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  • Perfect
    8 months ago
    Best bang for buck - and by buck I mean battery. Consistently getting over 45 days worth of regular use but not gps use. Use an app called notify and fitness for amazfit, allows heaps of customisation. Not perfect but for price point hard to challenge
    Positives : Price , battery, size
    Negatives : Poor integrating with mobile notifications, gps can be a bit flakey, apple watch clone look
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  • Poor
    9 months ago
    Updated: 14 days ago
    EDIT 4:
    Lowers the grade to 3/10. Tired of messing with this ... I have recurring problems with the clock canceling workouts. The fact that the screen is not locked when logging training means that a jack or jersey sleeve can cause the watch to fall on a side screen and then lock itself. There is a temporary solution, but then, the clock does not work properly and it has been a long time since users reported it. See

    I myself received a response from support within 8 hours that the team is working on it but unclear when it can be resolved, and suggestions on using the guarantee.

    EDIT 3:
    Nobody was new when I was too skinny. Adjusts the grade to 8/10 and adds info:
    - aGPS works as it should when the watch wants updates frequently. It says even in the manual. It needs the help of the phone for effective positioning. Immediately after updating, it takes around 10 seconds to find a position outdoors. If you are not so careful you can skip the search message and still position it after a while. If no update is installed after a week, the clock will start asking for it.
    - It is only to deactivate the long-press function in the watch if it interferes.
    - Good with third-party apps (Notify & Fitness) which is a bit messy due to the number of features, but search function is available. For example, can switch music tracks and enable Google Assistant clockwise. It is also possible to activate automatic sync for exercise apps, but last it did not work with Runkeeper.
    - Quantities with dials to choose from in different apps etc.
    - Be sure to configure notifications to be able to see messages right on your watch.
    - Will also be able to use Tasker to do much more, but nothing I have time with.
    - It is quite clear in Mi Fit that Chinese is nothing further on translation.
    - About 700 bucks for me is a very reasonable price for what you get, not least thanks to third-party apps.

    EDIT 2:
    Have had the watch for 6 months. Not satisfied and looking new.
    - The fact that it wants several GPS updates for several passes will be a good thing in the long run.
    - On more than one occasion, an ongoing activity has just been interrupted in the middle. Maybe access the side button.

    Reduces the grade. What makes it still 7 is the price of getting GPS, pulse and really good battery life.

    - It has been strange, albeit small errors, when I exported passports to Runkeeper.
    - The pedometer doesn't work when I drive a stroller.
    - It stubbornly believes that in time and often you need to connect to the original app to update GPS, without installing a new version.
    - The GPS has been quite quick to find position for training sessions, type max 20 s. Now it is often dimmer than that.
    - Could be that the above is because I have talked to third-party apps.

    It has what I need at a good price. Requires third-party app to sync with Runkeeper, and costs about SEK 30. Strava and Google Fitness sync are available by default. The official Mi Fit app is nothing further with illogical layout. So it means some pill to get a more sensible user experience.
  • Perfect
    2 months ago
    For the price very good watch.
    It now supports Swedish characters åäö.
    Battery life of almost 2 months if not running with custom watchface.
  • Excellent
    4 months ago
    Updated: 3 months ago
    Do what it says and you get more than you pay for. Half the star you need the 3rd party app Amazfit tools to get the most out of the clock. Amazfit tools, on the other hand, are incredibly good. Has the phone in silent and vibration-free mode. Alarm that wakes me up but not kids and wife.

    The original app sinks with strava. The GPS is just like on a lot of clocks not as accurate as a dedicated GPS but good enough.

    Battery life one is phenomenal if one is not exercising. Think it's closer to a month. If you exercise you swallow it about 10% per hour.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Have had the watch for 2 months now

    Always have heart rate monitors on, but GPS only when I am out and walking at my leisure in the forest a couple of miles a week and then keep the battery between 2-3 weeks.

    Run with the app Notify & Fitness for Amazfit, it measures and logs virtually everything via the clock throughout the day, such as pulse, activities, sleep, deep sleep, routes that I have used with GPS activated. etc..
    Receives notifications with vibration for SMS, Viber, Mail and even subscriptions to Youtube.
    Although my alarm, fire alarm and temperature sensor can send push notifications or via SMS.
    Phone calls vibrate and can be rejected in the clock.
    Has also linked a weather app that provides a forecast / status
    To change and change appearance, I use My Watch face, which works, but could be easier to work with.

    There is actually a lot more to connect to the phone through this app if you want.

    Less good is:
    No Swedish support = strange signs for t.e.x Å, Ä, Ö
    No sound in the watch but only vibrations.
    Missing the ability to add apps to the watch, but can send push from the app.
    Without good app, a little too basic

    Serious and bad:
    The rubber belt can cause allergic problems / eczema, which it did for me. Several owners have had to replace the strap for something else

    Think you get very good features and a lot of money, especially connected with some good app, like t.e.x Notify & Fitness for Amazfit. Also, you don't have to load it every or every other day if you had bought a more advanced clock with support for t.e.x apps. It fills the functions I wanted for me and is for me a "keeper"
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    I've had the clock for just over a year now.

    Very good battery life. I use heart rate measurement 24 hours a day and run / cycle with GPS for about 2-3 hours a week. I load when it comes below 10-15% after about 14 days.
    Clear display even without backlight. Especially outside.
    Small and smooth to be a GPS clock.
    You can download or make your own "watch faces".

    It sometimes takes some time to get GPS.
    The heart rate measurement that measures on the wrist is a bit unreliable.
    Only basic functions when it comes to logging training.
    There have been some bugs in the software during the year but most things work well with the latest update.
    The org Fit Mi Fit cannot sync to other exercise apps such as Strava.
    I have solved it by using the app Notify and Fitness where you can buy supplements for Stravasync.

    Generally, it is good if you want a cheap simple sports watch.
  • Barely acceptable
    1 year ago
    Bad strap, invests a couple of patches more in a better watch.
  • Good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Very good: Battery life
    Such: Pulse gauge
    Pleasant: Gps, Not at all perfect. Updates come on a regular basis and it will get better.
    Missing: More sports profiles than the 4 available.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Not exactly a smart watch like Apple watch but just what I want. With a battery life measured in weeks, even though the screen is always on (without background light). But then the heart rate measurement is rejected.

    It can receive messages, count the steps, have an alarm and show the weather. And if you like, you can design your own dial with a little tripping.

    Bought for about 700 from honorbuy. Do not know if it works with warranty cases with them. But I have used the clock for six months now without any problems.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    I'm very happy with the clock, mtp on the price, I bought it primarily to use it as a sports watch with built-in GPS and heart rate measurement, this works well, and it has a rough battery life.
    The biggest shortcoming is that I would also like to export the result.

    I recommend the clock.
  • Decent
    1 year ago

    Good battery life

    A bit difficult to read the display in strong sunlight

    A little bad menu system
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Normally does not rate pricejakt but feel this watch is worth it. Looking very long after a smart clock / pulse clock that met my needs and returned several times to this one. Ordered from GearBest (slightly cheaper than Sweden). Have not used the clock for more than a few days and will update the review if it turns out that something is not right anymore. So far, my watch meets my expectations and needs.

    + Heart rate monitoring seems to be correct, compared with other types of heart rate monitor, although it does not keep up with fast changes but it was expected.
    + Alarm function with vibration, very good if you share bedrooms with more
    + Battery life, incredible compared to others, after a few days of freaking, some trips with GPS and continuous heart rate measurement (30 min intervals) remain 56% of the battery. Then I did not charge it since I got it and then it certainly was not 100%.
    + Appearance, quite discreet, not as good as Apple Watch, but not far from.
    + The display, clear, good viewing angle, good with "transflective screen". May be a bit difficult in dark unless the backlight is lit (either automatic or button press)

    - The supplied bracelet is on the verge of too short for me, has a little wider wrist. Should need a few cm to, may be available to buy (?)
    - Like other letters, it does not support Swedish characters.
    - Only English in the interface / menus

    Conclusion: Very affordable watch set for the features. The qualifier may prove to have had it too short to pronounce me.
  • Excellent
    2 years ago
    Writes this review after a week of the clock. Overall, incredibly satisfied, especially with battery life that is far superior to competitors.

    + Battery life! Have after a week of use with a lot of pills lost ~ 20% in battery. Finally a smart clock that can be used.
    + Stylish design, nothing to be ashamed of
    + Easy solution with the notes, and you can adjust exactly what apps you want to notice about the clock
    + Most features work very well

    - Sleep mapping feels a little doubtful. The clock is especially difficult to distinguish between quiet and alertness.
    - Can not handle characters other than the English alphabet. None Either Emojis appears at notices, but appears only as square symbols on the screen
    - Had to change language on mobile to English to show VEM calling and not just that it called
  • Excellent
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    A sports watch with a very good battery life, has been for about 3 weeks and still has more than 65% left in battery. Feels very well built. There are very many watchfaces to choose from via the phone. Depending on the version of the software, it may start chatting if you have any language other than English on your phone and it seems difficult to install the right software on it.

    + Very good battery life
    + Stylish design
    + Good quality

    -Can be problematic to update the software