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Samsung U32J590U

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  • Good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 9 months ago
    For 3690 SEK, it feels very affordable, nice screen and colors, although it has not set colors itself, has not tried too many games or watched movies in order to express it wholeheartedly but by the time I have sat with it so there is nothing to complain about!
    Went from 24 "144hz to this at 32" and 60hz; I was not disappointed! Getting started games like World of Warships or even Warcraft 3 felt incredibly powerful and very nicely graphic, became a new experience that I haven't been through before!

    Update: Has now used it for a few months and is still happy, the experience with 4K and the colors has been a delight. However, have had problems with flicker when on Freesync and playing games. Without Freesync, it doesn't seem to flicker anything at all. Hands that screen sometime here and there shuts off and turns on. A bit disturbing. Beyond that, satisfied.
  • Very good
    12 months ago
    Problematic -
    - The left half of the screen stays brighter than the right one, which is unpleasant after a while.
    - The stand is steady but the screen saves it very easily and it feels like it will fall off.
    - Changing the brightness is insensible, all over 33% brightness looks like max while suddenly under 33% feels too dark. I can not really fine-tune the brightness that I want it, but it's always too strong.

    Less problematic -
    "It's a bit of light bleed as it's called and it's clear when you look at dark pictures. Around the edges and sides you can see a little darker stains, hard to notice but it is noticeable.

    Bought the screen for about 3800kr but I do not feel it's quite affordable for my part. Of course that's 4K resolution and I do not mind it. It's a big screen too, so it's great for working with something that requires surface. Also, it's great to watch movies on as well. The colors are great, I think. I can imagine that you can work with Adobe Photoshop and the like where color plays a big role in this screen.

    It's a good screen, I have to admit. It just does not really fit my needs. There is an option from Samsung. A similar screen but at 27, 144Hz and 2K resolution. It's probably something I'll take a look at.
  • Acceptable
    1 year ago
    Very ghosting on my ex.
    AMD Freesync did not work.
    Had a piece of the panel that flickered on different occasions.
    For me it was returned.
    I did not think I was sensitive to how a screen is, but it seems to be so. Looking for better options.