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Asus VG278Q

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  • Very good
    1 month ago
    For the price I paid (2390 :-), I have very little to complain about, only that the colors and especially the blackness is worse than the AOC 24G2U that I first tried, but it was sent back because of brilliant pixels. Also lacking USB hub, which would have been a bonus. Also note that the monitor is only g-sync compatible, which means the feature is only supported on the 10 series and newer graphics cards from Nvidia, sat for an hour and googled when I did not get it on my 970 for obvious reasons. If you have the opportunity to buy the screen at the same price or cheaper than me then it is a strong recommendation, however, it is 500-1000: - more expensive, there are probably other at least as good or better options.
  • Perfect
    1 month ago
    Awesome screen. I have two things to complain about. One is the built-in speakers. But if you want good sound then you should probably get speakers instead. The second is the viewpoints. If you look from a very steep angle, the colors will disappear from the screen. Before I bought the screen I was worried that it would be annoying but in fact I did not notice it at all.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Fantastic in every way, has nothing to complain about.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Had previously a 24 "Samsung P2450H that I bought in 2010. So it was time to upgrade! I was looking for a 27" screen with 1ms response time and 144hz. After a lot of exploration, I found this screen on the Web Hall. Surprisingly, there were very few reviews on this particular screen (ASUS VG278Q) which I thought was quite strange. (That's why I'm writing this review)
    But I thought it had everything I was looking for. So I hit!

    And WHY screen I just say +++++
    I came from a 24 "Samsung P2450H with 60hz, so this was a very long jump in the right direction. When you put the computer together and start it for the first time, 60hz is enabled by default. So you have to go to the Display Settings and change it to 144hz.
    As soon as I changed to 144hz I felt an incredible difference. Like day and night.
    What I noticed at first was how incredibly the mouse arrow felt felt to handle.

    I started playing some games right away.
    Tested Games: Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Destiny 2 & CS: GO.
    NOTE. You have to go into settings in the games yourself and change to 144hz the first time!

    Believe me when I say what difference it is when driving at 144hz instead of 60hz. Oh oh oh. If I'm going to compare in any way, it's like filming in 1080p 60 images / s on the mobile instead of the usual 720p 30 images / s. About that, the difference is felt. Incredible spring is it! I was very pleased with how the screen performed with my games!
    Have also connected my PS4 Pro with HDMI, great fine colors and everything works as it should! However, it's only 60hz when you drive on PS4, it does not support 144hz which is a pity!
    I drive Displayport to the computer and HDMI to PS4, it's also easy and fast to switch between channels.

    The screen is raised / lowered and can be turned to all directions, big plus!

    The menu (OSD as it is called) on screen is great easy to handle with many settings.

    I think VG278Q is a fantastic display that delivers! The colors are rich and good, fast response time of 1 ms which is the fastest on the market today and with the 144hz this screen is definitely recommended to all out there!

    + Small frame on screen (+ lot screen)
    + Good lighting (can be really bright, almost like a flashbang every time you open the browser)
    + 144hz
    + 1 ms response time
    + Raise / Swivel & Rotate / Turn to all directions
    + The menu is easy to navigate using the buttons behind the screen
    + Stable stand & easy to mount
    + Freesync

    - The only negative I can say with VG278Q is the built-in speakers, low volume and not good at all. Sometimes when I watch Youtube and can not wear my headphones, I listen through the speakers on the screen, but I always run with headphones so I do not do it!

    Good job ASUS!