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World of WarCraft: Battle for Azeroth (Expansion) (PC)

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  • Barely acceptable
    8 months ago
    With BFA comes a view into a "new" revamped world, as well as some nice updates in the old one. There are also "new" races, which you can take part of after completing various achievements.

    So far it's good. The thing that pulls the grade down is partly that it feels very worn out, but above all that the story feels very thin and unfortunately not at all up to previous standards. Aliiance vs Horde story is created to introduce the same elements, but with different characters who basically do the same. So there is basically no point in having a character of each.

    The idea of the expansion is, above all, to set the Alliance against Horde, and that is done. But the reason feels very cramped and if you are not passionate about pvp then this expansion feels sadly very boring.