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Jabra Elite 65t

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  • Barely acceptable
    9 days ago
    Updated: 9 days ago
    Used these for almost 10 months, both running and strength. Sits perfectly okay when you turn them in place. The sound is okay.
    The microphones are totally cash and capture more around one than even one's voice so calls are just to be forgotten if you do not have it absolutely dead quiet around you.
    The ear gels are of substandard quality and do not last at all, new ones cost SEK 150 for two pieces, which is absolutely shameless.
    Charging case completely okay but feels like it will not hold deed it requires some force / handling to open.
    Listening only works if the app is running on the phone, ie not if you run with them connected to a watch or yourself.
  • Very good
    19 days ago
    My first wireless earbuds are hard to compare with the alternatives. Is not an audiophile either but I think I notice when things sound good or not. Thought mostly to use them for podcasts and the like (ie speech) but feel that they deliver well even for listening to music. For natural reasons, the base is never as heavy as a pair of "real" headphones (have a pair of Sony MDR-XB650BT for comparison) but would still say that it impresses and other registers sound good too. Jabra's dedicated app is really good for setting the sound balance but does not really seem to reproduce the battery life correctly (shows 100% after one hour of listening). But the battery life is really good so no real problem. The app also helps you find your headphones if you lose them by logging in the place where they were last used. If you have a tendency to neglect gadgets, it is probably a good feature.

    Other benefits that can be good to know are that the plugs sense when they are in the ear and start as soon as you plop them in. It is also possible to use only one of them, iaf the right one.
    Really good fit too; fits well without bothering. Shuts out ambient sound quite well (for example, you can listen to the pod and vacuum at the same time) and the function to amplify ambient sound works well, albeit a little selectively. However, they protrude a little in the ear so it is not possible to lie in bed with your head on snow because then they press in the ear. I can imagine that neater wireless earbuds such as airpods work better here.

    The storage box where they are loaded is neat and good but inflexible to open, anyway my copy. Must hold it with index finger and thumb in one hand and pry open the lid from behind with a firm push of the button. A bit of a habit and good if you need child safety but could have been smoother. Feels like a design flaw and does not directly create a premium feeling. So there en smokes a 🌟 together with other small things.

    But sum summer. Really good sound and fit in relation to size. Gave SEK 890 for them and it feels like well worth the money.
  • Perfect
    1 month ago
    Updated: 1 month ago
    Used them for ten months. Pretty much daily. Has worked without problems.
    General function: Very satisfied. The charging box is a little unnecessarily difficult to open.
    Fit: Very good.
    Sound: Very good. Listens mostly to podcasts in them but also music.
    Telephony: Very good. Good sound at both ends.
  • Very Poor
    3 months ago
    Has now gone through 4 pairs of headphones. The left headphone breaks every time. Google the problem. I'm far from alone.

    In addition, Jabra has the worst customer service I have experienced.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 3 months ago
    I have had this for a few weeks and am generally happy. At first, they became a little uncomfortable in the ears after sitting for a while. But now it seems that my ears have become accustomed to them and I he have them for a long time without it becoming uncomfortable.

    I'm not an "audiophile", but the sound sounds really nice. What made me buy these was the call quality. It seems superior to most other wireless earplugs. I first thought of buying Galaxy Buds, but watched videos that the call quality was lousy. The Jabra Elite 65t seems to have very good call quality, which is important to me.

    They also sit well in place in the ears, and they have passive noise reduction (with the option of using a microphone to let through sound from outside if necessary) which makes them good to use even in places where there is some noise.

    The only problem I come up with is that when I'm not playing anything at the moment, there's some annoying "fuck" coming from the right earplug. I do not know what this is, but it is quite annoying and seems unnecessary. Edit: The first couple took the evening. Got a new pair on warranty and this pair does not have this problem.

    The storage box might also have had a slightly better lid, but it will be a little tricky.

    Still, the sound quality and especially the call quality, as well as the fact that they sit well in the ears and have good battery life makes me like them well. Not full pot, but not too far away despite the downsides.
  • Decent
    9 months ago
    Updated: 4 months ago
    UPDATED 20/07/24
    My first true wireless. Have had them for almost two years.

    Good sound
    Small case
    Good battery life
    Hear through
    Ota updates
    Fits well, does not go out

    Battery life could have been better
    Mine have had problems from the beginning (see below)
    A little expensive at release
    After a few hours, there may be some pain in the ear canals
    Lags when the mobile is far away, which can actually be as close as in the backpack and you turn around ...

    The problem is that after a break, the music does not always resume when I press play. Then I have to restart the headphones, often more than once. Often when I open the case and put in the headphones, the music does not start (although Spotify plays). Then I have to restart the headphones, sometimes several times. Another thing that happens frequently is that there is a chopping sound after starting, and after about 30 seconds the music starts. Sometimes the problems are solved after recovery and then work flawlessly for a few days.

    On a couple of occasions, one earpiece has sounded about 50% lower than the other. It can be solved by gently poking a toothpick into the hole on the screw.
  • Good
    4 months ago
    It seems that Jabra Motion has better noise reduction than these. Good fit and in the app you can choose how much sound you want to get in from the outside. It is not possible to talk on the phone when cycling, the receiver gets all the wind.
  • Excellent
    2 years ago
    Updated: 4 months ago
    Super happy with these headphones, have had a bunch of wireless headphones before but these I am very happy with. Have had them a little over 6 months now and use daily.

    + Good sound, speech as music
    + Smart features that allow you to turn on the microphone to pass the sound outside.
    + When I remove one earpiece, the music pauses (optional)
    + Good battery life (2 charges in box + quick charge)
    + sits well in my ears when I run, work out, walk, etc.
    + Google Assistant
    + EQ in app

    - Would have liked a little more bass & Noice canceling.

    After two years of user still the best headset I've had. And with a little pilling with eq in the app and Spotify I am happy with the base. With my android phone I could sometimes get a little noise but then I lowered the sound in the headset and increased in the phone it disappeared. Not experienced in my Apple nap.

    Buy! :)

    Sick of updating to 75h now that they are reasonably cheap 🙂
  • Barely acceptable
    8 months ago
    Updated: 5 months ago
    Update, do not buy cutting.
    Absolutely okay to wear and toss, you get what you pay for.
    + Listening plays its function.
    + The app does its job.
    + good audio for voice books, youtube etc
    + -Alright okay {music}, although it feels a bit thin at times
    + -sits all right, but gets awkward after a while.
    -Really with codecs
    -Physical buttons are crap, push them in the ear.
    - could be smoother to change songs.

    Has no major references when it comes to audio in wireless earbuds.
    Think it's slightly worse than my Samsung AKG threaded buds, but better than Apple's threaded mediocre buds.

    The contact with my Note 9 is not stable and when connected to my TV and mobile it stops the sound every time I turn on or off the screen.
    Subtract one to star,
  • Good
    5 months ago
    Very good at the gym, but the multipoint feature is a disaster. Have you previously connected yourself to two units ex. iPad and iPhone and are located a little far from one device, you always get information that the headphones have switched on or off. Why do you need to know?
  • Very Poor
    7 months ago
    Is good in the ear and the button responds well.
    But the rest is bad. So bad sound when I have conversations that people don't want to keep talking. Pick up car audio and create echoes.

    I will not be able to use them anymore.
  • Decent
    7 months ago
    Great sound good battery life brilliant app
    Unfortunately just doesn’t not fit my ear despite the different size covers. Falls out
  • Very good
    7 months ago
    A good quality products. The sound is as you would expect from Jabra being nice and crisp with voice coming through well along with different types of music.
    However for me the bluetooth element of the microphones is the weakest part, and on many conference calls I have to resort to standard headphones due to their responsiveness.
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    Updated: 7 months ago
    I received this product as part of a review programme in return for an unbiased review.
    The Jabra 65t True Wireless Earbuds scream premium right out of the box. Their small profile sits flush with the head when in-ear, not protruding out to a noticeable degree. Once paired with an item, in order to turn on and sync with your desired device, simply take them out of their charging dock / case and pop them in your ears, it is literally that simple. Far easier to get up and running than most bluetooth earbuds I've had prior. Feature's such as Alexa integration and sound passthrough to enable you to be more aware of your surroundings make the Jabra's a cut above the competition. The accompanying app gives full EQ control to give you the ultimate control over the sound of your music. Battery life is superb, the carry/charge case fits easily in any pocket too. Overall a very solid product I would be delighted to recommend to anyone looking for a comfortable, premium listening experience
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    The headphones were fully charged when they arrived, so they could be used right away. Opening the case was rather tricky at first but now I have got used to it. The headphones fit perfectly in my ears and their noise blocking feature is spot on. This is probably their best feature. Once out of the box, they feel high quality headphones. Upon first use, they fit perfectly in my ear and don't fall out even when running. They come with an app that works seamlessly. These are by far the best Bluetooth headphones I've ever tried thanks to their fit and noise cancellation. Highly recommended!
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    First thing I noticed was how good the headphones look. You can see straight off they look impressive and of good quality. Initially I was quite excited to use them and didn’t read the instructions. I managed to figure how to connect them and was so pleased at how quickly the headphones paired to my samsung smartphone. Since then, I have also paired them to my laptop. They connected quickly, with no problems and the sound quality was spot on. It allowed me to watch and hear things on there that I usually cannot do with my children around. The laptop's volume always seems too low when my children are talking in the same room. The headphones come with a number of different sized ear buds. I found this highly useful and found a set that makes my ears feel comfortable. I do not get any achy pains and soon forget the headphones are in my ears. I am very pleased with how far the connectivity reaches with my smartphone. I can leave my phone in one room and move around 3 others without stuttering or connectivity issues. This is perfect for me as my trousers do not always have pockets and get frustrated if i feel the need to carry my phone around. I only need to wear the jabra headphones if I am expecting a call. I have not checked how long the initial charge lasts for but it is definitely a long time. Once putting the headphones back in the case, they get recharged. Jabra says you will get 5 hours of use from 1 charge. I think this might differ depending on what they are used for, like listening to music, phone calls, hearthrough function etc. The charging case can have enough power for an additional 10 hours worth of usage, making it great for on the go activities. The charging case charges via USB-C. The case does seem to look dirty easily so I find myself dusting it to make it look shiny again. The app is brilliant to have. There are so many features that come in useful. You can see which headphone is being used/out of the case, battery percentage, alter the music equalizer, use the hearthrough mode (very handy), use different soundscapes, read through guides and manuals and tailor make the setting based on what you are doing. The guides are definitely worth reading due to the multi use buttons and different headphone functions. The call quality is perfect for me. A voice tells you you have a call coming in and who it is from. To answer you just have to press the main button. You can adjust call settings via the app which is highly useful.
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    I have used quite a lot of different bluetooth headphones over the last few years but these have blown the others away! With many other headphones I find that the headphones fall out of my ears but these fit firmly and comfortably within my ears and I can happily use them for several hours without issue.

    The headphones can be stored in the charging case which despite appearing quite large is actually very light and I easily fit it in my pocket. The case charges via micro-usb (one of the only negatives I've found, I'd prefer USB-C and/or Qi charging) and has a small LED to show the status. It charges quickly and I've got into the habit of plugging it in when I'm at my desk at work and this ensures it's always got a good charge (It's not essential to do this, I personally like to have devices with a good charge level at all times!).

    When taking the headphones out of the case they automatically turn on and connect to previously connected device(s). I have them linked to my computer and phone and they connect to both automatically at the same time meaning I can hear sound from both at the same time (useful if you want notifications from your phone but music from your computer). It announces "two devices connected" when this happens making it clear what the status is.

    Double tapping the right earbud enables and disables the "HearThrough" feature which allows you to hear 'the outside world' through the headphones. When this is disabled almost all background noise is blocked, when enabled it passes sound (voices or traffic etc.) through the earbud so that you can hear what's going on around you.

    I've been really impressed with these headphones and very quickly they became my new favourite and I've already recommended them to several friends and colleagues!
  • Very good
    7 months ago
    Updated: 7 months ago
    I have had these earphones for a few weeks now and overall I'm impressed with how they perform. The sound quality for music and netflix is awesome and the noise cancelling feature really works. I feel like I'm in my own little bubble of music when I have them in. They are very comfortable and secure to wear and come with 3 sizes of buds so you can choose the best size for you. They are very easy to connect to any device. I have had them connected to my android phone, tablet, laptop and tv with no issues. They have a clever feature that cuts out the music when you remove the left bud from your ear and restarts it when you put it back in. Very useful if you have people who just cant wait to talk to you ie impatient children! Using them for calls was not a great experience. The sound was quite quiet on my side but very loud for background noise for the caller. The earphones come with their own charging case which is very useful to not lose them. They charge very quickly and the case has an led light in it so you can see when they are ready. However. The case is a massive pain to open. It is made from very smooth plastic which makes the case very slippery and therefore very difficult to open. I'm sure there is probably a knack to it I just haven't figured it out yet.
    This is my first time using wireless earphones and while I am pleased with them for music, the poor phone call quality let's them down.
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    I had never used earbuds before so honestly had no idea what to expect. Took a couple of attempts to get them in the right place but once them were in I couldn't feel them. Really easy to use, downloaded the appropriate app and away we went, easy to connect them aswell.
    The sound is great-I listen to a lot of music heavy on electric guitars and I was blown away with the quality of the sound. The app even lets you customise the sound until its perfect for you.
    Taking a call while using these is pretty straight forward, just tap one of the buds to connect and then use the built in microphone. Wouldn't be without them now :)
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    Fed up with my wired headphones constantly breaking I plumped for my first pair of wireless headphones! Very impressed. Packaging was very slick. The headphones come with their very own charging case, which is charged using a usb lead. It takes 2 hours to fully charge the case. A single charge provides 5 hours battery life. The neatly designed compact charging case provides an additional 2 X 5 hours battery. The earphones came already charged and were easy to 'pair' the earphones after turning on my bluetooth, by following the voice instructions. A simple instruction book provided 4 diagrams showing you how to use, charge, pair and fit the earphones. The booklet advises you to download the Jabra Sound+ app. To get the most from your headphones you really need to download the app! BY using the app I discovered many more features including more comprehensive instructions on how to use the earphones. The left earphone allows you to change the volume, change music tracks while the right you can answer, reject or end a call, play/pause music or activate your voice assistant. I loved the HearThrough facility which allows you to hear your surroundings. Audio pauses when you remove an ear bud. You can register for the 2 yr warranty via the app and also turn on Find my Jabra in the event you lose your headphones. I found the sound quality to be great. When on calls, the wind reduction is useful when out and about. Regarding fit and comfort, I did have to change to the smaller eargels for better comfort over prolonged use. The app definitely allows you to get the most from the headphones. I would certainly recommend these. No more broken wired headphones, thank goodness!
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    Where to start... These Jabra Elite 65t bad boys are, at present, earning their keep. With Covid-19 at the front door, I'm able to work from home whilst listening to Spotify and still answer the (mobile) phone. I have been doing some home exercising - yes, I know. It's a shock to me, too - and they've managed to stay in. One small, slight problem was whilst running. I don't know if it's because of my ears or the silicone earpieces but I did that I had to adjust them every so often; not a deal-breaker, but a little inconvenient. The "hear-through" feature is in equal parts awesome and annoying. It uses the microphones to inject the environment into your ears. It works well but can be a little noisey at times. These microphones (4 in total, I believe) are pretty good at picking up the talking but they are also pretty good at picking up the wind on blustery days. But that's the same with most wireless earphones, I'm afraid - nothing specific to these ones. The app is a nice touch - allowing 3 types of personalised settings to be created. This I've found invaluable; different equalisers as well as Soundscapes (background noises for different activities) and the hear-through function. Okay, so they fit, they work and they connect really quickly (to my Huawei mobile and my PC) . The battery is good - I've only charged the box once more since the initial charge and that's been over the period of 3 weeks - I use them for an hour at lunch to listen to streaming programmes. Actually, there is on occasion, a little lag but that's only at work, in the office. So, it's all good and even the sound, whilst not totally perfect, it's still good enough to give much more expensive earphones a battle considering the actual price. They are comfortable, work well with Okay Google and the little buttons on the left for volume and next track/previous track work without effort. I'm very pleased with these, I must say. Yes, there are a few flaws that could do with ironing out, but really, I'm a perfectionist when it comes to technology and there's nothing out there that has reached 100% for me, in any field. These come pretty close, tho. Right, I'm off to take a selfie using the right button as my camera shutter (not the photo supplied below!) One last tip, the storage/charging box is quite awkward to open unless you press the little lip in, first...
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    My current earphones are wireless noise cancelling, but not pods. I must admit to being rather picky when it comes to earphones as I am a massive music fan. Anyhow, on to the product!

    Firstly, they came packaged really nicely, in a modern box which you slid up to open. The pods sat inside with the box and charger underneath. The images used on the packaging are very modern and stand out. They come with different size ear bands which I sometimes struggle with as I usually wear small ones due to having a tragus piercing. The pods themselves are very well built and feel quiet heavy duty. A nice sleek design with the brushed grey colour tones too.

    I am really impressed with how quickly they connect to my phone! By the time I have switched them on and put them in my ears, I'm ready to get playing some tunes. The sound quality is brilliant. I have used them once for a phone call and the caller couldn't even tell I was talking through them!

    Absolutely thrilled to bits with them and will definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to try out some buds for a decent price.
  • Very good
    7 months ago
    These headphones are great. The handy case can recharge them twice on one charge which is great. They come with different size buds to get a perfect fit. I was able to wear these at the gym and run without them falling out. Each bud has controls to control the audio and calls. I have 2 small issues. The controls on the buds are a bit fiddly to get used to but if you can control them using the phone then that's fine. Also when you remove the right earbud it pauses the audio, if this could be switched to the left or disabled that would be better as I prefer to keep my left bud in but it's nothing too major.
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    When the earbuds arrived I was pleased with the look of them. The app was easy to install on my phone - only took a few minutes to get fully up and running. The sound quality is amazing and they do cancel the noise from your surroundings, particularly so when on a crowded train or busy road. They sit comfortably and securely in your ear - one did fall out when I scrunched my face but it only happened once so I think I had failed to place the earbuds in correctly - I have had not other problems with the EarPods falling out however I have only used them when walking or sitting. The earbuds are easy to use to answer and end calls and I have had no complaints that people cannot hear me. In fact when I have asked afterwards about the call quality everyone has said that they would never have known that I was using a hands free and wireless device. If I could make a recommendation for change, it would be on the earbud holder/charging case, it is quite tricky to open & it can be quite frustrating trying to get into the case - on the plus side I know the earbuds are safe when I put them in the case! I would definitely recommend this product and will continue to enjoy using them.
  • Very good
    7 months ago
    Jabra Elite 65t

    + Fits well on the bus, for example, when they block out sounds very well.
    + Pretty good sound. If there is nothing that you notice directly, the sound is extra bad. (If you do not listen in a quiet environment).
    + Quickly connects.
    + Good fit, at least on me. Sits well, but nothing that pinches / presses so it hurts.
    + Absolutely ok battery life

    - Plastic case that is unnecessarily difficult to open.
    - As I said, these are not recommended when you are in a quiet place. There is a constant noise / noise that lays in the background. Very annoying.
    - Sticks out pretty much from the ears, would have been nicer if they were more compact.
    - Not suitable for all occasions.

    Suitable for most people listening to music on the bus, train etc. Less good for anyone who wants to listen to music before going to sleep.
    Since I mainly use them in the first way, they get the grade 4/5.
  • Very good
    7 months ago
    So I have a confession to make.... before owning a pair of Jabra Elite 65t headphones, I'd never even heard of Jabra! This is a little odd though as a quick Google shows that they have been around since 1993 and the evidence presented to me via this particular product is that they are rather good at making audio equipment! So why haven't they become a household name alongside the likes of Sony, Bose JVC et al? Perhaps they already have and I'm just ignorant, but I'll tell you why I think they should be up there with the best.

    First, even before I put these things anyway near my ear canals you can feel that they are a quality breed. Oftentimes, when you have a quality product in your hands you can just feel it. Like having an in-built tactile quality radar in your fingertips. They just *feel* expensive.

    Unfortunately I found the set up process to be a less than smooth. I had a few issues where my phone would pair to the headphones but the App didn't get the memo and the like. But after a few attempts I was all set and from there on, I very much enjoyed my experience in the Jabra App. I really loved how you could customize the App to show the most useful widgets to help you configure your best listening experience for various situations. But of all the widgets I was mostly interested in the equalizer. This allowed me to either choose from a selection of presets (I later discovered you can create your own too!) or you can manually adjust how much bass, middle and treble you want. After getting things just how I liked it I have to say I was very impressed with the sound quality! With a few tweaks of the equaliser it was very easy to get a nice deep bass paired with cutting highs, just how I like it!

    The sound quality really is excellent, having not previously owned such an expensive set of headphones I have no idea how it compares to the likes of the popular Apple AirPods or similar but to my ears, it's delightful!

    One of my favourite features of these headphones though is the ability to choose complete silence whilst listening thanks to a very decent level of passive noise cancelling or you have the ability to turn on the HearThrough feature. Doing so enables the built in microphones so that sounds from the outside world is mixed into the sound. This is an excellent feature for anyone that needs to be aware of their surroundings whilst listening, for example when cycling on a busy road.

    Overall then, colour me impressed with Jabra and this product!
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    I was one of the lucky people given the chance to test the Jabra Elite 65t wireless earbuds and they are fantastic, I’ve used others and have found that they often fall out but these sort of “screw “ in and they are the most comfortable and secure I’ve tried so far.
    The battery life is also impressive, you get a full 5 hours and the charging case has 2 more top ups making it 15 hours, I’ve stocked up on audio books so I’ll be putting my social distancing to good use by decorating the hallway and landing and finishing off the bathroom.
    As much as I’m able slowly but surely 🙂
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    These are a good quality ear bud. They are lightweight so are comfortable in your ear. As long as you don't shake your head too much they stay in very well. The sound quality is brilliant and with the app on your phone you can change the sounds to suit your pitch. The sound reduction is great and with a touch of the button on the bud you can stop and start, fast forward music and answer calls. You can remove one bud out if your ear and it stops what ever you're listening to. They hold their charge for several hours and come in a handy wee case that can recharge the buds twice before it needs charging. Good quality and good sound in a nice style.
  • Decent
    8 months ago
    Updated: 8 months ago
    + Good music sound
    + Good conversation sound
    + App where you can control most things

    But the comfort is completely for the forest, they are at least shaped so badly that they do not fit my ears, large and spotless that press on the inner parts of the ear, get sore after 1h playing.

    Sometimes the headphones do not sync up well so you have to put them in the box for them to think they belong together.

    The box itself is an annoying moment that is clumsy to open.

    Pressing and holding on physical buttons was no good, but quick pressure was ok.

    For the money, I probably would have kept them if the comfort had been better.
  • Very good
    8 months ago
    Have had my kids for a few weeks now and am super happy. The first hour I was very disappointed with the sound. Refueled the app and EQ: a little since then, I have been sick satisfied with the soundscape. Good in all registers (in my opinion and taste). And bass you will hardly need more of.

    Something I noticed was that there was a disturbing noise from the headphones when it was quiet. Tip here is to lower the volume of the headphones and raise the phone. You won't need any more sound anyway. This made the handsets silent. "Problem" as blown away.

    Plastic but light. Do not feel that they are clumsy as others do.

    + Really good sound
    + Comfortable
    + Easy app to make settings for the handsets in

    - Plastic - Both kids and pouch
    - Slippery - Don't put them on where you risk losing them. Bounces both long and happy.
    - The buttons - I'd rather change the song on the phone than push the headphones into my ears every time
    - Handsfree - People hear the surroundings more than me when I talk.
  • Very good
    9 months ago
    This is my third pair of true wireless kids. You may say the third time liked. The first two do not deserve to be mentioned by name
    However, these are the best I have bought so far. First of all, the sound is fantastic. In the app you can set the sound the way you want it. Can manage Google Assistant and all the other similar. The buttons work well and you learn the functions quickly.
    The call sound is good. Sometimes the person talking to hear too much of the background noise. Hear trough is a good feature that can be turned off. That is, you do not need to take off the headphones to hear the surroundings. Pretty good battery time. Manages to recharge the box every other day. Sometimes right and left do not sink at all. Then you have to put them down in the box again. May think that for the price they have they should be IP 68 rated.
    For me, however, they are a little big and a little clumsy. The silicone drops have an unusual shape. If you replace them with ordinary, they do not go down into the box.

    + Battery. Charges about every other day.
    + Very good sound. EQ
    + Good conversation sounds to me. Others may experience cluttered backgrounds. Minor problem
    + The app is great.
    + Good works as Mr. Trough
    + Good buttons (after a few days)
    + Easy connection
    + Rarely loses contact
    + Do not tolerate water splashing to swim with. However, it should be completely waterproof.

    -The price
    - The size, slightly bulky
    - Lacks USB C / wireless charging
    - The fit of some ears
    - other types of silicone are offered so you can change easily
  • Good
    10 months ago
    Updated: 10 months ago
    Mixed experience but they do what they should.

    They play really well if you put them right in the ears.
    If you put them wrong, the sound will suffer.

    Quite big kids but they are stuck in the ears and probably wouldn't even fall out if you jump trampoline or jump rope. Does not sit very nice but probably gets better with time.

    Appearance pretty good looking but quite plastic.

    + The sound is very good
    + Good function for mobile calls
    + Stable connection to mobile phone via Bluetooth.
    + "Right" functions on the buttons
    + Sits stable without risk of falling out
    + Smart function that pauses the music if you remove a handset from the ear

    - Plastic
    - Plastic charging case without battery level indicator. Lights up when you insert them but not sure what is meant.
    - Big, on the border of clumsy
    - Squeezing some in my ears
    - You have to press the volume buttons hard, which means that the whole handset presses the inner ear
    - No clear LED that shows if they are on or off which causes uncertainty if they are switched off or if they are on and drawing power. On the other hand, the diode glows a little every now and then when you turn on or put in the charging case (or remove it).

    Comparison with Kygo E7 / 900
    Equal sound when playing music but Jabra is a little better on mobile calls.
    The Kygo E7 / 900 feels more premium, is smoother and sits almost as firmly in the ears.
    The charging case for the Kygo E7 / 900 is much better with magnet-locked door, battery level display and better fitting of the handsets.
  • Very Poor
    10 months ago
    These sounded really bad. Sharpen in the higher registers, poor bass. For this price it is really bad. Constantly lost contact with the clock they were connected to. Garmin. Returned as soon as possible. Swapped for Philips shb2505 for about half the price which was better.
  • Acceptable
    11 months ago
    Good sound and price BUT horrible quality, changed them three times in a year and a half.

    Make sure to save receipts
  • Very good
    11 months ago
    Updated: 11 months ago
    My first wireless in-ear headphones. Great for dropping cables. You do not buy these for cruel sound quality, you buy them for freedom.
    The sound quality is equivalent to a couple of simple threaded handsets for SEK 200-300. Suitable for podcasts and music for jogging or cycling. Phone calls work well, people hear what I say even though I sometimes sit on the bike and ride while I talk. Have used them daily for about 6 months and cannot live without them now. Got filed for repair recently (see below) and it was two horrible weeks without my kids.

    Very good battery life. So much so that I forget to charge the case and when both the handsets and cases are empty you have to wait a good while before it is full again.

    Some stuff I stumbled upon:
    1) The charging case is exceptionally slippery. I've lost mine several times and the handsets fly out when the case hits the ground. If this happens in an inappropriate location, the headphones will be difficult to find. Would have liked to see that the case had a rubberized surface with more friction, although it would also make it harder to pick up from the pocket. After I dropped the case this way ten times for about 6 months, the left handset stopped working (no contact with the phone). Got new handsets when I submitted for repair.
    2) Sometimes the sound + app loses contact with the handsets, even though the handsets can still play sound and work well otherwise. In this case, I have to restart my entire phone for the app to work again. The app is only used for settings so I can live with this as I rarely pill with settings now that I have found a good setup.
    3) The charging case can sometimes be a little tricky to get up. Demands that you take the right mkt and the right way.

    One mistake that I myself did not come across but which seems common to this product is that the charging case stops charging the left handset, which causes it to appear defective quite soon. See the reddit thread about this:
  • Excellent
    11 months ago
    Really good fit and In-Ear headphones that give a really good light.
    Good battery life.
    A little poorer function for mic - recording too much noise all around
  • Very Poor
    11 months ago
    I got mine today and was very surprised. In a bad way. When I put on music it sounded very strange, a sound that sounded like a shock. A noise is also on and is constantly indicating that I do not have hear through.
  • Very good
    11 months ago
    Very pleased.
    Had urbanista tokyo before. These are a huge lift compared to them. Bought mine for 1100 which I think was perfectly acceptable price.

    + Very good fit
    + Battery time
    + thoughtful charging box

    - Would have liked to have a little more bass in them
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    Good sound, but difficult to get a good seat. They are tiring to use when walking or moving as I get the feeling that they are going this out on a regular basis and therefore I constantly adjust / push on them. This has enough to do with the rubber plugs, because I have tested plugs from other headphones (cheap and bad sound that made me buy these) then they sat as molded, but they didn't fit in the charging case so I was just as far.

    I am very pleased with the sound, so I am a little disappointed that I dare not use them for walks, but at home it is nice to be able to walk around freely without a cord, but a bit of the point gets a bit lost when you have to take care of them that they are not going this out when you are going to be a little active.

    Conversational sounds are also very good, but have not tested them outside with noise around me for the aforementioned reasons
  • Barely acceptable
    1 year ago
    + Good sound and a little sound "directly" from the surroundings
    + Discrete in comparison with eg Bose alternatives
    + Good features in the app - eg background sound for the working day

    - Very poor mick - takes up a lot of background noise. Avoid talking in normal environments like on the street. Very annoying.
  • Poor
    1 year ago
    + Good sound.
    + Good fit
    -The environment feature does not record voices as well.
    -sensitive to magnetic or electrical interference
    (Works with an engine that starts short moments often. A Travers that lifts heavy products)
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    They sit well and the sound is nothing to complain about. Battery life would have been slightly longer, but is not worse than the competition.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Good sound and battery life.
    Can connect up to two units simultaneously which is smooth as a fan.
    - Charged with microusb
    -shell is very plastic
  • Good
    1 year ago
    I realized immediately that these were not for me for the simple reason that you cannot use one at a time unless you choose the right one ...

    I have previously tried several headsets and most recently come from Airpods (gene 1) which has become worse over time and everything but the fact above is better with these (the sound quality we can call unpayed).
    I always use one at a time to rest your ears and to double the battery life and be able to charge the other while one is sitting in it.

    Good sound but nothing remarkable if you want to listen to music.
    Ok battery life.
    The charging case is louder and has poorer build quality than Airpods.
    Good call quality at both ends
    Comfort to wear, however, not in the long run.

    Had I been able to use one at a time the rating would have been 9/10, but for me it will not really be stars at all because I cannot use the ones I want.
    However, I think that a review should be factual and assess all factors so that the reader can decide for themselves whether the problem is a problem for them.
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Bought them today for 1100kr at Elgiganten
    + Slightly charged
    + small sticks it out a lot
    + remains in the ear
    + battery time good
    + good mic for conversation
    + connects quickly to the mobile

    - Makes ear pain! (Can be because I have small ears but don't know)
    -for some bass! There is no bass barely!
    - Any bad app

    Will leave them back!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Plenty of good headphones, bought them yesterday and have nothing to complain about
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    Bought these jobs when it got too hot with my other enclosing headphones. Working on the line o building machines so there will be a lot of sound around o these sits as stone o encloses a whole in the sound. Passfomen can be a little tight sometimes, tried all sizes of the plugs o have now come on I have different sizes of ear canals ... so now they are sitting like a slap ... kind.
    Calling someone when you have them here is a bit of a nightmare. It must be completely silent about one because they record all the sound crystal clear but the voice ends up in the background. Have not come in any way in the app (sound +) to improve it at all. So when I call or get calls, I switch to my old wire headphones that came with the mob because it is no problem whatsoever for the person to hear my voice though I drill o rivets together metal parts when the mic comes closer to the mouth. Annoying to have with two different headphones for the function on one of them does not keep the measure. Now not everyone is in noisy environments ... But here's my industry review!

    + Sound great, good bass and a perfectly capable equalizer exist.
    + Do not fly out, sit well.
    + Has not needed the charging box once even, 10 hour shifts work. (Of course they are not in 10 hours ...)
    +++ They automatically switch off o restart the sound when you remove o into one of the headphones. This I love when you release the buttons.

    - Bad mic. They pick up anything but my voice. They could fix this with more targeted pickups perhaps. do not know. Piss is the one of them.
    - The buttons are too hard. You need to fix / pull out the earphone from the ear after each press. O it may take awhile, for me o my ears, to find right again. If one sits a little wrong, the sound comes more from one side o vice versa.
    -The charging box should have magnets or something that holds the headphones as the box can be a little hard to open. They have rolled out when I opened it.
    -The charger has micro-usb ... but this is a small minus.

    AND a good thing, which should accompany all wireless in-ear headphones, is a little bag or bag that you can put in the headphones so you don't have to put them in your pocket when you need to take them out quickly. Because if you put them down in a hurry then they are forgotten ... So, until I find a good little bag or something, I have to live with pocket watches in my ears
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Good sound, very comfortable, stuck very well on my ears, do not have to push hard or something to make them sit! Unfortunately, it becomes a 4 instead of 5 because of the bad app that Jabra wants you to install that refuses to see that I have connected the headset 20,000 times already ... Otherwise great headphones!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Bought them for 9 months ago and after having tested other brands, these were the absolute worst on the market. Was the gold / champagne color for 1290: - when they had rea.Super satisfied
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago

    - Sitting very well.
    - The sound is great.
    - Good app with EQ and good settings, and you can see exactly the remaining battery life.
    - Good looking! Compare with, for example, Apple's airpods that are dirty.

    Having ordered "foam" tips, should see if it can be even better fit in the ear. Those included are standard tips but they work perfectly ok.

    Edit: It should be mentioned that those who complain about the sound are completely out and cycling. The sound quality is really good for the money and size.