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Synology DiskStation DS918+

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  • Decent
    4 months ago
    Upgraded to this from 9-year-old Netgear ReadyNas Ultra 2. This one feels significantly more plastic, both the chassis and sleds are in plastic unlike ReadyNas: one where everything was metal. In addition, loud bi-noises arise from vibrations between hard drive sleds and the chassis. There are guides online on how to curb this, but it should not be needed in this price segment I think.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 7 months ago
    Good NAS for storage when more and more streaming services choose exclusive content, but also for other personal storage. Uses this to Plex and Infuse. Plex itself has some problems, especially when you choose to connect the NAS via VPN. You can run extremely much with the NAS and "hands-down" to Synology because they put in a lot of good services, everything from Mail server, DNS server, RADIUS server, AD server to "Download Station". Can also run Docker with containers like Pihole etc.

    -Could have been easier to configure some services
    -4k conversion in Plex basically does not work. If you play the video in "source" over LAN, it works, but converting it to, for example, 1080p over WAN does not fix the processor properly. You get the error message that the processor is not powerful enough.

    Demo for DSM:
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Can't do anything but stick with previous positive speakers about the product. Nothing to add at all except an oh so vital thing, at least for me personally:

    Head's up that it does not (always) manage to stream 4K movies via your local network, in Plex! Run gigabit and 3x 7,200 RPM hard drives in Raid 5. The movie files for large pallets are simply not the CPU.

    Just google about it and there is more info about it, for example here: and https: //www.windowscentral .com / Synology counter station-ds918-good NAS plex 4k playback

    Apparently a well-known problem that I didn't know before I bought it, a bit boring. However, it works fine with Kodi (instead of Plex). Codec has never failed me. Still think that for 6k you could have got a NAS where CPUn pallet with the transcoding better, otherwise it would have gotten 10/10.
  • Good
    1 year ago
    - Get full volume encryption (per share encryption has lots of limitations, and metadata is stored unencrypted in any case)

    + Simple administration
    + Good maintenance plan (eg get mail that tells us that the disks still have it okay)
    + Can service most things
    + Dock support
    + Quiet

    After power failure, it starts up with full disk check (was offline for a few hours once). I have therefore invested in a small UPS. Feels better so.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    This is a really good product. It is especially good for small businesses or for enthusiasts who want incredibly good performance and many choices.

    It has a good and practical design and it performs really well, especially in combination with a router that supports link aggregation. The cream on the mash supports dual PCIe SSDs that make it a true performance sample. Synology software is also really powerful and at the same time simple and reliable. I never need to worry about it and it's easy to configure it.

    Synology has several significantly cheaper models. However, if you are looking for the best, it is hard to beat this one. I'm really pleased.
  • Perfect
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    Synology DS918 + is a very nice NAS, a good buy for the IT enthusiast. The 2018 models have a new better chassis and hard disk drive than on the DS916 + precursor.

    Good to know:

    Officially, it is possible to expand to 8gb frame but it should be possible to upgrade to 16gb ram according to unofficial sources, such as: NOTE! Read carefully which modules are working, I bought the Corsair CMSA16GX3M2C1866C11 and they did not work in DS918 + even though they have exactly the same specifications 204pin DDR3L 1866mhz sodimmon non ecc etc. as other memories reported to work!

    The m.2 ssd hard drives can not be used as their own volumes, but only as ssd cache. It requires two ssd for read and write cache, with an ssd being the only read cache.
  • Perfect
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    I can only summarize it with amazing :-).

    After running with different Windows servers at home, I made a break and switched to a Synology DiskStation DS918 + and 2 4TB WD red to start with.

    I was running in half an hour ... dishes were mounted without screws, and just to plug it in and more a search to find it via a browser.

    Spontaneously, most things are easy to understand and most are very intuitive and easy to get.
    It's quick to access and read / write also goes fast.
    Smooth apps installed on it easily provide access to a lot of features.

    Quiet, inexpensive in operation (especially against my previous Windows servers) and the only negative I can get is that you can not trancode: a and stream a DTS audio movie to Apple products like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV ... at least not without having to mingle. Now I was not looking for this feature, even if it had been cool if it worked.

    DS918 + is more powerful than DS916 + at all points, and now more expensive (and cheaper) than QNAP's equivalent. So far, everything has just worked (except DTS) without any flaws.