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HyperX Cloud Flight

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  • Poor
    2 days ago
    These were returned directly due to constant white noise in the background. If you are sensitive to low background noise, I cannot recommend this model.
  • Very good
    7 days ago
    Updated: 5 days ago
    Got them on black friday in Media Markt for 649kr! In the morning they changed the price to 689kr, but I already bought them so ... Anyway, as a guy on here said, you can't get any better wireless headphones for that price! They are worth even more but not as much as the original price to be honest. They were a bit too tight on my head (because I have a big head), so I tried to make them wider / loose by spreading the upper plastic slowly. Although it did feel like it was going to break, it held on perfectly and now it sits on my head more comfortably.

    The good:
    - Sound
    - Comfort
    - Battery life
    - Adjustable led lights
    - Detachable mic or a simple button click to mute the mic

    The bad:
    - Mic could be better
    - It gets a little warm on my ears
    - The mic won't work if you connect them via an aux cable, only works via wireless. However, you can use the headphones in wireless mode while connected to a charger.

    The bad stuff can easily be ignored since it's not a big deal breaker (at least not for me).
    All in all, the headphones are a great buy while on sale! Wouldn't recommend them as much with the original price.

    Sorry for the English, I can express myself better like this. 🙂
  • Very Poor
    7 days ago
    Completely useless on ps4.
  • Decent
    7 days ago
    Bought for SEK 689 and is the best wireless headset under SEK 700

    The sound is good for gaming but not as good for music. The microphone holds standard class.

    + Is always left on the skull and you do not get hurt from them.
    + Insulates just fine with sound
    + long battery life

    - When charging, it is not possible to switch off the LED lights that blink, (difficult when sleeping).

    - The software that comes with it is cash.

    A couple of good wireless gaming headsets for this price range. This is not a monster but for SEK 689 you will not find anything better.
  • Perfect
    9 days ago
    Bought them on black friday for SEK 699 but could easily pay regular price on them. Think it is very nicely balanced sound. As many write, the mic is not the best but for me it doesn't matter as I never use it anyway. Sits really comfortable around the ears and over the head. Can highly recommend these kids. Have no unnecessary lull lull but do what they should and that makes them great.
  • Very good
    24 days ago
    Sits well on your head and is a comfortable sound profile that is slightly warm. The battery lasts 3-4 days (without lighting) and can be recharged relatively quickly. The mic is pretty good. You can be about 10m from the usb dongle. (which is pretty big)
  • Very Poor
    4 months ago
    Worst! Comfortable on the head, decent sound. But something wrong with windows so the mic gets boosted and picks up all the sounds. The keyboard sounds almost as much as when talking directly into the mic. Totally worthless support in India who are not interested in trying to help even.
  • Decent
    7 months ago
    Updated: 7 months ago
    They are pretty light, made of plastic o sit pretty nice on the head and over the ears, even on me who has tightly larger ears than the common man.
    I have also been back to hyper x cloud II, so it is easy to compare, and it is subtle if not hyper x II, yet just a little better, o bit more beautiful, even if they weigh more.

    The sound is quite ok I like to play surf and Youtube, although the base is a bit better in HyperX II. The mike works like anybody, my playmates hear me well via discord.

    What they of course win on is the wirelessness, the fact that no cords are needed and can go away, and even tilt and hang them comfortably around the neck over the shoulders, however I go with them at 12 meters away to the bathroom o closing the door so they lose contact with the dongle , although we live in an older property with slightly thicker walls, but it was poor coverage I think, it removes 1 star

    too bad that you cannot use them for other Bluetooth devices such as the mobile, even it pulls away 1 star

    light controls for sound, on / off, up / down to access o you learn quickly where they are.

    I paid 999: - at REA, border case, barely worth it seen Price / quality / function, but if they go down to 5-700, then it is a clear purchase. The price removes 2 stars, so in total there will be 6
  • Perfect
    8 months ago
    Sits really well over the head and covers the ear properly.
    Good sound and good battery life
  • Excellent
    9 months ago
    The best wireless gaming headphones you can buy for under 3000 SEK. Clear sound and clear noise-insulated microphone. Lighten the head and over 30h battery life. Had been able to have interchangeable ear caps, but otherwise I am satisfied.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 10 months ago
    Couldn't have been more pleased!
    Update January 2019: They now have a firmware on their website, which means that your headset remembers the latest settings for the led lights (they are switched on in a few seconds when you start your headset and then change it to what you had last on).

    + Perfect sound in my ears with absolutely okay bass
    + Hyperx high quality comfort also on these
    + You can turn off the red LED lights and get over 30 hours of battery life
    + The ear cups can be rotated so that they lie on your shoulder instead of against the neck when you have them around your neck
    + Absolutely ok microphone

    +/- The price tag recovers when they are of good quality when it comes to sound and battery life so far. Think no gaming headset has as good battery life so far.

    - Plastically worse, but on the other hand, they weigh extremely little
    - No battery indication but you can switch off and on and hear if there is any tone (read more in the manual)

    Overall, this is a clear 10/10.
  • Very good
    10 months ago
    Bought them on the midnight runner and is happy with them.
    Disturb me a little bit that they are roaring when they are quiet
  • Poor
    11 months ago
    Really good sound, really comfortable but the microphone rocks catastrophically with PS4. It cleans out my voice as background noise and others have had this problem only with PS4. Works fine with everything else.
  • Excellent
    11 months ago
    Have them primarily to Ps4 which they are compatible with. Just plug in and run. Personally, I prefer 2.0 in headphones, which they have here. Nevertheless, I perceive things that come from the side, from above, etc. very clearly, as the thought with more channels brings about. In any case, when we are just talking headphones. Sound, I think they are very well balanced. By that I mean it sounds like I guess that's supposed to sound like that. Neither too basic nor too crispy. Clear, clean and clear sound image. Well-built construction but slightly pubescent design. I have not been able to test the MIC.

    + Function
    + Balanced sound image
    + Very light and comfortable
    + Battery life (25-30h)
    + Plug N play (No curl)

    - Price over 1000 SEK is too much.
    -Design doesn't appeal to me
  • Good
    1 year ago
    Really nice headphones but lacks the comfort of the Cloud series. I was injured for a while when the naps were not as deep as the rest of the headset, the ear snail was against the harder surface which resulted in pain after some hour of use.

    Easy installation, there is no equalizer with their software though.

    Really nice sound, but do not expect bass.

    Better battery life than the majority of headsets. But no difference in range. Has previous Logitech G933.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    I'm pleased, those who think the sound is bad must have some attitude crazy. Comfortable to wear and good sound.
  • Terrible
    1 year ago
    Do these cheats sound worse than wish 7 crown's cheats
  • Acceptable
    1 year ago
    Just returned my couple to Elgiganten (open purchase is amazing).

    The kids are beautiful, the sound and the mic are good, but the constant white noise was a deal-breaker. It seems to be in most wireless headsets, but at ex. Sony Wireless Gold as I had before, it only sounds when using the mic and not when listening to music / games.
  • Barely acceptable
    1 year ago
    Had HyperX Revolver, which worked well. Wanted wireless simply. Bought these and the signal was broken a couple of times a day, especially when the micron was on! ^^
  • Acceptable
    1 year ago
    Went to these from Corsair pro Void RGB Wireless.


    +++ Very easy to wear on your head.
    ++ Comfortable
    + Easy Installation. (plug 'n' play more elr less)


    ----- Almost no base.
    - Plastic.
    --- Those "awesome" software.
    - LED light that can not be permanently turned off. (decreases battery life for those who can not turn off after each power on.)
    ------ PRICE, they are worth more than 1000kr.

    Micken I did not even test when the sound for me was a direct "pack back in the box" - trigger ..

    Works well for those who just want to play and not listen to music or movies in them.

    Is a wireless listener and thinks it should definitely be possible to get more bass than this from Cloud Flight. "Software" Can you only see battery percentage and volume / mick sensitivity. No Equalizer or other candy. Point.

    Corsair Pro Void RGB Wireless I have to lift a little bit here! Could have been considering buying a pair of new ones, because a good sound is difficult to get in combination with a light weight. Here Corsair has succeeded in exactly the same price range.

    In Cloud Flight, you pay for a pair of lightweight, comfortable shells with long battery life and probably even longer hours in front of the screen. Nothing more.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Kingston has succeeded with the art of creating wireless fools that are comfortable and at the same time have really good sound! Because it seems to be a piece of art to get to both and. Have you hunted for good napkins tested the vast majority of the "big" manufacturers, but none of these have been especially comfortable for longer periods. In the end, comfort is very important.

    These naps are lightweight and sit comfortably both on the hood and around the ears. Kingston has also thought of wrapping inside the cover so even if the ears are against the element itself, it does not shrink as it does on most other tricks I tested since they were not padded right there.

    The sound is really good. Has tested both music in flac format and games. Very good balance in the sound and just with bass. It's a pleasure to listen to music in these. No problem whatsoever to hear where the enemy is in BF1 either. And rendering an ointment shot becomes just as powerful as you want it to be thanks to the good punch of the sound. In other words, they are both suitable for gaming and music, which was exactly what I was looking for. Also learn to work great for movies as the kids have a latency of only 20ms ( which is top class to be wireless.

    Micen I have not tested.
    One plus they also support PS4.
    They are slightly more expensive than many other fools in the same category, but I would rather pay a little extra for comfort, awesome sound and good battery life.

    Comfort +
    The sound +
    The battery time +
    + Support for PC and PS4, plug and play
    + Removable mic

    The price (after all)
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Absolutely ok headset for those who want wireless. No drivers, virtual surround, RGB or other junk.
    Unfortunately every time you start up the headset, the lighting is lit. Would like to turn it off.
    The sound is okay for closed wireless fools. Works well enough in games and also good for music.
    As in any other headset, the microphone is not much to cheer over. But it suits to be heard in voice chat.
    Sits comfortable on the head and has low weight. Feels durable. During hot summer days they get a little sweaty.
    Good battery life.

    If you want battery status indication in Windows then you must install HyperX NGenuity Software. As usual, a magic bloody and buggy story of 1.16GB (!). Which unfortunately destroys one of the biggest benefits of this headset if you install. Read pampering his computer with.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    My first wireless headset. The last thing I came from is the Astro A40, which is very comfortable and quite alright. I thought the sound was really good until I tested them. Then it was realized that there was no sound in the A40.

    The sound is incredibly good in these. True bass and real clear and clear sound. They are a little plastic but this makes them really comfortable. Can sit for several hours and barely notice that they are sitting on the head just because they are so lightweight.

    Nice with wireless too, no cord in the way and no more * rings on the door and gets up and brings the whole computer *. Battery life is really good, best I've seen so far on the gaming headline. Good range on them too.

    People also think for sure, no 7.1 for these money? There is only one answer to that, 7.1 never gives any advantage over stereo on the headset. Always switch off 7.1.

    The only downside I can get is that there is no battery indicator. However, there are beep tones that say at 20-10-5%.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    A pair of well-built headphones that are really good. Love to have these as wireless - drop a cord that you sometimes forget that it's there and get away with the naps on it and then ... tear up the fastening in the naps.