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Dell UltraSharp U2718Q

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  • Perfect
    4 months ago
    Very satisfied, great screen with sharp and clear image, and nice design.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Just had the screen 1 day so far but so far is very satisfied! Has had a total of 3 4K screens previously on the computer and this one is the best so far (image quality and ergonomics).

    No killed pixels, no image retention or other errors.
  • Terrible
    1 year ago
    Bought the screen in February 2018. Is now on my third screen.
    The first two I got to advertise because of the backlight loose on all four sides. Started with a small red shine that then spread and became larger.

    The third has a vertical line right down the screen where the blue pixels do not light. So this may also go back.
    Sad that I could barely use the screen I bought at the beginning of the year because of all the time, I'm off for complaint. Each complaint handling takes about 2 months.

    Dell seems to have serious quality assurance issues.
    Every time I advertise, I've got a new screen for warranty, but it's incredibly tiresome to keep on doing this.
  • Acceptable
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    Hecked pleased. Very comfortable with 4K. Being difficult to go back to a more low-resolution screen.

    + Supplied with "mDP to DP" cable and USB cable, only way to connect the display to my graphics card ..
    + Like Dell software included.
    + Like all inputs on the screen.
    + 2 USB ports
    + Dell does good screens in general. Nothing unexpected.
    + Narrow edges on the screen make it feel smaller.

    - Price
    - Display port problem, difficulty getting DP to work other than with the computer's built-in graphics.
    - Can not HDMI to work with the graphics card.
    - Although I tested two different graphics cards, the screen does not work with the cards. Other than when using a mDP cable.

    Replace my 27 inch 2560x1440 screen. Now better and more comfortable image with 27 inches 3840x2160. But really practically no one very big difference. More than 4K is much more comfortable to look at.
    To run the screen at 60 Hz, you must have a graphics card or built-in graphics on your computer that supports this. 30 Hz is not optimal for text.

    Run the monitor from the motherboard (z97i-plus) via the DP port that supports 4K in 60Hz.
    But Displayport and HDMI are strange with the two Geoforce and AMD cards that I tried. Failed to connect the monitor via the display port. The mDP cable included works doick. Googles you'll find plenty of tips. Nothing has worked for me.

    The step from 24 inch standard monitor 1920x1080 to 27 inch 2560x1440 monitor is a much larger step than from 27 inches 2560x1440 to 27 inches 4K.

    With a 4K monitor in 27 inch monitor, you still need to scale the image to 150% to view text. You do not get a bigger work area to work with without a more comfortable image.
    Will switch me to a 5K screen when these have fallen sharply in price.

    Years after looking for a larger workspace for Excel mm, an ex Dell 34 inch 3440x1440 screen is a much better option.
  • Very good
    2 years ago
    Good but problem with special resolution.

    Some software does not support it.

    But image and color rendering get 10/10
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Own the screen for about 3 months. Previously owned a Dell P2715Q which I also reviewed here and what very pleased with. Updates if something appears that changes the grade.

    Researched a lot and chose this because of good specs, the beautifull design and the HDR support as a bonus.

    As a user, I am sitting in front of the computer for many hours a day, thus placing high demands on what I'm looking forward to. A comfortable screen with 4k60hz is important. Do not gamble. Has sat in front of a terrible mass of good and bad screens throughout all years and knows how important it is. Codes and image editing.
    However, I'm not a cutting-edge enthusiast; does not trim on the gamma diffuser in the moonlight and did not frequency-modulate the amplitude lamp on radio door as a child. In other words, I do not calibrate.

    I'm very happy with the screen. Like P2715Q, I also think that this screen briefly delivers what it promises in a good way, no surprise, or any obvious shortcoming.

    Appearance is obviously subjective, but in my eyes this gets its plus for its appearance - like the perfectly smooth front and the thin edges sharply. The stand is the same as the P2715Q ie a tiny plastic and when assembled is a little wrong. I think that could be well done. You can fine-tune a bit so it's completely horizontal - but then it's good and no problem.

    HDR I have not been able to evaluate so I can leave that review. Detected after purchase that my laptop did not meet the basic requirements. May blame that the area is still difficult and a lot about HDR is quite unclear.

    This may save some time, for HDR you need:
    * Windows 10 Creators Update (Release v1703, ie version> 10.0.15063)
    * HDMI 2.0a or DP 1.4 port
    * Graphics card + Driver with support. Basically, all cards made since late autumn 2015 are supported. As for Intel's built-in graphics chip, I have not found a clockwise response regarding backward support, but coming Coffee Lake should be completely green.
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Have the screen for about 1 month. Oh, what a difference when reading text, clearly more pleasant when there is a completely different "softness" in the letters against my previous 1920x1200 "27" screen. The scaling works best, making everything not in miniature. Overall, cruel on all aspects. Only negative is that there was some IPS glow and / or Backlight bleeding on my copy. But Dell's support was awesome and got a new screen instantly!