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Jabra Elite 65t

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  • Decent
    1 month ago
    Good sound, but difficult to get a good seat. They are tiring to use when walking or moving as I get the feeling that they are going this out on a regular basis and therefore I constantly adjust / push on them. This has enough to do with the rubber plugs, because I have tested plugs from other headphones (cheap and bad sound that made me buy these) then they sat as molded, but they didn't fit in the charging case so I was just as far.

    I am very pleased with the sound, so I am a little disappointed that I dare not use them for walks, but at home it is nice to be able to walk around freely without a cord, but a bit of the point gets a bit lost when you have to take care of them that they are not going this out when you are going to be a little active.

    Conversational sounds are also very good, but have not tested them outside with noise around me for the aforementioned reasons
  • Barely acceptable
    2 months ago
    + Good sound and a little sound "directly" from the surroundings
    + Discrete in comparison with eg Bose alternatives
    + Good features in the app - eg background sound for the working day

    - Very poor mick - takes up a lot of background noise. Avoid talking in normal environments like on the street. Very annoying.
  • Poor
    3 months ago
    + Good sound.
    + Good fit
    -The environment feature does not record voices as well.
    -sensitive to magnetic or electrical interference
    (Works with an engine that starts short moments often. A Travers that lifts heavy products)
  • Perfect
    5 months ago
    Updated: 4 months ago
    I have had this for a few weeks and am generally satisfied. At first, they became a little uncomfortable in their ears after sitting for a while. But now it seems like my ears have gotten used to them and I he wore them for a long time without it getting uncomfortable.

    I'm not an "audio file", but the sound sounds great. What made me buy these was the call quality. It works superior to most other wireless earbuds. I first thought about buying Galaxy Buds, but watched videos that call quality was lousy. The Jabra Elite 65t seems to have very good call quality, which is important to me.

    They also fit well in the ears, and they have passive noise reduction (with the option of using a microphone to pass through outside sound if needed) which makes them good to use even in places where there is some noise.

    The only problem I come across is that when I'm not playing anything at the moment, some annoying "squeeze" comes from the right earplug. I don't know what this is, but it is quite annoying and seems unnecessary.

    The storage box might also have had a slightly better lid, but it will be small.

    Still, the sound quality and especially the quality of the conversation, as well as the fact that they sit well in the ears and have good battery life, makes me like them well. Not a full pot, but not too far away despite the drawbacks.
  • Very good
    5 months ago
    They sit well and the sound is nothing to complain about. Battery life would have been slightly longer, but is not worse than the competition.
  • Very good
    5 months ago
    Good sound and battery life.
    Can connect up to two units simultaneously which is smooth as a fan.
    - Charged with microusb
    -shell is very plastic
  • Good
    5 months ago
    I realized immediately that these were not for me for the simple reason that you cannot use one at a time unless you choose the right one ...

    I have previously tried several headsets and most recently come from Airpods (gene 1) which has become worse over time and everything but the fact above is better with these (the sound quality we can call unpayed).
    I always use one at a time to rest your ears and to double the battery life and be able to charge the other while one is sitting in it.

    Good sound but nothing remarkable if you want to listen to music.
    Ok battery life.
    The charging case is louder and has poorer build quality than Airpods.
    Good call quality at both ends
    Comfort to wear, however, not in the long run.

    Had I been able to use one at a time the rating would have been 9/10, but for me it will not really be stars at all because I cannot use the ones I want.
    However, I think that a review should be factual and assess all factors so that the reader can decide for themselves whether the problem is a problem for them.
  • Decent
    5 months ago
    Updated: 5 months ago
    Bought them today for 1100kr at Elgiganten
    + Slightly charged
    + small sticks it out a lot
    + remains in the ear
    + battery time good
    + good mic for conversation
    + connects quickly to the mobile

    - Makes ear pain! (Can be because I have small ears but don't know)
    -for some bass! There is no bass barely!
    - Any bad app

    Will leave them back!
  • Perfect
    5 months ago
    Plenty of good headphones, bought them yesterday and have nothing to complain about
  • Decent
    5 months ago
    Bought these jobs when it got too hot with my other enclosing headphones. Working on the line o building machines so there will be a lot of sound around o these sits as stone o encloses a whole in the sound. Passfomen can be a little tight sometimes, tried all sizes of the plugs o have now come on I have different sizes of ear canals ... so now they are sitting like a slap ... kind.
    Calling someone when you have them here is a bit of a nightmare. It must be completely silent about one because they record all the sound crystal clear but the voice ends up in the background. Have not come in any way in the app (sound +) to improve it at all. So when I call or get calls, I switch to my old wire headphones that came with the mob because it is no problem whatsoever for the person to hear my voice though I drill o rivets together metal parts when the mic comes closer to the mouth. Annoying to have with two different headphones for the function on one of them does not keep the measure. Now not everyone is in noisy environments ... But here's my industry review!

    + Sound great, good bass and a perfectly capable equalizer exist.
    + Do not fly out, sit well.
    + Has not needed the charging box once even, 10 hour shifts work. (Of course they are not in 10 hours ...)
    +++ They automatically switch off o restart the sound when you remove o into one of the headphones. This I love when you release the buttons.

    - Bad mic. They pick up anything but my voice. They could fix this with more targeted pickups perhaps. do not know. Piss is the one of them.
    - The buttons are too hard. You need to fix / pull out the earphone from the ear after each press. O it may take awhile, for me o my ears, to find right again. If one sits a little wrong, the sound comes more from one side o vice versa.
    -The charging box should have magnets or something that holds the headphones as the box can be a little hard to open. They have rolled out when I opened it.
    -The charger has micro-usb ... but this is a small minus.

    AND a good thing, which should accompany all wireless in-ear headphones, is a little bag or bag that you can put in the headphones so you don't have to put them in your pocket when you need to take them out quickly. Because if you put them down in a hurry then they are forgotten ... So, until I find a good little bag or something, I have to live with pocket watches in my ears
  • Very good
    6 months ago
    Good sound, very comfortable, stuck very well on my ears, do not have to push hard or something to make them sit! Unfortunately, it becomes a 4 instead of 5 because of the bad app that Jabra wants you to install that refuses to see that I have connected the headset 20,000 times already ... Otherwise great headphones!
  • Perfect
    8 months ago
    Bought them for 9 months ago and after having tested other brands, these were the absolute worst on the market. Was the gold / champagne color for 1290: - when they had rea.Super satisfied
  • Perfect
    10 months ago
    Updated: 8 months ago

    - Sitting very well.
    - The sound is great.
    - Good app with EQ and good settings, and you can see exactly the remaining battery life.
    - Good looking! Compare with, for example, Apple's airpods that are dirty.

    Having ordered "foam" tips, should see if it can be even better fit in the ear. Those included are standard tips but they work perfectly ok.

    Edit: It should be mentioned that those who complain about the sound are completely out and cycling. The sound quality is really good for the money and size.
  • Perfect
    8 months ago
    Updated: 8 months ago
    Awesome without threads!
    Bought for 1090: - on net net return ex.
    + Good sound (Maybe not the 1800: class, but still good for the small format! What can one expect from something so small?)
    + Good battery life 5 hours +10 in the case, never had problems with battery life despite the fact that I listen a lot to audio books, probably not a full working day, but easy to charge them at break.
    + Sits well in the ear (not so good in the sambons ear)
    + Good "hearThrough" so you hear the surroundings when you are out or about.
    + Good case (charge format etc)

    -Do not use the west earphone for himself (but it works to have left handset in the case without problems).
    - The case is a bit difficult to open

    Overall I am really happy with the headphones! Good battery life to be truly wireless, good sound and well built. Recommended!
  • Poor
    9 months ago
    Updated: 9 months ago
    Update 2019-03

    For this money, I expected more.
    That they then fall out of their ears made the decision easy. Returned the kids and now peek at replacements.

    Sound-wise I am not impressed because everyone praises these, but clearly approved with a 7 out of 10. Before I switched the plugs to L I would give them 3 out of 10. The base was barely heard, the sound volume felt low etc.

    Call-wise, it seems to be a saucepan, the conversation partners hear the surroundings more than they hear me and I have tried to both upgrade the handsets, the app, various settings etc. so do not know if I received a Monday copy .. :(

    Sickly dissatisfied at that point, so to the point that I have to find myself only using them as music lurking or returning and it leans on the latter ..
  • Poor
    9 months ago
    Those I got were filed further.
    The first one stopped shut off and on automatically when I left and took them out of the load shell. So I returned.
    The other one I got had a problem with hearing a static sound in the left when playing music. So I should also return it and buy another model. Too bad it would happen to those who have such good reviews.
  • Barely acceptable
    9 months ago
    Updated: 9 months ago
    For such a high price you have expectations of a product, and this does not fully match here.

    + Connects really fast
    + Stable signal
    + Good fit with medium size on the pegs
    + Battery life is good
    + Jabras app is ok, but should be as widget with selectable shortcut.

    - The sound is worse than expected, hoping it will be better after recording
    - Small pouch, no distinct fit
    - Led colors appear for a short time in the box, should be shown longer for perception of status
    - Slightly uncomfortable pressing the buttons on the shells

    The most important, of course, is the sound, which I am disappointed with. It sounds sad and does not bloom. They sound pretty much like cheap plugins. Equalizer only helps cosmetically. But I'll record them and see if it helps.
    I first tried the cheapest on Netonnet (Andersson) which only sounds marginally worse, but had a too weak signal. Undo the change a little now, as the price difference is huge.

    Edit Day 3:
    Left them back as the sound is far too bad for the price. Can't understand those who think that good sounds in the snails, though it is probably psychological, that you want to justify a purchase for almost 1800 SEK. I await the development on true wireless before I submit my purchase. It is a long distance left for the manufacturers.
  • Perfect
    10 months ago
    Really fat headphones, Sits unusually good in the ears.
    You do not have to have both hands out of the charging box at the same time to use one if you want to do it while one ear is free. Without one can use one while one is on charge.

    The app you download is a must.
  • Perfect
    10 months ago
    Updated: 10 months ago
    Great product. Sits really good in the ears. Quite okay. Good battery life and good app. Walked smoothly to update eg firmware and set up its preferred sound.
    Also closes out noise in a good way.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 10 months ago
    Very good lurking with good sound and above all good damping of surrounding sounds. It's almost like having earplugs on it and with a double click on the right handset you get a crawl.
    However, there is a disadvantage and it is when the handsets are connected to two devices simultaneously. Either way, the job mobile gets first priority, that is, the job mobile takes the voice control. If I plug in my iPad instead, it will be the main unit. Never my private iPhone. Desirably, it could be set in the app which should be the main unit.

    My colleague runs AirPods and I have compared them soundly. I thought Jabra had better sound and since they are tight, I didn't have to have the same volume. AirPod has the advantage of seeing the battery's battery status in the phone. You cannot do this for Jabra's case and you simply have to check the LED's color if it is green, orange or red. AirPod has no audio delay on audio clips but it does have Jabra though it has become much better after firmware updates. Now it's so little you can live with it.

    I installed an update a few months ago. Since then, people have complained about the noise around me if I'm in noisy environment and talking in the headset. If I take over the call on the phone, they think it will be much better. So it wasn't from the beginning. If you watch commercials, the sales argument is that the headset is good in noisy environments, such as calls in public transport and public environments. Another disturbing thing is that sometimes it sounds like the left earphone is broken when I insert it in the ear and I hear the voice that tells me that I am connected. It sounds really bad but a few seconds later the sound is good again.
  • Very good
    11 months ago
    Can really recommend, easy to get started and easy to use. Very good sound, tested a lot of headphones over the years and these are very good sound-wise to the price tag. What pulls down the score of two hacks is the case. Incredibly stupid locking mechanism that cannot easily be opened, you have to push and pry up the shit. Hope they improve this for new versions.
  • Excellent
    11 months ago
    Very pleasantly surprised by these. Bought a pair when my airpods fell out of my ears all the time. Soundly about equivalent to airpods I would say (when the airpath is sitting perfectly). These are very good when in-ear. In principle, they are impossible to "shake" from your ears. However, if you have the perfect sound, you must bet on over-ear.

    The only negative I can get is that it's a bit too hard to open the storage bag.
  • Perfect
    11 months ago
    Absolutely amazing. Easy to use battery life. Is good and sounds good. Otherwise, I agree with previous reviews so I keep short. Best totally wireless napkins on the market today - 10/10.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Wonderful naps! Bought first AirPods but left them back when both sound and fit (mostly later) were not met. 65t is hugely much better! (Uses the napkins of an XS)

    + Really good sound!
    + Easy to get started thanks to an unexpectedly good app
    + Good battery life
    + Good range

    The case feels worse than the one that came with AirPods
    -Marginally nicer than AirPods, which iofs does not say so much
    -I have experienced disturbances on trains and trams but could not really put my finger on when it occurs
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Super pleased with these tricks, have had a bunch of wireless headphones earlier but these are I very pleased with. Have had them a little more than 6 months now and use daily.

    + Good sound, speak like music
    + Smart features like you can turn on the microphone to release the sound outside.
    + When I remove one earphone, the music breaks (optional)
    + Good battery life (2 loads in box + quick charge)
    + sitting well in my ears when I jump, gymnastics, walking, etc.
    + Google Assistant
    + EQ in app

    - Would have liked a little more bass & Noice Cancellation.

    Buy! :)
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Best TWS on the market, snapping sharper than AirPods thanks to even better microphone on call and clearly better bass reproduction thanks to the inear design.

    Run them with iPhone and have never had problems with either dropouts or poor sync when i'm watching YouTube.

    Highly recommended!
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Almost perfect despite new technology!

    + Really good sound
    + Good battery life
    + "Listen Through" feature works really well
    + Stylish (cf. Apple's awful white creations)
    + Sits very steadily as they are clean
    + More freedom than I ever experienced with a pair of naps / shells
    + Being able to listen with only one eyelash in one ear

    - wear fatigue; After a couple of three hours the fit is tiring for the ears
    - They fall out of your ears if you are sweaty, beautiful about your skin / ears, or if the shells are getting the least dirty. Nyduschad and wiped seals sits those who go wherever you go, but you happen to put a fingerprint on them, so they glide out of your ears straight away trying to put them in.
    - Mic: one at a call. It perceives ALL around you, making it work perfectly at home in silence or at your own office, worthless in town.

    On the whole, however, a fantastic freedom, I can really recommend these naps. Had a pair of Jaybiird x2 and Jaybird Freedom 2 before these, these are clearly better.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    A few months after the purchase now ...

    They work very well and the sound is okay to be wireless
    But a magnet that held them in place in the case would have been good
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Very attractive. I have used these for almost two months and enjoy them very well. However, not good at all for games (hence just an 8th), see more info below.

    + Good sound (and I usually run Beyerdynamics iDX series).
    + Good comfort. Sitting comfortably and steadily never falling out. Comes with three different sizes on bids, but the standard works fine for me.
    + Good insulation. It removes a lot of the disturbing noise on the subway, but if you need to talk to someone or listen to something, you can double-tap the right-hand snake to allow sound through the mics.
    + Good battery life. The promised 15 hours seem to be alright. I take care without a problem for a week's commute (1h in each direction) and one-time use for lunch and afternoon.

    - Does not support aptX at all. This means:
    - No aptX HD, which causes FLAC to be compressed as a fan due to low bitrate in the transmission. Sounds still good, but still.
    - No aptX LL, which means that the latency of the sound is about 220ms, which leads to ...
    - ... They are not suitable at all for games. For embedded gamers, one quarter of a second's delay in all sounds is completely unacceptable and many games that happen a little more in are ruled out as the sound is lagging behind.
  • Good
    1 year ago
    They are good, but I think that's pretty uncomfortable. This is probably because I have too little ears for them so that's why they shave a lot.
    I will leave them back today.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Can really recommend these! They are good, the coupling is top with a very good range, can walk around the house and they do not lag and do not drop the connector! They sound quite neutral so no direct focus on treble or bass but can be changed in the app. Battery life seems to be good so far. All I miss is a magnet in the loading dock to keep the tricks in place when you put in and pick them up on the go. Also, I thought it would be USB-c when loading the dock, but now you can get pulled with micro-USB. Like the feature where you can put on the microphones so that you can hear the surroundings, perfect when you need to talk to someone but do not want to get out of the nap! :)

    Good price and very good product, super pleased so far!
  • Good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Update after 3 months of use:

    I use them often, to music, on the train, during exercise, when I walk, or just if I want to listen a bit separated at home or at work. Very smooth that the music stops when you remove one handset, as well as the hook that makes you not completely away if you're on the train or so.

    I can get a little pain in one ear after a while's use, they squeeze a little on a few points if you do not get them right. So, they're probably not for everyone's ears.

    The sound of music is good, and even conversation. However, the recipient complains that they do not hear me, it cuts lots, so I can not use them for conversation for that reason. Wondering if it depends on the Bluetooth connection, because the microphones should be really nice. Unclear why that is so.

    Ever since they've got a good deal of connection to the phone, then it's enough to put them in the case and take out again for a reboot and they'll work well again.

    Original review:

    Have used them a number of times now, most recently on cross-country skiing. Feels nice, but fills out the ear in a different way than usual in ear with cord, which took a while to get used to. It would have been nice if everything was a little soft, and not just the plug. It is not certain that the hard plastic has the right shape for everyone's outer ears.

    The sound is ok with a good bass, but I'm not an audio file and I'm thinking about using them for training. Equalizer The Jabra app is quite simple, but does it to tweak to what you want it.

    The right good range, combs go around the room with the mobile on a table without any problems, but stone walls in the apartment do not take them through easily without cutting. On the other hand, there is no direct problem, the range is considerably better than a cord ... :)

    The function of listening through the microphones is nice, and you can set how much noise you want to pass through. At a maximum, a faint noise is heard, but at about half the effect it is quiet and you can then conduct a normal conversation without removing them. However, the setting does not appear to be saved for next use.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    My SBH20 broke down when I got stuck in the cord so now it was time for true wireless. Was really waiting for Airpods 2 but was a bit offensive when I did not want to look like a complete idiot. These do not make it look normal, but at least they are a bit more discreet.

    Plus so far:
    - Good
    - Good sound
    - Very good to be able to set as much ambience as possible.
    - Superb battery life. For me, it's perfect to be able to put them in the case and they are automatically loaded.
    - They start and connect to the phone when you turn them up.
    - Right good app

    Less good
    "Once upon a time, I've been involved in the fact that one handset scratches a little. It has happened when I previously just picked up a nap to answer the phone, so it depends probably on the sinking. It was resolved by putting both lugs down in the case and picking them up again.
    - The plaster may feel a little hard in the ear, but it is marginal
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Sitting well Sounds good!
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Really satisfied, cannonball to be wireless. I usually never have inear tricks (tricks) but these are really good. Buy them only.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Simply the best true wireless headset today.

    I have previously thought airpods were the best option despite some drawbacks. These drawbacks made me look for new ones and then I found them.

    It succeeds in delivering where airpods did not:
    1. They are very effective in preventing external noise from penetrating, so you do not have to hear so loudly (airpods demanded in many situations so loud sound that it did not feel good for the ear).
    2. The holder is good in your hand, is not slippery and has a natural grip, you do not risk losing it as easily as airpods).

    In addition, they deliver in areas where many others do not do it today:
    1. Conversation quality is very good. The 4 micks in each seashell pick up your voice very clearly. Also works when standing next to a heavy traffic road.
    2. The sound is very good. Right of all, the app offers the possibility of variation via equalizer.
    3. Hear-through function. This sets you through a double-tap on the right-hand seal and makes the sound picked up by the mice and played in the naps while the media sounds. A little bit treacherous, but very useful function. You can also set the app how much sound you want to record.
    4. Sitting extremely well. In principle, you can not drop them and yet they weigh very little and are comfortable to have in your ear for a long time.
    5. Stable battery life. It is clearly in the top layer with its 5 + 10 hours and fast loading.
    6. Good connection! Bluetooth 5.0 gives you direct connection to the mobile right when you pick out a snake (can not even get it in your ear). You can have multiple devices connected at the same time. Nothing puts between picture and sound. Never disconnect the connection. The shells are constantly in sync.

    Clearly the best offered on the market today.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Really good wireless fools with bluetooth 5.0. They seamlessly connect two connected devices seamlessly when removed from the case. Experience virtually no disturbances in transmission between the headphones, as well as the video streaming clockwise (Youtube, netflix & hbo). The sound is neutral and clear in default. Can play really high. The sound of phone calls is really good. I have used them for about a week and experience the battery life 5h.
    The charging case is small and smooth. Also correct with battery time, about 2 full charges.
    The headphones are relatively small and flexible, sitting really well when turning in place. The size of the rubber plugs determines the level of exclusion of sound. The clock function for "perception". I have the default mode where music / pod is played while a default level of audio input occurs. Just pause the music to hear the surroundings fully. Ambient sound is perceived naturally.

    Good app: Jabra sound +.

    Minus: The naps are quite hard and give me certain (not much) soreness after longer periods of time. I had also hoped for a slightly longer range to the phone before the connection drops (after about 10m), at the same time, it's probably more my phone's error that does not have BT 5.0. The final deduction is a bit petty, but make sure that the headphones are not held in place with magnets in the case.
  • Poor
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    They seemed really promising, but I got the right problem soon.

    As close as possible, the flow of music was interrupted with a difficult static noise. This happened slumably, but could happen even if I held the phone right in front of me.

    They were also not so ergonomic for my ears. The outer harder plastic surfaces tore after a while.

    Very likely I had come home a faulty couple, but still disappointed that it might happen with such an expensive product. Especially considering that the wireless headphones I intended to replace were of the (extremely) cheap variant, which never bothered in a similar way.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Bought these naps primarily to release the cord. Did not think that the sound quality would be so remarkable. But I was wrong!
    Crystal clear sound throughout the registry. The biggest limitation is probably my own hearing curve.
    Connection is stable, no blister for a total of several hours of use. The convenience is perfectly fine for me.
    Absolutely affordable.
  • Poor
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Terrible vicious to have in, at least for my ears. The buttons on the plugs are incredibly hard to press and it hurts far into the ear canal when changing songs, controlling volume, etc.b Could be touch sensitive instead! They also look quite appetite versus their Apple. But still be the noise when you walk, which means that they passively pass and the steps propagate through the rubber stopper.

    Otherwise, decent sound. Seems the function that eliminates external audio was quite useless, noisy, digital and too weak when music is on. At all quite weary to use, better pulling out the plugs. But then, stress to get them back and you also risk that the rubber stoppers fall off and remain in your ear.

    In other words, they go right back to the store.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Received these today and have tested them a little tonight. So far I'm super pleased! I have tested different true wireless headsets, but no one fits in my ear (eg Jabra Elite Sport). These are like a shot! Good sound and good call quality. But what you're talking to is still a lot of sound from other things around you. The voice sounds any better than others I've tested.

    The only thing I have to postpone on them is that the charging cassette is a bit hard to open and you are a little hard to know if you have placed the earplugs right there.

    Recommended otherwise at your warmest!