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SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless

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  • Decent
    1 day ago
    Updated: 1 day ago
    Completely ok audio via optical from ps4 but nothing for the discerning via USB or from pc. No pressure in the bass and low treble.
    EQ changes the sound image but significantly degrades the sound quality.
    Same problem via BT.

    Good all-round kids but as long as you don't use discord or talk to others, my Bose qc35ii goes forward instead.

    The grade based on the purchase price 1690: -
  • Very Poor
    2 days ago
    Completely ok sound for gaming but totally useless sound if you want to listen to music. No bass pressure and a far too poor treble. Pressing these two with the equalizer will make the sound unclean. Do not really recommend them here if you should listen to music. I send mine back in return - promptly.

    However, gets 2 stars for comfort. Slightly heavy but comfortable to wear.
  • Perfect
    4 days ago
    Wonderfully crispy and well-balanced sound! Sure you get the pill in some settings to find "their" sound but then it sounds canon. The criticism about the bass doesn't bother me at all, even though I understand that there is no possibility of a "teenage bass". Was a little surprised at how light they felt and at first it felt like they would roll off, but after tightening the band on the jumper they sit perfectly. 1690 on Black Friday!
  • Excellent
    6 days ago
    Super worth buying on black friday
  • Terrible
    8 days ago
    sent straight back. really bad sound. I really do not recommend these kids.
  • Decent
    3 months ago
    Updated: 3 months ago
    Bought this headset during black Friday, November 26, 2018. Got it for SEK 1690 which was super.

    The sound is incredibly good very clear sound, then the comfort is very superb. It feels a little heavy and tight at the beginning with what it gains over time as the band expands and you get used to the weight. What made me want to hide this over my Astro a50 was that you could both connect the headphones to the computer and to the mobile simultaneously. Then we should not forget that the headphones come with two batteries so you can always replace the battery when one is out. this was a big problem for me with the a50 then i needed to plug in the usb cord to the headphones which made me lose the wireless. however think that a50 has better surround sound and that the bass is more heard so you play a lot of war games or listen to music with a lot of bass u in focus then a50 is a little better.

    Today, August 16, 2019, my artic unfortunately broke. the plastic cracked when I took off the headphones. have never lost them or so, I was very surprised that they broke because the quality of the headphones is very good (even feels better than my a50 which has lasted for almost 3 years) so I started to look around online for people with the same problems. apparently there were quite a few with that problem. sat and checked my headphones and pondered until I arrived at the reason. The metal housing that is in the headphones made of plastic. creates some kind of bend and pulls on the plastic every time you turn on, remove the headphones and during use but not as much. a little hard to explain with words but hope you understand. Despite these problems, the headphones are super cruel but a bit of a shame that it did. Hope I can get it repaired on the warranty.
  • Decent
    4 months ago
    Good headset but not perfect, which it should be considering the price. I like all the features of this headset, which was why I bought it, it is far from perfect.

    RGB is missing and certainly it is an unnecessary detail on a wireless headset as it shortens battery life. It feels like it should be included in any case with the possibility of turning off since this is after all the most expensive version of this model on long roads.

    Now that the headset has been out for over a year, there are still major problems with the steelseries software. The display bugs regularly on the hub, which is terribly annoying and that the sound of games often disappears when you pause with the settings. The EQ included in the program is basically useless as it hardly makes any difference to the relatively flat sound.

    The microphone is nothing to have, it does work but really no more than that.

    Despite these weaknesses, I am quite satisfied with this headset as it offers features that are completely unique. I can recommend this if you feel the need for the unique features that this headset offers.
  • Perfect
    5 months ago
    Updated: 5 months ago
    Just bought these kids and the difference to my old cheap Turtle Beach kids is huge. All of a sudden, completely different sounds appear when I play black ops. It was not particularly difficult to set them up and the small box included canon can set everything possible on these.

    The quality feels solid and they sit perfectly on their heads. Would just like to find which setting on EQ is best suited for shooters.

    The function with two batteries where you can always charge one is really good.

    The only downside I see is the price. But they got a little cheaper so definitely worth it!

  • Excellent
    7 months ago
    Updated: 7 months ago
    + Crazy sound! Well balanced. If you love bass it may not be the right type of earpiece for you, but the bass that is available is round and cuddly and does not take over.

    + I do not live big, but the only time I experience disturbances in the wireless is when I stand very close to the microwave oven and it is running, otherwise it works completely flawlessly.

    + Getting two batteries in the package is fantastic! In other words, it will in principle be no downtime if it runs out of stress.

    + The microphone is good. Have not heard anyone complain.

    + Bluetooth is very good. Experience no delay when playing games or video on the phone, which otherwise is always a problem with just bluetooth.

    + The software that comes with is updated frequently.

    - You can answer calls / music with the button against devices connected over bluetooth, but not your computer. Should be able to fix in an update, but will probably not happen.

    - Noticeable distortion of the sound if you raise the base more than one snap.

    * The headphones are comfortable if you can find a good angle on the handsets, otherwise I find that I get a little tired in the cheekbones after a while.

    * It comes with a lot of cords that I don't really understand. Why not just connect the phone via standard 3.5 mm?

    * The mute button for the microphone is easy to access when adjusting the handsets, but the microphone lights red when it is off so you are at least aware of when it happens.

    * The price is a drawback, but you really get what you pay for. Although it is a lot of money, I would call Arctis Pro Wireless affordable!

    * The bug with Steelseries Engine that Windows could not go into sleep mode is FINALLY resolved with version 3.14.1 and it was really time.
  • Very Poor
    7 months ago
    loses contact with one of the batteries. It is like one of the two batteries cannot supply enough with cream. Drops the contact ALL TIME. Avoid this product!
  • Barely acceptable
    7 months ago
    Good headset with buggy software. Windows 10 cannot go to sleep or activate the screen saver after installing Steelseries Enging. Unfortunately, the problem has not been solved after almost 1 year.

    For more info on the problem. Good headset but box software support makes it a bad buy.
  • Good
    11 months ago
    Updated: 9 months ago
    Satisfied so far, it has not been possible to test them fully than but they got them at a good price during BF at Elgiganten when I was not completely satisfied with the ones I have Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum what is positive here are battery changes the possibilities when sitting in games and the battery runs out and then you have the audio cable elsewhere. But a first impression is, according to expectation, no buzzing for my part writing a few more lines after properly testing.

    The summary cruel lurks but there are problems ..

    Run them for a while and there are some disturbances that might make me switch back to the Sennheiser GSP 550 or some I know is comfortable Sennheiser Sennheiser PC 373D comfort is a bit too important.
    - If you have pain around my ears when I have them on me after type 2h it's pretty hard pressure in the way that has been reached even though it shouldn't have been so have tried to turn them around but will not be comfortable at all.
    -When you eat or move, the lurks rub really badly and know some others who have problems with just the gnawing when the jawbone moves and some others who do not get any problems depend well on whether you have a real water skull so you may be able to cope.
  • Perfect
    9 months ago
    Most play with these, they are terribly good. Have tried a lot of different wireless headsets, bluetooth-based and the like. Sound-wise, they are good, no strange noise that wireless can often have.

    Functionally, it is the most wonderful thing I have been involved in being able to connect to the phone and the computer at the same time, and thus be able to answer calls in the same device that I play on. The wireless range covers my entire apartment, with concrete walls between the rooms.

    Qualitatively, they are undoubtedly the least plastic units I have used, everything feels really good, no wonder, as many other units have. They are definitely not to be compared with the cheaper arctis 7. Much better quality on these.

    Has never felt like I needed to charge the device, because there are two batteries, so one is always charged when storing it in the base station and switching is excellent, does not take many seconds because there are magnetic slots on the headset.

    The best headset I owned, and with features I can't live without. such as double batteries, long range and telephone + computer connection.
  • Acceptable
    10 months ago
    Bought these on black Friday. Bought them for about SEK 1600 but was not really happy. Apparently I have a big head as they squeeze under the ears. The sound is different to what I'm used to. A bit sharper and not particularly hot. A little pissing with EQ and it got better, absolutely OK. Have connected them to ps4 Slim so have taken optical from the TV. The reason I have left them is that I can walk around the whole house and listen to music without disturbing anyone and that they are really good to have while sitting on the couch and playing with friends. Then the problem with the clamps was resolved to some extent as I bought a pair of velor cushions from the manufacturer directly. Cost with shipping 260kr. The sound was different! Maybe not better but different and I'm not complaining. Recommend these only to you with small heads. And then for $ 200. Not Full Price!
  • Decent
    11 months ago
    Very good sound and a good solution for the two batteries that come with the purchase. A battery can thus be used while the other charges in a kind of control panel that also accompanies the headset.

    What, however, pulls down the grade is a "white noise" that wants to say a noise that is constantly in the hands all the time. Have only decided to keep these fools as I have managed to get used to this noise. Can say, however, that you do not hear this sound so much when you play, but there is everything there.

    So my conclusion is that if you can endure this so-called "white noiset" and you manage to find these on sale then I would only recommend them. They are therefore not worth the 3000 + kr that the original price is on.
  • Terrible
    11 months ago
    Updated: 11 months ago
    Saw and felt like quality but really mean lurking. Do not know if I got a bad copy but these were so badly bad that I could never use them, sent straight back and bought a few other fools instead.

    The sound of the speakers had really loud sound, almost no bass at all. Micen gave a really bad sound and, according to others, it sounded like a nose while talking. Also, often a small click of noise was relatively frequent when someone spoke, not very loud but enough to clearly hear it.

    I really do not recommend these naps and bought only because of many left very good grades on them. Can not understand that these come up in many best-in-test tests.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 11 months ago
    Bought for 1690kr. Great sound. Good features. Must mention that they work for the tv as well. Even though the tv does not have Bluetooth, it's possible to connect with optical or what it's called. For example, they have connected to the TV and to the phone at the same time. You can raise and lower the sound as kmr from the tv but also the sound of kmr from the phone. By pressing the volume key, the headphones switch to lower the TV instead. Pressing again, they switch to lowering / raising the sound as kmr from the phone (searched long on the internet but no-one has mentioned anything about TV).
    Note that you must select ps4 as source when listening from the TV.

    This is because they are really heavy and big. They are bigger than you think. You get pain in your neck sometimes of the weight. But have you been and tried them so you know. More targeted to those who intend to buy but not have the opportunity to test / try first.

    Raises the score. Once you get used to it, they feel much better. However, still heavy compared to others.
  • Barely acceptable
    11 months ago
    Bought Arctis Pro Wireless but not completely satisfied when they were boasting. Looking at Google, there are many threads around this. Went down to Pro with GameDAC, but not completely satisfied after I tested colleague Arctis 7 that had completely acceptable sound and no buzz. Switch to Arctis 7 2019 Edition and be happy! The sound in Pro Wireless and GameDAC is good, but the flexibility of Arctis 7 without buzz is worth more for me. If you adjust the equalizer and activate DTS then it is clearly worth the money. If you buy Pro Wireless for 3,500 kr then it is not acceptable with buzz to get good sound. I recommend Arctis 7.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    I bought these when I began to be really crazy for wireless headphones. They got to Elgiganten's sale before 1700, and for this price they are absolutely worth their price.

    I'm over at the end of the nap and still feel that it's a little strange to talk to friends and not really hear their own voice as well, with the built-in co-operation, this can be solved. If not as good as open fools. A vanesak dock.

    Soundly, I only have my Sennheiser PC 360 to compare to and I think they sound similar. Because of the closed naps in Arctis Pro, I thought it sounds more confined / bursting but noticed that I quickly got used to this and did not think about it anymore.

    By 1700, I definitely do not regret my purchase. Had I paid a full price and compared to my old naps, I would have thought about leaving.
    Had I not had my old naps, I would definitely like to give around 3000 for these. Really nice with wireless, a battery that is always charging in the base station and completely unplugging cables. comfortable are they too. Good quality and does not feel cheap in any way.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    It's crazy expensive, but yet another of the gadgets proves that "you get what you pay for".

    + The sound is absolutely amazing. I discover new sounds that I have never heard before in, for example, Destiny 2. The detail domain is huge and the sound image balanced.
    + Easy to plug in. (If you have a PS4 slim, you need to record audio from the TV's optical output if you want access to a scene and chatmix).
    + Intuitive controls. You learn quickly where mute and volume are sitting and it's hard to get wrong.
    + RF and Bluetooth: When you need to look at a roaming guide on your phone, you'll hear that sound while you have the poles and the play sound left.
    + Convenient! I thought the goggle headband sounded a bit lethargic in advance, but it looks like a snap on the head. Even the ear cushions are incredibly soft and comfortable and do not start even after 5-6 hours.
    + Dual, supplied batteries. Ten hours of battery life and always a fully charged backup battery in the base station.
    + Associate! Normally, I usually speak higher than what I really need when I play which family usually have some views on. In this headset you will hear yourself, giving a good awareness and avoiding dragging too much into audio volume.

    Wholeness can only be described as "Premium". The trumpets are incredibly well-built and proprietary and the sounds they produce match the visual impression more than well.

    - The price, but not yet. It's easy to pay as much for the headset as for the console you play, but you definitely get what you pay for.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Nice to function as BT headphones, can bring to work and listen music through the phone on the road.

    Will come home and sit at PC and then have a laugh
    stupid with the can directly.

    Sound from both devices simultaneously works smoothly.

    Good sound but nothing remarkable compared to Sennheiser threaded for studio use. Obviously ok nevertheless.

    For 1700: - a hood.

    + dual batteries, where you replace it with a full one (which is charged to the base station).

    sounds a little strange in one earphone sometimes (the error was that the range of PC lost signal, then it crashes a little before breaking completely, resolves with 2 double click on the button, then disconnects himself.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Awesome fools! Elgiganten 1690kr, thanks!

    BT with the phone and Wireless with the computer, at the same time!

    Sound +
    Mic +

  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    I have previously had 5 different headset in price range 1000 - 3000 crowns from Bose, Sony, Plantronic, AKG. This is in quality classes long across all materials and design. The sound quality is the best I heard out of the box. Most require many hours of recording but not these. Much belongs to the follower such as loads of wires and wifi transmitters with controls. Also works fine with just blue and music. Powerful bass and incredibly clear sound without recording. The price of approx. 3000 kronor feels reasonable. Now today it is unreasonably cheap. Buy!
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Does 3490: - seem to be too much money for a pair of headphones but turned on them, as I was extremely pleased with the last couple (siberia 840) who had the same concept (control station with built-in battery charger & bluetooth)

    + Dual batteries are included
    + Built-in battery charger in the control station
    + High quality & finish, no rubbish
    + Better sound than 840
    + Easier to change battery than 840. The cover is set using a magnet, nice solution. + Blåtand, perfect to connect the phone so that you can answer the headphones when sitting & playing & need to hear what's happening in the game.
    + Works well with glasses

    -If you have a big head, it may take a while before they get out, the same as 840 for my part. Squeezes some around the ears, but it is manageable.

    Do not hear any noise from these as I did in 840, but that was not disturbing me.
    If you want to run optically on your PC then choose ps4 mode, not completely logical.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    The lugs are a little tight and should be knocked out in some way (I use a wide trash for this) but they are very nice and classy + that the micken is not as bad as it has sometimes been described. This is probably the question of level setting. I have not been able to find a description of the fixed EQ modes but think the base feels okay, because it is easy to distortion if you turn the right bass. Other audio elements may not be amazing but clearly approved and they were impressive for audio tests available on YouTube. such as this:

    Overall: Very good fools for games apart from certain tighthets and that the base is somewhat difficult.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    I use my Arctis Pro fools primarily for games on my PS4 and sometimes also on my mobile while listening to music and watching movies. I'm not an embedded audio file, but I appreciate good and balanced sound across all registry and never enjoy it if it sounds boring.
    Over the years, I've had many different headphones in different price ranges, but I'm specifically looking for gaming headsets from Astro A50 (which can be seen as a direct competitor to Arctis Pro) and Sony's own official PS4 headset (which I was never really satisfied with having owned the Astro A50).

    Well, the first thing that struck me with Arctis Pro Wireless is how nice they are on the skull. The pillows on the hoods are in some fabric material which my otherwise so hot ears like and appreciate much more than leather. Over the head is a "ski goggle" that spans the headset over the ears, but it never gets so tight that it gets uncomfortable.

    The audio quality for gaming can be summarized in one word: Kalas. After playing a little bit in the EQ, you can get a sound image that's gigantic and busy, but still lets you hear all the details. The sound along with the surreal effect gives an incredible experience in war games like Battlefield and Rainbow 6, as well as the weakest footsteps from enemies. No, they track everything I've heard in gaming headsets, including the Astro A50.
    For music they are okay, neither more nor less. Arctis Pro is not primarily designed as music headphones but is designed for gaming.

    Something that bothered me with both Sony's PS4 headset and Astro A50 was that you did not hear yourself in the tricks while talking, but in Arctis Pro, you can set the audience to the desired level, something I appreciate a lot. Micken is not the best, but at least it is even with the Astro A50 and significantly better than Sonys dito.

    Another appreciated feature is the battery solution that allows one to have a battery in the headset while the other one is charging in the small DAC dosing box that comes with. Ingenious! Now you never have to play with a charging cable in the headset just because you forget to charge the battery before.

    The negative and what scares a little is well priced. At the same time you get what you pay for. At the moment, Arctis Pro Wireless costs just over 3000 bucks, which is a lot of money for many. I was lucky to get my naps a lot cheaper, but also new price gives value for money. If you play a lot of games as I do, it's worth putting some crowns on a good headset and hopefully they will keep this for many years.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Have not used them so very long but can write my first impressions. I used to use a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50x with a Creative Soundblaster Z sound card, which sounded divinely good for what I'm used to at least, but because of wear and tear on the nets and the cord, I wanted to switch to wireless. Considered many options but always got back to this pair and managed to get it pretty much cheaper than at new price.

    I can instantly say that I appreciate the fabric cushions something huge over the fake leather that the Audio Technica headsets had. They are pretty tight but have now used to it. It does not hurt the M50x did.

    The sound quality of the M50x is definitely better, but it's quite expected, but after a bit of knocking with the Equalizer on the DAC, that's included, I still think the sound is highly acceptable. After just a couple of hours of use, it felt so natural, for example.

    However, I can point out that there is a constant noise (white noise) constant in the headphones. I do not hear if I play or have music running or something in that style, but only at full silence. There is nothing that affects me when I firstly appreciate white noise, and I still take them when I do not use them. I think this is something that you simply can live with if you want wireless.

    The battery solution is absolutely genius! Two batteries, one of which is always charged in DAC: in the meantime, you always have the option of using them. This was probably one of my biggest problems with other cordless headphones, since I tend to forget to load them. Wonderfully!

    Being able to connect to the mobile and to the computer at the same time is also something I love. Applying my mobile to various games on and off and I'm nice to hear the sound while I have music or something else on my computer, or just sitting and talking to people without hearing anything from the mobile in the microphone.

    Speaking of the microphone, it's not the best I have to say, or at least what I've heard on Discord. Now, by themselves, I'm talking to the habit of using a Blue Yeti so that's quite understandable. There are multiple videos on YouTube that go through audio tests for just the microphone. Easiest to hear and decide for yourself. :) For me, it is at least approved at least.

    I actually do not know what I would like to wish from the headphones. They actually surpass me to be wireless and I think worth every penny! (Now I got them cheaper, but I was definitely pleased with the price they are currently on.)

    Updates the rating if I encounter any problems after longer use.