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Polar M200

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  • Barely acceptable
    2 months ago
    I've used this watch as a tool for a GET league hockey team for a season (off ice training), and I'm incredibly unhappy.

    The GPS is completely out for bikes.
    Synchronization with PC is uneven.
    Sync with mobile and / or heart rate bands is completely unacceptably bad - sometimes it takes up to 10 minutes before anything happens at all.
    The watch slips out of the bracelet just by removing the jacket.

    There is something good about it, but it is not worth mentioning.
    I can't recommend this watch to anyone.
    Spend a little more money on a better watch.
  • Decent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 10 months ago
    Update 8moon: Now the clock has begun to click again. However, not as much as after 6m when it sometimes fell out completely (was losing it in the ocean). Needing to fix new bracelets so often is not fair. Moreover, it is easy to clean. Too bad, like the clock elsewhere. It should be added that the colleague with the same clock but narrower wrists does not have the same problem.

    Update 6m: Now the watch is unusable due to bracelet. Have received a replacement sent to me but I am convinced that it will happen again. The clever feature of getting out of the clock might not be so smart ...

    Incidentally a cruel clock but -2 stars.

    Bought watch in the first place to keep an eye on everyday motivation and it makes it very good. Different levels of this depend on your lifestyle.

    Both GPS and pulse are displayed with high accuracy. Run with Polar's H7 belt parallel to the watch's measurement and they were identical over a 60 min spinning pass. However, the watch was on better than the belt that dropped the contact at one point. You do not get rid of the belt and you always have heart rate measurement available. So there is nothing to be doubted about!

    The watch is removed from the bracelet for charging via USB, smoothly. However, I usually wear the bracelet a little extra when exercising, and then the watch itself clicks a bit out of position, but it never loosens. One minor problem.
  • Excellent
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    I've had this for almost four months and have to say you get a lot for the money. It has many features in terms of price and seems to be of good quality. The battery has good capacity, but, of course, loses weight if you use heart rate monitor and GPS (as you obviously have to keep the clock facing the sky a few seconds before it receives a signal). The design is also nice, but there are a few things that pull down.

    It has only two buttons which make the more advanced setting you need to connect to the PC to adjust. And you MUST set the time for scheduled sessions, which will cause your session to disappear if you delay it until the following day. And I have NOT found a way to save favorite sessions, for example. 4x4 range, then it must be connected to PC every time and it is a little cumbersome. The customer service did not answer me when I asked about this. I also find that the clock is a little big (for activity measurement in everyday life).
    So ups and downs are as follows:
    + Price, features, good built-in heart rate monitor, design and quality
    - Customer service and bad mobile app (which allows me to connect to PC frequently)

    The conclusion is that this is more an activity meter than the sports watch for serious athletes, but due to price I am very pleased.
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    I bought this watch to wear the same watch during a whole race in the triathlon medieval dance. Previously, I used a Fitbit Surge that was not possible to swim with.

    I am surprised at all the features and configuration possibilities I received for about 1200 SEK.

    What I am most pleased with is:
    1. Ability to configure which variables are displayed on the screen for different types of activities. There is what I know no watch at this price that has so many options for configuring screen content and "triggers".

    2. Quickly find GPS satellites.

    3. Good accuracy on GPS tracking.

    4. Simplicity and ability to use GPS tracker when swimming in open water.

    5. Clear screen.

    6. Good application for smartphone and very fast sync compared to my old Fitbit.

    6. Good interfered heart rate monitor, which means fewer things to keep track of.

    On the minus side, the heart rate monitor is not active if I do not perform an activity. On the other hand, I do not care so much about my everyday pulse. Is more interested in keeping track of the pulse under the workout than using it as a fitness bracelet. It saves on the battery. The current battery life is okay, although some of the more expensive watches on the market certainly last longer. Sustainability may prove in the long term. If the bracelet paws, I buy a new one - it may seem quite fresh to replace a bracelet that you sweat for a few hours a day.

    Are you looking for an affordable GPS watch that is designed for performance-oriented training, I would highly recommend this.