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Xiaomi MiJia M365 E-scooter

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  • Very good
    5 days ago
    Clock electric kick to son. Feels solid and good quality. A little heavy but rather that than any plastic shit. Don't regret that I added a little extra and bought this than the very cheapest shit. Spare tires followed.
  • Perfect
    6 days ago
    Nice product. Tried something rented in Oslo gate like Voi or Tier, afterwards wondering to buy a self and bought Xiaomi from E-Wheels Drammen. Very pleased :) Xiaomi is as solid as other commercial products on Oslo's streets.
  • Perfect
    2 months ago
    Smoother than expected.
  • Excellent
    11 months ago
    Updated: 2 months ago
    ~ 6 month holdings. Tested during both winter and summer, definitely works better now in the summer, noticeable capacity difference on the battery, but probably think the system thrives better chilled during somewhat colder periods, especially if you talk about this summer ... Yisch.

    Bought black model from Banggood for just under 3000 SEK, incl. all fees when it was shipped from the EU (came with UPS, unharmed, big fucking package with good protection.)
    Driving distance at writing: ~ 70 km.

    PSA: If you can, check with the seller that you get the newer 2-fuse variant, otherwise the following guide may be needed:
    (My came with two fuses.)
    Estimate 1/2-fuse by model number:

    Update 2019-02-19:

    BEFORE FIRST USE: Run any M365-capable app (Android "Segway-Ninebot" or "Mi Home" and set Brake / Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) Strength to Low. Some have reported that problems occur when combining strong KERS with one fully charged battery.

    TL; DR: Extremely satisfied with quality and features so far. Took the damn fun to drive. Neither too aggressive nor too tame the acceleration curve. (And with a fairly heavy load of 185 cm, 90 kg and possibly 10+ kg for backpack.)
    - Possibly a little shabby damping already with air-filled tires. Not worried about personal injury, rather that already small ledges hit the scooter quite hard.
    * Loads only to 75-80% to maximize battery life, end voltage is otherwise slightly high for lithium cells. (= <4.20 volts)
    * Included charger feeds at ~ 65 Watts, which, with a battery capacity of 281 Wh, provides a charging time of about four hours. The batteries should, however, withstand 1C, so you might need to be able to modify to charge faster if needed, if you stand out with a brick to charger.


    Have done the following modifications, mostly for amplification and for ... Well ... You never have enough hobbies:
    * Strategically glued all cables accessible from the outside with wet room silicone alt. universal adhesive, to relieve cables and connectors.

    * 3D-printed following (only tips, all rights to creators, thank them!):
    + Steering Backlash Corrector: (0.4 mm worked perfectly when the scooter was new.)
    + Backlight Cable Protector:
    + Hook for bag:
    Have a separate collection at Thingiverse with accessories:

    * Filled both tires with ~ 200 ml "Slime Tire Sealant" each (eBay, type 200 SEK), some form of durable puncture protection. Polyurethane based, possibly. Run air-filled original tires. Also, the solid micropore tires are at your fingertips, but not particularly keen on changing because of the already low attenuation.

    * From "Curious Joe" (sells 3D-printed, laser-cut (?) And CNC-enabled accessories to M365, sends from Sweden so fast delivery (has no connection / affiliate, only informs):
    + Protective Display Sticker (rain and splash screen)
    + Fender both front and back, glued with super glue.
    + Thickest Battery Cover with damper, 6 mm if I remember correctly. The original from Xiaomi is admittedly of known resistant polycarbonate, but some seem to have had problems with the battery rattling around slightly and causing scrap damage.
    Used blue Loctite (rather Biltema's counterpart) when attaching all screws.

    *** Resources / Info:

    The battery seems to be connected in the 10S3P, using LG-manufactured 18650 ~ 2600 mAh cells with part number LGGBM261865, could possibly be upgradeable to INR18650MJ1 with a capacity of ~ 3500 mAh?

    Run f.n. stock firmware (1.4.0) because the range is of the utmost importance and customfirmwares seem to focus most on performance. But consider throwing in custom firmware for the ECO mode which is slightly closer to the normal mode.
    Firmware unlock guide:
    Update 2019-01-21: Switch to custom firmware with speed lowered to 20 km / h per current legislation. Beware of reducing KERS at the same time, think so that each energy version introduces inefficiency (s).

    Unofficial User's Manual:
    (Not mine, and seems to be only in Spanish, unfortunately, chose French in high school for half an hour ago. But Google Translate works pretty well, and the pictures are good!)

    Is there a thread on SweDroid:

    PSA: Drive carefully and always responsibly so that electric bikes and electric cars remain legal and well-respected by the public.
  • Very good
    3 months ago
    A little weak in the uphill, otherwise it performs as expected.
  • Excellent
    3 months ago
    Solidly built and simple and fun to drive