's new one is not good enough. (also had the latest momentum wireless)
    However, missing out on dual mode is very annoying as I often switch between the iPad and the iPhone and then you always have to disconnect / switch between.
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    Most beautiful, good looking, by far the best specs and features can highly recommend it to anyone with the money
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    Updated: 7 months ago

    Super nice kids with world-class noise reduction and good sound
  • Perfect
    8 months ago
    Perfect headset.
  • Very good
    8 months ago
    + Good sound (especially compared to bose 35)
    + Sits well, good comfort
    + Noise reduction is cruel

  • Very good
    8 months ago
    Updated: 8 months ago
    + Sits nice.
    + Feels well built
    + Good noise reduction.
    + USB-C
    + Quick Charge
    + Battery life

    - The microphone when talking to people is distressing and you often have to repeat what you say.

    Have had mine for a little over years.
    Uses them daily (basically all days) in office landscapes, in the car and on flights.

    Had a couple of Sennheiser PXC 550 earlier. The sound quality on them I think is probably better than Sony's, but the build quality on the PCX handsets is horribly poor. Better noise reduction at Sony's as well. Comfortably, they are about the same. You get warm around your ears after a while, but it does not pinch anywhere, sit well and do not weigh lead.
  • Very good
    8 months ago
    With the latest ver. of formware and app you can turn off touch controls if you want which solves the problem of cold weather etc.

    Satisfied with the sound, anc, features via app. The only disturbance is that the ANC is disturbed by short moments when the train goes in / out of tunnels. But it is apparently a common problem with the ANC if you google a little. However, my old Plantronics Backbeat Pro did not have the problem, but so did the worse ANC.

    Bad call sound too, but I don't use them for that anyway so it doesn't bother me.

    Overall near full pot!
  • Very Poor
    8 months ago
    I have chosen to return the headphones after a few days.
    Playback is constantly hacking, when I use them in public transport, with second-long sound interruptions, sometimes every minute.
    In addition, the headphones automatically turn off the noise canceling feature to look as dense, sometimes every two minutes.
    It is said that these handsets have this kind of problem at minus degrees. But in my case, the problems arose even though it was 3-6 plus degrees, and even when I was in a relatively hot subway car.
    The sound is very nice - but with the above shortcomings they become almost useless to me.
  • Perfect
    8 months ago
    Very good music sound that satisfies even an old sound nerd who loves Klipsch.
  • Perfect
    8 months ago
    Really satisfied
  • Barely acceptable
    8 months ago
    Does not live up to my expectations at all and I experience two problems with the headphones
    1. It "chops" in the music when I play and am out and about.
    2. The noise reduction mode is switched off without doing anything.

    I have read that these headphones are not capable of minus degrees which may be the cause of these problems.
  • Decent
    8 months ago
    Updated: 8 months ago
    + Can start by saying that it attenuates the very good sound around you! You can only hear a bit around you on trains etc.
    - / + For an avarage listener, the sound is good, but I think the sound is myddy and lacks details so I don't call it an audiophile. Then you need to find a pair of corded headphones.
    + included with usb c
    + 30 hours
    + good software
    + touch sensor is fine to have
    + The bag is small and easy to carry
    + The design is sleek and stylish
    The comfort is decent, it gets warm to wear when it goes around 1-2 hours. I who wear glasses then push it against my head, so you have to adjust the glasses over the pillows.
    - the pillows are not so full for my taste.
    - You can hear occasional small chirping sounds once in a while if you touch your head.
    - If it is over -5 then the headset clicks and activates Siri, so you have to turn on and off if you change temperatures like being inside and going out afterwards.

    Highly recommend this if you are commuting in noisy surroundings.
  • Decent
    8 months ago
    Really good sound, extremely good noise reduction and sits much softer and more comfortable than eg Bode. But with two real deal-breakers:

    1. The microphone sucks, barely able to make a phone call with anyone.

    2. Difficult to control with the touch, plus it stops working if it is too cold outside. Then it gets the game and does a little as it wants, I feel.
  • Perfect
    8 months ago
    Those in this review who think they have much better sound with some antique threaded handsets are out cycling.
    There is no one close to NC and there is nothing under 10k that has better sound. Especially the scaling up of the poor source is absolutely excellent. The separation and sound picture is cruel, usually you can point to where the various instruments are placed in the room.
    Film sound is also a place where they shine, you feel bass under 20hz.
    Remember to use cable to get the most out of the sound quality
  • Perfect
    8 months ago
    Have previously driven the Bose QC35 and then bought these handsets and can only say WOW.

    + NC is even better than the Bose handsets
    + The sound is extremely good, significantly better bass than the Bose headphones and at the same time clear
    + Really comfortable fit
    + Charging with USB-C

    - The case feels very cheap / plastic
    - The app is really bad and updates took about 40min
    - Connects to only one unit at a time, the Bose headphones connect to several

    Despite the minus items, the sound is so good that they get a full pot
  • Perfect
    9 months ago
    First Bluetooth headset I have had, previously run with threaded Sony mdr-1a. Can immediately find out that the sound is just as good if not better even though it is a Bluetooth headset iaf if you run with LDAC enabled which I have always been skeptical of before when it comes to Bluetooth.

    Costs more than a regular threaded on ear headset but nice and o no cord. However, got mine with xperia 5 via a deal that Elgiganten ran with for a week.

    The Noice Canceling feature struck me with amazement! Thought it would be good but not as good as it turned out to be, shut out sounds around you without problems and have different settings for different type / levels of sound in different environments.

    I usually use them with the Poweramp app and mp4eq files on my Android mobile for the best possible sound, the equalizer in that app makes these kids perform best. Is the equalizer in the app with but is not as good I think.

    Good battery life and touch controls work perfectly okay, the only thing that doesn't work for me is raise and lower the gestures for the sound but I might as well do on the mobile :)

    + Good sound especially with LDAC enabled
    + Smooth app
    + Good battery life and says battery level when switched off
    + USB c for charging is a big plus, nice to have to release Micro usb
    + extremely good Noice Canceling, must be heard to understand!
    + Adapting noise around you in the environment you are staying in
    + NFC to easily connect the devices without the hassle of manually searching for them via Bluetooth
    + Calling through these headphones makes a perfectly okay sound to the receiver and does not sound distorted or hacked

    - The touch controls work this way, but are the only negatives I found on these cheats so

    Can warmly recommend these handsets, however, as always, you should compare with the competitors before of course, to find the right Bluetooth on ear headset just for you :)
  • Barely acceptable
    9 months ago
    Bought these yesterday on the net and went home happy as a gambler, but my features changed more and more as I listened to my favorites in Spotify premium.
    Comes from some nice guys on the wired side (Sennheiser hd58x, hifiman 4xx and beyerdynamics 1990 pro, with a 789 amp powering these)
    Today has a pair of Nokia wireless purity pro that only runs aptx but has a really nice sound that is punchy, soft and wonderful base to it.
    Now to these Sony kids ...

    I didn't like the sound in them at all!
    Thought they were underperforming in all departments and I tested all the settings in the mobile app (Sony xz3) without finding that amazing sound everyone talks about.
    When I returned these as open purchases, my smile was back again 🙂
  • Terrible
    9 months ago
    PoS. After a walk around zero, I can't stop writing a review. The handsets have ok sound with warm bass and good ANC. There it ends with positive reviews which is totally unacceptable. All the way to work, the touch controls have been shaky due to the temperature with skipping, pausing, Siri without me touching them. A known problem for XM3. Don't you test the products? Then add a bad microphone, ANC flaps when changing sound pressure on train / subway and that the microphone for ANC is easily cheated by wind or just the ventilation on the aircraft.
    Would have been forgiving if they had cost the booklet so much, but here it is just lousy Sony.
  • Perfect
    9 months ago
    * Very good sound quality
    * Good app with control of audio profile and nc
    * Good comfort can be worn even with glasses
  • Very good
    9 months ago
    So yes. What a decision anxiety I've had between these three heavyweights.
    I ended up buying Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 and Bose QC35 II and these Sony WH-1000XM3.

    It was returned on both Bose after 4 days of testing. Sony became the winner.

    Bose NC 700 - Because they sat so badly, not on the ears but the arch upside down is rolled so it felt uncomfortable, Bose who has been kings of comfort in the past has done away with this model.

    The Bose QC35 II was a return for Sony running over them on both sound and noise canceling. Also feel a little wrong to buy them as they have Micro usb and not USB - C. And they have Blue tooth version 4.1. / Sony has 4.2 and Bose NC 700 has 5.0.

    Sony WH-1000XM3 Makes a mess of both Bose when it comes to music. They don't even lie in the same municipality :) It's such an amazing fantastic go punch and push in the sound so it's absolutely wonderful.

    Noise reduction is better on sony than on bose qc 35, equivalent to bose 700. I could not hear any difference against bose 700. qc 35 II I could hear difference.

    It should be clear that all these three handsets are not optimal to use when it is blowing, then you have to turn off the noise reduction, because they catch the wind in the microphones. Noise reduction is fantastic and addictive. It performs best on the flight, the bus, the office, where there is background noise, fans and ventilation, etc., it becomes silent when you put them on. Wonderfully, I have placed a watch on the in-ear model from sony, so happy I am with their WH-1000XM3, thought it is smoother with in-ear when to sleep on the flight.

    In short, they get 8 out of 10 stars out of me.
    The shortcomings are few but they are two - They are slightly warm, not piggy as some write, But wearing them 4-5 hours on the flight went cannon well, it gets hot but it is worth it because they are so incredibly wonderful.
    Some write that the microphone is useless if you are having a phone call. It's true with modification, rumor has it that the first batch of these handsets will be inferior to those sold today, but it's not something Sony has confirmed, but anyway, I'm sitting at home in front of the computer or anywhere in the home and take a call it works well, nothing that has complained about my voice or that it sounds bad. If you are outdoors and make a call then no, then the microphone is not good, the other party hears you badly. So if you work in an office and take many calls a day, then you should buy Bose. Otherwise not. Plus at the edge for sony vs bose is also that Sony has twice as long battery life than bose, Sony 40 hours, Bose 20 hours. Applies to both bose´s models. And Sony has NFC, so you can just put the phone against the handset, they sync together, Some laugh now and think what, it's just to go into the blue and search for them and add them, you do it just one walk. Yes, of course it is, But I sat in the departure hall at Arlanda and would do it, how many available units did it come up do you think? At least 50 pieces. Then it was just to activate NFC on the phone and put them against the handsets, walla clear.