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  • Acceptable
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    Control and extra battery NEED if you do not know exactly what to shoot and it's very close, (approx: 70-90m) low (approx50m) and easy to shoot. A tip if you ABSOLUTE to buy without control is to buy a gamepad for the phone. This can be used as a control for the drainer, and even if you do not get a better range, it becomes a much easier task to get the drainer wherever you want. (Has tested madcatz CTRLi micro)
  • Excellent
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    Act beyond expectation. Stable even in windy weather and the image quality from the camera is good. However, there will be a little bit of full yaw for the camera and it will be blurry.

    The basic configuration is beginners mode which locks you to 30 meters around the starting point, which is quite good for getting started and at 15% battery needs it.

    But because it's pretty easy, I quickly closed off the beginner mode. With my mobile (xperia z5 compact) I land around 40-45 meters in height and around 60-70 meters from me.

    Return-to-home feature the times I've used it has landed within 40cm from where I started.

    As someone else mentioned here, the radio power is unstable on the phone. Working via wifi so much depends on other interference, on the wind and wind. Phone transmitter and battery level. (Has better radio at full charge than at half or lower battery)

    The app leaves a lot to be desired. Difficult to take the camera without having to change control mode and so on.

    The drunk itself is compact and feels quality. Not too big easy to pack in the bag when you go for a walk. =)

    Waiting for the check and will definitely be more fun to fly, and accessing the scroll wheel to assume the camera will be gold.

    You are easily bitten and crazy about big brother mavric but this suits me as it is now!

    have not tried manual yet. may update the recession after that. But this functionality is not so important to me. It's launched a bit like a selfie drone but it's capable of more!

    Bought the controller and what a difference. Faster, more beautiful controls 70 meters up 200 meters away no problem full strength of the signal. Went a little too fast with sports mode and managed to drive straight into a tree. Minimal damage to the drier though. Super happy (raised the score as a prerequisite for the control, since you really get to know the full potential of the droner and it is the drainer this article is about. It's stronger than you get through just the phone.)
  • Very good
    2 years ago
    Very good drone easy to use I advise all beginners and all those who do not have a fortune to invest in a drone very good value for money it does not remain far short compared to a dji Mavic pro but Remains a very good drone accessible to all it is simply the best in this budget it still misses the remote which is also not negligible
  • Terrible
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    Ordered this droner by Cyberphoto. Quickly delivered and well packed of them.

    But to the drunker. It is more or less unusable. Has now flown it twice and both times I have had the same problem. Always get the error "radio connection poor" on the mobile screen, regardless of whether I'm 0 or 25 meters from the drawer. The longest I have taken is 25 meters, where the mobile dropped the signal to the drunker when it stood at a height of 25 meters and there it stood, did not check it. So this is not in the vicinity of the 50 meters in height and 100 meters in the range you would get by cell phone according to DJI, disaster. Is so incredibly disappointed with this product when I looked forward to flying it and watched some nice movies on it on youtube. Have now also tried to order a RC check for it, hopefully fix that problem, or I do not know what I'm doing? Can the drunker throw in the lake maybe?

    REALLY DOES NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT AS YOU MUST BE AFFECTED WHEN YOU FLY IT. My dad bought a Mavic pro and I recommend you all to buy it instead, since it only has a difference of around SEK 2000 when you still have to buy a check for the Spark.

    In short, the Spark is catastrophic.