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Bose QuietComfort 35 II

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Product generation: Bose QuietComfort 35 II. 1 predecessor and no successors
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  • Excellent
    8 days ago
    Must still be the headphones with Best ANC. Have tested several different brands, but most satisfied with this model. The design is somewhat plastic and light. Appreciate the sound quality and battery life
  • Very good
    10 days ago
    Love these. Owned 2 of QC2 and 2 pairs of the first model QC1. I think they are fantastic, but did not think the price increase was justified between these models in the beginning but now it has dropped and feels OK. Actually, you can just as well buy the first model if you are not keen on changing the noise reduction level (I think I did it twice to test type). Good quality and sound! Nice to wear for longer periods and the "pillows" are interchangeable (check aliexpress wink wink).
  • Barely acceptable
    21 days ago
    According to my requirements picture these guys get 2 in grades, I was looking for a good handset for conference calls.

    Loopback on this is useless, my own voice sounds mechanical and strange, after 2 days I had not grown accustomed and chose to return it.
    After a meeting, it gets stuck in loopback mode and keyboard and other sounds are amplified. There is no way to turn off or change loopback.

    NC and sound were perfect and colleagues thought the sound recording was really good.
    But of NC I became a little nauseous, but it is not especially for this particular model / brand or different for me on other models I suppose.

    The app and the ability to switch between different devices worked perfectly.
  • Decent
    23 days ago
    The sound picture is decent, but hardly good.

    Maximum volume ridiculously low with MacOS or iOS.

    Okay battery life.
  • Very good
    24 days ago
    Ok sound. Good noise reduction. Ok battery life. A lifesaver on the fly.

    The build quality is barely ok, does not feel directly premium. My last one was broken (died, failed to start), got new on the warranty then.

    + ok sound and good noise reduction

    - plastic, quality?
  • Perfect
    25 days ago
    Good noise reduction
    Sits comfortably over your ears
    Good sound
  • Decent
    27 days ago
    Updated: 27 days ago
    Absolutely ok sound. Good active noise reduction. Ok battery life.

    Think it is fucking tricky to pair different devices. If I sit in my office, it constantly tries to pair with my iPad type as the Årman upstairs. Also the right cash box to require an app on the phone to control this. Should go directly to the headset.

    The build quality is ok. But does not feel directly premium at all.

    Bose also has a history of not being directly a company that cares about privacy. As I understand it, they log everything you listen to and sell this information. But, well, everyone does today.

    I am satisfied. Maybe more worth the money if it is to be used for commuting on flights. For other use cases, I think the handsets are too expensive for what you get.

    So. Sum sum: totally ok
  • Very good
    29 days ago
    Updated: 29 days ago
    Have had to test drive a friend's kid for a week when I wanted to buy. I am very sold!

    Good: + Good sound. Many people complain about the base, which is not the most powerful, but I do not perceive it as defective in any way. No matter what I listened to, the sound is very well balanced. Totally agree with others who say that the handsets bring out details in songs you've never heard before. Generally pleasant to listen to, good sound, good noise reduction!
    + Comfortable. Have never been with a couple of kids who didn't hurt after using them for a while, regardless of model. These have a very deep "cup" that swallows the ears without pushing anywhere. Have spent several hours in a row without noticing.
    + Battery time. Have spent several hours each day during my test week, the battery has dropped from full to 40% and then I have had to fight for it. Top class!
    + Easy and accessible controls on the headphones. No big deal but something I don't take for granted.

    Some small and mainly still insignificant minus:
    -Räckvidden. Not always great but has not been a significant problem. Connected to the computer (Macbook pro) the range can be several meters but when I walk with the phone in my pocket (iPhone 7) the range can strangely be poor at times. Don't know if it's the phone or headphones fault.
    - Feels a little plastic and "flimsy". The handsets in question have a few years on their necks though and have lasted so long. Neither was any problem, just something that might have been better.
    -The price. I may just be skinny but SEK 2500 is still a lot for headphones in my world as a regular everyday user, even though I value good sound. However, I will buy a pair as soon as I can afford.

    I rate the grade 4/5 a bit conservatively, I think the handsets are great and I recommend them.
  • Perfect
    1 month ago
    So damn satisfied. The sound is superb, noise canceling is something extra with these.
  • Perfect
    1 month ago
    Very satisfied, perfect for travel and when you do not want to be disturbed at work.
  • Decent
    2 months ago
    The way the microphone works and the quality of the recording is under all criticism! For some reason, Bose has made sure that when the microphone is on, it plays everything it hears directly in the headphones! That is, instead of muffling the sound around one, it becomes like an amplification! Very many users have complained about this. You can read more about this here:

    Alternatively, Google "bose quiet comfort 35 in microphone background noise".

    Other than that, they are fantastic kids, but this strange feature gave me no choice but to return them to the dealer.
  • Perfect
    3 months ago
    Really happy with the sound. Shuts out all the noise around it. Nice to wear. Highly recommended if you are looking for clear sound and fine. Easy to handle
  • Very good
    4 months ago
    Good sound and good noice canceling.
  • Perfect
    4 months ago
    Really good headphones, good exclusion, good fit, comfortable and can withstand sweat from the gym!
  • Decent
    4 months ago
    Updated: 4 months ago
    + Clean sound
    + Among the best NC
    + Good microphone
    + 2 BT units connected simultaneously
    + Lightweight and comfortable

    - Thin sound when it comes to music. Clear bass & dynamics how to screw in EQ
    - Battery time 20h I do not know, feels like shorter but never clocked it.

    Summary: Good if you want a headset. Bad if you want them for music.
  • Barely acceptable
    4 months ago
    Have now had these for a year.

    + Fit, fits very well and has never experienced scratching, pressing or feeling heavy or similar.
    + Noise canceling, really good. Traveling by train or plane is a joy with these and you can really sit in your own world.
    + Battery life, have never felt that I had to charge them in time or time.

    - The sound. Thin sound that cannot be controlled via app or similar. Expect much more depth and at least an equalizer to fools of this price range.
    - Blue-tooth range, embarrassingly short range. For example, if the mobile is open and obstacle free, the range is about 3 meters. As soon as you leave a room or have a wall in between, interruptions will occur. Have also experienced interruptions when the phone was in the pants pocket (right), and it cuts the sound completely if I squat.

    Incidentally, I failed to update the handsets to the latest software after reading in the Bose forum about greatly impaired noise canceling feature after updating.

    Would have given the product 4 stars if the sound was better. Will not buy Bose products in the future.
  • Decent
    2 years ago
    Updated: 4 months ago
    Good kids with pretty good sound and good noice canceling. The build quality is ok but they feel plastic, cheap and gossipy. I also think they look a little cheap.

    + Good sound, though not as good as the competitors
    + Good Noice Canceling
    + Lightweight and sits pretty nice on the head

    - Expensive
    - Not so good looking
    - Simple features
    - Not Aptx or LDAC
    - Feels like they cost 1000 SEK not nearly 4000 SEK
    - Is better for the same money. Especially Sony WH-1000XM2 but also B&W PX.
  • Very good
    4 months ago
    Good battery. Racing. Easy
  • Barely acceptable
    5 months ago
    Tested Sony's WH-1000XM2 and these and can say:

    + Nice to wear
    + Buttons instead of touch
    + Connect two devices
    + Slightly worse ANC than WH-1000XM2

    - I felt that there was too much treble in these and it was hard sometimes to listen to certain songs as it felt too sharp with cymbals eg in the music. Some managed to get rid of Android EQ but it was there anyway.
    - In conversation, it sounded like talking in a jar
    - Small bass
    - Bad app compared to Sony's app
  • Poor
    1 year ago
    Updated: 5 months ago
    Sounds good and noise canceling works great, but bluethink works extremely poorly .. The range seems to be about a meter, have tried all the "solutions" available on the web (I'm far from the only person with hacking sounds on these nuggets) but nothing fixes the problem but I have the phone in the left pocket pocket so the sound chops several times per minute, but in the right pocket no problems ?? Also chops about 3m from the TV.
    Know that there are many who have no problems at all but for such money you should not have a chance if you get a working or a Monday copy.

    It was so bad that it got to return the handsets, bought the Sony WH1000XM3 instead and they work ...
  • Perfect
    6 months ago
    Weak point: Too good, the audio quality is great, the battery lasts 20 to 30 hours with the noise reduction to the maximum and music at the same time, and the noise reduction works very well, the comfort is great, I spent 6 hours in a row with it on my head and I never felt its weight

    Conclusion: Weak point, too strong
  • Barely acceptable
    1 year ago
    Updated: 6 months ago
    Very good. The only minus is that they run miniUSB and not USB-C.

    Edit: after moving to an open office landscape, I notice how damn bad the microphone is. It records ALL sound from the outside.
  • Poor
    6 months ago
    Have heard a lot about these headphones, so judge my surprise when I discovered that they were completely useless when it came to the noise canceling bit. The only sound they could pick up was the ventilation in the room and, at best, our refrigerator. Talk, sound (youtube airplane sound) from another mobile, small banging in the wall and various creaking in the floor sounds as much as if I had ordinary cheap headphones. And yes, tested in all 3 modes from off to high. :)

    Read on and found bose's own forum, where post after post on hundreds of pages talks about how bad they have become after new firmware and that they have not found a solution.

    So, you are in the choice and qualification to buy these, take an extra think and make sure it is at least an open purchase!

    It is also a plus that they were perceived as quite nice and light, and that the sound was otherwise quite good.
  • Perfect
    6 months ago
    There are probably no better headphones in price up to the 3000 SEK class. They are barely comfortably seated so you notice when you have them over your head. Has 3 ANC modes, on, low high. At its highest, it attenuates very disturbing sound. Easily switch to the app you download from playstore or apple.

    The only thing I wished was that you could change audio settings for more bass etc in the bose app but you can't get everything I suppose ..
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    Use them to listen to music from my desktop computer (uses an ASUS USB-BT400 dongle to get Bluetooth on the computer). Absolutely superb sound!

    Sits very comfortably.
  • Very good
    7 months ago
    Like these very much, used daily
  • Good
    7 months ago
    Used these almost daily for 4 months. Likes the sound, which is obviously purely subjective. Good battery life and nice to be able to turn off all sound.
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    Great headset worth every penny when I bought it for 3790 kr two years ago is worth it even more today wish it was usb-c or is it perfectly perfect
  • Barely acceptable
    8 months ago
    Half-good sound comparatively in BT-over-ear-lur competition but worse than Dali IO6.

    I have compared B&W PX7, Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9i, Bose 700, Dali IO6, Sennheiser Momentum 3, and Sony WH-1000XM3 where Dali IO6 wins easily.

    Nice to wear. Half good NC.
  • Barely acceptable
    8 months ago
    Updated: 8 months ago
    The headphones in themselves were pretty good I thought, nice fit and the sound was ok. However, I experienced pressure on the eardrum when I used them but didn't think it was anything serious as many people said it was just that with these kids.

    After using them for a couple of weeks with a low noise level during bus journeys, I find that I got light tinnitus on one ear. In quiet environments, I now have a constant high-frequency beep on one ear. It may be completely unrelated to the headphones but it is the only change in my music / audio habits I made during this time, I dare not use them anymore now.

    They would have scored a 4a if they had not had the pressing feeling on the eardrums. And they would have scored -10 if it turned out that they may have caused my tinnitus.
  • Decent
    8 months ago
    After about 1.5 years I have started having problems with an extremely annoying noise on my right ear which means that I cannot use noise canceling. It sounds like when noise canceling is on and it blows out which almost becomes a joke. The headphones are quite sparingly used for their age so I'm very surprised at the error.

    Embarrassing for a pair of headphones for almost 3000 SEK
  • Perfect
    9 months ago
    Very good headphones, the ears get slightly warm after long periods but it is a minor thing
  • Decent
    10 months ago
    Updated: 10 months ago
    Sits well. Easy installation and drawing manual in the app.
    Missing eq to fine tune the sound. Bad that there wasn't. This was something I clearly expected in terms of the price range. Have it in (the app to) my B&O kids. If I cannot solve this, it will be a return.

    Update. Of course it is possible to use the eq in Spotify, but then I have to adjust every time I switch from headphones to speakers or the car.
  • Decent
    10 months ago
    Works well against many sounds, in everyday life it is most like you do not really know that it is there before you turn on noice canceling (I have not tested them by air or on bus etc).

    However, there is a major disadvantage! They make almost no difference to children's screams! It is somewhat muted, but is still far too high to be appropriate for peace of mind. If that is exactly what you want to avoid, then these are not the right solution. Since you still have to have music running to drown out the noise, it works almost as well with regular headphones (though at a lower price).
  • Perfect
    10 months ago
    High quality noise canceling and comfort.
    Both of us, my wife and I have owned the QC 35 II for more than 6 months. Perfect to avoid distractions at the office or listen to music while commuting.
  • Very good
    10 months ago
    Good noice cancellation on bus, train, flight. Even when working in open countryside, the handsets work well.
    The sound is flat, barely a 3a in rating. My 500 SEK Creative kids with 5 years on their necks are clearly better.
  • Excellent
    10 months ago
    Really good price nowadays and has a microphone that is good for use as a headset. Worse ANC than Sony but better in every other way.
  • Perfect
    10 months ago
    Great noise reduction, good sound and nice to wear for a whole day.
  • Barely acceptable
    10 months ago
    Good headphones that fall flat.
    + Comfort + Design + Battery
    Unfortunately they are only good looking, sit well and have good battery. What is not good is taking over and is unacceptable at this price range.
    -Anc -Sound -Sound noise -Price
    The worst thing about these headphones is that anc hardly works. You can hear everything around you as well as when you have them turned off. You hear every word and sound around you.
    The sound is very boring and lacks the bass.
    Not only does anc hardly work and the sound is boring, but there are also very noisy sounds that should not exist. Especially in the right speaker are often artifacts and strange cutting sounds that hurt to hear and there comes a little here and there. Sometimes there will be 2-3 times per song, sometimes one song per song. very disturbing and I expected more.
    Then we have the high price. I bought mine for close to 3700 and with all these problems I cannot recommend them to anyone. Even the app is really nice to use.
  • Perfect
    11 months ago
    Definitely the best headphones I've owned. What a sound wow. Noise reduction is ox top, but I have nothing to compare with as I've never owned a couple of kids with this feature.

    Many people complain about the bluetooth but I have tested and walked around the apartment for a while to test and here I have nothing to complain about, 10 meters works easily. Time can tell if things get worse over time. Will repeat about this.

    Haven't tested mobile or Google Assistant. But do not like to talk to headphones and Google know the phase if I will use.
  • Decent
    11 months ago
    Nice and good sound but poor reach. The sound of my Apple TV 4K is constantly hacking. No major difference between these and generation 1. Just one button that separates.
  • Perfect
    12 months ago
    Don't understand that people can complain about these kids.
    Everything is beyond expectation.
    Have had them for about 3 months and have used them very diligently. Have had 6 air travel, dozens of train trips etc.
    The base - perfect.
    Midrange - perfect
    Treble - perfect
    Comfort - perfect
    Bluetooth - perfect
    Noise reduction - perfect
    Charging - perfect
    Battery life - perfect
    You don't even notice sitting on a plane.
    I slept through a whole flight of 4 hours without waking up once. Woke up first when I landed.
    Nice with support for Google assistant.
    Really recommend these despite the high price. If you use etuin you got it you will be able to use them for many years because of the genuine quality.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Recently acquired these. So far extremely satisfied.
    The sound I think is cannon. Right with bass and very clean and nice sound.
    The ANC works perfectly clockwise.
    They are very comfortable and sit very well.
    Battery life is cruel; 20 hours as promised by the ANC is quite accurate.
    The range is GRYM! The phone (Samsung Galaxy S10) is located in the window of the living room. I'm out in the kitchen and are easily 10 meters away. Goes out into the kitchen and then has two walls (wood, plaster, chipboard) between me and the phone. Not a hint of disturbance.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Unbeatable sound and very good battery life. I often use them when I fly and it is so wonderful to sink into silence. This is the first pair of "noise canceling" I own, but it's really impressive.
    + The sound is great, both the non-sound and the quality of music, etc.
    + Battery life is very good
    - Pretty big and a bit cumbersome
    - Relatively high price, but you pay for the quality
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Bought these a year ago for 3700: - for a flight.
    Very nice to wear in the office and especially on flights. If nowadays succeed in sleeping on flights and can concentrate in office landscapes, sometimes I just drive noise reduction without music, cruel function.
    The sound with music is quite ok, but is better in eg Audio-Technica MSR7. However, it lacks both NC and BT so it is not the same purpose.
    Conclusion: nice nap, good nc, good battery life, not for the audio file.
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    I was looking for a couple of comfortable headphones for the job and generally and read some when these lurks of bose 35ii went to the netonnet to buy the first impression giant good good sound easy ...
    It started with when yes brilliant on music from spoty 0 everything else so fast yeah let the cellphone behind the back then dropped the sound hmm it happened even when i went to twist my head with the cellphone in my pocket simply check blue it couldn't go to another room in the house (wooden house) lose contact.

    Made lots of different settings where bose recommended to restore these lurks but didn't help.

    It says that it should be able to handle up to 9 meters of reach, but mine managed just under 0.5-1 meters

    Ida did indeed repurchase the idea to give a chance to take a couple of others the same model but they had no home then money was instead.

    Want to clarify that having connected these lurks even with another mobile same there osa giant bad fox gossip
  • Good
    1 year ago
    Now I have owned this headphone for a few days and can sum up the following:

    The positive:
    • Incredibly comfortable to wear! Sometimes you don't even think you are wearing them.
    • World-class noise reduction, completely disappearing from the environment.
    • The sound is good enough, even with noise reduction on.

    The sound picture is rather neutral or perhaps perceived as many as "flat" which is more of a personal taste. For me, it fits perfectly. But there are headphones that deliver better (Is audio file).

    • No problem whatsoever to talk on the phone via the microphone, clear and clear picture.

    The negative:
    • The buttons could sit in better places. It happens too often that you press the wrong button depending on what you want to do (pauses the music instead of raising the volume).
    • Bluetooth - The range is barely acceptable. As long as you have the phone nearby it is no problem but if you move a few meters away, it loses contact.
    • The construction feels well built but is too "plastic" for this price range.
    • No support for aptX.

    Bose QuietComfort 35 II is generally a good product but personally does not think it is worth its full price. Traveling a lot, this is a wise choice. If you want more applications, there are better alternatives to look over, considering what these headphones cost.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Cruel lurking when you are in the office or traveling clearly the best NC of those I have tried and so incredibly comfortable on the head hardly feels that they are sitting on. Do not use mine as a headset or by phone so can not judge mic or how they work like they but for the purpose shut out audio and play music they are just as good or marginally better than Sony WH-1000X satisfied.
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    Incredibly smooth and stylish headphones that make the most of travel where noise reduction is top notch! But the sound quality is unfortunately not higher than average. For me, the sound also chopped relatively often thanks to poor Bluetooth signal, despite only 2-3m to the sound source, which can be very annoying. But the most annoying thing about the kids is the mic, which seems to pick up all the sound around one which makes them impossible to call in environments that are not completely free of background noise. Can't even call during a walk in the forest without the recipient complaining of background noise from the shoes type. These are my other QC35II with the same problem so I guess it "should" be so. Sad to not be able to use them for calls, especially considering the price ....
  • Barely acceptable
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Positive with Bose 35:

    1. Fine
    2. The microphone is very good.
    3. The base is very good in NC.
    4. Comforts. The pillows are comfortable.
    5. NC really works when it behaves!

    Negative with Bose 35:
    1. Bluetooth support. The quality of the sound is shit when you are 2-3 meters away from the unit.
    2. NC is too sensitive to gravity. Suffice you to look down to the ground or to ride a slightly uneven road, the sound is completely destroyed, especially the base is destroyed.
    3. Battery life. Allegedly be 20h but in fact 14-15h.
    4. The price. Had not even bought these for 2000 SEK. Returned the goods despite the discount under the green friday.