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Bissell Cleanview 1994U

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  • Very Poor
    26 days ago
    The Bissell CleanView Turbo performance is good at the first place and after 2 months the suction degraded. Not designed for people who have allergy and asthma.

    Since I got this brand new the suction was good it cleans well on carpet and hard floor. But after 2 months the Vacuum suction has degraded, it doesn't want to pick up hair and hidden dust, so it's not designed for pet owners, I don't have any pets at home but if you do, hope it can suck it but for my experience, it doesn't want to pick up human hair and hidden dust on the carpet. But it's quite good for the hard floor but not really recommended on the carpet when it loses the suction.

    The second problem on this vacuum is the filters and the dust bin. The dustbin is not really easy to eject the debris or take it out from the dust bin, so you have to take some debris out with your hands, the hairs are always trapped in the cyclone sometimes in the filter. The Filters always get clogged every time I vacuum, it depends if your house is always dusty or clean or if you vacuum almost for every day. That's why I need to clean the filters almost weekly, but the good thing about it is it's easy to clean just the filter but if you're cleaning the whole dust bin with the cyclone and filters it's not that easy, but for me, I clean the whole dust bin. The other problem on the filter is the HEPA filter is designed for people who are allergy to dust so that means the dust must not escape the HEPA filter and the other filters too but on this vacuum it does when you don't clean the filter monthly if you vacuum once a week but if you vacuum almost every day that means you have to clean the filter almost daily or weekly.

    The Main Points

    The Performance goes down after two months.
    It does not last long, it's easy to get faulty
    Every Bissell Canister Vacuum is almost like this I already had an experience using 3 different kinds of Bissell Canister Vacuum and they end up all faulty, some can stay up to 2 months and 6 months.
    The filter of this vacuum is not good for those people have asthma and allergy to dust.
    The Dust Bin is not easy to eject debris.
    The filters are dust escapable.
    Not Good at cleaning when it loses suction.
    Not designed for pet owners.
    Filters get clogged easily, that means the suction will degrade, it loses suction, it's clogged

    The Best Vacuum of Bissell that I recommend is Bissell Upright Vacuum any models must be all good, will be way better than any Bissell Canister Vacuum.