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Nikko RC VelociTrax RTR

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  • Very Poor
    11 months ago
    Clean shit. Totally untouchable inside and explicitly states that it is only for indoor use. . . Rechargeable battery that you need to access the screwdriver to charge.

    Should be illegal both to construct and sell such crap.
  • Terrible
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    This radio-controlled car is very fast and fun to drive with. It appears in most places, and according to the advertisement video ( it should be used in the terrain.

    We have now had two of these in the house and both have failed shortly. One failed after three days, the other after 2 hours.

    The quality of the soldering is miserable and causes the wires to loosen after a short period of time. This causes one or both belts to stop walking.

    The biggest problem, however, is that the drive axles are made of plastic only, and there is no wheel bearing, only plastic shaft directly against a plastic cylinder. There is no protection of the plastic shaft, so dust, sand and other particles easily penetrate into the shaft. When dust and sand enter the shaft, the shaft wears very fast (hours, maybe days), and then the belts begin to work off. Dust and sand will, of course, be easier for outdoor use, but it is very fast that it is almost impossible to use it inside.

    Nikko has deliberately chosen a very weak shaft, and I think it's unnecessary and only done for the product to have a short lifespan. In view of this, I would discourage purchasing Nikko VelociTrax in particular, and Nikko products in general.