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Ninebot by Segway ES2 E-scooter

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  • Very good
    10 days ago
    Updated: 10 days ago
    Have driven this through rental companies for a while which eventually made me order my own, got tired of looking scooter and getting lots of damaged and discharged variants all the time.

    Got it home yesterday, ordered from Hemmashoppen and is very pleased with the price and shipping time (5700 SEK and just over a day).

    Quick start time from the moment you start packing it up to you leaving. The steps include mounting the handlebars and activating / registering; connect the cord between the pole and the guide, screw in 4 screws. Be sure to put some extra locktite on the screws in this step.

    Download the app and pair with bluetooth, follow the guide. To activate this scooter, a smartphone with either IOS or Android is required.

    Something I know now directly after maiden voyage is that the scooter is a little weak on the uphill slopes (I weigh 76kg), the extra battery is definitely a good investment in this regard as it increases twisted.
    Easy to get pampered and not kick physically one meter, keep in mind that this is after all a product that is intended for some physical activity as well;) Otherwise, this is a dream to drive.

    Tubeless tires definitely remove worries about puncture, which seems to be a widespread problem among competitors. ES2 has built-in suspension on both wheels and it is possible to drive shorter distances over gravel, cobblestones etc. even if it is not the most pleasant feeling. Tried this yesterday when other grades here on Prisjakt announce that you can forget about driving over such surfaces.

    Are absolutely sure that this will suit you if your goal is to drive the urban environment. Just take it easy on bumps and edges (try to avoid them completely).

    Another good idea if you choose to buy this is to place an order directly on an alarm clock also when one is missing, after all you will slip in silence.

    Helmet is really recommended!

    Now I will run this for a while and update the score in the future, am sure that these products are the future for commuting over shorter distances in the enclosed area :)

    Another detail I have thought of is that there is no really good place for mounting an alarm clock. One can attach one to the plastic part closest to the post but since this part is conical, an alarm clock with a bracket is required which you can adjust. Have ordered a home that comes today so this part will update tomorrow (2019-06-15).

    Motivation rating 4/5 stars:

    5/5 will be achieved if the turn would be better and if they could make the part closest to the post on the handlebar straight instead of conical.
  • Decent
    1 month ago
    Updated: 1 month ago
    The extra battery makes a big difference, highly recommended. Range, speed, torque increase. Incidentally competent machine with good app. No mechanical locking options are available, there are no good attachment points. No air-filled tires, which makes it impossible for occupants on cobblestone or other uneven ground. So forget to go on something other than asphalt. Easy to fold, does not take much space.
  • Perfect
    2 months ago
    Love my scooter! However, I would like to see some features that the electric scooter companies built in, such that it is not possible to drive away with it if you locked it via the app. Yes, it goes without saying that it goes away with it, but lacks that it does not beep and flashes and requires some work to get it to its own.

    But otherwise it is incredibly fun and quick to go with, I save money on not having to buy SL cards for +900 SEK a month
  • Excellent
    3 months ago
    Is really satisfied with mins ES2, it basically uses every day to and from the job, easy to carry it in the subway. Is there no reason why it should be great to roll it in front of it in folding position ..

    Locksmith via bluetooth apparently only works if ES2 is on, it is not possible to lock and turn off.

    Gravel / sandy roads are no obstacle, but on rain / wet roads the rear wheel splashes all the way up to the neck!

    Have also ordered extra battery that will give that little extra ...