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Phanteks Eclipse P300 Glass (White/Transparent)

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  • Very good
    27 days ago
    A quality chassis at good price but with few accessories and unfortunately it is poor quality screws / spacers.

    The chassis is really nice (white model) with good quality in the plate and nicely painted. Easy to assemble / work with and cables and mains are hidden on the back so the inside looks really "clean". In addition, nice with glass top and rgb light on the side, the light can be changed to several different colors or turned off completely if desired.

    The minus is that screws and especially the spacers (between the motherboard and the chassis) are of low quality, two spacers were broken directly when mounting the motherboard when they are not fully molded (the spacer loosens from the threads, something that cannot happen at fully molded spacers).
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Bought a chassis with smaller dimensions to replace a fullower, with a low price tag and a good and solid look, so I tested the p300.

    + Chassis has a very good construction quality and finish, the white has a very fine lacquer and appears to be thick powder coating. (the other black ones are carpet with rough surface finish)
    + Stable, thicker plate than some other cheap chassis.
    + Lots of space for very large graphics cards.
    + No ugly large hard disk cage that slams inside the box. (extra important when it has a glass window!)
    + Hardened glass window that is lightly tinted, looks much nicer than a foggy and after-time scratch acrylic plastic. A thick glass window also provides stability to the box when it is in place.
    + RGB fits very well in this chassis, with matt white intrusion, the RGB illumination becomes a bit dimmed so it does not blow in the eyes.
    + 2pcs 120mm Fans can be mounted on the outside chassis deck so they end up in the space covered by the front cover. (May not be seen through the glass!)

    # # NEGATIVE
    - Only one SSD cradle is included, although there are space and rubber fittings for two.
    (sitting on the back of the motherboard sheet)
    - There is only room for 3 HDDs, one can mount SSD's in all places though.
    - Not included with adapter to connect the chassis RGB with the motherboard, The adapter costs 49kr if you want it. (Phanteks RGB Adapter)
    - Only one 120mm fan is included. For overclockers and enthusiasts, it's too bad if you have hot components. (I have mounted two fans in the front.)

    Overall, I'm incredibly pleased with the chassis, very affordable even though I'm supplementing with an SSD cradle and RGB adapter, easy to build and hide cables, all of my components are hot black so the look is stylish.