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Philips 436M6VBPAB

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  • Very good
    9 months ago
    I use this screen for console gaming, having previously used a 300 nits or so screen the difference is amazing, well worth the upgrade imo. The extremely bright screen and VMA technology does cause some black light bleed if you are looking for it. The reported pixel arrangement causing a diagonal mesh appearance is apparent only at very close viewing distances (50cm or so), i use mine on my desk about 1m in front of me and dont notice it (for console at least). Local dimming is a little strange if not used to it, when swapping between bright sky and dark shadow viewing I can see the screen adjusting its brightness over a time period of a second or so. If you are very fussy perhaps hold out for OLED to come to this size, but for the very reasonable price (I got an ex demo one for $900) I have no regrets. note: there are 2 models, the hdr1000 version is the good bright one that you want, it's model number ends in PAB. If you find a model number with R instead of P in it, then that's the inferior version.
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  • Acceptable
    7 days ago
    Use: PC screen, sits almost 2 meters from the screen.
    Layouted with BGR pixels is visible in anything that is multi-colored, such as gray
    The taillight blends in enormously, and is visible on all single-color tones that take up more than 1-2 zones.

    What is Gucci is that freesync works well in games, drops from 60 to 40 are not noticeable.
    The contrast is very good, which makes it a dream to read the manga, for example. Although BGR in the same scenario produces huge with green scaling defects.
    The colors are above average, but not strong enough.

    Had actually been a mere innertier show the backlight was uniform.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 4 months ago
    Edit: updates my review. The discoloration below disappeared after the screen was turned off one night and did not return. Think it is an excellent screen that meets my expectations.

    Unfortunately, I experience the same thing as rsjq does.
    Big discoloration on my screen, maybe a Monday copy but anyway it has slipped through the quality control.

    See here:
  • Perfect
    4 months ago
    Updated: 4 months ago
    I have now used the screen daily for about 8 months. Read some reviews here and got a little frustrated. I have not seen any problems with it having BGR sub pixel layout. Then I use it most as an office monitor and if it was something that was obvious then I would have noticed. When I switch to ClearType, the text becomes clearer. I also have Philips first 40 "4K display alongside as reference. It has amazing depth in contrast. Black is pitch black. It does NOT suffer from any backlight bleed. However, I have two new Philips 27" with IPS panel that I purchased a few months ago then a big problem with this. So no, I don't recognize any of the reviews I see below, so I'm wondering if they put the reviews on the wrong screen.

    + Very convenient with remote control. Hard to go to a screen without remote control. However, it is almost a must as the joystick is difficult to access on the back of the screen.
    + No PWM which allows you to lower the brightness of the screen without it flickering which is quite important if you have dark office.
    + Very fast response time is important in games. I measured this in the beginning but now I have forgotten the exact figures.
    + VESA Adaptive sync also works on nvidia graphics cards. Very important as you might be able to get the graphics card to deliver 60Hz in all modes. You experience quite good flow even when dipping down to 48Hz. However, it requires turning on Fast sync (which is not the default) in nvidia's control panel.
    - What I really REALLY miss is that it is bent. I think this screen goes a little over the limit of how large a flat screen can be made. Imagine you put two 22 "screens side by side. Wouldn't you have put them in a straight line?

    I just bought a curved ultrawide 34 "3440x1440 .. but no. These screens can't be compared. At least as many lines of code cannot fit so it will endure with this 43" until I find a similar fixed curved.
  • Decent
    9 months ago
    An upgraded monitor that I think is best suited for console gamers. If you are supposed to use this monitor for your PC at all, be sure to mount it on a wall mount up and down. Yes you read right. Philips thought it was good to use a BGR pixel set instead of RGB. The problem with BGR is that it is not compatible with Windows ClearType, which makes text blurred. So the solution is to place it up and down, rotate the picture 180 degrees inside the settings, and then tilt it you have an RGB monitor.
  • Terrible
    10 months ago
    cannot be used as a screen because of the remarkable sub-pixel layout that makes everything look pixelated. may work remotely but not as a screen.
  • Terrible
    1 year ago
    This screen is suffering from extreme backlight bleed, which unfortunately makes it completely useless if you are closer than 2 meters away. In addition, the small "RGB diodes" appear very clearly, which gives the feeling that a cloth of jute weave has been added all over the picture, I have never seen anything similar. My 2-year-old 4000-kr budget-4k TV looks better (much better!) In comparison, both as a TV and computer screen (and then I'm 60cm away from it).

    Besides this, the place looks sad and the joystick on the back screen is almost unusable. Do not be fooled by nice pictures and cheeky advertising slogans, this is qualified junk.