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Samsung C49HG90

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  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Bought this from PB Tech's Black Friday sale. It's very impressive and overwhelming (in a good way).
    Looks amazing on the desk.
    It is quite heavy, so make sure your desk can support it without stress.

    For gaming it is absolutely amazing, especially shooters. Just make sure you have a good video card that can support the resolution while maintaining a high fps. My 1080 struggles in some games to keep a decent fps so I find i don't use the entire width of the monitor in some games.
    The vertical resolution is 1080px, there are new ultrawide monitors this size coming out with higher vertical res, but honestly there is no point if you are using for gaming. No card is going to hit 144fps with a res that high on any decent games at this point anyway.

    If i was forced for any downsides, it seems every once in 50 times or so I turn on the colours become completely messed up, though turning it off and on fixes it instantly.

    I could never go back to small monitors at home after using this.
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  • Very Poor
    3 months ago
    When it works it is great. Lovely large workspace, but unfortunately it is unstable and difficult to start after the computer has been in hibernation. At first I thought it was wrong on the computer, but when the screen behaves the same way with other computers, then it's probably the screen that's wrong.
  • Perfect
    4 months ago
    Absolutely amazing screen. Uses it primarily for games: CSGO, apex, fortnite, wow and modern warfare and just has to say absolutely incredible what screen!

    Coming from a previous 1080p screen so I have not known the complaints that were on resolution but may be something to keep in mind?

    If you are looking for a special experience then this screen is really it :)
  • Terrible
    1 year ago
    Updated: 5 months ago
    Utter Bullshit wow factor.
    Got it on Friday and sent it back next Monday, Very cool concept with the WoW factor.
    Out of the box 2 dead pixels plus 4 stuck pixels and low pixel density is very low across the panel.
    Cheap plastic construction, The panel itself gets very hot + from specific viewing angles
    such as if you stand above it or come from a page there is very noticeable panel flickering.
    The worst of all is the back-light bleeding, One of the worst cases of back-light bleeding I've ever seen on any panel.
    The built-in speakers never worked.
    When you turn off your PC and it goes into standby mode, overnight it switches itself off and the next day it won't turn on with your PC until you physically press the annoying fiddly power button that is placed in a very un-ergonomic position .
  • Very Poor
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Power issues with the monitor. The monitor seems to have PCB problems. Once the monitor is switched off, it will not come back on unless it is unplugged and re-plugged into the mains.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    The CHG90 is a 49" super ultra-wide (32:9) curved monitor that is marketed for gamers. This is mainly due to the fact is has HDR, fast response time, 144Hz refresh rate, AMD Freesync 2 support and it's curved super ultrawide format creates an immersive gaming experience - and all this does make it a truly great gaming monitor, believe me. However, please do not let the gaming moniker put you off if you don't class yourself as a gamer. I found that the monitor lends itself perfectly to productivity. The sheer size at a 32:9 aspect ratio means that it can support multiple windows in a way that a multiple monitor set up cannot. With a multiple monitor setup you are restricted by the physical limitations of the monitor edges - you can't work a spreadsheet across the edge of two side by side monitors. This monitor gives you the freedom on placing windows wherever you want, without restriction. Before purchasing you should however be aware of two things - 1. make sure you have enough space as this thing is massive 2. the 3840 X 1080 resolution may not suit everyone, particularly those used to a higher vertical resolution. If you are aware of these two specifications and they fit with your requirements then I am sure that this will probably be the best monitor you will ever use.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    There are many things this monitor does well. Very well in fact. The sheer width of the screen gives a lot of real-estate in which to load up various apps at the same time. It also means that for games that support the aspect ratio, the immersion is off the charts. The high refresh rate and response rates mean that in twitch shooters and games where speedy reflexes and fast movements are beneficial, this monitor gives you an edge.

    For photo editing, the colour reproduction is well calibrated. It's also really nice to see your photos and colour gradients without any trace of banding or visible dithering. It's really nice for watching movies too, as the black levels are both very deep and detailed. Thankfully, the on screen options are easy to use.

    My favourite use case for this monitor is the split screen. I can have my PC plugged in via DP on the left half, and my laptop plugged in via miniDP on the right half, and run software on both that checks the right/left edge of the split screen for the mouse crossing it. This allows me to use one mouse/keyboard and move between operating systems seamlessly.

    There are, however, many things it does not do well. Whilst the width is mindblowing, the flip side of this monitor is it's vertical resolution. At just 1080 pixels bottom to top, the physical height means those pixels are stretched quite large. How large? Approx 0.3mm. The pixels are clearly visible. This means when writing/reading text, if you are in any way used to 'retina' quality display, you will find the difference to be distracting. Letters become jagged, the softening patterns that OSX and Windows apply are visible and sometimes make words look lumpy. When reading articles online or doing some coding, it becomes a fairly disappointing experience.

    Another issue I had with this monitor (and to be fair, this will be rectified by using the included wall mount), is that when on it's highest stand height, the bottom of the monitor is a good 3 inches lower than the top of my 15" laptop. What this means in practice is that if you want to use both your laptop screen and the monitor, you'll have a large chunk of the monitor's screen obscured by said laptop. Also, the placement of the USB3 hub ports are behind the plastic cable cover and not easily 'hot-swappable'. Again, easily rectifiable by running a hub off the hidden monitor ports, but at that point, why not just run a hub off your computer?

    This is a very good monitor. It's just not perfect: 7/10
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    When you haven't seen the monitor on display only seeing pictures of it online. When the monitor is delivered you will gasp at the size of the box, it is HUGE. Having a 19" LCD monitor for over 10 years and been used to the screen size and screen res. The upgrade to the Samsung CHG90 is WOW, what have i been missing out on. Apart from upgrading the monitor i will now have to upgrade my desk, the monitor is that wide it just about fits on my desk. The brightness from the screen the crisp colour, the whites are white the blacks are black I'm not a big game player but the games that i have played with this monitor, word cannot say anything it will blow your mind. Playing the game with the super wide screen you can see so much more of the game without having to scroll around like i did with my old 19" monitor. As standard the monitor comes with a wall mountable bracket and a height adjustable start that also allows you to adjust the height of the monitor and swivel the monitor. The number of connection on the back of the monitor gives so much choice of connectivity. The monitor has the following. 2 HDMI 1 Display port 1 Mini Display port USB Hub 1 up 2 down Head Phone Socket Mic In & Out The monitor support Picture IN Picture mode allow you to display two sources at the same time. i use this with my 3D printer that has my Raspberry Pi connected via HDMI and my CCTV connected also via HDMI. This is now saving space not having another monitor in my study. To access the monitors menu there is a small button joystick on the bottom of the monitor, and is very simple to use to access the different settings. Next to the joystick there is 3 little buttons to set different game settings for me i leave it as standard as the way the monitor is set up is just right for me. Samsung’s Easy Box Software App is good in that you can snap the windows to different parts of the screen, the only bad point on this is that the app for me doesn't work with Google Chrome the web browser i currently use, i haven't tried other browsers. If your thinking about buying one then just buy it. and you will see for yourself.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    I give this monitor 5 stars because it accomplishes what it set out to do perfectly. But beware, you need to know what you're getting with this beast.

    The 1080 vertical resolution doesn't bother me at all. I can now comfortably put three windows side by side to do my work and that alone is worth the price of admission. Gaming wise this thing is fantastic. I have paired it with a Radeon Vega 64 and since it only has half the number of pixels a 4k monitor has, all games run beautifully. Freesync works from 48hz up to 144hz. I am finding most games can handle 3840x1080 rather well, and really recent games handle it perfectly. The view is so immersive, it's just fantastic.

    This monitor has a DPI of about 80. If you're like me and have been using high DPI monitors for the past few years, this is a pretty, er, striking regression. Yes, you can really see pixels easily on this thing. No, fonts don't look that great (fonts look a little better in Ubuntu than Windows, but regardless nowhere near the beauty a high DPI monitor would provide). To me this is the only real compromise you need to make with this monitor.

    The gaming and productivity gains I get far outweigh this setback for me. This monitor has no speakers at all. I have it mounted on my monitor arm with no problems. The monitor weighs 33lbs which many will find heavy. Getting it mounted was quite the chore and nearly led to my wife divorcing me, but we did it.

    I have to say overall I love it. I can fit everything I need comfortably onto the screen. No more switching desktops. It's been a great productivity and "staying in the zone" boost. My only complaint is how it changes sources, it's a bit tedious. My productivity, focus and happiness while working has increased so much with this monitor, and gaming is fantastic.

    I use Linux with a tiling window manager. To be honest when I'm in Windows or OSX then this monitor isn't quite as godly. The automatic tiling really helps squeeze out the full worth of this giant beast. I've had zero issues with it. No matter what machine, OS or whatever, it has worked 100% perfectly, it's simply stellar.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Who is the CHG90 aimed at, Gamers who work from home occasionally or Desk bound workers who do a bit of gaming? My answer to that is Gamers who do some occasional work on the same screen. The immersion you can achieve with this screen is fantastic.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find loads of games supporting the super ultra wide format and when they did they looked glorious. When a game did not support the 32:9 ratio you could set the screen to 16:9 (black panels either side of a central image) and still play as you would on a normal screen. HDR looks great, I noticed it the most when playing Horizon Zero Dawn on the Playstation4. The bright lights from the robot animal’s eyes were really powerful and sunset scenes looked fantastic.

    Coming from a 27” 1440p screen to effectively dual 27” 1080p screens I did notice a reduction in sharpness. For gaming this wasn’t a huge concern as it wasn’t exceedingly noticeable and results in higher frame rates than trying to run dual 1440p screens. For office work this was noticeable, text isn’t super sharp. After mounting the screen on a VESA monitor arm, I was able to push the screen a bit further back which made it less noticeable.

    What is useful is being able to have 3 applications side by side, 34” 1440p screen are great for dual application with more vertical height but I personally find having 3 applications side by side with a little less vertical height is better for productivity. The monitor also supports Picture by Picture, you can configure it as 16:9|16:9 or 21:9|11:9 or 11:9|21:9. I found this useful as you could have the playstation4 on one side and pc on the other. One thing to bear in mind is the monitor defaults to 60hz in this setting. It was also useful to have my work Microsoft Surface on the 21:9 setting and my pc on the 11:9 as I could control Spotify for instance off my pc while working off the Surface on the majority of the screen.

    Would I recommend the screen? I think most people would be just find with a 34” ultra wide but if you want to have the glorious wrap around feeling and immersion of a Super Ultra Wide this monitor while gaming then this could be for you. I’m certainly enjoying using it.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Coming from a dual monitor 1080p setup, I was quite excited to see if a single curved screen could fulfil all my computing needs – I regularly game, work from home (as an accountant) and produce music. Overall, I’ve had mixed feelings. The monitor certainly has the wow factor – it draws your eye, regardless of whatever else is in the room. For gaming, it’s great – the additional field of view feels as though it has made me better at games. Whether this is all in my mind, I can’t say, but I certainly enjoy the experience. I’m running a GTX970, and games look lovely and run silky smooth. One slight niggle with gaming – for ‘social’ gaming, I use a device to stream my games to the TV in the living room. Given my resolution is 3840 x 1080, this looked odd on a non-ultra-wide TV, so to game in the living room, I had to change the resolution on the PC, which killed the seamlessness I’m used to. For productivity, the monitor has been fine, after I was able to get used to using the windows ‘snap’ feature, rather than full screen on two separate monitors. I must say that I found the bundled software did not work for setting up ‘virtual’ monitors and so I am using a third-party software, which seems to give me the options I require. For music production, the ultrawide enabled me to do what I would normally do (stretch the software across two screens) but without a lot of the hassle and of course, the annoying bezel. One aspect of the monitor that I do not like is the inability to stream videos (YouTube, etc) in full screen. I appreciate that the videos aren’t optimised for ultra-wide but this really is a deal breaker for me – why would I spend so much money on a monitor to have a substandard experience. I know there are workarounds, but when I’m spending so much on a monitor, why should I need to compromise? On that point, I’m not sure that the monitor represents value for money – certainly my gaming is more enjoyable was better, but I’m not sure that the cost of the monitor is justified by the improvement in my gaming experience. Indeed, the monitor costs only a little less than my whole PC did (purchased a couple of years ago, but was high end at the time), and so I find myself asking if my gaming experience would have been better improved by upgrading some other component and merely opting for a more modest monitor upgrade.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    The Ultimate UltraWide Gaming Monitor
    This monitor is not an ordinary monitor, it is huge, ludicrous you could say! Why in the heck would you need a 49 inch super wide monitor!?!?!... I tell you why! Its fricken awesome! Up till now, I have always had 2 x 29" monitors, and I have loved that, and recently, I upgraded to a 4K and 2K monitor, and I really liked the 4K one and I did not think that I would like this monitor as it is only 3840x1080, but whta it lacks in resolution, it makes up for in being so wide it hurts! and I bloody love it. Playing games on this thing will blow you away. It supports brighter whites, darker blacks, the colour pops you in the eye, it runs up at 144hz and has freesync2! It also has three presents for different things, like movies, games and work After using this monitor for a week now, I am already planning a new office and desk, because my current one sits the monitor so close to my face, it feels like it is burning my retainers. This is due to the HUGE stand, but luckily, I can make one f the presets less bright for night time gaming. It has plenty of ports and even comes with a stack of cables to make sure you are getting the best signal possible. It even has a USB3 hub, so now my peripherals are plugged straight in to that. This monitor is huge, it takes up all of your desk, you will need a great GFX card to run it, you probably will need a welders mask to protect your eyes and you could buy a 2002 mini cooper for the same money..... but playing PUBG, DIRT4 or other games on this will fully immerse you in the game, sadly, it has not made me any better, but there is still time. If you can, buy this monitor, enjoy it and have the best monitor experience money can buy (almost)
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Where do I begin .. The CHG90 is a cinematic experience through and through .. an immersive gift to all escape seeking game-aholics and thrill seekers .. it often feels just like being at the movies from your own home (especially when I hook up a decent soundbar). Moving from a smaller Samsung ultra wide moitor initially the experience was very much the same .. my peripheral vision was already almost fully entertained gaming on such a monitor - although pretty much every other use I have for a monitor is taken care of - especially the sheer amount of real estate for working in multiple areas at once e.g. visual studio, a spreadsheet and watching a movie at the same time - FANTASTIC. You may also hook the monitor up to display output from a games console AND PC simultaneously, and be able to prioritise the amount of space allocated to each. For me personally this helps juggling a busy job at times and spending time with my 4 year old as he can sit on my lap playing games whilst I continue debugging a script or what have you. All in all this monitor is a major showpiece from Samsung and it is the greatest monitor overall I have ever had. If you are on the fence about getting it - my advice would be to get it and try it, several of my close friends and co-workers have already purchased this monitor off the back of looking and playing with mine. A true showpiece!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    This monitor is absolutely superb, moving away from two twenty-eight-inch monitors has really increased my focus when completing tasks. This large display not only makes life easier when having multiple windows open, but I am no longer having to look between two screens with a bezel in-between. The range of inputs is fantastic and being able to not only swivel the monitor you are able to lower/raise it. The graphics that are displayed are fantastic having cross compared them to my last set but with the aspect ratio given with this monitor, makes my playing of ‘real-time-strategy’ games even more intense as you are able to see more across a map. Samsung’s ‘EasyBox’ software application makes it seamless when trying to place multiple windows across the screen in whichever formation that might be. This one monitor might be of a large size but it really makes me think why I did not purchase one of these before. I am really blown away with the design, colour reproduction and immersion into using this especially at night. The light on the back only makes this monitor even more desirable! For any gamer, pro gamer or power user, this would definitely be 100% be recommended and you will wonder how you functioned without it.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    I use my PC for both work and gaming, and before buying the CHG90 I was running tow 27" monitors side by side. The CHG90 is infinitely better. As you unbox the monitor you are presented with instructions for attaching the stand while the monitor remains in the box, this makes it very straight forward to get the monitor out for one person and start setting things up. You should bear in mind this is a very large monitor, and as such I would recommend plugging any leads into the back before you get it into position or this can be a bit tricky! I got plugged in and everything worked straight away. the resolution is the same as two 27" monitors side by side, but the obvious difference is no bezel in the middle, allowing you to easily manage three windows side by side on your desktop. The included software makes moving windows around and getting them where you want them a breeze. The real test on a gaming monitor is of course playing games. The CHG90 doesn't disappoint here either. The curve of the monitor makes you feel completely immersed in gameplay, and of course all that extra screen makes it great for keeping tabs on what's going on around you. To sum up I would say that if you have the cash this is a fantastic buy, both for gaming, or just if you like to multi task in Windows.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    I bought the Samsung 49" CHG90 ultra-wide monitor to replace my dual monitor setup and I love it, this has a 32:9 curved screen and a resolution of 3840 x 1080.

    • It has several advantages over dual monitors:
    ○ No central bar down the middle of the screen.
    ○ Only 1 monitor cable and 1 power cable.
    • The monitor also has USB ports so can be used to plug in your keyboard and mouse.
    • The ultra-wide curved screen feels more immersive when playing games.
    • A fast 144Hz refresh for games.

    • This is a very wide screen, so make sure you have a large desk (my desk is 4' wide and 2' deep, which is fine)
    • The resolution is not 4k, although I find the resolution fine, especially for gaming.
    • The Samsung software for splitting the screen (Easy Setting Box) does not seem to be supported by all apps., it works well with Office, but I could not get web browsers to recognise the windows. So I ended up just using the built in Windows snap features.

    Overall, this is a great monitor and I wouldn't want to go back to dual screens, as one large screen offers more flexibility with window placement and is more immersive in games.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Wow, wow, wow! The sheer enormity of this screen hits you when the box arrives on your doorstep, it's simply immense. As a tip I would recommend moving the box to the room in which the monitor will live and then proceed to unboxing it. Follow the unboxing instructions included on the box as this simplifies everything.

    I had it all setup in around 15-20 minutes (including cabling up) On the subject of cables, you get everything you could possibly want cable-wise included, however, getting to the connectors can be tricky when it's in situ so I would recommend inserting the cables whilst the monitor is still on it's front in the box. This also holds true for sorting out the excellent (but tight!) cable management built into the monitor.

    Time to fire it up... OK, initial disappointment as the resolution wasn't readily recognised .I have an Nvidia GTX1060 8GB card and although the Nvidia suite noted the correct resolution it clearly wasn't actually displaying at that resolution. So I headed to good old Windows display control, set the resolution there and voila! A M A Z I N G ! and that was just the desktop.

    Now time to put this beast through it's paces... Forza Horizon 4. Simply put, playing on this scale at a desk really does negate the need for VR. After playing for just a few minutes you really feel you are there! It just about engulfs your whole field of view.

    Time to take to the skies in XPlane 11. Again, just like being in the aircraft and a far superior jump up from a 3 screen setup. Just needed to play with the FOV (field of view) setting during a paused game to get the most realistic view of the cockpit. Couple these visuals with realistic flight controls and you could feel like you are flying literally anywhere!

    Finally time to shoot some bad guys... Gears of War 4. Big, immersive, edge of your seat action on an epic scale. I set all the games to the native resolution running everything in Ultra with no problems.

    Some people have commented that the 1080 vertical aspect is not as expected but to run anything higher, height wise, would exclude so many people, other than those with ultra high end PCs from utilising the screen. A wise decision on Samsung's part I think.

    To conclude then, If you're a gamer, video or photo editor or currently have 2+ screens to work on, give this monitor your attention. You won't be disappointed, the future is curved!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    In my opinion Samsung CHG90 is perfect device to enhance your PC/Gaming Experience. Now thanks to 49 inches screen I’m able to browse multiple websites at the same time, playing game and having a guide to it opened on the second half of the screen. The amount of new possibilities and combination with setting up your display is enormous. Also playing on full screen 3840x1080 is fantastic. Any racing,strategy or action adventure games which supports HDR looks stunning and immersive, which on first pirson shooter games thanks to ultra-wide screen you have a small advantage of having a wider visibility. CHG90 is also good in photo programs which makes modifying/editing photos much easier, thanks to good resolution you can see much more details and also colours are enhancement which is really important if we are valuing high quality in every aspect. One of the many CHG90 major features is HDR, which any software which is compatible looks beautiful. The only downsizing of the Samsung Ultrawide is lack of 4K resolution but that means that you don't have to have a top tier graphic card, any average will handle latest games fine. CHG90 is 144hz monitor so the difference in smoothness is gigantic which you are able to see a difference even in desktop. With FreeSync 2 module any AMD graphic card user will get even smoother framerate in video games.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Everything that the CHG90 does, it does well - like the 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time and FreeSync 2 – Using the monitor, especially in fullscreen when gaming, is a strange, wonderful experience. The extended field of view along with the curved screen give a level of immersion that I've never experienced before.
    The screen allows much greater productivity and multitasking than using two standard 1080p monitors however I didn't personally see much benefit from layout improvement since I was using a 4K monitor in addition to a 1080p one previously and I miss the extra height that this offered in addition to the width.
    I liked the idea of the software that split the screen to allow many multiple programs to be easily set to a screen location, but I found that it was somewhat hit and miss as to whether a particular program would support the software and snap to the smaller window when required.
    Lastly regarding cost, I cannot agree that this monitor offers good value for money. Considering the price I would have expected the resolution to be at least that of 1440p without losing any of the other features. It's not all bad though, there are plenty of connectivity options for the CGH90 and the use of profiles to set the screen to your ideal output depending on your use at that makes temporary adjustment so much easier, whether that was in games, photo editing or office applications and web browsing or watching a movie. As I said, it's features are excellent and numerous it's just let down by price, other software incompatibilities and ultimately by the low resolution.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    I got the message that the parcel had been delivered. Sat at work watching the minutes tick by patiently waiting to get home and unwrap my new toy. Rang the missus to check the parcel had no damage from the courier, "No damage... but It's HUGE" she said. Even more excited now! Watched kettle never boils... Of course i drove at all the speed limits all the way home! got in the front door and pecked her on the cheek before pushing past in to the front room to see this towering object wrapped in black plastic. No way is this monitor that big! finally after taking a few pics of the box unwrapped I get the feeling that the excitement is worth it. opened the box(nearly the wrong way round)to be met with a very well thought out bit of packaging and planning. you just take out all the spare parts and actually build them and then attach that to the screen without removing it from the box. Genius. Ok, Its massive. As wide as my 55" Tv! So I quickly attached up to the PC (with my new 2080 Ti installed just days before) and updated the hardware as there was a usb download for it to stop some of the earlier issues. WOW. Not having those bezels there makes the world of difference! quicly downloaded the most detailed 32:9 wallpapers I could find. Mind blown... Right then, lets get some gaming going on. driving games beautiful, a game with pyramids in, Beautiful. a certain world war 2 game, Beautiful. Immersion is something I've always managed to get from 2 or 3 monitors but this... this really is on a whole new level. Im drawn in like nothing i even could imagine just purely because of no bezels and the level of detail. Ok. So I showed it off to friends that came round and played a lot of hours of gaming and also browsing whilst watching films side by side on it. They loved it and were in awe. taking selfies with it and sending pics to their teccy mates to show them what they're missing out on. Made me feel like a proud dad... I honestly can't say it enough. IT IS JUST BEAUTIFUL! The colours are strong the QLED works so well, viewing angle is perfect as long as you don't sit to close. There is a but... and it's a big but! The best refresh rate I can get out of it with my top of the line Gsync card is 100hz! Really? Freesync 2 would have been lovely but I opted for a dearer card and had to pay the penalty for that by not getting the most out of it. What a waste of over £1000 for my card! This monitor made me feel like I'd found a pound but lost a tenner... :(
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    My usual monitor set up is one 27in monitor, or two 24in monitors side-by-side, so this, as an equivalent to two 27in monitors My usual monitor set up is one 27in monitor, or two 24in monitors side-by-side, so this, as an equivalent to two 27in monitors seamlessly joined, is an impressive step up. Installation is a little trickier than most, as the curved screen mean that it needs some support, supplied by the cleverly-designed packaging, to attach the stand, which is very sturdy. The stand also gives a lot of freedom in height and angle, as it holds the monitor by a ball-joint giving a few degrees of latitude. There are a range of input sockets, though most users will opt for HDMI, which also allows for sound to be piped through to a headphone socket on the monitor. The large number of cables are kept a little tidier by a plastic cover which snaps over the range of ports. Once you've found enough desk space to put the monitor, and you've connected the cables, time to turn on. The on switch is located beneath a power light, which unusually is on when the monitor is off, and vice versa, but this means that the power button is easily found when needed. The power switch has more tricks, as by wiggling it in different directions, all the configuration options can be found in a sophisticated by relatively simple on screen menu. The screen itself is bright and clear, with enough resolution that pixels aren't easily seen as jaggies, but not so much that gaming is slow. Some games are better than others at using this unusual screen shape, but by compromising a little on shape, you can get full use out of it, as per photo. At a usual metre from the display, gaming is truly immersive, and a little awe-inspiring. The shape is also useful for more wide-screen format movies, though only a few movies use aspect ratios this wide, Ben-Hur is probably the closest. Regular use for Windows work is also a revelation. While few applications will usefully employ the entire width (possibly excepting Excel), having an enormous desktop means your're not flipping between Outlook and Word, or squeezing a couple of applications onto a screen so you can simultaneously read and compose. While a two monitor setup gets you some of this, the seamless CHG90 display is much more satisfactory. All in all, this is a well-made, unique monitor which can change the way you work and play, and going back to something smaller would feel like looking at your digital life through a port-hole.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    The first thing you notice with the Samsung CHG90 is just how massive the box is - roughly the size of a medium-sized fridge freezer.

    Opening the box you'll see assembly instructions. These are very straightforward as you attach the stand whilst the monitor is still face-down in its box. Once it's attached you just tip the box up so the monitor is standing on its feet and assembly is effectively complete. One worry with a monitor this size might be that assembly will be awkward, but that is not the case with this monitor.

    The box contains all the cables you may need - HDMI, DisplayPort, Power (UK and Europe power leads).

    I've primarily used the monitor in PBP (Picture-By-Picture) mode which means you can have a separate input source on each half of the monitor. This could be from separate devices (two different computers, console and computer, etc.) or two sources from the same device. I've mainly used it in the latter setup which results in a traditional dual-monitor setup with zero bezel between the two monitors. This allows all the standard features, such as snapping windows, to work as expected. The resolution in this mode is 1920x1080 for each half of the monitor, so full HD for each half.
    It's also possible to use Samsung software to mimic this functionality without using Picture-By-Picture mode.

    Initially I tested the monitor during office work and this worked very well. Not having a bezel in the middle means it's easy to have three windows side-by-side as you can have one in the middle that would usually be broken up by bezel in a traditional dual monitor setup.

    During gaming I switched off Picture-By-Picture mode and set the resolution to a full 3840x1080. This results in a very immersive experience and is an excellent way to game. Both the width and the curve add to this effect.

    * Massive monitor
    * Curve adds to immersion when gaming
    * Picture quality is great
    * Picture-By-Picture is an excellent feature to enable a "traditional" dual monitor experience without any bezel
    * Did I mention the monitor is huge?

    * Limited vertical resolution of 1080. This is unfortunate for someone like me who moved from higher resolution monitors as you end up noticing the limited vertical space. This won't be an issue for someone moving from a 1920x1080 monitor

    Overall, excellent monitor for anyone who wants a seamless dual monitor setup, or wants a super-wide monitor for gaming.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    This screen is perfect for gaming, I've had it for a couple of weeks now and I could not be happier with my decision.
  • Poor
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    Have just invested in 2 big screens and this is one of them ... Maffig to size, fast update sequence and relatively good with inputs. However, bad speakers with a well-clipped sound
    However, at the same time it suffers from being very sore.
    Uneven in color shades, especially in the corners.
    Now that I've had it for a week, unfortunately I have to say that this is a disappointment for such a big deal of money. 32: 9 the relationship is too odd. Returns in favor of 3 "27" IPS screens from Philips.