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Olympus Tough TG-5

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    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    I've had three of Panasonic's waterproof cameras and they've gotten better and better for each new model. Sadly, they seem to have closed down or at least did not mind updating the latest FT5 / 6. So I had to watch what other brands could offer.

    On the paper, Olympus TG-5 seems extremely competent and well-designed. But when you look at how it's constructed, there are a lot of things that seem to be bad, especially when compared to the Panasonic FT5 / 6.

    First of all there are two gaps. One for battery and SD card, the other for connections. Since there is no TG-5 charger connected, but you must connect it with the micro USB to charge, then the door must open and to read the SD card, the other door must be opened.

    Not only that, the extremely small locks / controls are noisy to get over and over again. Additionally, having two gaps that open will increase the risk of waste in the seal and that water could enter the camera.

    I also think the camera body itself is far from the soft round shape of the Panasonic FT5 / 6 where there is not much room for junk, dust and sand to get caught. The Olympus TG-5, on the other hand, has a house full of small spaces where junk can get caught.

    If you're in Panasonic's variants, they're comfortable and feel solid. I have dropped my FT5 many times straight down on stones from 3 meters and even though the house is scratched today, it has not broken. Olympus TG-5 feels plastic. It seems that there are many plastic surfaces on the camera body and some that are probably some type of metal.

    It is also strange that the display shows out so much. The most natural would be to be well protected, but not here. The edge around the screen can also be perceived as sharp. It's also hard to see the screen in full sunshine, which is about as bad on the Panasonic FT5.

    Of course, it takes some time to get used to a new camera brand and I guess it will be pretty easy to handle over time. If I keep it. The panoramic mode is extremely easy to use. The quick menu takes some time to get used to, but is fairly easy-to-use.

    As I want to use it to 90% is to pick it up, snap a snapshot and then take the camera back down. Like an old holiday camera wherever I am.

    The camera itself goes fast and it is definitely rapper to take pictures than Panasonics dito. Face recognition is faster but may not give a better end result anyway. It indicates focus but afterwards, the sharpness is not perfect yet.

    The quality of the picture I feel like the straw is more Panasonic FT5. The raw files provide a lot of room for manipulation. What can cause problems is when you get insights from the sun or strong lights. Then a lot of details will be lost and it will be a bit smelly.

    Experiencing semimanual settings feels a little meaningless because the camera takes over and decides most. Most often, it looks good anyway, so it's best to handle it as a target and shoot camera.

    That the player recorded video in UHD was something I really wanted, but the implementation might not be the best. You must be in the movie mode to access UHD (4k). I solved it by always having the camera in movie mode because it does not seem to make such a big difference when taking pictures. Especially when saving as raw, then the entire sensor is used.

    The video quality is well as expected on a compact camera with a small sensor. If you are scaling down UHD to FHD, it looks good with nice resolution, but as a clean UHD, it's not as cool. FHD is also significantly worse in resolution.

    Little odd is that 120fps has a wider angle than 25p and 50p has! A crazy thing is also that LED lighting does not work while recording video !? It's perfect when it's a bit dark and on the Panasonic FT-5, the LED lamp is also on in video recording.

    The most impressive with the camera is macro mode. You get really close and you can use LED lighting for better exposure. The depth of field will be really short with nice blur and nice pictures as a result. On the other hand, it's a bit difficult to get steady photos when you're so close.

    I'll definitely take a look at Nikon's W300 for the Olympus TG5 is not the perfect sequel to the Panasonic FT-5. Just regret that Panasonic does not really want to update its FT cameras.