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Jabra Elite Active 65t

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  • Barely acceptable
    1 month ago
    To me, these didn't work at all. I had them for a week, then I gave up and returned them. Despite the different sizes of the "ear plugs" I did not find any that fit me. I eventually chose the smallest size, but it made them sit too badly and easily rolled out. The sound is mediocre. Battery life is nothing to cheer for. They also discharge completely if you do not manually switch them off, and it is difficult to know when you have actually managed to turn them off (you have to hold down the button on the right handset until you hear a sound). My couple also had big problems with getting only the sound in the right handset, and you have to repeatedly press the left handset. It is disruptive, and pushing the handsets while you have them in your ears is very uncomfortable because you physically push the handset into the ear canal every time.

    So no, it was to go back to my tried and tested Backbeat Fit which I now have renewed love for after trying these.
  • Very good
    1 month ago
    Short review:
    A couple of seriously affordable kids, especially listening to and moving around. Sufficient battery life, good sound, good noise canceling, fits well in the ears. The only minus is that the microphones are not adapted to speak outdoors.

    Long review:
    I've been using the headphones for a week now with both PC and OnePlus 7 Pro. I am satisfied, for me the handsets sit tight and good in the ears without scratching or moving, even during exercise or other activities.

    The sound quality is in my opinion better than one would normally expect from a pair of in-ear headphones and it is possible to adjust EQ within reasonable limits using the app. Noise canceling is also good, although it does not reach the same level as a pair of over-ears for obvious reasons. I use my handsets in public transport, at work, and when I workout and the handsets block out most of the sounds around. The hear-through function is perfectly okay, but like all such functions, the microphone's direction and register are limited. It works well when exercising or cycling so that you do not become a traffic danger iaf.

    Where the headphones fall for me is the microphone. If you sit indoors in a quiet room it works perfectly okay, but using outdoors if it is blowing or there is a lot of noise around is difficult as the microphones pick up very much ambient sound and in addition amplify some wavelengths so much that it hurts the ears on it you talk to.

    Finally, the battery life is completely okay, can handle about 5 hours without losing range or similar that other BT handsets I have tested have had problems with. The charging case recharges the handsets quickly and makes it easy for a day or two without the need for a wall socket.

    All-in-all a couple of very affordable kids I recommend!
  • Decent
    2 months ago
    The biggest weakness with the headphones is that Jabra is a company that manufactures headsets for office environments. Unfortunately, this has affected the software in the handsets which is not optimal for private use.
    When I pair the handsets with two devices and move away from them a little, I periodically get information that:
    Two devices connected.
    One device disconnected
    Two devices connected.
    One device disconnected
    Two devices connected.
    One device disconnected

    This to me is extremely annoying abundance information, others may like to get an explanation that the device you are not using is now disconnected. .
    If you will not use multipoint, ie connect it to, for example, two different mobile devices then this does not matter.
    Normally, I get this information around 10-20 times a day.
    However, the information is probably good if you are going to use the handsets in an office and need to know which units are paired.
    Otherwise, the handsets work well in the gym. However, sometimes the left handset goes off. Can be fixed by long pressing the "decrease volume" button.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 3 months ago
    Very good headphones. Probably best released so far for acceptable price.

    Compared to galaxy buds, Jabra has significantly better listening. Every day of the week. The sound in the messages is good but jabra is sharper. These are still awesome!
    Will be interesting to hear the difference between the upcoming Bose Earbuds 500 and 700. But by the time you certainly have Jabra version 2 on G.
    End of edit 2

    The fit is significantly better than jabra elite sport 2.0. Can / will hurt the first few times when it is easy to test all the buttons, flaps, turn in reverse etc. The ear does not like this.

    Seems to have a coating that prevents fingerprints. The same applies to the charging unit / box. The charging unit is incredibly smooth in my opinion. Just great. Hemp easy to open and easy to close. Seems real and can handle some of the abuse / tapping on the floor. Squeeze on its short sides while opening the lid. Much easier than tearing up the cover with nail when you get flying headphones to pick up from the floor. Not usb c. Same for me. Has adapter and cord.

    Jabra's app must be used to configure eq and some more features. Even jabra systems? app running in the background (slightly weird actually).
    Works well. No mess. Pair the handsets before opening the app.

    The sound in them is very very good for being wireless. Can certainly get to eq to sound like bose if desired. Blocks all sounds really well. The hearing is important. A little wind noise can be heard in heavy winds, but not half as disturbing as the construction of the boos.

    Tested to run with these paired to the smartwatch Huawei watch 2 4G version. Works great. No problems at all. Really nice actually. It was about 30 degrees outside and sweaty worse. Maybe they get a little loose - it feels like. But they kept their closure perfect. Don't roll out.

    However, do not know if the equalizer retains its setting when paired with the clock. Should ask Jabra.

    The hearing is canon. A must. Bye bye jaybird run.

    Unfortunately, listening does not work during calls. Can't hear my own voice. Can be defective. Subtract points here.

    No audio delay on Netflix with Samsung S9 +.

    Thinking of real wireless? Are these right?
    I've had Bose free, bose soundsport, jaybird x1, iconx 2018 and Jabra elite sport 2.0 + one more.
    These whip them all - overall. Maybe that iconx 2018 nowadays with its updated eq can be an opponent .. But doubtful. BT 5.0 like that.
    Bose free and sound sports are idiotic at workout in winter time. Hat with them hurts.

    Maybe Sony's wf-sp700n is something to have. Unfortunately, they have sunny battery life. But it would be interesting to see if their noise canceling takes out the bump in the head that occurs during sports like downsizing at high speed due to the tight closure of the plugs (it is possible to make a few cuts in the plugs).

    Cruel kids. Do not hesitate. Better probably not until bose does your design - that is, with the sponge shape. When they fix it and face noise canceling along with good connection is the day when I will buy new ones to test.

    Update 1:
    The Sony wf-sp700n sat like that in comparison to these. Sonyn's noise canceling was non-existent. Actually didn't seem to work at all. They were bouncing around a lot as well. Go on jabra!

    Comply foam true wireless fits these and the charging unit can be closed with them on.
  • Perfect
    3 months ago
    Updated: 3 months ago
    I've had mine for two months and bought them for SEK 1290 on Netonnet. Never had true wireless before.

    I use them daily for practically everything - music, videos, phone calls - at work, at the gym and at leisure.

    The build quality feels very solid and robust. Have dropped them a few times without a scratch, and I do not worry about them breaking. Sweat / dust warranty of two years. Stylish design (blue / copper). They are slightly thick and stick out a bit from their ears, should anyone with excessive vanity read this.

    Comfort and fit depend quite a lot from ear to ear, but it comes with two extra pillow pairs in other sizes that at least make them suitable for most people. I ride on the biggest ones and they sit like cast in the ear. They have never trembled with vigorous movements (being a gymnast and throwing their heads around in all possible directions).
    The button presses often cause you to mash them in the ear canal, which is unpleasant, but you react to that most at the beginning. You must take a little pain. If they get too deep, however, they can sometimes block the sound for some strange reason - but just need to sneak a little on them and they adjust.

    The sound quality is good. Not exceptional in any way, sounds good simply. A big plus for a 5-band equalizer in the app that gives you the ability to adjust bass / mid / treble as you like. The Hearthrough function is brilliant, sounds from the environment are captured by the mic so you can answer "hello", "thank goodness" and "you can throw the receipt" to the cashier without removing the headphones.

    Other technical eyebrow raisers for me were that I typically never have to think about turning them on or off. Happens automatically. You can also have only one headphone (the right one, the master) if you want it for some reason. The app also has a GPS feature so you can see where you last had them if you happen to fumble them.

    Battery life is cruel. They held a full 5-hour bus ride a while ago, with about 10% left. Also nice that you can see the battery percentage in the app, seems to be pretty reliable.
    In everyday life they hold even better because they often take them off and on, and then it is quite natural to put them in the case (2 whole extra charges) that refuel them again.

    The case is small and handy. Neat, sturdy. Has a hinge indicating the battery status of the headphones and one for the battery of the case. Nothing to complain about. USB-C would have been nice but how irony spiky must be. Here's how much extra work it means: Disconnect the USB cable from the charger you have for your mobile. Insert the microusb cable. Two hand movements. Get it together.

    4.5 / 5 rounded up means 5/5, hurray!
  • Perfect
    3 months ago
    Love these! At first I thought they didn't fit my ear, but after a few days I had to wait for the feeling. Good sound quality and LOVE that you can shut out screaming group training instructors out. With these, I can train in peace and go all the way into my own world 🤩
  • Decent
    4 months ago
    Sat very well in the ear during running and with very good sound quality.

    Unfortunately they did not work for me as the right earpiece is the master unit and the left only slave. I run with my Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music on my left arm and with the receiving unit in my right ear, the sound was very choppy. Did not find any information that it was so before ordering so I tried but got a return because of this.

    A product idea for Jabra would be to release a version with the right ear as the master and one with the left to let the consumer choose where they want the receiver. For me it was a change to Samsung IconX where you could choose which one would receive the signal.

    Must also say that it felt very neat to put a micro-usb on the charging case instead of usb-c. Then you have to have a separate cable for it when all phones have usb-c for a couple of years.
  • Excellent
    4 months ago
    My first true wireless handsets.
    I'm really happy. Bought them because I would start running more .. haven't run that much (huh?) But use these a lot anyway :-D
  • Decent
    7 months ago
    Updated: 7 months ago
    Is good at what they are created for. Sitting very well and the app for these is very handy. Sounds better than iPod's air. But do not count on detailed sound. Good for true wireless, but if detailed sound is the most important thing for you I would have bought something else. I use these for training and because they are perfect.
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    Updated: 7 months ago
    Sitting as molded in the ear without having to feel clumsy or in the way, I usually have problems getting in ear to sit tight but these were perfectly fit with the medium size that is on delivery. Discreet and stylish.

    Have tested 2 wireless earlier, Airpods and Havit g1w .. These whips both in all respects. The sound picture with the base does not even compare, here is the depth that I was looking for even at high volume.

    The charging case is smooth and fits well in the pocket, smoothly with diodes for both the case and inside for the status of the handsets. No problem to open if you do as in the description .. Press on the side of the case ..

    I have big hands and were skeptical of the small printing plates for different functions but it works to 100%.

    Have read that some people think it is a minus that the handsets do not attach magnetically to the case. I myself have been disturbed by the pillion to get out the handsets when they are stuck magnetically, have resulted in a chase after the floor on the bus more than once. The case will NOT go up in the training bag because it requires 2 hand grips to open, and I have escaped chasing kids on the bus because I just knock them out in the hand. Therefore consider this to be to Jabra's advantage.

    Can't find a single minus on these kids, is completely sold on them. Just have to be the best at the moment in the price range.

    Update immediately if I find something negative and after I tested them with mc helmet ..

    - Update 8/5

    Have tested with half open mc helmet / EU moped and they work canon at 50 - 55 km / h. Sitting perfectly in the ear, not pressed into the ear or moved out of position when I put on or off the helmet.

    Perfect sound as if I was standing on a busy road, according to the ones I talked to at 50-55 km / h talking in normal conversation tone, surprisingly good do not understand how it can work.
    Jabra Sound + talks about who is calling and asks if you want to answer or not with voice command (deny / answer). Then put the music back on. Sold completely, it is highly recommended.
  • Very Poor
    7 months ago
    Put very good on me. Sounds okay to be True wireless and sound a completely different level to airpods. However, one should remember that there are threads for about 500 notes that sound better.

    Despite some positive things, they still cannot be approved by me because of two things. Firstly, the left snail (if I remember correctly) has a constant weak noise, which I think is completely unacceptable for all types of headphones regardless of price range. On the other hand, the handsets are unbalanced where one snail sounds higher than the other. Was thus returned for my part.
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    Good sound after a little pill in the equalizer.
    Nice to control music and call directly with Google assist without picking up the phone.
    Sits well in MY ears.
  • Barely acceptable
    7 months ago
    The sound is okay when they sit. Which only the left does well for me. Have never before experienced the phenomenon that right and left sit differently on other in-ear lurks but it became clear with these. Perhaps it is also at least partly the reason why the volume just as many others say is perceived higher on the left side, which gives a cash balance. In addition, they often dropped the connection with my P20 Pro and Sound + app, which led to complicated reboots.

    Had high expectations for these but despite a more than approved sound in the price range it became a given repurchase. Hope True Wireless as the product category matures during the year because I would very much like to find a couple of really good kids of this type!
  • Barely acceptable
    7 months ago
    Updated: 7 months ago
    Really good headphones but the lowest volume is too high on the iPhone and a rather loud beep is heard when you press the buttons, unfortunately does not turn off in the app. Otherwise a good product but are you worried about tinnitus so look further.
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    Updated: 7 months ago
    When you can buy these kids for 1400 SEK, it is a cap, awesome base if the fit is correct so that the sound arrives. So it is with all in-ear, it is really important with fit. The two other plugs that came with made everything sound like a battery-powered radio on the beach, for me it was the greatest right = superb sound. Has never been able to use Apple's lurks, but here the biggest plug fit like a slap with excellent sound.

    + the same good sound / bass as with nested hands if you get it right in the ear. 10/10 on sound in the price range!
    + hearing easy to turn on / off (works less well with listening if cycling, wind noise is not the strong side of this headset)
    + Battery life good, simple controls for music playback / volume
    + the reach is cruel, I go downstairs when the cell phone is on charge and it only works when I come to realize that the cell phone is not with me, so damn good (Xperia Z5).

    -When you turn off the headset, the left earphone seems to be on so it will be discharged. Pointless when right is master, left cannot be used without right. Not good that left is discharged if you just closed on the right.

    + -It is about getting them right in the ears, I have found the right size, but it still requires a little tricking to get the good base. It's both good and bad. The sound becomes MVG but it takes a little pill for my part so of it + -

    When these are available for SEK 1400, my advice is to buy if you want a true wireless with good bass and something that is safe and secure in the ear.
    buy purchases that Klotty had said.
    edit: you need jabra's app for pimpa base.
  • Acceptable
    7 months ago
    Relatively good sound, feels solid and comfortable fit. However, the sound is really bad when connected to a Mac. Jabra's explanation for this was that "the headphones are only meant for smartphones". So, if you intend to use these as training slings, I recommend them, otherwise you should refrain ... Remember, however, that it is only the actual lurks that are weatherproof, i.e. not the charging case.
  • Perfect
    8 months ago
    Have had my jabra for 6 months now and couldn't be more satisfied when I lost the lurks searching over 20 times I can say that they are more sustainable than iphones. Plus the sound is 10/10 in my opinion in the alfalfa. Can only recommend buying for those who are thinking about buying👍👍
  • Very good
    8 months ago
    I have had my Jabra Elite Active 65t for almost 2 months and used them a lot for both running training, gym and in the office. The sound is generally good for the price and type of earphone. Of course, there are other headphones that offer a much better sound for the money if that is what you are looking for. They sit comfortably and safely in my ears. I felt a little uncomfortable at first when I used the controls directly on the headphones, but this discomfort disappeared after a couple of weeks of use. I do not experience any delay in the sound when I watch videos with a mobile or laptop that also has bluetooth 5.0, but there is little delay when they are connected to older gadgets. During training I have them connected to a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active for music / spotify which works great. The only negative I can say about the headphones is that they can only be paired to 2 devices at the same time. That the case is charged by micro-usb instead of usb type-c feels a little outdated too. They are almost always available at good extra prices, so I had not recommended paying more than SEK 1400 for those who would have the ordinary price be around SEK 2000.
  • Perfect
    8 months ago
    Sits very well despite large ear canals.
    Supports multipoint.
  • Excellent
    8 months ago
    Updated: 8 months ago
    Completely satisfied with these except for the lack of USB-C for charging.
    + The sound, sounds better than my wired Sony in-ears
    + The fit, stays in the ears during strength training. Have not tested run. Don't get hurt in the ear by pressing the buttons that some seem to get.
    + The range. Can leave the phone on a shelf in the gym and move freely without losing the reception.
    + The battery is sufficient for my gym passes, which is max 2h. Can't comment on how long they are enough but I don't have to load the case often at all.
    +++ You do not look like an Instagram bitch with white toothpicks protruding from the ears.
  • Excellent
    8 months ago
    Sit no matter in the ears and have never rolled out, can run, jump and do any kind of activity without even going out.

    The sound is really good, especially when you mix the bit with the equalizer and raise the base. Certainly, on-ear headphones or larger headsets have better sound but to be completely wireless and so small I can't complain.

    The battery life is even better than what is described, 5 hours with MAX volume but it is very seldom you max as long, when I listen to 50-60% they have been enough for almost 7 hours.

    The kids also look really good according to me, like the color blue / bronze a lot, did not like the look so much at first but when I saw them in reality I changed myself.

    The microphone is also good and does a good job of filtering out wind if you talk in them outdoors, especially to be so small.

    Now for the best: The hearing! Really good function for me and use it all the time, I work in industry and instead of taking out the handset every time you have to talk to a colleague it is just to activate the listening. It works really well too, was pleasantly surprised, it sounds like you don't have the lads on, though a little more "treble".

    Negative: Isn't there much to write here except that there may be some discomfort in my right ear when I have been wearing them for a few hours in a row. But it is enough that I adjust them a little and then I can continue to have them in.
  • Excellent
    9 months ago
    Previously completely wireless from Sony but left back.

    These that I only used for training in a gym environment work well. Quite okay for the size, you are guaranteed to be satisfied. Battery life is very good, do not think the meter is correct in the app for after 2h training it shows about 85%
  • Very good
    9 months ago
    Very pleased.
    Comfort and fit are really 10/10 in my ears.
    Overall, I wish the sound was more crisp and the look more discreet.

    No noise or uneven sound level as other comments claim. Trying to compare the snails in every way and not understand what you are talking about.

    Based on my experience after a couple of weeks of use:

    Comfort 10/10, canon works to train and run without falling out.
    Sitting as a bitch, even friends who have tested are impressed by how good they are.

    Function 9/10, waterproof, fits all applications, closes out sound on eg. the subway because they are so slim in the ear.
    The buttons have all the necessary and good functions, but wish that you did not have to push them so hard.
    Powerbank in the storage box for another 10h is gold worth! Wish the ash was a little more slim so it fits in your pocket.

    Sound 8/10, more than good after adjusted equalizer, maybe missing a slight bass and depth, satisfied!
    Mic sounds great for conversations and not mushy like many other wireless ones.

    Appearance 8/10, looks pretty good and slim in the ear appearance.
    Wish they were a little smaller and a bit more discreet, more like the new Galaxy Buds.
  • Excellent
    9 months ago
    Would really like to give the headphones full pot. I have nothing of the problems the previous reviewers described.

    + Babe
    + Sound (!)
    + Smooth
    + Call quality

    - For me with tiny ears they are not very comfortable, feels like the right earpiece always wants to roll out. Hence I have to pull off a star.
  • Acceptable
    9 months ago
    Updated: 9 months ago
    Purchased Netonnet 1390kr

    Thought it was too good a offer to refuse with SEK 600 discount on other stores.
    Top Value!

    As the user "msanon" wrote yesterday, it is positive:

    + TW is so smooth in the car, on the promenade, the ride. No annoying jumpers or cords that get stuck or fucked.

    + Good sound, better than I expected. However, there is no depth in the base.

    + Smooth controls and easy pairing with the phone

    + Sit perfectly in the ear, do not fall out.

    So to the negative then:

    - The sound feels like it's a little higher left. A little.

    - The kids are constantly roaring to and from, the intervals vary greatly. Sometimes it sounds for a few seconds, then silently for 30min and then roars again. Sometimes they roar every 20 seconds. This seems totally random, but is incredibly disturbing because the noise goes right into the ear. You become like "snaps" on it after a while and can't bear them in. The kids behave in this way when hearthrough is deactivated.
    (Note that this is not when you listen to music / phone calls, but when it is quiet and no media / calls are used)

    Not decided how to do it, but lean towards repurchase.
    Had the lads costing 600 SEK I had accepted the noise and only used them when I wanted to listen music, but if they cost over 1400-2000kr you can think that they should be able to run them as phone handsfree as well.

    Fix the problem Jabra.
  • Very Poor
    9 months ago
    Updated: 9 months ago
    Ok headphones of robust quality but the price should be around 5-600kr considering the deficiencies on the inside. I thought you would get a lot more headphones for the price of these.
    The sound is much better in my thread in the creative EP630 which has cleaner, deeper and wider sounds regardless of volume.
    I give these low ratings for the reason that the amplifier in the left handset is of poorer quality which causes a noise sound at higher volume. When you pause the music, the noise disappears after 2 seconds. In addition, there is a very small imbalance in the volume level between the hands that many people do not notice, but I hear it.
    This is a weakness for Elite 65t that many users have reported. According to Jabra, it should be so or they just close their eyes to the problem because they do not know how to solve it.
    In any case, I will try to advertise mine so you can see if they are only returned without action or if you get new ones that may have improved. Probably they will have the same quality shortage.
  • Excellent
    10 months ago
    Sitting very well. Good sound and great conversation sound even for the person talking to. Absolutely superior experience compared to airpods.

    The IP rating is also a plus as you can actually train with these, again compare with airpods, and they sit hard hard without being annoying.

    The included dock works great and has had no worries with battery life despite longer flights. The noise reduction definitely helps but is of course not in the same class as full-headphones.

    The only minus is that they are still quite large but the design is still better than airpods.
  • Very good
    10 months ago
    My first completely wireless headphones.

    * Battery life is quite ok, the container contains a couple of charges but at the same time it is discharged so do not count on always having 15 hours regardless of how long it takes between use.
    * Add videos were expected but still a bit boring.
    * I like the sound picture and am not capable of describing a sound image but I usually have a faiblesse for Bose and Sony's XB line.
    * Very good talk in telephone experience with these. No complaints at all, either from me or those on the other side.
    * Have problems on a few occasions that the left handset is not connectar but then it has been enough to stop in the left hand side of the container again. Count on 10 and then pick it up again and put it in the ear.
  • Poor
    11 months ago
    Updated: 11 months ago
    Good features but boring sound. In addition, several defects. Not recommended.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Have owned these for 5 days and is incredibly pleased. Crystal clear sound and good bass. Those who say the base is bad is because they did not use the equalizer. Download the app Jabra Sound + and set the sound there. It became brutally good sound. Previously owned the JBL T450BT and they started laughing and the battery life became incredibly bad after 2 weeks. GOOD JOBB JOBRA!

    + battery life (15 hours in total)
    + Autopause / play (pause music when one of the shells is taken out)
    + hear-through (you can set how much noise you want to hear from the surroundings)
    + Sound quality (good bass, good treble and midrange)
    + Free app with several great features (including pedometer countdowns, GPS tracking of the shells if you lose them etc.
    + Sweat and dustproof (+ 2 years warranty if they break)
    + Can use the right call for conversation and only listen to music with it
    + Does not scroll out
    + Comfortable fit

    - The price (but not too much, you get what you buy it for)
    - Battery life (5h without charging pad) could have been a bit longer.

    Great headphones if you summarize!
    Do they use for gym and everyday life?
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    My first real cordless headphones, had them a little over 4 days, and just practiced with them and it just could not be better, they are good for a lot of time,

    emits some sounds when turning off the music, which makes it easier to listen / talk to someone.
    do not turn off switching on the shells if you keep them in the charging box when you are not using them,

    The buttons feel a bit soft so easily o press them when they remove them from their ears,
    as well as the base of the headphones is quite clumsy at the original setting (you can easily fix if you have Euqalizer in the music app)

    Even when i bother me is that Volume is a push while the next song is press + Second, it would be the other way around and that the speakers could not handle the maximum volume but the snapshot goes well,
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    Bought these for use in the office environment and in the gym. I'm worried about battery life, but as long as I have discipline and put them in the charger when I do not use them, I never have problems with the batteries, even though I have long hours in front of the computer with music in the office.
    I'm not a sound person, but the sound quality suits my needs but maybe some thin bass.

    But it is quite obvious that this is still the first generation of fully-featured headphones. Electrical interference from trams, alarm bows in stores and for some reason my open refrigerator causes the headphones to lose contact with what others pause playback.

    In theory, the headphones support to connect to two different devices (my iPhone 8 and Macbook case) but this creates problems. After pairing with two different devices, it suddenly takes a lot longer to connect when you start the headphones, you have no control over which source the headphones should listen to and they tend to switch back and forth even if you set up a device "mute".
    If I have the headphones connected to the phone and computer, leaving the computer, but taking the phone and the headphones with me to the other side of the office, I'll almost always hear from the headphones that device disconnected, device connected, device disconnected.

    It's a pity that they do not have touch buttons because it requires some finesse to use the buttons without hurting their ears.

    I chose to keep the headphones when I love them to be completely wireless, small and sitting comfortably. But if it had not been because my other headphones broke down, I would probably have left 65th and waited for the next generation.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Excellent headphones.

    + Fit.
    + Possible (thanks to Blutetooth) that both have PC & mobile phone connected simultaneously.
    + Good sound (but not amazing).
    + Mic works well when talking on the phone.
    + Battery life.
    + Good luck always connect well to the devices.

    - I have a little pain in the ear after 4-6 hours of use.
    - Slightly tight with replaceable rubber stoppers of different sizes.
    - Dumb placement on the USB socket in the dock. Would love to have it standing.
    - Cookie Android app that I can not really work.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Very nice fools and can recommend them strongly.

    - Good in the ear, no risk of falling out during exercise. Have rifles both jumped and cycled with them and there has been a cannon.
    - Good sound and sounds fine and fine.
    - Good review. Which is a big plus when I do not like to pick and drop them during the training session.
    - No problem making calls and talking through the naps, sounds good for both parties.
    - Intuitive controls. Have never had this kind of earphones before, but quickly understood the controls.
    - Good range

    - Would like to turn off the naps in the app. Have happened too often that I forgot to turn them off and when they are in the gym, they park together with the phone when I get a call, for example.
    - Has had the same problem as others that the headphones want to start after pause and remove them from the ear.
  • Acceptable
    1 year ago
    Good sound when you get the right "plopp". However, you sometimes need to put them back in the box to wake up and connect to the latest device.

    The playback stop function works as a function. Most often, they stop playing, but if you put them in the pocket, playback usually resumes. Not as functional as AirPods.

    Sits well in the ear and does not go out during exercise.

    Sometimes conversation works well, sometimes they take in all external sounds and then it becomes difficult for the other party. AirPods have a lot better sound quality for the receiver.