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Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

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  • Perfect
    25 days ago
    Family with children and we are really super happy with our V10a it goes every day and is easy to get when the kids pour out lots of sand from the shoes in the hall and when you want to vacuum a room. Have noticed that we vacuum more often individual rooms now that it is easily accessible. Have two robots that get stuck everywhere and require a lot of time to pick things up so they now live on the tip.
  • Acceptable
    1 year ago
    Updated: 2 months ago
    An update about 1 1/2 years later!
    I lower the grade slightly because of some things that you interfere with on daily use.

    - As some others have written about Dyson's machines, they are completely useless at picking up gravel / pebbles or simply "hard" garbage. 80% of the times it flies away instead and ends up in some corner. In other words, cleaning the hall during the winter is frustrating.

    - The suction effect is completely Ok and can handle crumbs, dust and hair on flat open floor surfaces. But in corners, stairs, between skirting boards and small nooks and crannies it goes bite. It is too clumsy and has too low power. Here you cannot, as with ordinary vacuum cleaners, suck up debris that has crept in.

    - It is no longer as easy to change a nozzle. It goes heavy and shreds some.

    Do I still think it's a good vacuum cleaner?
    Well! It is good at cleaning larger surfaces and is absolutely superb on carpets and on the sofa. But otherwise it leaves a lot to be desired.

    Sept 2018:
    Have used this machine for about 2 1/2 months at the time of writing. Don't miss our old cord vacuum cleaner.

    + Manages to run the entire home (smaller townhouse 4 row, 3 level) plus a large sofa on a full battery. Managed to empty the entire battery once with thorough cleaning.
    + Easy to handle! With toddlers in the house, this is used frequently several times a week. Certainly it is relatively heavy if you compare it with a cord vacuum cleaner where you only hold the hose plus handle and nozzle. But here you do not have to drag the vacuum cleaner behind you.
    + Awesome accessories that allow you to access everywhere. The motor-driven minimum nozzle is the favorite.
    + Absolutely ok sound level. I feel that it sounds a little less than a standard cord vacuum cleaner at normal power. On the other hand, if you turn on the maximum power it will be a decent life, but fortunately we do not need to use that mode very often.
    + Really clean as the rotating rollers do a lot of the work. With ordinary cord vacuum cleaners, you rely entirely on the suction power.
    + Charges the battery from empty to full for one hour. As mentioned, I have only managed to empty the battery once so far.
    + Easy to clean. Most parts can be rinsed off with water, nozzles can be pulled apart enough to remove hair, etc. that can get stuck around the rotating rollers.

    - Many parts feel and are plastic. You get the feeling that it is not as durable as a cord vacuum cleaner, but so far nothing has broken even though we hardly handled it carefully.
    - Easily emptying the container is difficult. If you use eg a half full garbage bag easily leaves debris and dust outside.
    - There is no solution to store all accessories in a good way.
    - The wall bracket is of poor quality. When you hang up the vacuum cleaner you want to keep the outer "cover" on the bracket and it feels like it should be broken off.
    - Animals.
  • Decent
    4 months ago
    In bagless vacuum cleaners, dust and air are separated from each other by centrifuge forces due to strong air vortices (cyclone technology). In most products on the market (ink V10), the air is passed through several smaller cyclones (multicyclone), which requires the air to be redirected several times, extinguishes a lot of power and gives a high noise level - in addition, regulation of the suction power is almost impossible, since multicyclone - vacuum cleaner only works with constant high air power. I have been running my V10 on medium and low power for one year and the result is a broken engine when dust penetrated into the engine. This is because dust and air are not separated from each other by centrifuge forces on low power. Dyson's customer service is very good. They sent me a brand new v10 main unit for free. I plan to run the new V10 only on MAX power as the technology for controlling the suction power is not yet mature and technically almost impossible.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    The Dyson V10 is a nice vacuum cleaner, but expensive.

    You can see that it is British, because it is absolutely best on carpets. But it works fine on hard floors as well.

    The biggest advantage is that it is very smooth to take out and vacuum something quickly with. For example, when someone has spilled something, when the children have eaten on the couch, or when you see some cobwebs up the roof.

    If you do not vacuum a large house or huge apartment at one time, keep the battery. We have noticed that there will be more small fast vacuum cleaners with Dyson than vacuuming everything at once. Then you simply empty the dirt straight down into the garbage each time. No smell, no bag to keep track of.

    Others complain about the transparent container, but I think it's great. You see any legobits and other people you have sucked up and can save them.

    I think it cleans about as well as a regular classic vacuum cleaner. Better on some things and a little worse on others. Before we had another hand vacuum cleaner that was useless. With Dyson's spinning nozzles you can easily get up much dust and dirt from carpets, upholstered furniture and car seats. The fluffy nozzle (a must for hard floors I think) brushes off the wooden floor at the same time so it becomes clean and nice. One drawback is that some things are sometimes pushed away rather than being sucked up, but this does not happen very often. Long hair easily spins and must be removed from the nozzles by hand.

    The big advantage is that the vacuum cleaner is so quick to produce, so the result is that I vacuum more.

    + Easy to pull out, very nice without cord
    + Easy to carry around and vacuuming moldings, high up, mm
    + Clean well, especially on carpets and furniture
    + More fun than a regular vacuum cleaner

    - Animals
    - Can't sit on (my kids are used to sitting on the vacuum cleaner)
    - Less supple way under low furniture (flex nozzle recommended)
    - Sounds pretty much at max effect (but I almost always run on medium)

    Perfect addition to robot vacuum cleaner for larger homes?
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Impossible not to love the suction capability of this cordless vacuum cleaner :-)
    Was very impressed when I dusted wet trickier area, the mat under the coffee table one and the entrance mat. You notice such a difference in only one pull on the carpet. It was not difficult at all to drive the vacuum cleaner over the carpet. Even at the highest suction power, it easily pulled over and did its job. Otherwise, I am used to the fact that such a vaccum is created that the whole mouthpiece to get stuck o everything becomes just difficult and knotty. Another advantage is that it takes such a small place that it can always stand ready to work. We have had endless discussions about the balance of the vacuum cleaner that often stands out and looks messy and is just off one for all of us.
    This is superb when you have a dog and a cat and thus the constant need to pull through mainly kitchen and hall. I was a little skeptical about battery life but have not had problems with the late first unpacking the day when it was not directly charged. Put it on charge after each use and it has been enough.
    It is definitely the best I have had but drilled a big hole in the wallet of a poor patch with the vacuum cleaner :-( a star went off because of the loud sound ... but with that suction ability you might be allowed to count on it.

    Over all ... super happy!
    // cvs
  • Good
    1 year ago
    I have had this for three weeks now with mixed delight. I had expected more of a vacuum cleaner in this price range. I got it because we have two dogs that shed hair and pull in dirt, no matter how you wear them. It is extremely convenient to always have a cordless vacuum cleaner close at hand.
    The flexibility to always have the vacuum cleaner ready.
    The top with a wall bracket so you always know where it is.
    Easy to work with. The heavy engine, however, makes the vacuum cleaner a little unbalanced to move between rooms and floors.
    Many good accessories that facilitate different needs.
    No need for bags with the container on the machine

    Not as positive parts:
    Sounds very much at full effect. Don't experience that it sucks well on anything other than full effect.
    Battery life suffers when I always run full power.
    Having a transparent container so you see when it is full seems to be positive first, but it is a little disgusting to see everything you suck up.
    Hard to access under the beds and sofas.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Have it for two months now and have to say it impresses me. Easy to use, empty and clean. Really catches up a lot of dirt from the carpets that the central vacuum cleaner cannot handle. However, it is no substitute for the home's large vacuum cleaner, more as a complement. Smooth to produce for easier cleaning. Would recommend the model "absolute" to get larger containers than motorhead and the nozzle for hard floors with the soft roller, which one does not get with the animal.

    + agile and powerful
    + easy to use
    + all accessories are clicked in, which means that they do not come loose as on many other vacuum cleaners.
    + cool design. Maybe not all tastes
    + good battery life on medium power. Can go a quick round throughout the house 146 sqm. Is probably thanks to the trigger that makes it not "on" when you do not hold the trigger.
    + loads faster than many other wireless vacuum cleaners

    There are many pluses with this, but of course also some negative points.

    - The place for the vacuum cleaner I experience something plastic and feels very porous.
    - only two holders in place of the accessories. Only one of the holders can be used if you mount the wider nozzles in the holder.
    - something expensive.
    - slightly high nozzles. Will not come under any furniture.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Have had it for a couple of weeks now on test for reviewclub. It's hard not to be impressed by this. Since we have two dogs that pull in some gravel and junk, I have been looking for a new vacuum cleaner. It has some disadvantages that I noticed before. The canon that comes with several nozzles for different uses, the disadvantage is that there is no storage space for this. The vacuum cleaner can be hung on the wall with its charger, it would be so difficult to send with any type of holder to the loose nozzles so you know where they are. However, the vacuum cleaner costs almost 7000: -. Would be interesting to test if the V8 is so much worse. In general, I'm deeply impressed and will be fun and see how it will handle Christmas with masses of adults and children and grandchildren running around. Then it's very nice with a cordless machine.
  • Good
    1 year ago
    Smooth for everyday life but too expensive

    We have used it for a few weeks now and we like it sharply. Easy to just chop off the wall and start using. It has a very strong suction power and even a little bigger "grus" goes with. On the other hand, if you are going to sleep under the sofa, then vacuum it low, then it will not work. It's great on carpets! Since we have more pets and so much fur around, we love the fact that it has such a good suction power.
    Was very disappointed with the battery life, however, keeping for a maximum of 30 minutes. And then we still need to pick up our cordless machine to make it clear, and then you miss more than half the score.
    Had not the price been so expensive we would have considered buying one, but considering the price and the battery life is not what was promised, it's too expensive.
  • Good
    1 year ago
    What power! A vacuum cleaner but really stitch! Carpets handle it like a dance, never seen them as hairless as now!
    Too bad you have to change things in such a difficult way if you have to get into some corner and dust. Very good suspension because it does not take much space for anyone with a little space. In addition, you do not need to buy vacuum cleaners bag here and there and just can empty right into the garbage is super smart!
    The negative is that you have to keep the power button all the time while vacuuming, which means I can not breathe for as long as I want when the arms are not able to cope.
    The price in return with the one you get is like that. A little bit expensive for my taste.
  • Good
    1 year ago
    I have had this machine home now for a few weeks. Like all this in the world, it has positive and negative sides.
    + Easy to pull up and start vacuuming.

    + Funny, even the kids think it's fun to use it.

    + Sucks well

    + Easy to empty when needed.

    "The price, almost 7000kr, I think is far too much for a vacuum cleaner.

    - Battery life, live at 80kvm and must be charged before I have vacuumed the entire house.

    - The nozzle is larger than usual so you do not get under the couch.

    In summary, I'm a bit dumbfounded if I would recommend it to anyone else. The biggest problem is for me the price. Does not mean that it hits an ordinary
    vacuum cleaner for 1000kr on more than agility.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    With a large house and carpet in some rooms and two family dusts, the Dyson Cyclone V10 was a superb choice for us. We had heard that Dyson was good for those who had animals and allergies.
    We thought our usual vacuum cleaner, the one with cord and hose, looked up well and did "clean house" so to say but then the case did not turn out when we tried this machine. We got up with dust and cat hairs where we, what we thought, had previously been vacuum cleaned.
    It's easy and easy to use so even the kids now clean their rooms without hassle. The battery is enough and is over.
    The only negative we can encounter is actually a hose under the front seats of the car.
    Besides that, it is absolutely wonderful!
  • Poor
    1 year ago
    If it sounds too good to be true, it's unfortunately just that. Dyson does not deliver what it promises - though it's easy and fast to put together and to exchange nozzles, but too heavy for one-handed and oergonomic to hold both hands.
    In a family with young children and a lot of animals it does not make any use - it works on open surfaces, but works badly in the corner and crutches, and is not powerful enough to pick up dog hair.
    I needed a quick, flexible vacuum cleaner to use several times a day - jump into the kitchen, clean up the hall after the kids, remove the dog's hair from the couch - and Dyson left me terribly disappointed.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Dyson's Cyclone V10 Absolute has really hit all my expectations! I used to have used other cordless vacuum cleaners and loved them, but this Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner is really something else! Thanks to Dyson's design, the weight is primarily placed at the top of the vacuum cleaner, compared to a regular cordless vacuum cleaner where the weight is balanced throughout the vacuum cleaner. Because of this, Dyson's vacuum cleaner makes it incredibly easy to maneuver and it's not heavy at all, as I thought it would be before. It's super easy to use and battery life is far longer than you can imagine, I have never had to cancel the cleaning design due to that the battery was over. In addition, the design and the fact that it's 100% wireless makes it easy to grab it and you never forget to recharge the battery!

    I highly recommend anyone who wants to find new ways to simplify and streamline everyday life to buy a Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute!
  • Good
    1 year ago
    Dyson v10 dust suction without hassle.

    I have used these vacuum cleaners a few weeks at the time of writing.
    The rest of the families continue to use our old carpenter vacuum cleaner.

    I have different functionalities due to nerve damage and I would like to participate in cleaning / vacuuming at home.
    However, as a wheelchair pot, it is difficult to handle any common vacuum cleaner, the cord is always under the wheels on the wheelchair.

    I lack autonomic movements because all movements must be thought, it gives both fatigue and brain fatigue. So a vacuum cleaner that is easy to handle would really be the best.

    The daughter is a day-care worker about bodily suction on each landmark.
    Look forward to being able to clean after me, as I tap the flour on the floor, and the ladies come to visit.

    + Easy to handle! With a wheelchair in the house, this is used diligently several times a week. However, it is relatively heavy if you match a slurry vacuum cleaner where you only hold the hose plus handle and nozzle. But here you do not have to drag the vacuum cleaner behind you and put it in the wheels on the wheelchair. Both +/-
    + Great accessories that allow you to access everywhere. Motor driven mini nozzle is the favorite.
    + Totally okay sound level. I feel that the normal power sounds a bit less than a standard mudguard vacuum cleaner.
    On the other hand, if you turn on the maximum power, sound will be sound.
    + Really clean when the rotating rollers make a lot of the job. With ordinary slurry vacuum cleaners, you only rely on suction power.
    + Easy to clean. Most parts can be flushed with water, nozzles can be picked apart enough to remove hair, etc. that can stick around the rotating rollers.

    -Do not manage to drive the whole home (smaller townhouse) 5rok, 2plan) + wheelchairs.
    I'm just rolling downstairs, so that's where it's used.
    The first test of Dyson went on 24 minutes, (at medium strength) then it was empty on power, charging just over 3 hours.
    - Charges the battery from empty to full of +/- 3 hours
    - Many parts feel and are plastic. You get the feeling that it's not as robust as a carpenter, but so far nothing has broken even though we hardly handle it carefully.
    "To empty the container in a smooth way is difficult. Do you use A half-packed junk can easily get junk and dust outside.
    - There is no solution for keeping all accessories in a good way.
    - The wall bracket is of poor quality. When hanging on the vacuum cleaner, you will want to follow the outer "cover" on the bracket and it feels like it will be broken off.
    - It is expensive.

    All in all, it's a wonderful vacuum cleaner, where both have sucked and engineered parts, but I'll get up tactically slung if I'm going to keep using it, making it too heavy for me and after a few minutes I'll be able to pause, but wheelchair users with a lot upper body force, I think I would like to value it.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Very efficient cordless vacuum cleaner. The mold nozzle is incredibly effective against dust and dog hair (I have 2 dogs). Easy to handle, but if you have to move under a low cabinet, take the engine housing / handle in the floor. The vacuum cleaner is easier than it looks and you can easily vacuum the entire house, or battery life, without getting tired of your arm. The battery life could be a bit better and a little higher power on the charger would be thankful. Many accessories come with the two rotating nozzles stand out as very effective. Very easy to have a wall bracket for it, if you only have a free wall surface with electrical outlets close. Good to have full power on the vacuum cleaner until the battery is empty, then the engine turns off completely. Other cordless vacuum cleaners I tested lose the effect slowly until it does not suck at all. Very good that you can remove the tube and attach the nozzles directly to the vacuum cleaner body and use it as a short hand vacuum cleaner, perfect for us by motorhome.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    A great product that changed my view of vacuum cleaners did not think a rechargeable vacuum cleaner could be as powerful and efficient as this!

    Suction capacity is huge but sounds less than a "vacuum cleaner".

    Superb building quality and easy replacement accessory, many of which are included. These cover the entire need for cleaning, whether it's the car, the bathroom, the living room or rugs or just a quick round under the dining table

    The engine is awesome and takes the smallest hair or dirt.

    Very easy to use and smooth around the corner, under cabinets and confined spaces. The battery life is very good and is without problems throughout the house.

    Dyson V10 Absolute makes cleaning easy and fast. Cool with a translucent waste bin, where you can actually see how much dirt is collected, even where we previously dammed with our "regular" lady sucker, as it missed!

    This feels like a premium product and I highly recommend it!