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Fujifilm FinePix X100F

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  • Very good
    8 months ago
    A special camera, nothing for a family photographer. However, I am REALLY satisfied. It is simply WONDERFUL, a camera that makes you LUST take a photo is without a doubt the best you can own.

    Jpegarna - Incredibly good image quality, especially in the DR800 mode. Incredibly nice dynamic range which gives the images a natural look when the skies turn blue instead of just white.

    Optical viewfinder - so nice to just be able to photograph and look at the pictures when you get home. The electronic viewfinder is also perfectly ok, not top class but nice if you want to see exactly what the exposure will be before taking the picture.

    BEAUTIFUL - it is the most beautiful digital camera ever made.

    Quiet Shutter - this camera has a central shutter "leaf-shutter" which makes it almost completely silent when shooting. BEAUTY!

    Battery life - I use almost exclusively the optical viewfinder and rarely look at the screen, then the battery easily lasts a whole day if you turn it off as soon as you took a picture and do not go with it turned on, then the battery only lasts for 2 hours.


    The focal length, every day wishes it was 35mm f / 2 (50mm equivalent) instead of 23mm (34mm equivalent). If you are not as crazy as photographer Bruce Gilden and pushing the camera in the face of people, wide angle is not good. Fortunately, 24mp is good enough for a little pruning afterwards.

    It's too big, barely goes in a jacket pocket.

    It may be a little too chewy sometimes.

    It is a little buggy, sometimes it does not start when I switched it off and then it starts too fast, probably because every button is electronically controlled and not mechanical. It has been hanging around a few times, but it is extremely rare.

    Raw files - completely impossible to edit in color, that is, TOTALLY! The colors always get a little strange and the contrast is just too high in any way, hard to get it nice. However, the raw files work great for black and white (if you have 15 years of experience with photoshop ie)

    So the camera I recommend is mainly a jpeg camera, the jpegars are excellent and hold a lot of filters or editing before they break.


    Absolutely funniest camera I bought! The best part is that it is not possible to change lenses, SO BEAUTIFUL to not have to think before going out o the foot - just take the camera and leave. Perfect.
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    The perfect camera?

    Wrote a review two years ago about this camera's predecessor - x100t - and found that it was almost perfect.

    Now here is the sequel, and the possible negative as x100t had are is largely gone.

    Much is the same as the x100t, but many things have changed / improved.

    Here are some differences:
    -Better Control. The buttons are better and scroll-wheels are now in stronger materials
    -Fokuseringsringen Has better grip and maneuverability.
    -Bländar-Ring is much better tactility.
    -extra ISO wheels built into the timing wheel. (No more diving into menus to change the ISO)
    -on-off button a little less to avoid the camera in pocket / bag
    -omarrangerade button placements on the back. Better layout.
    -new joystick to select AF points. Very good.
    -extra Fn button built into sökarswitchen on the front.
    -Greater Battery (better battery life) The same battery as the rest of Fuji's larger x-series
    -Better Sensor (higher resolution without loss of quality)
    -New, Improved menus
    -Better Film quality.
    -Less Noise at high ISO.
    -no macro mode. it is now done automatically.
    -Clearly faster autofocus
    -ACROS Film simulation (stunning black and white images)

    Enclosed please find below an updated version of what I wrote about x100t:

    Brilliant little camera that is reminiscent of a classic analog Leica in operation (but you can run it in full auto too).

    + Hybrid Viewfinder. You can choose between optical, electronic, and optical with recessed zoomed digital image that facilitates manual focus.
    + Sharp lens with f2.0
    + Incredibly good auto white balance. Put it on auto and forget.
    + Several useful film simulation settings such as the Classic Chrome (similar Kodachrome film), ASTIA, Velvia and so on.
    + The electronic shutter plus the built-in 3-stop ND filter allows you to take pictures of f2.0 in sunlight without any problem. (1 / 32000s!)
    + Sync phenomenal opportunities for external flashes in the "leaf shut tern"
    + Programmable buttons
    + WIFI. You can transfer images to your computer or phone without a cord.
    + Can GPS tag images via smartphone.
    + Can be charged via micro-USB cable directly into the camera.
    + Extremely stylish design
    + Better battery life than its predecessor. Now absolutely acceptable.
    + Very good at high ISO.
    + Built-in RAW converter in the camera.
    + Image quality on a par with a full-format DSLR.
    + The best JPG images straight from the camera to all cameras, ever. I no longer shoot in RAW if I do not need.

    A few small things on the minus side:
    -Not Fully weather sealed. Would have been good.
    -Would Liked a screen where you can choose to only use the viewfinder for shooting, but still be able to go into the menus on the LCD. As it is now you get to switch between. Less trifle, just a touch, but still.
    -One Can no longer program the film shooting to Fn buttons, so if you want to film must be pressed twice instead of the previous one (x100t)

    Perhaps the best compact camera made.