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Sony WH-H900N

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  • Very Poor
    1 day ago
    Such disappointment. It's lucky you could make a return!

    The sound was worse than Urbanears Plattan 2 which I used before. and that goes for 1/4 of the price. Sony forces one to install additional apps to control the sound and have the correct settings. They could have better sounds. This was noticed with one of their reality-something features. But it doesn't work with Spotify but only with their sponsored apps like Deezer and so on. Furthermore, the headphones were clumsy and sat poorly.
  • Very Poor
    13 days ago
    Seems to be a bug on all Sony headphones when using them in phone calls with Skype for Business. As soon as the microphone picks up a sound, it cuts the sound into the headphones making it choppy and ultimately simply unusable for office work which they were purchased for.

    The problem seems to be related to software as they worked well for a week before the problem arose quickly and can't be reset either with reset or update.

    These return to the dealer. Too bad, because I liked them.
  • Barely acceptable
    2 months ago
    Great noise reduction, nice fit, good sound and very affordable. For me, however, the grade falls from a strong 4a to a weak 2a as the microphone for calls is just too bad. The recipient of the call hears more of the background sound than my voice ... so it becomes necessary to take the hands off every time you talk on the phone. Possibly my handsets are defective, awaiting answers from Sony support about what to expect for the quality of that particular phone call.
  • Perfect
    3 months ago
    Quite simply good headphones! At this price, in my opinion, there are no headphones that even come close! It should be illegal to get this high quality sound in a pair of Bluetooth headphones! Sony's have really succeeded with LDAC, unparalleled quality and clarity simply. Do not hesitate! Buy!
  • Good
    3 months ago
    Very good sound. Noise reduction was like that. Too small earmuffs for me. The wind noise was unbearable, unfortunately. I left. Then chose between Bose's two top models. Landed in xm3, which is noticeably better at these points, though at a significantly higher price.
  • Decent
    5 months ago
    Good sound and easy operation. Unfortunately, almost unusable outdoor noise due to wind noise, though it is a custom window mode in the settings.
  • Very good
    7 months ago
    Updated: 7 months ago
    Good battery, sound and comfort but poor ANC.

    Has used headphones for 3 months and is impressed with battery life. 40+ hours on one charge with ANC, this is absolutely raw! The sound is very good. A lot of bass, clear midtones etc. Comfort is also very good. Nice clear app.

    Negative points:
    ANC is almost useless. Compared to 1000xm2, these are worthless. Even compared to the JBL E65BTNC, they are struggling to filter out noise from car tires, train tracks and motors. OK on the fly but again, E65BTNC has better noise reduction.

    These are very exposed to wind noise. But you can choose WindNoise in the app and then they deliver almost zero noise from the wind, with the disadvantage that the ANC level is slightly reduced. In all, very good headset with ok noise damping.
  • Very good
    7 months ago
    Amazing kids with awesome sound - Lifts
    music to new heights.
    Good NC, of course doesn't shut out all the sound,
    but definitely enough enough to still impress - Mutes traffic noise considerably, perfect when you're out and about.

    * Comfortable comfort, sits well without pushing
    somewhere, even when wearing glasses.

    * Smooth touch on right cover

    * Good building quality

    The only thing I experience on the negative side is that the handsets are a little big, not in fit, but they look a little clumsy. But it is probably a matter of taste.

    One thing is for sure, will always buy kids with NC from now on!
  • Decent
    8 months ago
    Some words about what could be better:
    -NC at sedentary place where I want to remove the hum / buzz / noise from the fan system is super-irritating. When you start the handsets, they take away the noise, but after 10 seconds the noise is raised again! Then it changes up to down a little then-and-then.
    -Touch works well, right up to me on the couch wants to throw up the right arm behind the head ...
    -In and disconnection of 3.5mm closes the handset. Irberirritetende then Bluetooth to the bitch does not lip leak so I need to use cord.
    -Power button flush with the rest of the case. No, it's not easy to find.
    - The op is not in sync with the ambient mode, but it is well a minorage. But before version five, should anyone on Sony see it?
    - "Giant" with cool sound processor that can mimic different environments. Is it just me who would appreciate an EQ where you can adjust right and left channel separately?
    -Blinking blue when connected. Why can't you choose it?
  • Good
    9 months ago
    Updated: 9 months ago
    Bigger than expected, unfortunately. Sounds ok without shining. Ideal with buttons on the left and touch on the right.

    + Good stable signal
    + NC works as expected, even if the handset isolates a part without NC.
    + Good positioning of controls (except on / off which is a bit difficult to find with your finger)
    + Ok sound, but worse than my older Fidelio M1BT. Better after recording?

    - Big, and can get bumpy to fit in a small bag
    - Will probably be quite hot in the summer.
    - Incredibly sensitive to wind, not standard filters in the hands of this, but referred to the app.

    Edit: Ang app so you can remove wind noise with success. Though I guess what happens is that it shuts off the buckets, simply. Good thing, but it should have been directly on the hands instead. Strange also that you have to prioritize sound quality to use some stuff in the app, though it doesn't really matter to me.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 9 months ago
    How have I been able to live without these ??

    For a couple of years I have been eager to buy a pair of bose qc, precisely because I belong to the category of people who are disturbed and stressed incredibly much by noise in the surroundings.

    What prevented me from buying a pair of bose, however, was the fact that they cost more than a used car - not an alternative when you are a poor student to put a third of their monthly income on a pair of headphones.

    When this model from sony sailed up as a suitable candidate, with good reviews and at least "acceptable" price, the temptation was too great to resist. Was there a small light in the tunnel for all of us who have the sense and respect enough to take their embarrassing, loud and private conversations separated, instead of in public transport? One can only hope ..

    I got the chance to find out during a trip from southern to northern sweden that included both outdoor environment, bike, train, bus and air.

    Out: I experienced that NC was very effective in removing traffic noise! You hear cars nearby and the tire friction sounds against the asphalt, but the sound is subdued, flat and quiet. Pretty light.

    Bicycle: I share the view that NC mode amplifies the wind noise. There is also a mode for attenuating wind noise, but it cannot be accessed without using the sonys app. Unfortunately, I did not install the app at the time of the bike tour so I do not know how effective the function is. *** UPDATE AFTER 8 MONTHS USE ***: The wind reduction is really good! It is more or less mandatory to use it as soon as you are outdoors. It makes a huge difference.

    Train: My go-to place is always to choose quiet department, but unfortunately the train's AC had been running so it was unbearably hot to sit there. In other words, I had no choice but to settle down among the high-babbling barbarians. Fortunately, I had the headphones ready! My first reaction was WOW! All low-frequency sounds from the train were completely blocked. It was like sitting on your own sound-insulated island. Almost eerie - and absolutely wonderful! A while later, however, paradise was destroyed as it stepped on two very talkative women and I became involuntarily a listener to their utterly uninteresting and loud conversation. I was seriously thinking about going back to the sauna in the wagon with quiet department. There I had become sweaty, but it had been silent. Worth it ..? So the sound of calls and voices is not blocked very well (which apparently applies to all manufacturers and models, not just this). But I got rid of 99% of the sound from the train.

    Flight and bus: Same experience as on the train. Really good! I read some user who wrote that the kids blocked noise from screaming kids on a flight, but you should bring an excavator salt. All of us who think that there should be a 12-year limit on restaurants and aircraft know that sound from screaming children absolutely does not belong to the lower frequencies of the sound spectrum.

    Other reflections: Just like other users, I see no direct joke with the ambient mode. Will probably never use it. Nor have I tried the handsets with mobile calls and the built-in microphone. If there is anything I avoid more than people who use snapchat filters in dating apps then it is actually talking on the phone.

    Music: How is the sound of music then? As an DJ, I have a lot of experience in audio editing in various programs. I wouldn't call myself a Hi-Fi expert or total audio file companion, but I'm definitely very picky when it comes to sound quality. I have probably owned at least 20 different headphones in the last 5-10 years. Sony's kids deliver surprisingly good. Out of the box does not reach up to my Sennheiser HD25 studio watches or a pair of AKG 518, but the sound is definitely acceptable, quite good indeed. What one should DEFINITELY be to do is use the Sony app, because there you can set the equalizer to fix the sound according to its preference. With a bit of trixing, I could set the sound just as I want it - pork, rap, heavy and light bass with a little extra push on some of the higher frequencies. After I set up the equalizer that I wanted it, I could say that the lads were spewing both my HD25 studio watches and AKG 518 - according to my taste. But, as I said, it is quite individual how you want the sound. If you, like me, prefer really good bass with a lot of dimension, separation and light, then just to congratulate sonys can really deliver it.

    Negative: One thing that was pretty annoying was that the headphones shut off after 5 minutes if they were not connected to the Bluetooth bluetooth or connected to the 3.5mm headphone jack. It should be sony definitely thought of - bose, for example, has a function that you can set auto-off to never occur. I also strongly preferred physical buttons instead of sweeping movements with the fingers on the cover.

    Summary: The quality feels good, they are pretty heavy - which is a positive sign when it comes to electronics as high quality and more expensive materials perform better and weigh more. I do not think there is any reason whatsoever to choose a more expensive model than this, for two reasons:
    1. I am very skeptical that they could have better sound at music (have not tried any more expensive, but that's just what I believe after having owned so many other lurks).
    2. The noise reduction is great, and the tiny minimal difference that may be present in a SEK 3500 is simply not worth the money, especially not because speech and voices are not particularly well blocked by any manufacturer.

    We can only hope that any manufacturer succeeds in blocking talk and speech as well, I would quite honestly be prepared to fork out 50,000 SEK for it. I give 9 points out of 10! For full pot I would have liked to see physical buttons, and to be able to remove the auto-off function.

    *** UPDATE AFTER 8 MONTHS USE ***: My first impressions have only been enhanced. I have used them daily. Cycle with them at -25 degrees regularly for over 30 min. Have them at the gym. They NEVER have fussed, shut down, lost the sound, etc. Still feels like new - definitely worth a purchase. Battery life is also surprisingly long.
  • Good
    10 months ago
    Updated: 10 months ago
    Have now used these for about six months. Come earlier from a couple of Marshall Major 2 which will also be what I compare to.

    Overall, I am happy with the headphones but there are some minor things I bother about which I list below.
    For those who have no major concerns with this, it is a really good buy for that price.

    However, I ordered a black model but, according to me, got a gray one (Webbhallen did not agree with me) They look like the first picture above which in my world is gray :)

    + Very pleased with the sound!
    + Sits well in standing / sitting position (more on the latter)
    + The battery lasts a long time for my use
    + Very good noise reduction

    - Delicious relatively much sound to what I am used to. My desk neighbor at work can guess which song I listen to at "normal" music volume

    - The weight. As I wrote on Pros, these are very nice on their heads, but if I lie down, they have a tendency to go off their heads. Have been annoying many times, for example at the gym

    - A little too big for my taste. If I pull over the hood on the jacket during rain, anything can happen, eg raise the volume to the max or just start and pause the music

    - The buttons, which, after all, are very anonymous, and I find it hard to feel when they actually sit. With gloves on it is almost run, may still take them off just to start them ...

    - I get no indication that the battery is running low. There is only one voice that thanks itself when it is already run. Would like to get type 30 minutes in advance.

    - A lot of wind noise. Does not require much wind because the noise from the wind that wines pass by surpassed the music. Turning off / on ambient sound makes no difference. A little too much wind catch simply.
  • Very good
    10 months ago
    good but sits softly after a while and hurts me who has gas eyes.

    otherwise quite ok
  • Excellent
    11 months ago
    Updated: 11 months ago
    A couple of kids to love. Not because they sound best but because they are a fantastic companion to bring with you wherever you go at an unbeatable price. One of my best purchases ever.

    The price.
    The noise reduction. Much better than in many more expensive lures.
    UX. The touch interface is smart and responsive. Really useful to be able to cup your hand over one handset to hear what someone is saying to one.
    Battery life. Long lasting. Easy to hear the charge level with a push.
    Good sound. Not the best but fully satisfactory.

    Has a little difficulty with strong wind, even in windy conditions.
    They leak more than expected.
    May become a little hot about the ears after prolonged use.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Got these on Black Friday for a reasonable price.
    Must say I am very pleased with these.
    You are almost dependent on noicecancel if you go with them all day long.

    -Beautiful sound, even without noice cancel on.
    -An app that is actually refurbished well!
    -Noice cancellation works very well in windy environment.
    -Ambient sound also works very well!
    -Companies well when you make calls too.
    The -touch section on the page took some time to get used to, but once you've got the turn it works very well!

    -Noice Cancel does not work out. then there will be only wind in the headset.
    -the bit difficult to learn the features of the touch (only at the beginning)

    All in all, I paid 1290 for the headset, so I think it's worth ALL the money! :)
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Amazing tricks that perform very well seen at the price. I bought these for under 1500kr and do not regret a tense, nice register all the way into the mucous membrane! Also works great for use as a headset, even if the background noise of other parties could be lower. Compared a little with the Bose equivalent QC35 for fun, and the biggest difference was that there was more bass in the QC35 tricks. Personally, I think that everything made clearer in the H900N tricks. You can of course personify a little in the equalizer, I want to speak. However, QC35 undoubtedly won the noise reduction, but I would also like to remind you that it's almost double.

    + Babe
    + Ergonomic
    + Long battery life
    Easy handling +
    + Awesome sound
    + Great price
    +3.5 jack

    -ON / OFF can be hard to know
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    10/10, probably top 1-3 on the market below 4k. Bought for 1399: -
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    These are my first NC fools, and I'm pleased with my choice of nap.
    Have been looking forward to buying NC fools for a while. Bose has never been an option since I think they, like Apple, are terribly overpriced compared to what they get, so I'm glad that Sony is active in this product category.

    Since I have Sonymobil, it was a natural choice to drive with Sony headphones as well, and with LDAC the sound quality is really good. The app available for Android provides some settings, but I run with the factory settings when I think it sounds the best.

    The NC part is a small eye opener, it's great to avoid some surround sound, even if it does not remove all the surround sound, it's no problem to vacuum, mix with mixer, etc. without disturbing such sounds, which is highly appreciated.

    Only negative things, the ears get badly hot and it's easy to sweat under the napkins, and the touch control on one handset is a little too sensitive.

    But, for 1599 that I bought my order for, they are a terrific find, and the building quality is very good.

    The wind noise has been absolutely wonderful when walking in the fall, not disturbed when it winds half storm.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    + Very good sound
    + Ballt and functionally with touch features to swap, pause, raise volume, etc.
    + Babe
    + Long battery life
    + 3.5 jack

    -Sign out "mark" / "spike" on the on / off button. Hard to find that button when the napkins sit on the head.
    -Music sounds out to the surroundings. I'm always sitting on the tv sofa in the evening and kicking music at really high volume. Since I bought these naps, my cohabitant disturbs herself, even when she watches television, she has to sit and listen to my house music. I understand her frustration. These are my first ear-fools and it's possible that it's the same to all of them. Earlier I have had an ear.
    -The price. I bought them for 1500kr and it is on the verge of too much I think. At work, I have the Sony WI-H700. These basically have the same sound, but I only paid 800kr for. And they do not let out to the surroundings either.

    Of the WH-H900N and WI-H700, I prefer the latter, but then you should keep in mind that I prefer I prefer ear-fools. For those who want over ear, these are certainly a good choice!
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    1. Vs Bose QC35 - WH-900N win easy on ANC, audio quality, features, app and only loose by a smidge on comfort ... a bit less plush and pair with 1 device at a time only.
    2. Jaw clamp? NO WAY, reviewers are probably just weak (or sponsored by / \)

    So my review:
    1. With the WH-H900N, adjust the bangle length equally on both sides and angle so the ears do not touch, with my elephants touching the bottom (best for sound and comfort for me)
    2. Turn on LDAC (in BT settings)
    3. Create profile in adaptive sound (for iaf in my Galaxy S9 +) for hearing correction
    4. Turn on Atmos (for headphones)
    5. Activate the ANC
    6. Launch any kind of HD music (Spotify HD playlist, FLAC .e.d)
    7. Lean back o Press PLAY
    8. Fine-tune the angle (towards the forehead head) to the angle at which it sounds best. This does not make a big difference, but it clearly makes it different on the forehead versus "top of the head" so everything in between changes the sound image. Avoid tilting against the forehead. Lie between "normal mode" straight up and toward "top of the head" for best sound.
    9. Adjust the volume. As with virtually ALL audio products, they best sound up to about 70-80% of the maximum volume. Then you lose some resolution, the base becomes more spacious, and so on.

    After all, it's clear:
    MAGIC good sound.
    Much better than I was waiting for the money (although I tested against many napkins before in the department stores, but mostly ANC but also some music and that's when I realized how KASS Bose is .... do not understand how they can sell as they do ... I did not get a span over 500 for their naps)

    Atmos highlights the space that you otherwise do not get well on the closed back noise and the sound quality (HiFi nerd class) on these hits the big brother MX2 according to basically all the tests wanna be true because they sound incredibly good (sorry reiterates me: D).

    However, the main function ANC is better on MX2 (difference, everything is slightly subdued) and even better on MX3 (bigger difference, here's almost cluttered) especially on voices, BUT it's so badly high "pressure" from ANC on the MX3 that I got take them off after just a minute without even having music. Had never fixed the constant "cabin pressure" in the long run. These have VERY less pressure. The cabinet pressure, however, is like many other fools, but with music you do not think about what you do on MX3 (iaf myself).

    So if you can live with a slightly poorer ANC for the benefit of the sound, these are a good choice
    Price diff versus:
    MX2 is defensible 2300 vs 1500 if you want better ANC. It may not be 50% better but ... I was close to taking the MX2s I will not get under the chair. However, these were due to sound quality and I like the broad head band. Does not look as tantalum thin as on most napkins :)
    MX3 prize 4000 vs. 1500 (on black in serious stores) is not defensible. somewhere, not even for ANCn, for so much better it is not and if you do not like the MX3 cabinet pressure, they go away right away as for me.

    Have ordered a pair of Senngheiser HD4.50 BTNC for the girl who said to have better ANC (than H900N, but worse than MX2) but worse audio than these, but NO cabin pressure and can pair two devices. It's going to be fun to compare when they are in the same price range, and that's what I stood and weighed between, but they became champagne and better sound, more features, better app, better battery life. Is also already used to swiping from my Icon-X, but Sonys is a FRIEND in comparison. Will be right every time and VERY faster response. Will NOT Miss Hard Buttons :)

    However, only one will be 8a so far after some hours of listening (can be updated) due to:
    - No USB-C (crazy)
    "The ANC could be better, even if it is good, there is no final vote
    - The space in the sound image is not very good but the Atmos switch (but with Atmos it's wonderful). Seems to be the same problem on any ANC I'm testing, but still a weakness.

    That I could buy a pair of Sennheiser + these and still pay 1000 less than 4000 as the MX3 costs cost a lot about how overpriced the MX3 is.

    Do some long-haul flights and work in a noisy environment so they will be used diligently and replace my Icon-X, which will only be a gym plug. Getting too hot with earmuffs :)
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    For 500 on city mission in mint condition, this has to be one of the best purchases I made ...
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    I think I have quite good sound in stereo at home and used Koss spark plug to the cell phone.
    after I became a little interested in this and that it would remove unwanted sounds.
    Tried it in the store and thought they were okay in this. put on my plugs again.
    Then I noticed a very big difference. (was like your mobile compared to your home stereo) So big was it.

    1st - You can not use while loading them. not because you need to load them so often, but the times they have been desirable are put on.
    2nd - they can not be paired with Playstation 4. But maybe it's just the Playstation that's upstairs. Otherwise, I've never had trouble with the pairing.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Bought these after I managed to lose my MDR-100ABN😑 was very skeptical, but the price was ok since I bought the previous offer at about the same price. (1600 kroner). They sound about As good. Perhaps not quite as good noise reduction and a bit poorer battery, and it takes some time to get used to not having physical buttons to deal with. But, the sound is top class. I'm all about when it comes to music and has blown everything from heavy symphonic metal to quiet piano songs and I think everything sounds just as good. Always uses the highest resolution of all music apps I use on the phone (with the equalizer app) and studio equipment when I listen to the PC. I mean that these definitely give joy when it comes to different types of music and you'll find these on offer so this is a bargain. I'm unsure how much to buy the top model here as these definitely suit and play shirt of several dual-priced models I've tried.
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    OK fools, but not top notch.
    These are my first headphones with active noise reduction, and it was above all the function I was looking for when I traveled a lot of trains and flights. The fit is good, but the headphones are perhaps a little big (compared to, for example, Bose QuietComfort), which makes it easy to put the napkins in the box when the head rests on a window seat. No big problem though. I'm not an audio file, so I can not say if the sound is much better or worse than other fools in that price range, but I'm totally satisfied at least. Now afterwards, when I had them for 9 months, I realized that I can not live without active noise reduction, but also that the naps are not perfect at this. If I am relatively quiet and active noise reduction, I hear a high frequency beak in the naps. So I would have done the purchase, so I would have wasted extra money and bought a pair of Bose QC instead.

    Smooth with built-in microphone and gestures for taking calls, skipping songs, and raising / lowering volume. However, the app was saddened.
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    If you use the napkins without connecting them to something, they will turn off automatically after 5 minutes!


    Tip: With the cord plugged in, they will not turn off, cut off the supplied cord board, insulate the rods so that they do not contact each other. If I put in the plug they will not turn off.

    The sound is quite ok i think.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Then I finally bought a pair of tricks after a long and thorough investigation.
    My requirements were that the napkins should be cordless with good battery life, over the ear, support for NFC, work with my iPhone, please cost under 2000kr and, of course, sound good in my "ears" (how music will sound is a personal taste)

    The choice finally dropped on the Sony WH-H900N and they were tested against:
    Sennheiser HD 4.50 (Good sound and good on the skull)
    Bose SoundLink AE II (poor battery life and ok sound, good on the skull)
    Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 SE (Surprisingly good sound but do not feel good on the skull)
    Sony MDR-XB950BT (from 2014 so it has happened a little in four years technically)

    My personal conclusion is that the Sony WH-H900N has the best sound image if you download the app and modify the sound, you can get it right. You change the song, pause, answer the phone etc. with fingerrails on the right handset, which is badly smart (one learns fast) instead of looking for little buttons somewhere on the naps.

    I can not complain about anything in this now so because of the price and what you get for it it will be top rated and I highly recommend these naps.
  • Acceptable
    1 year ago
    Very clean sound I suppose. But very poor. They can not reproduce the deep bass so show sounds disappear completely from songs. Building quality is like that, a little plastic and gives a cheap impression. The noise reduction is like that, some noise seems to be on the contrary reinforcing? Really good to remove wind noise if you choose that mode though.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Very affordable wireless headphones.
    I bought these after I was very pleasantly surprised by the WH-H800 (on ear version),
    The best thing about these tricks is definitely the sound quality in relation to the price.
    They have a well-balanced comfortable sound with a nice resolution from bass to treble, the bass is actually really good, dry and pretty tight and not excessive. Do not have the same sound quality as the best cable headphones in the same price range, but they deliver a very good wireless sound, much thanks to Sonys LDAC technology.

    What I do not really like is comfort, they have a very soft and gentle padding, but the inside of the naps is quite tight and if you do not have really small ears it's hard to find a comfortable position. They are also quite heavy. Far from the lightweight Sony WH-h800

    The NC function works well in mix and sometimes less well. Wind noise, for example, does not work at all, gets worse soon.

    But given the price, around 1800, they must be the most affordable over ear wireless one can buy. Was supposed to buy the Sony WH-1000XM2 which are lighter and comfortable and sounds a little better but cost 1200 kr more. Soundly, the WH-1000xm2 is at its height a couple of hundred crowns better.

    If you do not necessarily have NC fools, I would recommend the Sony WH-H800 (most affordable wireless fools I tested), which you can get under the daisy, feather, super comfortable and really okay sound.
  • Good
    1 year ago
    Comfortable and really good for music. Good building quality. No snack about that matter.

    Unfortunately, they are worse with games on PC. Bought these hopes to have them both for music on the phone outside of home and gaming on the PC at home. The latter is just forgetting if you play games where you rely on sync sounds, such as FPS.

    The latency of these tricks is amazing 185 ms despite Apt-X which is completely unusable for anything but music. Over 200 ms without Apt-X. There will be a noticeable delay in the sound (as comparison, dedicated gaming phones lie around 20 ms). I am fully aware that these fools are not made primarily for gaming as well as the limitations when it comes to audio via Bluetooth. However, these fools are among the worst when it comes to latency (see

    Should you only have them for music and / or bride reduction is that is a good buy.
    Should you play with these you should look at something else.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    The canon fools! Great sound! Easy to use!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    So pleased with these naps. Sounds amazing from the first moment and even better after a little tripping with the equalizer. Beautiful against the head to wear. They exceed the expectations I had on them. I love the sound of these and NC works very well for my needs. Of course, noise is heard at the NC enabled but it is low dull sound and is not noticeable when listening to music. Like the touch function on the right earphone cover to swap, pause, start, raise and lower volume without looking for buttons.
    Minus is that wind is heard / reinforced in these naps.
    I have a range of about 35m together with the SONY XZ2 Compact which I think is very good compared to previous tricks I own with BT.

    I had bought these again if this couple breaks!
  • Good
    1 year ago
    Everything is okay minus the time it takes to load: about 6h ~
  • Good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Always seem to get a sunday copy, significant noise in the right earpiece with NC enabled.
    Light but the plastic feels quite cheap, otherwise good building quality.
    Fully useless buttons, basically have to take my naps off to find the buttons. The touch function works badly well and is probably the future.
    Seems okay but is not near Bosses comfort.
    The sound is mediocre, better than QC25 but my AKG K490 sounds better.
    Sonys app is okay and fulfills a certain function, had been nice with a function to quickly change the audio source.

    I will leave back the napkins because of the noise and that they work badly with my TV.
    Okay sound and pretty nice especially the green ones.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago

    As more reviewers wrote, how could I live without these?
    I've never owned NC guys before, but I've been completely saved in no time of these.

    At work, where I'm sitting open with others, I can finally be "indulged" even though people talk and listen to each other.
    In my old car, which is right on the highway, the noise-reducing effect makes it feel like sitting in a more modern car. Not in the vicinity of quiet but EXCELLENT much more comfortable. It is probably not good for the attention to drive with noise-reducing city traffic fools, but if you are commuting a highway with a loud car, it's wonderful.

    My relatively discerning ears literally cheer when I listen to these naps, the sound is really clear and clean throughout the registry, and you want to have good reserves to rotate the ORIGINAL base of the included app. Thanks to the NC function, you also do not need to screw up to overcome noise, so you get really good sound already at low volume.

    I'm a bit of a bass novel, and I think I've been really spoiled by my huge old Dali 7 speakers who have a really tight and deep bass, but I have to say that I never heard bass running so deep and clean without effort as in these are fooling.
    If you try to compare apples with each other as well, I also own a pair of older Sony MDR-XB500 from their EXTRA BASS series. They dunk really well, but they literally sound like crazy compared to these since they really have an extreme emphasis on deep bass and not so much much more. The same "problem" also made me choose Sony's MDR-XB950N1, which is certainly nicer than these in my opinion, but has a VERY powerful loudness curve by default and no option to adjust anything other than the base of the app. On these (WH-H900N) there is a real EQ and separate control for "Clear bass". Strange design choices may seem, as it is exactly the same app for both cheats, but it is.

    The main positive things in my opinion are:
    + Good sound with really tight bass (Both Infected Mushroom and Pink Floyd sound great)
    + Price (Purchased for 1790: - on MediaMarkt)
    + Support for AAC (ONLY way to get high quality audio over BT with iPhone, vital for my part)
    + Support for Apt-X (Good sound over BT from most Androids and some computers)
    + Noise Canceling
    + Battery time (My longest listening so far was 20 hours continuous without battery warning)
    + Handsfree
    + Intuitive touch controls on the right ear (Cover the entire touch pad with your hand and the naps automatically silence the music and emit ambient noise, smoothly!)
    + Comfortable earmuffs that fit well around the ears, and by the way very good building quality
    + Good app (To adjust EQ, Clear Bass, Noise Cancellation, and ability to see correctly codec is used)
    + Retropoints for volume / track controls to sound exactly the same as on my old CD-Walkman from the 90's :)

    A couple of minus, no dealbreakers for my part, but they are:
    - Poor management of wind noise (As another reviewer wrote, wind noise is enhanced rather. Turning on wind noise reduction in the app makes a little difference, the wind noise becomes more dull and not as intrusive, but it's no big deal more than the fact that NC is getting a bit weaker )
    - A VERY slight twist around 3-4Khz in the right ear when both BT and NC are activated simultaneously (More on the internet has rewritten it, and it seems to be a design error. However, the sound is overwhelmed by the slightest music sounds and also seems to disappear if the music is paused and BT goes into idle)
    - The charging time is special for 6 hours and it is no exaggeration. Be sure to load overnight, when you can not listen to BT while loading.
    - No multipoint (Can not have both computer and phone connected simultaneously to get Skype, telephony and computer sounds in the same nap)
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    I have used this headset soon for 1 week and I really love this product, not only because it's both good-looking, does not stick too much with the color. It also has a handy touch on the page that makes it easy to swap, raise, pause and play.

    I also give it + on the app where you can control and set between many different options for your own taste.

    I do not mind the TRYCKET from the headphones but you do not like it at all, I do not recommend this product.

    The only negative with this product is that if you wear it for a while, it will give you a good smell, but it may only have been because I was sweating or warming out. I have no problem with either.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Plus and minus:
    + The sound! (Better than Big Brother 1000XM2 according to
    + Good Bluetooth range
    + The price
    + Building Quality
    - Noice Canceling feature is OK no more
  • Acceptable
    1 year ago
    Good sound, but unfortunately it does not make it easy to get into the bells, which means that you hear whining all the way. Of course this is completely unacceptable and makes the bells quite useless in windy Stavanger. In addition, I think it should have been a function to turn off the touch buttons.
  • Acceptable
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Bought these on Elgiganten, but they went back already the next day. Weak sound and bad bass, although I pondered a lot of optimizing it in the app. Otherwise nice tricks and Sony usually be top, but in this price range I had expected more.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Cruel! They use them at the gym and when I'm running out. Noise Canceling works very well and is very nice. Tested Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II, too, but these are better and you do not get as hot about your ears as with Bose.

  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Keep up with all the tribute but ..

    These fools should not look like gaming headsets, bluetooth can not drive mic and sound while in good quality, completely useless as wireless gaming fools, you can connect the headset with 3.5mm cable but you can not connect the microphone via cable.

    There are also no usb bluetooth adapters to buy that support APTX HD or LDAC for that matter. APTX is available, but the only ones who have it have trouble old drivers (CSR harmony). May hope there will be something better in the future.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Good sound, features, good NC. Will return.
  • Poor
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Great quality, good fit and sound, as long as you are indoors. I bought these about a week ago with the goal of using a pair of fools both at home in front of the computer (with 3.5mm cable) and when I'm going out (via BT).

    Switching between works well, but when you're out, you hear so much wind noise that it drains the music. The amount of sound from the surroundings that comes in is also very high. The naps have NC, but this issue occurs regardless of whether this is active or not. Spontaneously it feels like the microphone in the napkins (which will make you hear the environment when the NC is off) is on all the time and the NC function only controls if the naps try to disturb the noise or not.

    If you have the fan in the car, I hear this more than if I remove the napkins (the noise is amplified), I'm out and it's a bit windy so they heat their ears, but music is just forgetting. This happens even if you walk or touch your head too fast. Everything that touches the napkins (such as the hood of a shirt or collar on a shirt) creates scratch sounds that are heard incredibly well.

    So, as said, great wonder, but as a result of very substandard NC, it is not useful except in controlled environments, regardless of whether NC is on or off. This also takes over most of the features since a wireless headset that can not be used more than sitting still with the cord in my opinion can be said to fulfill its function.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    After knowing, joking and listening to lots of different wireless nonsense, I finally think I've found it right. On ear is sad to listen for longer than 20 minutes ... (Urbanears, Marshall, JBL etc.) to earpods destroys the music as a whole. Liked Marshall's nap for 699 and + 30h! But a terribly disturbing buzz between the songs destroyed the whole! Stepped up in price and the Wh 900 is a pure pleasure! Good on the head, good battery life, good features, nice and above all good sound! There really is a difference between naps and naps! Sony delivers an app where you can change the sound image you want, which is good. Now I enjoy listening to music in the tricks just as much as I listen to in the living room with my Dali speakers! 1800 buckle is a clip!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Very good headphones! Selected these in front of the WH-1000XM2 for the simple reason that they are, in principle, half as expensive. The differences I did not experience as big as I compared.
    The WH-1000XM2 is a better headphone, but does not consider it worth adding almost double the price for the differences.

    Many reviews say that you can not bring your palm to the right nap so you get Ambient sound temporarily, but there are some of these napkins.
    Many reviews also say that wind noise is released, but there is a "Wind noise canceling" in Sony's app that effectively removes wind noise. Works very well (a bit, though, still, but fully approved)

    Really good sound in these naps! Good design and design on them, I think too. Sitting very comfortably on the head and noise reduction is cannonbreaking! Sonys app is also great where you can eq the kids if you want, and put on noise reduction, etc. (Noise reduction, wind reduction and emitting ambient noise). However, I have not touched the EQ, the sound is good as it's out of the box.
  • Good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Good sound and functionality but the fit was worse, did not work for me long enough to leave them back. Little for small cups and a bit of hard pillows, my ears did not thrive in them (especially not the left, for some reason). But, as said nothing wrong with the sound, agree with what others wrote about them.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Soundly they are really good. The sound feels balanced and distinct. But I do not really like the fit. I prefer bigger hoods, like my hd-600.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Very posetively surprised by these naps. Plays very clean and clear throughout the registry and the right-handed touch control works well and is smoother than I thought in advance. Battery life is amazing.

    Having listened a lot to Bose qc35 before and on my big head with big ears they are a bit better and it takes longer before it feels hot around the ears. However, these Sony have much better sound that Bose never was an option.

    The base does not interfere with the middle register (as qc35 is bad) and with the equalizer you get very good sound no matter what you listen to.

    I have not tested noise reduction enough to give a fair comparison but have not had a reason to complain about it yet. There is a function where you pick up ambient noise also if you need to be able to hear people listening to music.

    Highly recommend these but get 9/10 because I can get a little sore about my elephant ears after a few hours.